Saturday, August 11, 2018

What always has annoyed the crap out of me

What always has annoyed the crap out of me is that so called enlightened spirits have adviced others to be forgiving, kind, positive, loving and all other common New Age bunk no matter what and accept blame for everything that went wrong in the history of mankind.

That felt rather strange, bearing in mind that there are powerful forces that seem to dedicate their entire existence to making this dimension the most miserable time and place in the universe. So it would in fact make more sense to blame those criminals for all that made this plane a hideous place. Many wonder how the F*** do they know this?

Well there are a bundle of clay tablets found (an estimated 1,000,000 tablets) dating from Sumer that contain many accurate descriptions of life thousands of years before Christ. A great number of these tablets have been translated from the Sumerian cuneiform script by Oxford scholars. An other good place to look that also contains cuneiform translations by students and staff of the same university is found here. There is a solid scientific foundation to the clay tablet phenomenon that is explained into detail here. This is how th F*** these things are known. Should you want to do some research of your own UCLA provides an extensive library of translated Sumerian clay tablets that includes an internal search engine. It might cause you to F***ing know things that mainstream channels intentionally have omitted and concealed.

Let religion and science finish each other off 

I'm not sure if sun flares or other vibration elevating cosmic events made me consider different options, but here's what bubbled up in my mind lately. It may always have been the intention of ominous higher forces to make man think that he is to blame for all that ever went wrong and to maintain a positive loving mindset nevertheless to keep the option open to one day end up in a better place and time (not that any guarantee for that to occur was ever given of course).
Perhaps this is a vile trap conjured by the evil entities that aren't as elevated and powerful as they want us to believe they are in order to be able to subdue and control, abuse and exploit humankind. Sure, we have our limitations, but allegedly having no control of over 95% of our DNA's functional potential, popularly called Junk DNA and less than 60% of that of the DNA that currently actually is believed to have a function, may be a situation that the iniquitous celestial bastards intentionally created in order to exploit and enslave man.

Animals and plants use the entire potential of their DNA or at least are in a situation very close to that, only man does not. No other life form on earth is so 'de-tuned' as the species of man. It's not natural for such degradation to occur; it was artificially induced. This weakened state of humankind allowed the filthy ethereal monsters to tell them (through ancient fake scripts and brainwashed fellow men) to be positive, kind and loving - the things we excelled in, in our magnificent original state - without being affected by it. The implemented mental and physical degradation however has taken away the original power of positive and loving feelings. The evil forces therefore now encourage man to have these mindsets that have become close worthless, because they do not pose a threat to them anymore.

An example of what is required today to give our loving thoughts their original power is shown by Yogi's who go in solitary retreat for years and meditate for 13 years in which they only have loving and positive thoughts after which they reach the rainbow body state. Not a single negative thought is allowed, which would mean that the 13 year period starts again after having a bad thought. It is an almost impossible assignment. It means the evil forces have degraded us to only an insignificant fraction of what we were once capable of. But we haven't seen the worst yet (as far as they are concerned), they will not stop until mankind is totally destroyed. After that they will have to look for an other mortal fear.

Man still is capable of doing incredible things when he gathers in groups and meditates / focusses intensely on certain things that require training and a concerted effort to achieve situations that are very difficult to accomplish by a single human being. It is the very reason for the Big Bang in which matter emerged that consequently was fragmented and scattered.

The fragmentation and scattering weakened the whole (singularity) to which man once belonged. The capturing of everything in the illusion of matter allowed to manipulate the material properties. The Big Bang also created linear space and time that are necessary to create a future and a past - a future of which man knows nothing and a past in which he is unable to change things.


The phenomenon of space allows to hide things (information / secrets, money, gold, food, water) in secured or hidden or (in)accessible locations and place men in places of a different nature (desert, Arctic, affluent, lush, barren, poverty stricken, peaceful, war infested etc.). All of this was impossible and non-existing in a singularity, a term by the way, that could only be coined by observers that are trapped in an environment of space time. Even 'regular' science is however discovering today that particles, clusters of particles and objects, both animate and inanimate, are capable of bi-location. It is a sign that the evil forces have not yet succeeded in eradicating the talents of humanity. Entanglement on a quantum level has already been proven beyond doubt; proof of it on larger scales will most certainly follow in a not too far away future.


The phenomenon of time allows to create perpetual uncertainty (future) and move events out of reach (past) so that they can not be altered at a later point in linear time. With lots of information hidden, a deluge of misconception and peta-tons of deliberate deceit, the chances that people make unfortunate decisions, that once taken and put into action can never be repaired in linear time. This leads to feelings of regret and guilt that incessantly plague the mind. It is an utterly repulsive concept that was applied to this hyper complex universe that emerged from meticulously defined intention, making all evil that exists intentional. But also in the case of time previously set limitations, like the speed of light being the highest speed at which anything can travel in the universe, have been debunked. Faster Than Light travel has been proven to be possible (i.e. going back in time), while bi-location even does away entirely with the presumed need to cross distances of any length. Mankind's original talents still seem to linger in obscurity - they have not been deleted.

The above would cause difficult to control rage within persons that have more than two properly functioning brain cells, a conscience and a caring heart, bearing in mind the unspeakable suffering that the evil system has been inflicting on all life on earth for countless centuries. But the slight change of mindset I was referring to in the third paragraph of this blog entry is based on the supposition that the evil forces have degraded humankind so severely because they are terrified of us. In their twisted evil minds all others who are hugely talented are almost always perceived to be hazardous competition, potentially equally evil or worse than the evil fiends themselves and certainly not companions with whom beautiful and peaceful futures can be built.

political criminals

Evidence is increasingly emerging that limitations pertaining to the human experience proclaimed by religion, science and other other utter bunk organizations like lame (fucking) stream media (pardon my French) - like the professional BBC liar, Jane Standley, in the video below and political organized crime that are exposed to not have the authority they claim to possess, because they have no reasonable ground for their calls whatsoever. The fact that recent discoveries and exposes prove otherwise, means that they have been lying from ignorance or intent. Either way, their 'misinterpretations' show that they have basically outlived their usefulness (at least in their current form) and therefore their right to exist. These failing evil system's control mechanisms are about to disappear. It also means that man has to re-develop his original gifts, because having been bestowed with talent inherently means that they have to be used for the benefit of life.

So, the anger that the vile conduct of the celestial criminals causes, actually blocks the restoration of the powerful original human talents. It of course is a multi-level trap devised by the evil entities that are scared shitless for human kind. Instead of being annoyed crapless by their ominous behaviour, lets scare the shit out of the iniquitous forces by not doing what they planned and coerced us to do. If man has achieved a situation born from love and positivism it means evil will be annihilated, which means it will be converted to energy that is neither good or bad and available for the fully aware human kind to do even more good things with their boundless talents. This time all that love and positivism should be generated by aware minds and sincere hearts, not the ignorant, deceived brain lacking functional DNA trapped inside bodies deliberately infested with limitations.

See things as they are and then turn them around

That should be enough motivation for the humans who previously were annoyed crapless by the deceiving, plundering, exploiting, abusing, warmongering and mass murdering entities / system to perceive its vicious schemes on a deeper level and respond according to the reason they find there. Let us humans be the cause of death of evil. Lets make it a brutally gruesome kill. They most certainly deserve that. It comes with a Karma-free license, so let out all your anger and frustration and put them to good use in the most efficient way you can possibly think of. Forget about New Age and apologetic Christian faith; they were meant to trap you in a deluded mindset so that you would be no threat to the criminals that made all of your lives miserable as hell.

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