Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Dualism exists outside a sigularity only

The human mind can only imagine a singularity in which there are no time and space as a tiny dot without dimension, particularly because science brightest always have hypothetically proposed this matter in such a way. It is the picture inevitably envisioned within the limits induced by ‘officially (self-)approved’ science. The gnostic prophet Mani whose teachings assume dualism as the cause of everything claimed the emerging of this universe was the result of an attack of evil forces on the realm of light that made the primordial singularity grow / explode (the Big Bang) into the universe of spacetime and matter in which man exists. Dualism being the war between good and evil or light and dark.

Interpretation of a 4D object (tesserect)

But perhaps universal law at the highest level (far above mankind’s capacity to reason) forbids the permanent injuring of logic, which is ultimately the same as love. Creating spacetime and matter results in everything dashing back in time and thus the inherent annihilation of space. Overall linear sequential time is returning to its origin in which it did not exist. Only brute force could create spacetime and matter that causes local conditions in which the lack of oversight leads to erroneous interpretations that can even be proved (based on hypotheses) by referring to flawed observations of local conditions.

This would be similar to the properties of a four-dimensional Tesserect in which what is inside can simultaneously be what is outside and vice versa. The Tesserect is an impaired projection of 3D beings that allows them to approximate what a fourth dimension might look like within the scope of their paradox ridden mental limitations. It could imply that anything appearing to exist outside a singularity either does not actually exist or is at best transient (giving or taking a few billion years, which is a measure existing only in realms of linear sequential time).

But then again I could be wrong. Just a creature living in a remote corner of the universe where we're able to observe local events only. But then there's of course the relation of dualism and bi-poles that seems to be an irreversible relationship. Recently however an equivalent to magnetic monopoles has been discovered in crystals.... This would open the possibility to create over-unity machines. That would give this dimension a new dimension....