Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Matters of the Mind III

Conditioning minds is the system's major application in human life. But man has been conditioned into believing this can never be the case. However examples that conditioning thoughts or objects are systematically induced, are abundant. Possibly the best known of these are the (double-blind) placebo tests often conducted in medial / pharmaceutical experiments. They show that drugs are rarely found to be significantly more effective than placebos. The fact that most people are intentionally kept unaware of the fact that their mind does the curing has a commercial reason; awareness that most medications are ineffective would most likely destroy the profit potential of corporations that produce medications...

Well known failures of attempts to condition people are the accusations of the US government that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction (the infamous PowerPoint presentation of Colin Powell in the UN). None were found. On a more personal level are the plethora of applications, devices and systems that the media and advertisement business have managed to sell to you that would make life easier, do things faster and as a result give you more time to enjoy things you like to do. None of this has come true; life only got busier, more stressful and complicated. But still this type of useless and expensive inventions continue to have high selling rates while in other parts of town people are jobless, homeless and money-less, which to the mindless horde of gadget buyers does not seem to be something to worry about. Talk about conditioning...

The London Olympics cost at least 16 billion Euro, but the city does not have funds to take care of its poor, sick or otherwise disadvantaged dwellers. Not one war ever waged benefited common people anywhere, but still there has not been a time when governments did not fight one or more wars. Corporations make trillions from wars, but mainstream media never reports on that. Instead it airs government propaganda to silence the opposition of sane people who do not want war and urges those who are unable to see through the schemes to support the wars.

These are just a few random examples from an endless list of systematic and structural conditioning that anyone with an open mind can see being unleashed on society everywhere. If you still think it is not occurring on a large scale, you may want to apply for professional help.

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To some the tendency of this blog entry may start to reek of conspiracy theory, which of course like other methods of libel, is merely an other way of conditioning minds. Mainstream media, the educational system, religion and science etc. have set the standards and all deviating from the norm risk being accused of a frame of mind that few have verified, preferring to echo the commonly induced, pre-fabricated opinions that dismiss them from having to think for themselves.

This is actually the crux of the matter – doing ones own thinking. It often leads to views that do not snugly comply with general standards, which is considered to be a potential threat to the system. Such instances are relentlessly and vehemently suppressed, even if at first glance they seem harmless. In this link a clip can be watched in which it is seen that a man was arrested and sentenced to thirty days imprisonment for collecting rainwater... Unbelievable as it may seem to many, it is a true, verifiable fact nevertheless.

The system knows no end to creating and maintaining the conditioning it inflicts on society. It does so because it risks to lose control if it ceases to continue this type of rule. If one does some research of oneself with little effort almost instantly information pops up that does not quite comply with official statements. When one is new to doing this all kinds of disinformation clutters the search results, but soon after one is capable to shift matters and gain an insight that is closer to the truth than what officially approved channels send out.

And then there is the DNA related matter of susceptibility; 15 % of the world population is difficult to influence by feeding them information, because the coding of their DNA urges them to do research of their own. Some of that group of 15 % actually display such conduct. Many of them don't. It leaves a small group of people who structurally try to think for themselves. Through substances in food, drinking water, medication, atmospheric pollution etc. the system attempts to alter the people's DNA code to prevent them from genuine thinking. In view of this a university degree does not inherently make a person capable of critical thinking; scholars with a high level of education can be severely conditioned. While one with less education can have an open mind.

Some people whose professional record suggests they are very capable of sound thought are quoted on this site to give you something to think about. Please DO take time to listen to John F. Kennedy's speech and numerous quotes listed on the above mentioned site.

There is no question that mankind is intentionally being conditioned, structurally poisoned by contaminating food, drinking water, beverages, medications, the atmosphere and agricultural soil. But it requires an open mind to see it. Mainstream media – that is owned by big corporations – misinforms the public and by design omits information on order of the unseen elite to mold the minds of the people. The latest concealed yet devastating toys of the cabal are electro magnetic interference systems that are capable of many disrupting actions that are difficult to prove and interpret by those who have no means of measuring such invisible occurrences.

In case none of the system's conditioning efforts work president Obama has issued an executive order that allows him to arrest any person on suspicion (not prove!) and lock that person away without trial for an indefinite period of time...

But of course, anyone remains free to believe that there is no such thing as a conspiracy going on. The comfort zone is a nice place to dwell. It is a pity however, that the images of the comfort zone are those of a non-existing illusion.

Have a most wonderful day with an open mind!

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