Friday, January 15, 2021

Brains aren't made to think and memory is made to forget

There's a well known cliché that says: 'you have a body and you are a soul', a string of words usually mindlessly echoed by people clueless to what they actually mean.  As I explained in the previous blog entry, ethereal souls - fragments of the unified soul - are trapped inside material bodies, inside the soul trap or mantle (not as in the Path of Exile game) or more accurately a straight jacket in which we are sentenced to be tied up for the duration of an entire human lifetime in the material realm, like patients in a mental institution, which is a description of the whole of mankind that is closer to the ugly truth than to the metaphor. But ignorance is a stubborn human tradition, that in most cases is only cured by death. Through the evil cycle of Samsara (the repetitive process of death and rebirth) we are held captive in this solar system, until the method to indefinitely destruct the soul fragments will be applied. In the meantime humans are distracted to occupy themselves with lies and trivia, so that they do not oppose this nefarious agenda, that will ultimately whack them out of existence all together.

Our obstinate bêtise is due to the fact that we were given a brain in order for us to be programmable (the faculty of coherent thought is a mere secundary function of the brain), just like we were given memory so that we can be made to forget, all of which is aimed at developing a manipulable, delusional comfort zone. These oddities, that seem improbable at first glance, are the bodily functions, meant to complement the impenetrable prison wall or membrane around the weakened fragment of the unified soul that is on deathrow to be executed, if not in this life than in the next one. The properties of the prison are measurable; there is an electro magnetic field around the human heart that extends beyond the periphery of the body that is at least ten times larger than the one enclosing the brain. Even when the soul leaves the body - in dreams, OBE's (out of body experiences) of NDE's (near death experiences) it remains tethered to the heart by what is called 'the silver cord', a thunderbolt like chain that keeps the soul from escaping its confinement. The electromagnetic field that in fact traps the soul fragment, by the way, is similar to the fields created at CERN to preserve particles and anti-matter. The man-made version on the Swiss / French border requires a shipload of energy to be maintained, the field enclosing the human heart is more subtle, yet more powerful.

3000 billion times the speed of light
The purpose of incarcerating the soul fragment in the material body is to weaken the unified soul. The scattered remnants of the hole, the separate parts that are severed from the original are more frail than the unfied soul, which means they can easily be attacked and eradicated, which is the goal of the terrorist attack that began in what is commonly referred to as the Big Bang. As explained in the previous blog entry, life on this planet is traveling at s speed of more than 3000 billion times the speed of light around the center of the universe, which means it goes back in time. This is the counter attack of the unified soul against the forces that incited the Big Bang. The unified soul fights to return to its original state in which all information and consciousness is present in an infinitely small dot or singularity that has no spatial dimensions and time.

But the evil, destructive forces have placed human life near the edge of the universe inside a bubble in which linear, cyclical time drives us all to a grim future in which souls are meant to be destroyed. The bubble is an artificially created doomsday dimension inside a dimension that the evil ones intend to make the slaughterhouse of souls. Because we travel with 3000+ billion times the speed of light, we should already have reached the instant of the Big Bang long ago, that is estimated to have taken place between 12 and 15 billion years ago according to 'regular' science. But as scripts of civilizations all over the world expressed, there is a war going on in the heavens - a war over the fragmented instances of the unified soul. The forces of the dark set out to destroy the soul fragments and slow down the journey towards the past. They expand the universe in order to increase the measure of separation between the soul fragments, aiming to slash all communication between the separated fragments, to weaken them even more and erase their awareness that they once were an infinitely powerful unified soul.

The brain was not made to think
Opposite to life that has a soul, are soulless shells that can be programmed at will in any way that the programmer sees fit. But the shells need some type of control unit that allows them to perform certain tasks. A vacuum cleaner needs to suck up dirt and rubble, and it is controlled by switching it on and off. A laundry machine's control unit is capable of carrying out a number of distinguished washing programs and a PC or Mac can do a many more complex tasks, but all of them require some sort of input. This can be done by programmers and operators. Input is communication of the shell or device with programmers or operators; they need to be attended (get attention) to function. If this does not happen they remain inactive, useless shells. Similarly, when animals, plants or people get no attention they dwindle and die. Vegetations needs nourishment from the soil and rain to grow and prosper, animals and humans need care and food and drinks or they will die. Even at a later age, when animals or people are totally ignored, they die.

The human control unit is the brain. Brains can be programmed, even upto a level at which the brain believes it can not be programmed and that it is totally autonomous. It just needs to be programmed in a clever way to cause the brain to make such an intentionally induced mistake or misinterpretation, just like certain programs (software) that run on a PC or Mac can have backdoors that the operator knows nothing about. Backdoors can even be built into the hardware of a device of which those that program the software as well as those who operate it are entirely unaware. So, there are many ways in which simple devices can be manipulated in a manner that those that programmers and operators will never notice. At this point in space and time the human brain commonly still is more complex than the devices mankind creates and uses. The brain, being both the hard- and software of the human control unit. Which most likely means that its complexity allows to integrate control (sub)systems, failsafe systems and hidden backdoors that the host of the brain is unaware of. Bearing in mind as well that backdoors can both be used to enter and exit. It means messages can be transmitted from the brain and received by the brain, which hints at outside forces potentially being in control, just like hackers remotely taking over a computer.

