Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ancient civilizations

I find it difficult to accept the thought that they simply vanished. The little information we have about ancient civilizations seems to indicate that they had reached a level of technological advancement that could have allowed them to resolve whatever came from global geophysical disaster. They may have moved and from where they are now pose a threat to the current powers that be. This might explain why so many man-made disruptions occur all over the world. While humanity believes it is aimed at population reduction, these induced events could be caused intentionally to attempt to keep those in power that are spawn of those who remained on the earth's surface during the great deluge that eradicated almost all life on this planet. It could be an ancient war in which mankind is caught. The true cause of which man is kept in the dark about by those who chose not to live in the light.

Of course all this is mere speculation and it may be incorrect to a certain level. Just as there are colossal flaws, deliberate omissions and blatant lies in official historic records and in current mainstream media news reports. But where as the latter sources are instructed to intentionally create a false image of earth's past, this intuitive impulse is founded on an exact opposite aim. One time we will know or perhaps we already do without being aware of it.

Saturday, January 28, 2012


Consciousness is the most precious and only thing we own; all other earthly possessions belong to the illusion that attempts to trap us. Our innate programming contained in the coding of our DNA seeks to perpetually expand consciousness, but the keepers of the illusion strive to limit it to a level where we can be effortlessly manipulated, productive members of society and consumers that long for a ton of things they do not need. It is the purpose of religion, the educational system, science and repressive societal structures to establish a state of mind that complies with the demands of the illusion.

Legislation, consensus and relentless media broadcasts determine the area in which our thoughts are allowed to exist. The juridical system and law enforcement apparatus are put in place to make sure that as few as possible escape the defined permitted space for thought. The illusion can only exist if limitations are imposed and if those passing the limits are dealt with in ways that keep the true reasons for repercussion from those who remain within the limits, illusion's life span is extended.

There is no illusion without secrets. Information extended on a need to know basis in hierarchical structures, classified documentation, secret societies - they all keep the secrets that allow the illusion to continue. There is no illusion without fragmentation that forces beings to keep matters to themselves like pin-codes for credit cards, income figures, the code to a safe etc. Not allowing separate beings to share things is a major condition to exercise power. The person with the most information lives at the top of a power structure.

In a structure of power there are few who have (grabbed) power and a vast majority that is powerless. Power is the aim of illusion. Illusion by nature and definition is separated from reality, even though it pretends to be real and it currently is part of the reality many are forced to deal with. In view of that, illusion resembles a disease that causes effects like ignorance, greed, indifference, illness and tons of other negative physical and mental states.

Most of the time for most people who suffer from the sickness called illusion, the disorder is cured by death. But sometimes curing is to a certain extent achieved by becoming conscious. The road to consciousness is a long and winding road with many dead ends and view ways leading to true advancement. In this dimension it requires time and effort. This has a reason. If a TV-set is supplied the measure of energy that it requires in the period of a year to run within a second, it will explode. Like the device we continue to live if matters are brought to us gradually. It is similar to the inducement of the illusion that needs years to become of adequate effect.

But if the spark of consciousness has lit the fuel embedded in our DNA code to find the path to the true reality, we should be aware of the fact that the illusion will do everything it is capable of to prevent us from successfully following the road to becoming conscious. It will do so by ridicule, deceit, bribe, harassment, murder or whatever it deems appropriate to obstruct an escape from illusion. When any of this is happening to a person, (s)he knows for certain (s)he is on the right track to becoming aware.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Time to re-assess time

When asking people, including scientists, what time is, most of the answers are unsatisfying. A conclusive definition of time has never been given in this dimension. Probably because of the elusive nature of the phenomenon. Fortunately there are also some who have given more meaningful descriptions about time. One of those persons said that time is non-existing and it is a function of linear space.

At a certain level of complexity and beyond time has to be included in theories and equations in a different way than commonly is the case – relating a sequence of events to a scale based on cyclical processes occurring in nature. Cyclical processes suggest an incorrect perception of infinity. Nature by nature is infinite, which implies there is no boundary toward the infinitesimal nor the infinitely large.

