Saturday, April 6, 2013

Things that bug me

While sweat soaks my fitness outfit when kicking the pedals of my spinning bike, the strangest things pop up in my mind. Perhaps the brain needs less blood than is commonly assumed, the act of assuming being the pinnacle of human perception. At about a frequency of 100 revolutions per minute most of the blood in my circulation is needed to transport oxygen to my leg muscles. What is left of it for the brain to function could be the cause of the weirdness that boggles me.

If black holes absorb everything that happens to cross their event horizons, including light, should they not be bright beyond anything we've seen? Apart from light there is so much mass (which is energy) accumulated in them that is compressed to less than the size of the dot at the end of this sentence. That would make for a nice bang with lots of light radiating from them, not just the jets pulsing out at both ends.

Gravity is believed to be causing the black hole to trap stuff inside of it. Some claim it is some sort of portal to an other dimension, probably because there is enough energy in the singularity at its center to create a wormhole that is supposed to be some type of a tunnel to other realms.

Then there are guys like Nassim Haramein who explained in his Schwartzschild Proton paper that every proton is in fact a mini black hole. It is possibly related to Gariaev's and Poponin's discovery of ghost-DNA that lead to the believe that DNA is actually capable of storing photons (which means bringing the ever dashing particles to a full stop...). Things become even stranger when also considering Shnoll's conclusion that every particle pulses between and on and off state. That would mean we do not exist at least half of the time. At least not in this reality and quite possibly in others. All the scientists I wrote about in recent, previous blog entries.

Spiritually inclined people often say that humans are beings of light, which could well be the case, assuming that all of our cells (roughly 100 trillion per human entity) are actually capable of trapping photons. Beings of light that aren't here half of the time, meaning we probably go elsewhere, while merely thinking that we're trapped on this planet.

Such are the things that start to bug me when working out on the spinning bike.

Have a nice day.

Friday, March 22, 2013

No fear of the future

There are enough materials and funds to allow the entire human population to live in a comfortable and useful way present in this world. It is just controlled by just a few that have a hideous mindset, which cause too many are suffering as a result.

The materials are the monatomic elements (micro clusters) that seem to have a huge array of properties capable of solving most, if not all the problems humanity is currently facing. Over time they have washed into the oceans by precipitation, river transport etc. It is necessary in those locations at this time. Humankind has (in many cases intentionally - in particular the occult cabal) polluted the great waters of this planet, as in the BP Gulf accident, as in Fukushima and numerous other intentional events.

Laurence Gardner

Monatomic substances allegedly have the capacity to resolve pollution of a chemical and nuclear nature, which will thus be countered (neutralized) by earth's nature. When the oceans are healthy again the start of a restoration of environment is made after which it will heal the rest of life on this planet. The entire solar system and surrounding areas are going into higher frequencies which will unleash properties that remained dormant during the low frequency state of the solar system.

David Hudson

Raising frequency among a number of things, means speeding up the pace at which electrons in each atom which will at some point (when dashing about beyond the speed of light) leap into time space (without crossing any physical distance in no time whatsoever) and merge into this dimension the properties of that parallel dimension in to the one we now think we live in.

The capacities belonging to time space will bring into space time the power to elevate (break loose from gravity's influence, like plants and trees already do inside their stems and branches), bi-locate, communicate telepathically, sense events inside and around us emphatically, heal ourselves and others (even grow new limbs that are severed from our body), reconfigure all of life's DNA-coding to its original, powerful state, time travel etc.

Professor Simon Shnoll

Earth however, is merely a tiny part of the huge universe. Russian scientist Simon Shnoll and his team discovered a correlation between stellar configurations and events taking place inside atoms. The positions of the planets and solar activity consistently affects radioactive decay of particles, which indicates that there is a relation between all that occurs in the universe. Even the pace of time is influenced by the activity of the sun in minute, but measurable amounts. More obviously the calendars that many civilizations developed (or received from elsewhere...) throughout history are all based on the configurations of celestial bodies. His research lead Shnoll to believe that time is not linear and sequential as it is perceived by science in our corner of the universe.

Personally I have a non-standard perception of time as it is generally described by very educated individuals, none of whom seems to have invented a conclusive view on this most illusive phenomenon.