An example of this is that if a person, for example, wants to have a cup of coffee, seven seconds before (s)he was aware of the fact that (s)he wants to have coffee, the brain already prepared the body to both make and drink the coffee. This peculiar effect was discovered by Benjamin Libet in the 1980's at the university of California. It begs the question, what made the brain make these decissions, ahead of becoming aware of them and carrying them out? Was it the brain itself or was it something outside of the brain that generated this impulse? What it could mean in any event, is that the supposed phenomenon of free will could be rather overrated; the brain thinks it thinks something that is not quite as the brain thinks it is. Based on this discovery, some suggested that entire books that people wrote, were already uploaded to their brain even before the writer was aware of the fact that (s)he wanted to create the book. Nikola Tesla wrote in his autobiography that he was given detailed information in a vision on how to create inventions before he actually created them. What this probably means, is that the brain is not an autonomous organ, but rather some sort of receiver that at times tunes in to frequencies over which information is passed on that urges humans to perform certain taks. Maybe the strongest argument to support this suspicion, is the research of Dutch cardiologist Pim van Lommel, who researched experiences of patients who went through a NDE.

Of course the brain's function is to think; without it we would not be able to survive in this material dimension. What I am trying to express here is that an other very important mental power of the human brain is to receive and process information that was generated elswhere, hence the remark of Dr. Van Lommel that the brain is capable of perceiving in a non-local way, which means that perception can be made without the involvement of the human biological sensors, making a person aware of events or thoughts that may have occurred far away from his or her physical location in space and time. The occurrance of these impulses is not necessarily bound to the linear, cyclical time experience in which human beings seem to be inextricably connected. The information passed on can be belong to the past or future in the human concept of time. In relation to this, I would like to mention a strange event in which a CIA remote viewer told about a remote viewing session in which he remote viewed a location in space that was 500 million lightyears away from earth or a remote viewing session in which the same remote viewer tried to view the instant of the creation of humankind. The average human brain would have to perform extremely unfamiliar mental acrobatics to imagine these exercises and most likely not succeed. But since the CIA is not interested in spending time and money on anything that is not demonstrable, I would say that the human talent to remote view has to be taken seriously.

The Akashic Recoreds perhaps use crystals
to store all universal events and thoughts

Memory is made to forget
Thinking is impossible without a memory. Memory related to the concept of human civilization, always has to retrieve data from the past. This is the result of linear time that rules this material dimension in which time continuously moves forward. So, if memory is tampered with - moved away from reality or the truth - the brain will make all sorts of decisions that are flawed, false and totally destructive. In a timeless dimension memory would not be necessary; its dwellers would simply know things without having to remember them. But in this dimension life has to tap into what the ancients called the Akashic Records or what is also called the universal subconsciousness that contains all actions and all thoughts of all time. According to Dr. Pete Peterson, the Akashic Records consist of two elements: an information field and consciousness field. These elements provide the data to the brain through intuition that form the foundation of thinking processes. It can be deduced from this, that if the data retrieved is incorrect and / or incomplete (or entirely absent whatsoever) the thinking process of the brain is severely impacted and that the conclusions at which the brain arrives, are completely false. These incorrect conclusions could of course be the result of intentional programming with misleading information of the brain, which only has become possible because life has taken a material form in which brains are normally cut off from having communication with the Akashic Reconrds. The portal through which these communications take place is the pineal gland, that the evil controllers corrupt from day one of each human life, by calcifying the pure water with which the gland is filled. This mainly is done by manipulating the human diet, so that the gland no longer functions properly, as it was intended to function.

If the pineal gland is corrupted the lines of communication with external sources is hampered or cut off, so these can no longer properly act to input information. It is why the mainstream media have been taken over by the dark factions on earth. They had to find different ways to program the human brain. This is why I chose to write in the title of this blog entry that the brain was not made to think, because it has become the portal through which human perception is programmed. Because influencing man's perceptual experience is important to those that aim to gain full control over the opinions of mankind, it is imperative that alternative sources are severely censored or removed all together, which is exactly what we see taking place in the world of today. In addition when brains have been programmed in such a way to such a level, it is similar to installing some sort of filter so that information that percolates from external sources is strained in spite of all precautions to sever the connection between Akashic Records and brain.

The brain is a programmable control unit of the human body, which communication lines to the non-local universal subconscious are severed, while memories on which thinking processes are founded, are intentionally distorted to be better able to determine the outcome of the thinking process. Because we live in a material 3D world in time, there is a past from where memory has to retrieve data. This information can be manipulated; the accuracy of remembered data can't be trusted or memory can be incapable of retrieving data at all. These measures prevent humans from discovering that they merely are material prisons for the soul fragment that is incarcerated in their heart. Human lives are used to deteriorate the remnants of the powers of the soul fragment, which means that in each subsequent life cycle the soul fragment is further removed from its essence, that is at least the goal of the evil ones. This will continue to take place until it has been weakened enough to be destroyed. But as above so below, the war in the heavens is also fought here on earth - many soul fragments resist the imposed dictatorship in many ways.

Still, if you think you are thinking right, think again and if you think you remember something, reconsider. Reality may differ entirely from what we have been made to think, because you were made to be misled in the way you were made. If you sense you are being misguided, that probably is an impulse to disagree and oppose the strategy of those that ruthlessly and desperately want to bring you under their iniquitous control.

And then there is the unproven (by spoofed minds in this controlled plane anyway), but exciting assumption that parallel worlds exist. This could imply that in an other dimension the unified soul is still in tact and now fighting in our realm to restore its original state. It could be what legends refer to as the war in the heavens. So, you may want to look up often, with your mind, not your brain.

