Sunday, January 1, 2012


A year marked by predictions that provoke speculation, long before it started. None of the anticipations are verifiable in this world of uninformed and misinformed minds. People in esoteric circles however, claim to understand (some of) the visions foretold by ancient civilizations. Unfortunately not a lot of indisputable information is available to support or deny any of the predictions and prophecies that were allegedly made.

It leaves those concerned about the future with the at times difficult to explain hints of their intuition. This wonderful tool of the mind that has been underrated in a world that fails to see that the adopted tools that have actually been used to shape life have not really been as successful as is often claimed. Beyond that, there are processes developing that appear to have no cause or aim. Yet these properties that appear to be lacking signify the very nature of them, which is too elevated for most to figure out in a coherent way. It is why such developments are more often than not discarded after brief consideration.

Below the surface of events that are observable lay matters that make sense to a different type of awareness than the one that is generally accepted to be complying with human logic. It would be arrogant and ignorant to assume that human intelligence is the sole kind of perception because it is detectable and perceivable. Planet earth is relatively less than a grain of sand in a huge desert metaphorically used to signify the universe. Common perception, including that of the finest minds in history, is but a mere fragment of all that exists. It is the measure of knowledge that fits within the scope of human perception.

Intuition is the gateway that taps into what extends beyond human knowledge. It brings information from higher realms to this dimension that is more complex than data this dense plane. It therefore seems enigmatic or encrypted, unfit to be of practical use at first glance. But there is always the rarely used option to allow it to settle in the mind and after a while take a second or third look at it. This has led to doing things in a better way if it was finally grasped what the true meaning of the information was. Even if man put it to destructive use.

But as is the case in an invariable way, there is always a choice. Information can be used in a constructive, creative way as well. To create or destroy; it is the crossroad that life always arrives at. From before the beginning to beyond infinity. It never ends.

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