Monday, January 16, 2012

Time to re-assess time

When asking people, including scientists, what time is, most of the answers are unsatisfying. A conclusive definition of time has never been given in this dimension. Probably because of the elusive nature of the phenomenon. Fortunately there are also some who have given more meaningful descriptions about time. One of those persons said that time is non-existing and it is a function of linear space.

At a certain level of complexity and beyond time has to be included in theories and equations in a different way than commonly is the case – relating a sequence of events to a scale based on cyclical processes occurring in nature. Cyclical processes suggest an incorrect perception of infinity. Nature by nature is infinite, which implies there is no boundary toward the infinitesimal nor the infinitely large.

These limited perceptions in human language use the word immeasurable referring to both directions of infinity that suggests that measuring at some point becomes useless. Science has invented the Planck length and renormalization to attach a beginning and and end to infinity. An unbiased observer would have to assess such a trick completely ludicrous.

As Nassim Haramein suggests that it would make more sense to discover the pattern of processes occurring than to unceasingly search for measurable discrete objects. This would comply with the assumption that there is no matter consisting of particles, but merely motion and energy fields. We could perhaps use that energy to navigate through the fabric of space, which would currently be perceived as traveling through time. But that implies that we would have to give up our conditioned fixation on a phenomenon that we can't even coherently describe.

The implications of such a decision would be huge. As David Anderson demonstrated it would be possible to grow plants from a seed to full bloom in a matter of minutes. It would also be possible to reverse the process and let the plant return to being a seed... (which is manipulation of one linear sequence in one dimension - please complete the note as you see fit).

The thing is, that such abilities would terminate many of the limitations that mankind is struggling with and suffering from. Although difficult to prove in many cases, limitation is induced in order to maintain a global power structure. If one tries to step outside of the borders limiting ones allowed space, it soon becomes clear that the move will meet retribution instantly. It explains the existence and implication of the legal system, law enforcement, education, status and hierarchy. A controlled society can only exist if there is general compliance with whatever is decreed by authorities.

Compliance is severely hindered by people who think for themselves. Convincing clever people of a vision is difficult; it is far easier to mislead not so smart people, because they will believe anything that authorities exclaim, regardless of how silly or disturbing the message is. Keeping control over many becomes easier still if self perpetuating mechanisms are built into people's awareness. Pretending there is a comfort zone inside of which people are allowed to have conveyed prefabricated thoughts, is one such a conjuring. It is a set of procedures on how to comply with all hallucinated standards invented by those who rule.

Many are made to believe that remaining inside this comfort zone, guarantees a safe, protected life. This notion is perpetually evoked by education, religion and mainstream media. But it does not require a brilliant mind to grasp that submissively complying to general standards and laws did not result in a just, harmonious and peaceful world. It is a difficult to accept statement, because that would require leaving ones comfort zone. But current developments increasingly indicate that the comfort zone cooks up non-existing events occurring in non-existing space for a purpose that is not revealed inside of it.

Perhaps it is time to reconsider the nature of time.

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