Friday, December 18, 2020

The conspiracy to take control over your soul

In the image below it is shown how Rudolph Steiner predicts the situation that is taking place today. First inclination of most would be to think such is impossible; admitting a chemical into the human body to separate the soul from the material body in order to eliminate the soul. Those people aren't familiar with alchemy and most likely even scorn the art for being fake, because they ran across information of people they believe to be credible that said alchemy is mere pseudo science that no sound person should take seriously. The fact that they know very little or nothing about it and have never tried to learn more about it, does not keep them from parroting the intentionally misleading propaganda of factions that aim to keep the true potential of alchemy under wraps for a wide variety of reasons. What Steiner really wrote, means that the human body will be prepared for transhumanism (the change from human into bio-chemical machine) by admission of a chemical cocktail that will disrupt the soul's connection with the universe, thereby taking away intuition, man's gateway to the Akashic Records, which is a field of information and consciousness. The universe being a system of (supposed) inanimate objects, bio-chemical entities and spirits of countless levels. 

Rudolph Steiner
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Keeping alchemical prowess hidden while using its potential at the same time is a mere part of the strategy that is used to establish a universe in which the remnants of the unified soul are prevented from re-unifying by keeping the weakened fragmented, separated shards of the original soul trapped in bodies of various life forms that are scattered all over the universe. Souls of entities like human beings et al have become obstacles to separating soulfragments from the universe in this stage of development of man-made AI whose turn it is to do its part in this process. In a future blog entry I may expound on details of said process. Some facets of what are parts of the strategic conquest of this universe are listed below. They are based on intuitive impulse for the most part - intuition being the way of communicating of the residue of the unified soul of which its scattered parts endeavour re-unification. Before the fragments of the unified soul can be eradicated they must be programmed to comply and agree with the coerced trajectory towards their demise for which all means possible are applied. A major step in achieving the inactivation of the trapped soul, is to alter human DNA, bearing in mind that we are biochemical and bio-electric material life forms in which the ehtereal soul is confined (about which I may write in a future blog post). The material soul mantle or body is imprisoned on this planet by gravity, the atmosphere outside of which we can't breathe and three extremely radioactive, impenetrable spheres that envelope earth, called the Van Allen Belts. 

To the aware it often is visible that a person's gaze in combination what he or she has done, signals that is something missing in the glance of that person's eyes, the mirror of the soul. It is missing - their body has become a soulless container of complex algorithms that are controlled from a central location elsewhere. Probably the most obvious examples are the photographs of Hillary Clinton that you see below. Her facial expression in these shots may suggest that she is human, but there is no soul inside her, no empathic human essence. The fact that she is having some sort of fit of anger in these shots, catches her when her guards are down, showing in an instant that she is an empty shell, controlled by an outside force (because the soul urges the body to make use of free will) when she is not pretending. Take a good look at the images and you see her human mask is just a thin veil hiding who she really is:

Hillary Clinton compilation.
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An other element of the attack on the human soul is visible in the mug of Nestle CEO Peter Brabeck who said that access to water is not a human right (in spite of all his company's efforts to cover up the content and nature of his claim afterward). There is not an inkling of human compassion in this person. This barbaric mindset drove him to share his claim. Such soulless beings can not hide the fact that they're lacking the essence that commonly completes materialized human beings in the abused current state into which they are thrown, even though they put much effort in pretending that they are guided by the human talent to love and care.

Nestle CEO Peter Brabeck.
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When I was young I was a fan of Led Zeppelin. I felt sorry for Robert Plant that he lost his son Karac. Decades later I learned that there always is a catch to trading ones soul for fame and fortune - usually the life of the first born son (which is something Eric Clapton has also experienced). Plant's buddy in the band, Jimmy Page, was up to his neck into satanism. He bought occultist Aleister Crowley's mansion Boleskine House on the shores of Loch Ness, where many satanic rites, involving the abuse, torture and killing of young children, were performed. The title of a recent song of Plant is: 'Satan your kingdom must come down' that you can watch here on Youtube. Plant is among those who do not even try to hide the fact that they sold their soul to satan and that they're holding up their end of the deal (as does fellow satanist Bob Dylan plainly admitted in an interview).

Robert Plant.
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The average person has trouble fitting bizarre and cruel rites performed in satanism in his or her comfort zone. It's too big and too strange an evil for them to grasp; they simply can not imagine that people can be so evil and oppose and deny everything related to it, in order to preserve the induced mindset with which they are actually able to live - free of the unspeakable horror and cruelty that satanism represents. But still, satanism is more wide spread and practiced than common people are inclined to believe. Examples of which you find here and here. I urge you to read the information to which these links lead to get an idea of how evil soulless beings can be. Satanic circles include many celebrities like musicians, actors and artists. These are the ones that gave up their soul for fortune and fame. The choice between miserable, frustrating anonymity and glamorous, affluency often is too tempting an opportunity to let pass for many. But these things have a price, that is to remind the benefitters every instant of their life, what will happen to them when they do not uphold their part of the deal contained in the contract conditions that roughly reflected in the poem that I wrote below:

To grasp how the soul is contained in the material body, we must go back to the instant this universe came to be, in which plasma - which is a residue of high spiritual thought (that is manifest far above anything current regular science is capable of) - that became matter when the explosion scattered and fragmented it to the extreme. It divided and separated the unified soul and trapped it into material bodies that are mere fragments of what once existed. The Big Bang was a terrorist attack on the creation of the True Light, carried out by the forces of the dark. The unified soul now divided into a myriad of separated pieces that are trapped in material bodies (human, humanoid, animal and plant), each of which is infinitely weaker than the original unified soul. The destruction inherently includes the path to becoming whole again. We must venture to re-unify in order to defeat the dark forces. And the first step towards achieving this is to recognise our enemies, the empty vessels pretending to be human, that are controlled by satan - the soulless that try to look human and pretend to be human, like that of the evil clown below, that have been manoeuvred into positions where they can unleash their evil nature without any authority ever obstructing them in any way whatsoever.