These limited perceptions in human language use the word immeasurable referring to both directions of infinity that suggests that measuring at some point becomes useless. Science has invented the Planck length and renormalization to attach a beginning and and end to infinity. An unbiased observer would have to assess such a trick completely ludicrous.

As Nassim Haramein suggests that it would make more sense to discover the pattern of processes occurring than to unceasingly search for measurable discrete objects. This would comply with the assumption that there is no matter consisting of particles, but merely motion and energy fields. We could perhaps use that energy to navigate through the fabric of space, which would currently be perceived as traveling through time. But that implies that we would have to give up our conditioned fixation on a phenomenon that we can't even coherently describe.

The implications of such a decision would be huge. As David Anderson demonstrated it would be possible to grow plants from a seed to full bloom in a matter of minutes. It would also be possible to reverse the process and let the plant return to being a seed... (which is manipulation of one linear sequence in one dimension - please complete the note as you see fit).

The thing is, that such abilities would terminate many of the limitations that mankind is struggling with and suffering from. Although difficult to prove in many cases, limitation is induced in order to maintain a global power structure. If one tries to step outside of the borders limiting ones allowed space, it soon becomes clear that the move will meet retribution instantly. It explains the existence and implication of the legal system, law enforcement, education, status and hierarchy. A controlled society can only exist if there is general compliance with whatever is decreed by authorities.

Compliance is severely hindered by people who think for themselves. Convincing clever people of a vision is difficult; it is far easier to mislead not so smart people, because they will believe anything that authorities exclaim, regardless of how silly or disturbing the message is. Keeping control over many becomes easier still if self perpetuating mechanisms are built into people's awareness. Pretending there is a comfort zone inside of which people are allowed to have conveyed prefabricated thoughts, is one such a conjuring. It is a set of procedures on how to comply with all hallucinated standards invented by those who rule.

Many are made to believe that remaining inside this comfort zone, guarantees a safe, protected life. This notion is perpetually evoked by education, religion and mainstream media. But it does not require a brilliant mind to grasp that submissively complying to general standards and laws did not result in a just, harmonious and peaceful world. It is a difficult to accept statement, because that would require leaving ones comfort zone. But current developments increasingly indicate that the comfort zone cooks up non-existing events occurring in non-existing space for a purpose that is not revealed inside of it.

Perhaps it is time to reconsider the nature of time.

Have a nice day!

Friday, January 13, 2012

The purpose of evil

After reading the intriguing book 'Transylvanian Sunrise' that tells about the discovery of subterranean chambers and tunnel systems built by an ancient civilization of considerably taller than human beings who had advanced technology far beyond science's current scope. Somewhere in the book the main character, Cezar Brad (which is a virtual name chosen for security reasons) says that evil - referring to extremely occult, iniquitous Masons - has a specific purpose in universal development.

In the book Cezar does not elaborate on this claim, leaving readers to figure these matters out for themselves. Of course this is a profound issue, that affects every event in life, every thought and every expression, even if this is not obvious at first glance. The statement did not depart from my thoughts after reading it. It is intriguing to understand why evil has to exist while in its very nature it opposes life and aims to destroy it perpetually and vehemently. At the same time no continuum would have meaning without life. If evil were to succeed in achieving its goals it would ultimately destroy itself, because the essence of its nature.

A continuum by definition is infinite. Not the type of infinity as perceived by today's deceivers of science - limited by the Planck length at the infinitesimal and by nasty infinity through conjured 'renormalization' at the infinitely large, but infinity in the true sense of the word. Life therefore has to have a place, which means the fate of evil must be determined. But it seems to have a specific purpose nevertheless, according to Cezar Brad, who I assume to have access to realms that have knowledge of matters not yet enveloped in the reach of current awareness.

The knowledge of man is flawed and limited, crammed with paradox that is too complex to resolve with current means. These limitations have to have a cause. The only thing I can think of that would be able to impose these limits to anything human is currently capable of observing and experiencing, is the high density / low frequency of this dimension. I think it causes to distinguish the nature of the processes in the sub atomic realm to be different from those in the supra atomic realm. Processes that are possible and often occurring in the sub atomic realm, such as bi-location, levitation, time travel, shape shifting etc. can not take place in the supra atomic world in which mankind perceives (unless particular frequencies are induced in a process).

