Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Source Field Investigations

Almost done reading David Wilcock's 'Source Field Investigations' for the second time during which matters that I missed or judged incorrectly are added to my consciousness. It is a stunning work for those capable of looking at current commonly accepted theories. From several exchanges of views in Facebook, I learned this is not always easy to do, since there is a consensus in many parts of society that find it difficult to leave the familiar comfort zone behind and venture in to new realms.

David Wilcock

'Regular and official, self-approved science' is unable to solve many problems. Mr. E's Relativity theories that are generally marked as brilliant are unable to coherently deal with gravity. Not particularly a minor flaw or incompleteness, but it is still used extensively today. Other problems science is unable to resolve are often chucked in to Heissenberg's Uncertainty Theory department after which theories, however flawed they may be, remain in tact.

Somewhere in Tom Bearden's site I read that science (physics) has 32 fundamental flaws, which is a remarkable number even for laypersons like me. Many theories perceive the Euclidean 2D space to explain their theories and whenever inconsistencies are found, a new sub-theory is added to maintain existing hypothesis that few scholars are able to explain, often referring to them as having still unknown aspects.

Tom Bearden

David Wilcock's research is based on discoveries of renown scientists, a number of whom have been ousted from scientific organizations because their views debunk generally accepted visions. If theories, including new perceptions, are declared as an untouchable, some type of sacred standards, true progress is difficult to achieve. While the departments of science that are working within reach of the public eye seems to uphold a strict policy (of rejection) against most new finds, the so called 'black ops scientists' are rumored to have already advanced beyond the conditioned perception of the masses and many scientists as well.

It is disputed vehemently of course, which is related to the essence of 'black ops', that does not share its advancement with the rest of the world. The media play an important role in not informing the people or informing them incorrectly. In addition corporate interest seems to determine the outcome of a great part of research. Corporations are often also not interested in sharing their knowledge. In view of this people like Wilcock are doing a great job in deviating from such policies.

Which is why I wholeheartedly recommend reading his book. I tend to trust sources like Wilcock more than sites generally regarded as trustworthy, such as Wikipedia that some parties defending certain interests structurally edit through groups trained by them in order to make sure that the site only offers the information they stand for. Still there are many who continue to refer to it as a trusty source. Their conditioned views that exist inside their non-existing comfort zone tempts them to defend matters that are not even beneficial to themselves or their loved ones.

It merely requires to take a good look around oneself to assess that things are not going well for many in today's world. A world lead by 'official' organizations that are adding achievements that do not particularly look good on any resume at a disturbing pace. From these circles came nuclear arms and other weapons of mass-destruction (like bio warfare, GMO's, fluoride in toothpaste, bovine growth hormones that many in still affluent western societies eat almost every day, chemtrails, mercury in vaccines etc.).

'Official' factions in this dimension also decide on war and peace, the latter of which becomes a rarity.They control the media that omits extending information that is important to the people, intentionally dis-informs its readers and viewers and crams all outlets it has with trivial 'reality programs, brain dead and violent games and a deluge of ads. if you feel free to continue to believe them, freedom will soon be a thing of the past. You see that already in your tax bills, in the budget cuts, in mass- lay offs, because none of their 'experts' warned you for the crisis - the same people that continue to advice the world...

They are also the ones who caused the crisis. There is enough money to ensure every single individual in this world has a normal, safe life, enough money to solve all environmental problems, but they prefer to spend it on waging war, on enslaving and extorting the people. Many of these things also become clear when reading the Source Field Investigations - many processes already exist to solve the problems that many suffer from; they are just not applied, no money is made available to allow them to erase this world's problems.

Read it and become aware of them.

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