A more dead face would be difficult to find
anywhere in the entire history of mankind

For divine thought to become plasma and plasma to become matter, it required the application of extremely complex electro-chemical processes to establish the change. In a sense it is the opposite of creating, since matter and linear (cyclical) time serve to control only, not to build a creation that is configured to infinitely progress. Satan is just the low level warden of humanity; he did not sentence this universe to existence in matter and time. Above satan are the dark lords that rule this would be, stolen and mangled creation. In which the original power of the unified soul still is present, be it in a fragmented, separated and divided state. It has been weakened significantly and to accomplish that the tools of control had to be implemented: fragmented matter and linear (cyclical time).

The soulless would be humans are the footsoldiers of satan who is the corporal (at best) of the dark lords. The latter can control the weakened, separated and divided soulless though satan, a situation which they intentionally created, because they would not have been able to control the unified soul. So who are these dark lords? Isaiah 45:7 may give us a clue, where it says:

'I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things.'

This part of the above paragraph in what is widely considered to be the holy scripture, may even cause the most fundamental religious person to wonder about the identity of the entity that calls himself God. In no way I am trying to deny anyone's right to believe, knowing that many are sincere in their conviction, I just want to make people think about what they have been taught, bearing in mind the mindset in which I have been raised, which was a Christian upbringing. I also know however, that the conspiracy goes deep, much deeper than most are inclined to think, because it involves the very heart of existence, which is the battle for our souls. There are those who do not have the capacity of reasonable thought - the capacity and courage to abandon the conditioning imposed on them (after reading what it says in writing) excluded of course. In any intelligent setting this would sound as an admission of God to also be responsible for all the bad things happening on earth, like famine, decease, war, violence, theft, deceit, injustice, perversity etc. - those kind of things. I don't know about you, but these sort of claims disqualify the diety from the self acclaimed title of loving God, because the Isaiah statement does not include things a loving God would inflict on his followers. To make things even worse there is this inventory. Some would even say that things are opposite to what we've been told for centuries, namely that the entity we have been taught is God, is in fact satan. I realise that this assumption is so huge that it does not fit within the scope of imagination of many. That is also part of the evil plan. It neatly corresponds with the soulless beings pretending to be human in order to destroy humanity in the covert war they are waging. It's all part of the strategy to whack humankind. What better way than to present a 'reality' in which nothing really is what it seems to be (what we were taught it is).

In order to be able to do that, humankind had to be made subject to control, which began when our souls were forced to descend in matter. This process started when from the original abode of souls - the singularity - sprung plasma and from plasma evolved matter that actually fragmented and separated (for which space is required) the timeless and spaceless whole into scattered individual entities, each of which was infinitely weaker than the unified soul of the whole. In addition, as the complexity of life increased, those separated entities were subject to suffering from grief, pain and fear. These are the tools of control; anyone can be coerced to do anything that those in control want to occur, while their victims often are not even aware that they are forced to think and do something (actions that need space and time to perform) that is detrimental to the continuation of the existence of their soul. But it gets worse. Whacking humankind is just an intermediate stage - the final goal is to control the souls that were captured in matter, including those that refused to surrender to the controllers, i.e. those that saw through the nefarious plan, in spite of all the precautions the evil controllers implied to hide their deceit.

Isaac Newton
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Part of the current global hoax of the plandemic, includes what what Steiner referred to that you see in the beginning of this article. Bear in mind that the events that occurred after the Big Bang (an intentionally flawed scientific hypothesis) relied on a level of chemistry that is not described correctly in today's science. High level alchemists may understand enough fragments of it that enables them to connect the dots. Alchemy isn't a weird form of pseudo-science as the controllers want us to believe. Isaac Newton for instance, dashed to his cellar after this official scientific work during the day was done to practice alchemy. He wanted to publish a bout about alchemy, but one of his close peers urged him not to do that, because it would hurt his scientific career. Nevertheless, one of the icons of regular science, did not discard the potential of alchemy, possibly because he became aware of the implications of the black art after having made a serious study of it. When through immersing oneself in the true and for the most part hidden properties and possibilities of the trade, one could arrive at a level of awareness, in which it becomes difficult to keep that knowledge away from humanity, because it implies matters that could mean the end of our species as we (think) we know it and at the same time include ways to avoid the destruction of our species - the paralysing of our most precious essence, which is our soul.

A quote from William R. Newman's book about Isaac Newton:
Newton the Alchemist provides rare insights into a man who was neither Enlightenment rationalist nor irrational magus, but rather an alchemist who sought through experiment and empiricism to alter nature at its very heart.

We're continuously being told that alchemists have been trying to transmute base metals into gold and that their holy grail was the philosopher's stone, which may have applied to the low level alchemists, but advanced practitioners of the art who were at a more elevated level were looking for something else of which transmuting base matter into higher vibrating forms of matter was only a minute part. Degradation of their purpose is a mere tactic of the evil controllers to persuade people to think that they are involved with trivial matters in an attempt to hide what the real aim of their activities is. Highly evolved people are inherently focussed to achieve high goals, they do not waste time persuing trivial, mundane aspirations. Highly evolved meaning that they see and act beyond the perception of less informed people in ways that often are abstract and creative. And if alchemism is continuously ridiculed for focussing on transmutation of matter and other goals that regular science claims to be impossible, common people who lack the wit to understand that higher evolved alchemists are occupied with different activities, believe the propaganda hammered into their minds by those that control humanity. Poverty, environmental toxification and unhealthy ways of life are methods to limit the scope of perception of people that are structurally used to keep developments on a high level out of their perceptual experience, so that they can only encompass allowed trivia into their induced comfort zone, which causes a dangerous narrow-mindedness that makes clear and critical thinking impossible. Bear in mind that the depth of deceitful strategies is carefully conceived by incredibly smart, soulless entities over a very long period of time (many centuries) in order to be able to hide them in plain sight, so that they can control less evolved people without them opposing their nefarious plan effectively. To be able to prevent the destruction of humankind, a clear, high and coherent awareness is more necessary than anything else. This is so important, because it will decide if we will continue to exist or be destroyed.