Limiting possibilities of life is the key to deceit, misinforming and abuse also contribute to the manifestation of evil. The disease of ignorance relies on limitation entirely. Unaware masses can be forced to believe anything, driven to commit the most hideous crimes over and over again - it is the utterly sad earmark of human's bloodstained history. The measure of logic contained in a process does not determine its nature, the cause of its foundation does. The Nazis for example, have a completely logical system, but the principle of their creed is no good.

So, limitation caused by the high density and low frequency of this dimension causes evil to exist and manifest, but why in the world is it necessary?

At the pinnacle of awareness, when, in my perception, logic and Love will appear to be one and the same, awareness contains all - everything there is. This includes evil. If one is not aware of evil, it is impossible to fight it. Life must be fully aware of it in order to be able to resist it. This can only be done from an aware perspective. In other words: Unconditional Love is only possible if a being is aware of evil, which allows it to condition itself entirely to Love.

This article is one written from the excitement of beginning to grasp perhaps the first fragment of understanding the necessity of the presence of evil in this stage of development of life in this dimension. It is incomplete, raw and flawed, but maybe it is a foundation to reason to a higher reason concerning this matter. I will add emerging thoughts to this initial impulse in future entries when they occur.

Have a nice day!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Science defiance

Most people are unaware about the theory principles of science. There are two kinds of theories; theories according to the inductive principle and those constructed according to the inventive principle. The famous Greek philosophers adhered the inductive principle, which basically involves modifying theories by research, testing and discarding until there was nothing left to discard. For instance they postulated that celestial orbits were perfectly circular. When observations showed that was not the case they added 'epicycles' to correct the orbit.

Einstein changed science theory principle by introducing the inventive theory, which is exactly what the term suggests - if a theory needs amending a (sub)theory is invented to make the theory stick.... This is why we have now bizarre theories about black holes, white holes, dark matter and dark energy, all of which have not yet been proven beyond reasonable doubt, which is conflicting with science's main paradigm. Einstein caused the change in scientific thinking because too many epicycles appeared to be necessary during the course of time, which harmed science's credibility.

Today the number of inventions that are added to existing theories to keep them from collapsing, are also piling up to dubious height. Too many inventions attempt to explain what could turn out to be discrepancies in scientific explanations. In relation to this Richard Feynman said: 'I think I can now safely say, no one understands quantum physics.', the latter being a major invention conjured to prevent science from becoming difficult to distinguish from a suspect front.

It gets weirder still. In its search for fundamental particles science has invented six flavors of 'quarks' and their related 'anti-quarks' that are said to come in pairs. No one has ever observed them, but theorizing about them has become a favorite scientific pass time. It has even been proposed to declare that quarks are inherently invisible in order to avoid too much undesirable questioning....

Perhaps quarks are too tiny for our primitive current day tools to detect. Larger particles like electrons have however also never been observed. As is the case with protons and neutrons. The fact that no one has ever seen where they came from, where they went and how they behaved, does not seem to bother scholars.

If one says science works because its findings allow real life systems and machine to run properly, what is actually being said is that the math of science is coherent. Any theory is translated into formulas. Those are logically structured indeed. But only few dare ask if the theories are conceptually correct, which is an entirely different approach. The world does not need theories, if the formulas work it is enough to use them to construct devices and systems. But since no one outside science understands the math, scientists continue to spew theories, regardless if they make sense or not.

To top off this brief rant, I would like to say that it is at least remarkable that Einstein gave this world two theories of relativity, the general one and the special one, that do not comply with each other. If it is done for the convenience of being able to apply one of the theories and ignore the other one whenever it suits a certain purpose then it stands to reason that some people question the reason.

In many ways science resembles banks, that create money out of thin air through the money multiplying system of fractional banking (and on the even more mysterious 'black screen' in the Swiss based Bank of International Settlements - the central bank of central banks. Any other individual, institution or organization that would do the same, would end up in jail for counter-fitting, but banks - like science - remain immune to repercussions of the legal system.

Yet both institutions are considered to be pillars of society. Still, knowing what is put forward in this article might tempt you to think twice if someone tries to sell you something that was scientifically proven...