Nassim Haramein

The speed at which earth revolves around its axis, is approximately 1600 kilometers per hour. Close to the pace of an F-16 fighter plane. Earth orbits around the sun at a speed of 112,000 kilometers per hour. Our solar system dashes around the center of the galaxy - the Milky way - at a pace of 800,000 kilometers per hour. The Milky way orbits around the center of the universe (according to nassim Haramein) at the mind boggling speed of 315.392. kilometers per hour. The speed of light is: 107.925. kilometers per hour.

That means that the accumulative, absolute speed at which we are traveling around (relative to) the center of the universe on average is at over THREE  BILLION times the speed of light.... In linear sequential time that means we are going back in time in the overall setting. Locally however, we are heading (fluctuating) towards a future inside an environment going back in time. If the universe is 15 billion years old like Big-bang science claims it is, approximately in 2017 it may become a singularity again...

What does that imply? That the unchanging present is located at the very center of the universe. Everything simply exists there. That at some distance from that center time stands still and that everything between that spherical area and the center goes forward in time (because it travels slower than the speed of light). Weird things must be happening in that area, because the motion towards a future there would result in the total absence of time...?

Dewey Larson

American engineer Dewey Larson has studied time from a different perspective from which he developed his theory called the Reciprocal System. It proposes the existence of a parallel universe that he called time space (as opposed to our space time realm) in which time has three dimensions. It allowed him to resolve several problems that the relativity theories were unable to solve. Einstein's theories are generally considered to be brilliant theories, but they are unable to deal with gravity (...). That is most definitely not just an incapacity to casually ignore; gravity rules all physical objects in this dimension. Yet science has been doing just that over a long time, besides working with an incomplete perception of time (to say the least).

Daniel Shechtman

Larson is severely criticized for claiming Einstein's theories were flawed, even when offering argument for his claim. Consequently his Reciprocal System theory was rejected, ridiculed and discarded. Articles currently found in Wikipedia for instance mention his RS with disdain and disrespect. But the 1982 discovery of quasicrystals by Daniel Shechtman supports Larson's system. One of the descriptions of quasicrystals says: 'The whole set of diffraction patterns revealed an ico­sahedral symmetry of the reciprocal space.' Of course Shechtman met rejection and ridicule from his peers as well and was even fired after announcing that he found matter that would not fit snugly in the periodic tables of matter (similar to monatomic elements). It is the continuously repeated standard attitude of mainstream science to discard anything that is beyond its scope. Some 30 years later however, Shechtman was awarded the Nobel Prize for chemistry for discovering quasicrystals....
As a result all sorts of unproven sub-theories had to be hallucinated or things that did not fit into the current set of theories were simply thrown in Heissenberg's Uncertainty Principle bin, 'renormalized' (halfway down the page), denied, ignored or worse. But since people seem to care more for their careers and are interested in receiving funds from corporations to conduct their research which makes much of the current research a mere method to confirm corporate interests (in Dutch).

Our current perception does not allow us to believe any of these things are true, but reality has a history of proving us wrong in such matters. An example in the opposite direction is 9/11 that no one outside the circles of perpetrators) could have imagined beforehand. An other one is the intensely evil act of intentionallypoisoning foods and meds by Big Agro and Big Pharma, a fact that by far the most people find impossible to wrap their minds around (refuse to believe). these things take place nevertheless. If this type of evil occurs, unimaginable good can also occur, especially if matters are not controlled by humans that have many limitations, but by the universe itself that has no capacity limitations at all.

So, all disasters we are currently experiencing, are necessary because at some point in time powerful humans decided to deviate from universal law. To do such a thing is doomed to fail, because tiny human is dwarfed by the infinite universe. The instant for this miserable failure to take place, is near. It will include drastic measures of nature, causing many to suffer and die - earthquakes, tsunamis, volcano eruptions, mud-slides, forest fires and man-made crisis of many kinds etc., but one way or another the universe will get things done.

Along the way of this restoration, the universe will make many humans aware by bestowing them experience (however horrific that may be), so that in better places and times they will know why they must not think / speak / do wrong, since they have experienced the consequence of that themselves. The ones not prepared to understand the essence and meaning of the transformation cast upon life in this solar system, will remain in space time (to start all over again until they get it right), the aware will be moved to time space like the electrons mentioned before.