Dr. David Lewis Anderson

So, assuming that high level alchemists are capable of achieving things that are far beyond the perception of uninformed and misled (including even the extremely intelligent that are entranced in the flawed matrix like everyone else), things that Steiner referred to could be done, regardless of the fact that many of the less informed and uninitiated deny that it is true. All that is written here may lead many to think that the outlook of humankind is void of hope of ever being allowed to exist in better realms, but remember that this universe coming to existence was caused by what could be called a terrorist attack on the original creation, that knows no limits and in which there is no place for evil. Terrorist attacks are commonly carried out by factions that have far less power than those against whom the attack was directed. And although 12 or 15 billion years that this universe is said to exist, may seem close to an eternity to most people, we must realise that time was also induced along with matter to be able to control material beings in this universe. In this respect it is interesting to mention that Dr. David Lewis Anderson made it possible to engineer time (alter its direction both into the future and into the past at will) by treating time as space (distance in particular) in the formulae that are at the foundation of his invention. This allowed him to correct the orbit of satellites around earth that slowly deviate from their correct trajectory by changing the time component, so that they could continue to be operational. 

This means that time as we experience it, is in fact an imposed illusion; it can be manipulated. With great effort in this controlled dimension, but it is possible nevertheless. What that basically means, is that one of the elements of the control mechanism can be manipulated by other factions than the controllers, that mechanism is corrupted. The decrease of funtionaly of the control tools may ultimately lead to undo nefarious control over life on earth. Strange, but noteworthy is the fact that doctor Anderson seems to have disappeared from the face of the earth and from internet, which is worrying on the one hand (because his research includes gaining knowledge of obtaining free energy and maming time travel possible that allow to effectively oppose the iniquitous controllers), but unfortunately not uncommon for people operating in ultra-advanced scientific disciplines such as this when they have invented things that do not comply with certain unwritten laws. In any event, his highly noteworthy research spurred scientists from all over the globe to venture into directions formerly unexplored.

I wrote about time before in this blog:
The speed at which earth revolves around its axis, is approximately 1600 kilometres per hour. Close to the pace of an F-16 fighter plane. Earth orbits around the sun at a speed of 112,000 kilometres per hour. Our solar system dashes around the center of the galaxy - the Milky way - at a pace of 800,000 kilometres per hour. The Milky way orbits around the center of the universe at the mind boggling speed of 315,392,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 kilometres per hour (pronounced: three hundred fifteen septillion, three hundred ninety two sextillion kilometres per hour). The speed of light is: 107,925,285,000,000,000 kilometres per hour.

That means that the accumulative, absolute speed at which we are moving through universal space is over THREE BILLION times the speed of light.... In linear sequential time that means we are going back in time in the overall setting at an incredible pace. Locally however, we are heading towards a future inside an environment that goes back in time. It sort of throws Einstein's claim out the window that nothing travels faster than light. All earthly life does actually and not just by a hair. Mr. E. was way off. Deliberately, which should make you wonder who he really was and why he did what he did the way he did it.

What would happen if the control mechanism has been destroyed, momentarily still is beyond the faculty of human understanding. At this point, according to Dr. Anderson, time engineering is being developed mainly in India and Japan, but the result of these efforts has to be kept secret, because it could also be used for adverse purposes. Let's hope that the increase of man's capability to engineer time, will bring the scientists involved to prominent insights from which the souls trapped in material bodies will benefit, possibly in a way that resembles what is written above, the heart of it is that since the attack was executed on the entire universal system, that is from where it has to be brought back to its original situation, rather than on the system involving just planet earth. But existence on this planet has to be able to contribute to the counter attack, before significant counter measures can be carried out with the prospect of being successful. Humanity seems to have made a start in being able to do that, in spite of the efforts of the soulless to assist evil in preventing it. Oh and by the way, what Steiner is implying, is that the controllers think that they have found a way to destroy our souls, but that will never happen, because there are much more skilled alchemists than they are in- and outside of this universe.

Friday, July 17, 2020

The brain prevents you from perceiving properly

In a number of previous blog entries I've hinted at the fact to enable consciousness to communicate with the subconscious (using the principles applied in remote viewing) in order to provide a way to gain deeper insights into matters that are not perceivable in the 'normal' state of consciousness. This is dominated by the brain, while the subconscious is the domain of the mind. The brain being an information processing tool typical for each individual being, while the subconscious is an omnipresent, time independent field of information and perception that is accessible to the mind or has been until most people were conditioned to rely on the (mis)perception of their programmable brain solely.

An example of this is seen in the dying moments of people suffering from Alzheimer disease or lethal cancers in the brain, who regain clarity shortly before they pass away. They suddenly become capable of coherent thought and recognize the people in their life that have come to believe that the patient has become permanently confused and no longer knows who they are anymore. Since in this stage the brain largely has become disfunctional, it must be a faculty of the mind that has taken over perception and communication. The transient lucidity in the final stage of earthly existence also suggests that the brain more or less got in the way of the mind's unbounded perceptional prowess basically for the duration of a person's entire life.

Spiritual consciousness

Spiritual consciousness 

That is a thought that may cause us to feel rather uncomfortable, because it means that what we perceive throughout life may be something else than we have been prone to think. In the case of the illnesses mentioned in the previous paragraph, the patient's sudden limpidity may cause us to wonder what the effect of disease actually is. The clear distinction between the material brain and the intangible mind may give us a clue about the distinction between the physical and spiritual realms and the amalgamation of the two, which obviously leads to being capable of a more profound perception.

