Saturday, November 10, 2012

Pisces - Age of Ignorance

If minds are carefully, perpetually and systematically made susceptible to the forged existence and inevitability of paradox, they will accept the notion that there are things that can not be solved, because the intentionally induced and flawed perception of universal law will not permit them to see and apply what is really possible. Such rigorous implementation of delusions will establish frames of reference that will cause disagreement, conflict and war, which is what has occurred in the past two centuries and in the times preceding that period.

Astrology exposes 9/11 lies

In astronomical circles it is well known that the current Age of Pisces is the era of ignorance, that is the result of the alignment of cosmic (celestial) objects relative to each other. Many are capable of understanding events on a smaller scale, like in our solar system; if the sun did not exist, life on earth would not be possible, because there would be no option for DNA structures to be formed and photosynthesis would not be possible (to name just two aspects). But as soon as the cosmic situation is observed from a larger perspective, only very few remain open to what occurs within the space and time in which celestial objects affect each other and the life they harbor.

Worship of the Fish God Dagon (Poseidon) is symbolized by the miters priests wear

Science has imposed a finite perception in the patterns of thought of human life, as did religion, by fragmenting processes and objects into discrete entities. And wherever and whenever reality mocks their assumption based theories, they invent silly dogmas that are meant to perpetuate their flawed theories and misguiding beliefs. In science an example of this hallucinated method of deceit that is named 'renormalization', religion makes itself suspect by keeping secret libraries like that of the Vatican and other religious sects that deliberately withhold information from the general public in order to maintain its conjured dogmas on which the entire power structure of those sects are based. Why else would the books in those libraries be kept secret at all cost?

Save our theory impulse instant...

But careful and relentless molding of human perception by science and religion, structured poisoning of the human race by the food and water supply of the people that is given to corporations that have exclusive control over them, the elite's ownership of the mainstream media, musical- and movie-industry, the profound corruption of the legal and medical trades and the invention of the political circus that protects and executes global control systems were put in place to ensure that the human race would not question the conduct of the powers that be and that they would continue to fight among each other to prevent them from investigating this world's disgusting principles that affect every aspect of every form of life on this planet.

Legal INjustice bought by corporations

Fortunately the end of the Age of Ignorance is impending. It is as inevitable as the end of the life-cycle of the finite label that the misguided masters of this era screwed onto anything they could get their bloody hands on. Just be or become aware of the fact that the better you are prepared for the coming of the spiritually inclined Age of Aquarius, the less rude your awakening to it will be. Ignorance is dying, whether you or your unseen masters prefer to cling to it or not.