Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Loosh - the concealed & disturbing truth

Recently I ran into unsettling information, characterized by the term 'Loosh' which meaning is elaborately expounded upon here. It appears to be a word coined in the New Age movement that I generally consider to be a means to surreptitiously spread false, conditioning rubbish, intended to be embraced by uninformed and troubled minds. A concise but accurate account of the word is offered by the Urban Dictionary that you find here. The main aspect of Loosh is that it refers to human beings being food for the powerful extra-dimensional beings (fallen angels described by Enoch?) that rule this universe. It confirms what I've sensed in a way without being able to put it to words.

From my poetry blog

The indistinguishable problem with New Agers, 'spiritual' people and proponents of the UFO community, is that they (too) often put forward information that makes me wonder: How the bloody bleep do they know? They write and speak of events, thoughts or worlds that 99.9999999% of the people have no clue about whatsoever while lacking the means to do proper research. In that respect they resemble the professional liars of lamestream media who can express anything they want, because their 'trustworthiness' is guaranteed by the status of the organization that hires them. No matter how often that organization was caught spreading lies and half-truths or has been omitting important information.

The point is: their audience has no reference frame against which claims can be measured. The same goes for NASA that can induce whatever they like into the minds of the people, since no one is in possession of means to verify or falsify their claims. All these organizations create false reference frames in order to mislead people that are either too dumb, too lazy, too misinformed, too intimidated (fearing to be called a conspiracy theorist) or too busy or all of those to do of their own research. The most influential misleaders are no doubt religion and science. Religions ban or excommunicate non-believers and science simply ends careers of those who do not comply with general scholar consensus (peer review).

But blogger Bronte Baxter, writer of the article to which the first link in blog entry refers, quotes a number of ancient Indian texts, that I believe to contain more truths concerning these matters than writings of a later date that often do not write about Loosh-related things at all. More in particular sentences and paragraphs of the Vedas, Upanishads, and Puranas, Mahabharata and Bhagavad Gita that are mentioned in Baxter's most excellent and eloquent article, state matters that comply with her general feelings and thoughts concerning Loosh. An other person who is on a similar track as Bronte, perhaps slightly less advanced, is Cameron Day who wrote why he is no longer a lightworker. The crux of their articles is the same; humans are NOT the top of the food chain, they are food themselves. Food for beings who tricked mankind into believing they are 'gods'.

Like those gods humans tend to become hungry and need to eat. It inevitably means that the existence of the food consumed, must be terminated. It makes no difference if the food is life stock or vegetation (plants have consciousness too), their lives have to (violently) brought to an end before they become ingredients in the human recipes. In the case of the gods who consume human energy it is called human sacrifice. Apparently this works the same in this entire universe - it is a dog-eat-dog spacetime everywhere at all times. But it gets worse than this - human energy (souls) is re-cycled into yet an other life after death, so that they serve as a source of energy once again. It probably has to do with Samsara and Moksha. Samsara is the cycle of life and death: reincarnation (to become flesh again) and Moksha is the escape from Samsara. One can only escape from a place that is incarcerating a prisoner.

I thought I'd give you something to think about.

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