For example: When the CIA in the early 70's of the previous century discovered that the Russians had been using 'remote viewing' for decades to spy on them, the agency started to set up a remote viewing department of its own. At the end of the previous century one of the agency's remote viewers (who was no longer employed by it) was asked in an interview what the most remote location was that he had ever remote viewed. The interviewer expected him to name a place on earth, but he replied: 'a location 500 million lightyears away from earth'. What could possibly be of interest to humans in a place so incredibly far away? The remote viewer replied he was not at liberty to discuss the matter.

So, for years this question remained unanswered. Until recently I read an article that science in 2019 had detected radio pulses that were emitted exactly every 16 days - consisting of 4 days of emission and 12 days when no emission is detectable in a continuously repeating sequence. So the CIA ordering the remote viewer to check out the source of the radio pulses, knew about this phenomenon 50 years before regular science did. What this story shows, is that there is no limit to where and when the human mind is capable of traveling. And it of course makes sense to think that beyond viewing remote situations, it may also be possible to affect them. It includes events in the past, present and future in linear / cyclical time anywhere in the universe and possibly beyond it.

Questions are the vehicles in our existence that lead us from one point in spacetime to an other; in the material world that is. Outside of space time the question may be: do questions exist at all? Even if this remains unanswered we will never be in the same place at the same time again, while inside this vile fragmented and separated dimension of matter, limitation, paradox and utter imposed misery. But given the fact that in the instant before death the circumstances that made us suffer and die, seem to disappear in a flash, probably as a prelude to traveling to dimensions of an entirely different nature that we know nothing about. Even minds that commonly function at a level above and beyond that of ordinary people, admit that we only know a minute fraction of all there is to know which appears mindblowingly outlandish to us.

But among the deluge of questions that the answers in the panel discussion mentioned in the link in the previous paragraph create, the contours of an unknown and powerful perceptional skill shimmers through that may have the ability to relieve us from the limiting and paradoxal perception that life in space and time confronts us with. But as said before once the questions of this nature lead us to unknown territories of the mind there is no possibility to return to the state of life in which our perception and knowledge were crippled by the conditioning of the brain. The answers that we run into in this rarely visited realm (during our current lifetime) may be incomplete after perhaps having only chance encounters with it, we have at least begun to move away from the state of conditioning and ignorance that cluttered the former part of our life. 

As a result some of us may gradually advance to a place and time where there is less space and time and more information and consciousness. That may be the start of opening ways to a different kind of existence that is not contaminated by the attributes that cause us to suffer and die and do all sorts of things that in a more elevated level of consciousness make no sense at all (like throwing bio warfare chemicals and nuclear bombs at eachother). Most importantly, humans must open their mind to opening the power of their mind. This is NOT done by acquiring heaps of external knowledge, but by gaining access to the unexplored knowledge that already is inside you. 

If I were to put matters crudely, I would say that being cast into a physical body inside space and time has the following consequences:
  1. Ignorance is an imposed condition as becomes clear in the aforementioned instance of lucidity shortly before death
  2. Our senses can only detect a minute fraction of all that exists in this universe. This is part of the strategy to limit human perception. This hints at the fact that man must find other ways to know beyond what he knows now
  3. Repeated instances of dying in a domain ruled by reincarnation cuts off the path to gaining infinite knowledge (especially when memory is erased at each birth)
  4. The material plane separates us from others, making us unaware of what others feel and think - it leads to misunderstanding and also offers the possibility to keep secrets for egotistical purposes
  5. In dimensional space  and time every action requires time; it slows down every action always and everywhere, limits presence to one place in time in which interaction is allowed as opposed to more advanced planes in which there are no space and time and interaction is a permanent function
  6. Life is cast in perpetual cyclical processes that prevent infinite progress, since they force life to return to previous stages over and again, such as day and night, the seasons and reincarnation. It is the way to coerce immortal souls into repetitive stints of mortality

Out of body experience

Out of body experience 

So the physical body is severely limited in an almost air tight system of perpetual reincarceration. But the mind is not. Out of body experiences (OBE's) or Near Death Experiences (NDE's) are not normal in the material world - the spirit is always attached to the body with the 'silver cord'. But outside of the physical world there are no physical bodies whatsoever, hence none of the restraints listed above. The fragmentation in this 3-dimensional world is caused by the Big Bang or whatever event may have caused matter to come into existence and separate the instances of it. This is the fundamental cause of limitation, suffering, dying and the cyclical misery life is cast in. Furthermore it is a universal phenomenon (of this particular universe anyway).

The fact that Samsara prevents us from reaching a state in which infinite progress is possible and that we are cast back in cyclical misery, means that our souls are caught after death and forced to experience existence in the material plane over and again. Samsara is the method to trap immortal souls in a mortal vehicle and make them vulnerable to suffering fear, pain and grief. Note that I used the word 'trap' which in the form of a noun refers to Samsara as a coerced situation of captivity and in the verbal form refers to the fact that souls are captured after death or departure from the material vehicle, which implies the involvement of soul hunters / tempters and / or the existence of traps, both of which confirm the ancient Hindu belief that Moksha is the liberation from Samsara's endless cycle of birth and death.

One can only be liberated from incarceration or a state of restraining misery. That may explain the real properties of life to you in a way more clear than anything else can. The fact that you may think of life in a different way, is the result of the programming of your brain (not your mind) that has been going on since before you were born in the belly of your mother by the chemical programming through the medication she took, the processed food she ate, the emotions that she went through and the discomforts that may have troubled her. This programming only intensified after you entered this dimension. Almost everything you experience in this material realm is aimed at conditioning the brain and silencing the mind. It is the implicit coercion of the exact opposite state of who we once were a very long time ago. 

