Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What really matters

Attachments to all sorts of beings, thoughts or things kind of describes the person that is attached. Generally attachments to people is regarded  as good. At least if the attachment has a positive character. Altruistic and balanced kin relationships fall into this category. Dubious or even perverse relationships do not. People can also be attached to beliefs, convictions, ideas or theories. Quite often such attachments are cause for disagreement or conflict. Others are attached to their house or car or iPad. Money is also a thing most are quite attached to, even when aware that the financial system was designed to crash (so that the banks can repossess goods, commodities and real estate and anything else that represents a certain sum of money).

Humans neatly create categories to fit in different types of things that they're attached to. Some things are sort of brutally rammed into a category to make it fit while matters that nonetheless resist being filed in a category usually give reason to be utterly confused. People like categories; it makes life in the comfort zone ordered and manageable. Lately, however, an increasing number of attachments appeared to be less adherent that was commonly assumed until recently. Detaching is a process reluctantly accepted and vigorously fought.

A major part of life to many is building attachments - a process that is usually only terminated by a person's demise. The dead do not have an attachment to earthly matters. The living do. At least this is generally accepted as being logical and true. The systems humankind created, encourage such things by basically making life impossible or agonizing for those who refute system rules.

But is it true because systems dictate such conduct, reward compliance and punish denial? As long as your attachments seem safe and well, there is little reason to give these matters some thought. The programmed failure of systems may nevertheless urge people to reconsider the values of old. People have to become detached from all sorts of things before they actually use the brain they're attached to, to figure out what the meaning of attachment really is.

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