Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Matters of the mind I

The image above is one example that shows that the human mind doesn't quite work as the human mind thinks it does (because it was told it does so by people who are as clueless as those they consider to be less educated than they think they are...). What is actually explained here is that it looks for patterns that it matches with reference stored in the subconscious. It is an intuitive process that has little to do with reason or the widely treasured illusion of human knowledge.

Every day events could show the open minded that we do respond to impulses that have no rational foundation. When a man encounters a woman he matches her image with patterns stored in his subconscious database. Women do exactly the same when they meet men. The observer finds the other attractive or sexy or unattractive or ugly or any qualification in between those extremes. What they actually think is that the other would be a nice person to reproduce with or not. Of course many metaphors have been hallucinated over time to prevent us from behaving like Bonobo monkeys (you may want to Google that), but the thin veil of civilization's general standard of decent and correct conduct is merely a condition to help make the legal system work that was invented to control society.

You think this is far fetched? Consider this: Suppose there was no law that would send people to prison for having unsolicited sex with others. Would this planet's population record still be 7 billion? I don't think that it requires a brilliant imagination to answer this question. It is the broad spectrum of legislation, rules, standards, morals and repressive structures that condition us to think along lines determined by powers that be who have an interest in controlling society in the way they see fit.

They didn't leave it at that though. The chemicals that are intentionally hidden in our food, medication, drinking water and atmosphere also contribute to facilitate the methods of conditioning of the human mind. The virtually inescapable dependency on centralized energy supply and the monetary system are also part of the system to control the human society. As is the utter disfigurement of history and other sciences and the implementation of organized religion.

In order to get away with such a harsh system of control that currently is evidently moving towards global tyranny at a disturbing pace, the human mind has to be misguided perpetually and without mercy. If people would understand how their minds work this control system could never work. People would vehemently and unremittingly revolt against centralized power and fight for independence even if it meant that they would die for doing that. Total autonomy is the only foundation that the mind agrees with in order to evolve - gaining unconditioned knowledge and wisdom - to unity out of aware and free choice.

So if you can read what is contained in the image at the top of this blog entry, there still is a chance that your mind is capable of understanding what is written here and not mindlessly accept without questioning whatever crap the control system is continuously trying to pound into it. It means the intentional conditioning- and poisoning program has not yet achieved the level of manipulation inflicted by powers that be. It means you still have a chance of freeing yourself from the tyrannical dictatorship they intend to impose on all life on this beautiful planet.

Have a wonderful day!

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