This begs the question who or what is behind the incarceration? Let's take a look at the possibilities, since it is rather difficult to determine the cause of mankind's fate from within the imposed state of being jailed that is meant to limit everything, including perception. The candidates for inflicting the misery for life are:
  • Entities seeking revenge for something the ancient ancestors of man may have done to them
  • Mortal enemies of mankind that dislike our species for different reasons or no reason at all
  • The self proclaimed would be 'god' that boasts having 'created' life while all it really does, is trying to destroy it (bearing in mind that mythical and legendary deities are deceiving, plundering and murdering perverts), or
  • A contender / adversary of the entity that actually created this universe that may have gone on a 15 billion year holiday without even bothering to send a card or abandoned its creation all together

Either way, it has left humanity in deep shit. This forces the sane to purge the cruel and the insane including their imbecile masters of this dimension in order to prevent their projected miserable fate to emerge. I'm fed up with the braindead saying that opposition should be done without violence. All the Ghandi-like rolemodel farts that were put in place by the occult 'elite' have quite obviously not been able to prevent this world from falling victim to an increasing measure of violence and insanity as time passed. That is because they were mere tools to passify the ignorant masses that the bonkers lot at the top intends to whack, so that the whacking can be carried out with neglectible resistance. The saying 'As above so below' indicates that the war raging in the heavens, means that we - here below - are in a war as well and winning such an event can only be done by fighting. So forget all pacifists that are portrayed as champions of humankind - they merely serve to prevent you from fighting back. Let this sink into your mind and act accordingly. On the other hand: DO NOT fight in the manner they expect you to fight. They conditioned you to fight in a particular way. Do not fall into that trap, because they will be prepared to neutralise whatever you do. THINK about how to fight them best. 

If you have trouble removing the imposed image of non-violence from your clouded brain, ask yourself why the government continues to develop advanced weapons for crowd control and mind control, while giving the police more sofisticated arms than ever and reducing your privacy to zero. Do you think it makes sense to think that they create and supply weapons to law enforcement agencies and army to not use them and refrain from becoming violent? There really are a few screws loose in your thinking department if you believe that crap to be true. There is no logic whatsoever in that train of thought. What is logical to think is that the government prepares itself to be able to bonk you whenever it decides that you must be bonked. The reason for trashing you being the aim to get rid of you, 500 million excluded that will be allowed to live (as slaves) from the 7 billion on the planet now

An other thing that is void of logic is the fact that thinking you can match the level of violence that government agencies are capable of. In other words combating them with their means of choice would be stupid beyond the capacity of words to express. The key is that there are different types of violence, violence being the means of destruction of something, in this case the stealthy mass murdering by the governments (by means of intentionally induced pandemics, false flag terrorist attacks, fake alien invasions and weather modification - tyfoons and floods) and by the forces ordering the governments what to do, how to do it and when to do it. This would be an excellent moment to end this blog entry that is to be followed up by one in which will be suggested on how to oppose forces that urgently need a fierce opposition against which they find it difficult to protect themselves. We humans in our original state were blessed with such powers that currently are severely oppressed. The fear that the illegal pervert rulers of the universe so intensively project onto us, is their own. 

Sunday, May 17, 2020

How to to counter AI and transhumanism

What I hinted at in the previous blog entries is that it is necessary to find a way to counteract the development of AI and its intention, its goal that isn't particularly beneficial to the existence of humankind and other life forms. The definition of transhumanism coined by Max More in 1990 offers to the perceptive an idea where AI is aiming to go or rather where those that are developing it aim to take it:

Transhumanism is a class of philosophies of life that seek the continuation and acceleration of the evolution of intelligent life beyond its currently human form and human limitations by means of science and technology, guided by life-promoting principles and values.

It is clear what these words imply; after integrating AI with human experience and ability the opposite is the next stage, which means the level of human involvement will be phased out gradually (that is projected to occur at an increased pace). It also includes phasing out the human soul completely, which comes down to dehumanising humans. What these words involuntary also reflect however, is the serious underestimation of human prowess. That misinterpretation also reveals what would be a nice starting point of an enterprise to find ways to counter the development of AI to prevent the establishment of matured transhumanism, while at the same time ending the levied obstruction to regaining original human powers, which is to return to the unified universal soul. A double edged sword drawn from its sheath.

The integration of man and machine that is
programmed to morph into machine control

At this point in time human endowment is limited by all sorts of measures. Our food, drink (water) and environment are intentionally poisoned, as are the medications that are commonly prescribed. In addition man-made electromagnetic radiation (5G) targets mankind's abilities and health, aiming to destroy them. I am not going to waste time and effort to explain these matters here; if you really want to know about the ways in which these things are affecting humankind , you should do research of your own to find out. If you prefer to stick with the (fake) information presented by (government and corporate controlled) mainstream channels, feel free to remain willfully ignorant and as a result become subjugated by what is currently being developed that you prefer to exclude from your scope, like the rest of the gullible and mortally intimidated useless eaters (a label stuck on them by the occult 'elite', which should be food for thought - pun intended).

Those that are aware of what the road to transhumanism implies, I would urge to continue to read. Somewhere around the early 70's of the previous century the CIA discovered that the Russians had used remote viewing for years to spy on classified projects without the need of spies to be physically present in places where the objects and / or information about those projects were located. The core of what the Russians did, was to move with their subconscious to those places while their physical bodies remained in Russia. They devised a way to allow their consciousness to communicate with their subconscious. The human subconscious is not bound to space and time, which means that it can remotely view other times and places, including those of the past and future as measured with the units of linear time in 3 dimensional space. By the way, type in 'remote viewing' in Google and you find plenty of information on how to remote view.

