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Death is a living being

Samsara, according to the Buddhist belief system is the cycle of birth, life and death that is often said to be an opportunity for human to grow spiritually. It however, does not make sense if memory is completely erased at each birth. Then it obstructs growth rather than facilitating advancement. If it had been the universe's intention to allow man to acquire a certain elevated spiritual level within a certain number of lives, erasing memory at birth is a bad idea.

And then there is Moksha, the liberation of Samsara, which implies that the latter is some sort of incarceration. One can not be liberated or escape from a situation in which one is already free. Therefore Samsara has nothing to do with freedom of any kind. There must be a different meaning and purpose to it; one that is hidden from man, in spite of the fact that it is presented to be a sequence of life times meant to reach a high spiritual level that is required to put an end to the dreaded cycle of life and death.

The incarceration is induced by gravity that literally pushes all earthly life to the planet, the atmosphere that contains the oxygen required to breathe, the water man drinks that is contained in rivers, lakes, seas and clouds, the food that man eats is also constricted to the earth's surface (which makes it necessary for man to not travel too far towards places where there is none) and of course the highly radioactive Van Allen belts that act as an impenetrable prison wall. These things combined make a more secure system than any man-made maximum security facility. No human ever managed to permanently escape from earth and remain alive.

But the rabbit hole goes much deeper than matters related to planet earth (which is what the human mind is commonly capable of envisioning). The Atharva Veda states: 'Divine power is ascribed to the remains of sacrifice (uchhista). In the remains of sacrifice are contained the entire universe, heaven and earth, both the existent and non-existent, it is the sustainer of the universe, the father of the generator, the primeval parent, the lord of the universe.' This probably implies that this entire universe is some sort of a prison that is fed by way of sacrifice. And (wo)men whose sight is not limited by eyes covered with shells understand that human is not at the top of the food-chain, but mere stock to be sacrificed.

Christians find examples of human sacrifice in the Bible and Muslims find it in the Quran. The 'wise' king Solomon adapted the worship of the Canaanite god Moloch, who demanded followers to sacrifice their newborns who were burnt alive in a ritual called passing through fire in a place near Jerusalem called Topheth. Nothing has changed over the centuries; humans are still sacrificed in great numbers, mainly by way of war. Also in satanic rituals by child sacrificing cults like 'The Ninth Circle' in which the highest ranking people in the world participate.

Even the most peaceful human being performs (or lets others perform) sacrifice - livestock is killed when people eat meat and plants have emotions as well as Cleve Backster discovered, which means vegetation is a conscious life form too. The way livestock is bred - admitting bovine growth hormones, anti-biotics (to prevent illness), feeding it GMO-grains and keeping them in narrow, uncomfortable places etc. - is lifelong torture. Growing plants in mono-cultures with ultra toxic pesticides, fungicides and fertilizers is equally agonizing. Growing produce in mono-cultures is very ineffective (because it is unnatural), which is one of the reasons of the perpetual food shortage in the world. Causing widespread famine by treacherous price manipulation (Wall Street) and ineffective farming methods, are at the root of human sacrifice on a global scale.

This most excellent article - Splinter in the Mind - explains the fact that human's death is energy for the entities that control the universe, created it for their own benefit. Approximately half way the article's page it says: “(Death as the Creator) resolved to devour all that he had created; for he eats all. . . He is the eater of the whole universe; He is the eater of the whole universe, this whole universe is his food.” (Mahabharata).

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The food referred to above is human emotion, the strongest of which is FEAR. It is the reason why victims in a satanic ritual are nefariously tortured to death, not just killed. The fear of death generates a humongous measure of energy which is the food of the entity described in the ancient Hindu scriptures and by the sorcerer don Juan, quoted by Castaneda. For the purpose of enhancing this emotion the entity made it possible for humankind to feel pain - both physical and mental. And when a person looks death in the ice cold eyes, for a brief instant (s)he becomes aware: Death is a living being.

If we look at plants, it is tempting to say they're the only self sustaining life form on the planet; they do not need to eat other life forms (flesh eating plants excluded). But in a more complex process, the same goes for humans. No atom is ever lost, atoms merely re-appear in a different form after the construction of which they were part ceased to exist in its known form. Humans re-incarnate. Apart from becoming food over and over again, this is quite convenient for whomever consumes human life forms (remember the Mahabarata quote) - in a life span of 70 to 80 years only a certain amount of knowledge can be accumulated. And since memory is erased at each birth, humans never become smart enough to oppose the one who eats them.

According to the Sumerian king list, king En-Men-Lu-Anu ruled for 43,200 years (it isn't stated how old he actually became and b.t.w. the Sumerian calendar is more accurate than the Gregorian calendar currently used in western societies). Imagine the measure of knowledge / wisdom that could be gathered if one was to become that incredibly high age. It would lead to an entirely different view on the world, on life, probably on anything! So limiting a person's life span and erasing memory at each instant of re-incarnation keeps people nicely ignorant, which makes them easy to deceive. And in some way use them as food without them ever noticing...

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