Some of the changes mankind needs to make, require funds in this dimension. In the 1963 Green Hilton Conference that took place in Geneva during which Sukarno was appointed as M1 (controller of the funds to divide matters in this world evenly among all, solve environmental problems and install a just world government), which exist. Not the worthless paper money, but truly valuable assets like gold, platinum and silver. It was stolen by the cabal, shortly after, its controllers were ousted (Sukarno) or killed (JFK, who was asked for assistance by Sukarno), but currently Neil Keenan who is under protection of Indonesian 'elders', Chinese secret brotherhoods (White Dragon Family) and even of the Japanese Yakuza is in the process of retrieving the funds in an international court case in New York (of which of course the cabal controlled traitors of lamestream media do not report on order of their unseen masters). Keenan will succeed in what he is doing, because he is not just protected by corporeal forces, but also by the universe that is as fed up (probably to a far greater level than aware humans) with the iniquitous cabal as many aware people in this world are.

Neil Keenan

Many of the above mentioned people and theories are relentlessly questioned by 'official' self-appointed individuals and organizations, mainly through lamestream news outlets, all of which are owned by powers that were the same unseen entities who own this world's corporations and banks. Don't let them fool you; these people who control practically all administrations on this globe, who are ruling this planet to shreds as you can see anywhere, any time by any conceivable and unimaginable method, are not interested in the truth. All they care for is personal profit. And so do their brainwashed henchmen who are after the crumbs left for them to gather (which means there will be nothing left for you).

I am quite positive (hopeful) because of the above mentioned events. Evil, which is going against universal law, is destined to fail miserably. And that time is near. So hang on and do your own research instead of watching the braindead anchors on TV or reading lamestream papers that are crammed with deceit. They all belong to the 'official' part of this world - the very part that is responsible for creating all the havoc and agony currently happening in this world on a global scale, that is far beyond the capacity of the average person or organization to finance.

What seems to happening right now feels like universal nature is putting elements in place to correct the violations of universal law. Elements like microclusters, quasicrystals, enlightened spirits who spread new visions, and young souls with advanced DNA (indigo- and crystal children about whom I might write in future). Powers that were have no way whatsoever to vanquish the huge powers of the universe.

Have a nice day!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Possible universal time mechanism

I thought of something that struck me about (the human perception of) time:

The dialogue

The speed at which earth revolves around its axis, is approximately 1600 kilometers per hour. Close to the pace of an F-16 fighter plane. Earth orbits around the sun at a speed of 112,000 kilometers per hour. Our solar system dashes around the center of the galaxy - the Milky way - at a pace of 800,000 kilometers per hour. The Milky way orbits around the center of the universe at a speed of 315.392 x 10^21 kilometers per hour. The speed of light is: 107.925. kilometers per hour.

That means that our galaxy travels around the center of the universe at a pace of approximately THREE BILLION times the speed of light.... The orbital speeds of objects in our galaxy and solar systems inside are not even part of that equation. It means that, relative to the center of the universe in linear sequential time, we are going back in time at tremendous speed. Locally however, we are heading towards a future inside an environment that, according to current academic perception, is racing back in time.

What does that imply? That the unchanging present is located at the very center of the universe. Everything simply exists there, although the singularity may be in precession. That at some distance from that center time stands still and that everything between that spherical area and the universe's center goes forward in time since it travels slower than the speed of light. Weird things may be happening in that boundary area between mentioned volume and the space beyond it, in which time is reversed.

In any of those areas local deviations from the overall setting might exist. As Nassim Haramein explained: Every force has a counter-force that is manifest in the opposite direction. Science thinks that the universe is expanding, but it may merely be an observation of a transient event inside a local situation. Haramein envisions the universe as a donut-like shape with force fields traveling around its surface(s), perhaps along to the lines of the windings in a Rodin coil. It could imply that the direction of time differs in any point on that surface.

It is suggested that the center of the universe may be a black hole that is actually a gateway to other spaces and times in other universes. A gateway to what? To where? What and who has the power to pass through it? Undoubtedly I missed many details in this first brain wave concerning this matter of time, which is both puzzling and fascinating from any perspective.

Here's a poem that bubbled up in my mind with regard to this:

And another one from a different perspective (click on it to see a version that is easier to read):