Have a nice day!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Out of the box

The world is what it is because thinking inside the permitted boundaries of 'the box' shaped it. Its current situation is miserable in many respects which could be taken as an incentive to approach matters differently. To people living in prosperous part of the planet this may be an option wort considering, to others who are born or driven into less fortunate conditions a different type of solutions may be an urgent necessity.

What is this box? Why do people seem to continuously comply with the limitations it imposes, who conjured the box and for what purpose? By the way: the box is like depicted in the image above, it is not a small box in front of a person, but a small, restraining box with the person inside of it...

A striking oddity concerning the effects thinking in the box creates: None of the so-called 'experts' saw the financial crisis coming, none of them warned the people about it, but now that it is in the process of ruining life on earth, people continue to take the advice of the 'experts' on how to best survive the crisis. Their suggestions are all thoughts from within the box. Everyone with more than two functioning brain cells is aware of the fact that this type of reason led to the situation rapidly affecting an increasing number of people, yet still they retain their status of 'experts' whose advice is followed. Mainstream media perpetually provided a stage for the 'experts' to perform, which kept their audience (and their demise) in tact.

What is inside the box that keeps the bulk of the people clinging to it regardless of bad things happening to them because they never went outside it to look for solutions? Or are they perhaps simply unable to see the relation between conditioned thought and their deteriorating living conditions? If so, what causes that?

An other dramatic example of what in-the-box thinking can cause: in 2008 Wall Street decided to raise food prices. A year later the WHO noted that 130 million people more than before the raise suffered from malnutrition. This resulted in a larger number of people dying than in the WW-II holocaust. The horrific event was barely covered in mainstream press.

The press not reporting on specific matters is one of the phenomena causing people to continue to think in-the-box. After all, if the reason for ruin is not known, the urge to do things differently then before does not exist. Even if a lack of change makes things worse. Giving flawed or incomplete information (or none at all) is an other way to ensure that people will draw disastrous conclusions.

So what is covered in the press or not definitely contributes to continued in-the-box thinking. But the press is merely a tool. Figuring out who directs it and for what reason may give clues as to how this mechanism of persuading people to adhere to traditions works. This of course requires out-of-the-box thinking... Reasons to seriously consider other ways of thinking are piling up at a disturbing pace.

Have a nice day!

Sunday, January 1, 2012


A year marked by predictions that provoke speculation, long before it started. None of the anticipations are verifiable in this world of uninformed and misinformed minds. People in esoteric circles however, claim to understand (some of) the visions foretold by ancient civilizations. Unfortunately not a lot of indisputable information is available to support or deny any of the predictions and prophecies that were allegedly made.

It leaves those concerned about the future with the at times difficult to explain hints of their intuition. This wonderful tool of the mind that has been underrated in a world that fails to see that the adopted tools that have actually been used to shape life have not really been as successful as is often claimed. Beyond that, there are processes developing that appear to have no cause or aim. Yet these properties that appear to be lacking signify the very nature of them, which is too elevated for most to figure out in a coherent way. It is why such developments are more often than not discarded after brief consideration.

Below the surface of events that are observable lay matters that make sense to a different type of awareness than the one that is generally accepted to be complying with human logic. It would be arrogant and ignorant to assume that human intelligence is the sole kind of perception because it is detectable and perceivable. Planet earth is relatively less than a grain of sand in a huge desert metaphorically used to signify the universe. Common perception, including that of the finest minds in history, is but a mere fragment of all that exists. It is the measure of knowledge that fits within the scope of human perception.

Intuition is the gateway that taps into what extends beyond human knowledge. It brings information from higher realms to this dimension that is more complex than data this dense plane. It therefore seems enigmatic or encrypted, unfit to be of practical use at first glance. But there is always the rarely used option to allow it to settle in the mind and after a while take a second or third look at it. This has led to doing things in a better way if it was finally grasped what the true meaning of the information was. Even if man put it to destructive use.

But as is the case in an invariable way, there is always a choice. Information can be used in a constructive, creative way as well. To create or destroy; it is the crossroad that life always arrives at. From before the beginning to beyond infinity. It never ends.

Have a nice day!