Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Science defiance

Most people are unaware about the theory principles of science. There are two kinds of theories; theories according to the inductive principle and those constructed according to the inventive principle. The famous Greek philosophers adhered the inductive principle, which basically involves modifying theories by research, testing and discarding until there was nothing left to discard. For instance they postulated that celestial orbits were perfectly circular. When observations showed that was not the case they added 'epicycles' to correct the orbit.

Einstein changed science theory principle by introducing the inventive theory, which is exactly what the term suggests - if a theory needs amending a (sub)theory is invented to make the theory stick.... This is why we have now bizarre theories about black holes, white holes, dark matter and dark energy, all of which have not yet been proven beyond reasonable doubt, which is conflicting with science's main paradigm. Einstein caused the change in scientific thinking because too many epicycles appeared to be necessary during the course of time, which harmed science's credibility.

Today the number of inventions that are added to existing theories to keep them from collapsing, are also piling up to dubious height. Too many inventions attempt to explain what could turn out to be discrepancies in scientific explanations. In relation to this Richard Feynman said: 'I think I can now safely say, no one understands quantum physics.', the latter being a major invention conjured to prevent science from becoming difficult to distinguish from a suspect front.

It gets weirder still. In its search for fundamental particles science has invented six flavors of 'quarks' and their related 'anti-quarks' that are said to come in pairs. No one has ever observed them, but theorizing about them has become a favorite scientific pass time. It has even been proposed to declare that quarks are inherently invisible in order to avoid too much undesirable questioning....

Perhaps quarks are too tiny for our primitive current day tools to detect. Larger particles like electrons have however also never been observed. As is the case with protons and neutrons. The fact that no one has ever seen where they came from, where they went and how they behaved, does not seem to bother scholars.

If one says science works because its findings allow real life systems and machine to run properly, what is actually being said is that the math of science is coherent. Any theory is translated into formulas. Those are logically structured indeed. But only few dare ask if the theories are conceptually correct, which is an entirely different approach. The world does not need theories, if the formulas work it is enough to use them to construct devices and systems. But since no one outside science understands the math, scientists continue to spew theories, regardless if they make sense or not.

To top off this brief rant, I would like to say that it is at least remarkable that Einstein gave this world two theories of relativity, the general one and the special one, that do not comply with each other. If it is done for the convenience of being able to apply one of the theories and ignore the other one whenever it suits a certain purpose then it stands to reason that some people question the reason.

In many ways science resembles banks, that create money out of thin air through the money multiplying system of fractional banking (and on the even more mysterious 'black screen' in the Swiss based Bank of International Settlements - the central bank of central banks. Any other individual, institution or organization that would do the same, would end up in jail for counter-fitting, but banks - like science - remain immune to repercussions of the legal system.

Yet both institutions are considered to be pillars of society. Still, knowing what is put forward in this article might tempt you to think twice if someone tries to sell you something that was scientifically proven...

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