Friday, January 13, 2012

The purpose of evil

After reading the intriguing book 'Transylvanian Sunrise' that tells about the discovery of subterranean chambers and tunnel systems built by an ancient civilization of considerably taller than human beings who had advanced technology far beyond science's current scope. Somewhere in the book the main character, Cezar Brad (which is a virtual name chosen for security reasons) says that evil - referring to extremely occult, iniquitous Masons - has a specific purpose in universal development.

In the book Cezar does not elaborate on this claim, leaving readers to figure these matters out for themselves. Of course this is a profound issue, that affects every event in life, every thought and every expression, even if this is not obvious at first glance. The statement did not depart from my thoughts after reading it. It is intriguing to understand why evil has to exist while in its very nature it opposes life and aims to destroy it perpetually and vehemently. At the same time no continuum would have meaning without life. If evil were to succeed in achieving its goals it would ultimately destroy itself, because the essence of its nature.

A continuum by definition is infinite. Not the type of infinity as perceived by today's deceivers of science - limited by the Planck length at the infinitesimal and by nasty infinity through conjured 'renormalization' at the infinitely large, but infinity in the true sense of the word. Life therefore has to have a place, which means the fate of evil must be determined. But it seems to have a specific purpose nevertheless, according to Cezar Brad, who I assume to have access to realms that have knowledge of matters not yet enveloped in the reach of current awareness.

The knowledge of man is flawed and limited, crammed with paradox that is too complex to resolve with current means. These limitations have to have a cause. The only thing I can think of that would be able to impose these limits to anything human is currently capable of observing and experiencing, is the high density / low frequency of this dimension. I think it causes to distinguish the nature of the processes in the sub atomic realm to be different from those in the supra atomic realm. Processes that are possible and often occurring in the sub atomic realm, such as bi-location, levitation, time travel, shape shifting etc. can not take place in the supra atomic world in which mankind perceives (unless particular frequencies are induced in a process).

Limiting possibilities of life is the key to deceit, misinforming and abuse also contribute to the manifestation of evil. The disease of ignorance relies on limitation entirely. Unaware masses can be forced to believe anything, driven to commit the most hideous crimes over and over again - it is the utterly sad earmark of human's bloodstained history. The measure of logic contained in a process does not determine its nature, the cause of its foundation does. The Nazis for example, have a completely logical system, but the principle of their creed is no good.

So, limitation caused by the high density and low frequency of this dimension causes evil to exist and manifest, but why in the world is it necessary?

At the pinnacle of awareness, when, in my perception, logic and Love will appear to be one and the same, awareness contains all - everything there is. This includes evil. If one is not aware of evil, it is impossible to fight it. Life must be fully aware of it in order to be able to resist it. This can only be done from an aware perspective. In other words: Unconditional Love is only possible if a being is aware of evil, which allows it to condition itself entirely to Love.

This article is one written from the excitement of beginning to grasp perhaps the first fragment of understanding the necessity of the presence of evil in this stage of development of life in this dimension. It is incomplete, raw and flawed, but maybe it is a foundation to reason to a higher reason concerning this matter. I will add emerging thoughts to this initial impulse in future entries when they occur.

Have a nice day!

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