One prominent CIA remote viewer (if I recall correctly it was Joe McMoneagle), when asked what the furthest location was that he reviewed, replied that it was a place 500 million lightyears from earth.... This is probably why the CIA wants to know what is going on so immensely far from earth. I do not recall exactly, but I think I saw the video with interviewed remote viewer just after the turn of the century, in which he spoke about what they were doing in the 70's of the previous century, so that is how long the CIA knew about the radio pulses that were detected every 16 days from that a far away place - about 50 years before regular science discovered it..... (shouldn't that ring a bell with you?)

Russel Targ

The next step of course is not to just view what is / was / will be present or going on in a particular space and time, but also to affect what is encountered in a place that is remotely accessed. Now this literally opens new worlds and if not used carefully cans of worms that may very well become beyond control. Advanced beings that are in the place that is being remote viewed, are able to sense the intrusion of the remote viewer.... Besides that if the remote viewer or actor would for instance kill one of his ancestors or cause a relation between his forebears to break up, he could possibly never come into existence, at least not in the dimension from which he committed the murder.

The initial CIA remote viewing project - Project Stargate - was terminated after 23 years according to Russel Targ, a scientist who was involved in setting up that project, by conservative factions within the CIA that did not like Congressional oversight of their project. It makes good sense to speculate that the agency devised ways to develop more advanced ways to view and control remote events dodging the supervision of authorities, especially since the funds to create such an even more classified project were already there (part of the 'missing' 21 trillion USD). This would be a great way to obtain information about advanced alien technology. 

The CIA would never fund projects that do not work and aren't capable of producing information that the agency considers to be crucial to its operation. So it is safe to assume that remote viewing actually works. That mankind is able to make its consciousness communicate with its subconsciousness that is not bound to space and time. It is not difficult to understand that such abilities would allow man to match and even supersede the capabilities of AI. Remote viewing videos by Russel Targ and others on Youtube clearly suggest that mastering the art of remote viewing is not excessively difficult, because it is a natural innate gift of nature to every human being. This makes it a very interesting skill for those that are worried about the consequences of the impending transhumanism powered by AI to save and improve your worthless, miserable and depressing little life. Remote viewers do not need any system or device, just their mind to view and / or influence events in remote places and times. So, to drop a highly speculative hint: a remote viewer or preferably actor could theoretically flip a bunch of bits in the AI system to make it stop working properly without the need for a single palpable tool. He or she would probably only need to know the coordinates in space of the system and as we saw earlier in this article there is no limit to the reach of the human mind. In other words: the AI can not be made inaccessible to trained remote viewers and actors. Not even if its operators would try to hide it in other dimensions, on different timelines or in other universes. All that humans would have to learn is to use their mind in stealth mode. Knowing this kind of does away with the intentionally imposed feeling of hopelessness - humans are not helpless, but they must know into which direction to evolve. 

In future blog entries I will elaborate on this subconscious matter in a more detailed way. In the meanwhile you could of course do some research and critical thinking of your own. Anyway, stay tuned to learn how to arm yourself against the treacherous attack that is being carried out against you and those you love. Oh, by the way, those you intensely dislike (or perhaps even hate), are also on the same kill list as you are. This list includes the majority of man, while with the assistance of AI human life will be terminated all together after that. This could perhaps suggest that those that so vehemently push the development of AI can not view or change situations in distant places and times without machines and / or systems, while simple individual humans potentially can.... I am considering to speculate on this matter in future blog entries. So you may want to check in to see if I did from time to time.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

'Creation' is an evil, advanced 3D world in Linear time

Man-made virtual creations and 'reality' have become indistinguishable

In a previous blog entry I alluded to the similarity between 'creation' as recounted in the bible and virtual worlds created in 3D programs. Here you find a number of hyper realistic portraits with such software. And here are examples of hyper realistic 3D videos. Both the still and moving images are extremely difficult to distinguish from what is commonly perceived to be 'reality'. The motion scenes consist of 3D created objects that are caused to move in linear time. The movie industry currently has reached a level of reality that is beyond the imagination of most people. For instance, a person's face can be recognized, copied and manipulated so that this person can be made to say things or perform acts that (s)he never actually did in reality. This can be done so realistically that observers are not able to determine if it is a virtual creation or reality. Manipulated images are called 'deep fakes'. The old saying that the camera never lies, goes out the window because of this. Humans can no longer determine what is real and what is a deep fake. Advanced AI is required to even have a chance of making a distinction between reality and fake. All 3D objects created in advanced software, by the way, can be built with 3D printing devices. We are merely one step away from creating palpable hyper realistic 3D worlds in linear time. In 2019 Disney filed a scent technology patent that is capable to manipulate yet an other human sensor that registers the sensation of smell (which is closely related to the human sensory capacity of taste) that it intends to incorporate in their amusement parks, besides unmentioned other applications of course. That would make all 5 human sensors susceptible for manipulation. In Addition 3D printing has evolved to the level that certain human skeletal parts and organs can be built with this technique, which is an important step towards making virtual worlds real. What this means, is that if current man-made AI assisted 3D software is able to create worlds that are extremely realistic simulations of what man perceives to be reality, entities more advanced than humans can do things beyond the grasp of mankind. Why am I writing all this?

Microsoft Hololens turns sci-fi into reality

Advanced Ancient entities were responsible for 'Creation'

Imagine that the software to create a virtual world is far more advanced than what we currently believe to be the pinnacle of virtual object creation. Perhaps such software already exists without the general public knowing about it. In black projects for instance, that possibly are financed with the 31 trillion dollars (or possibly even more) that are 'missing' from the US budget. That is a barely perceivable huge amount of money with which things can be done that are extremely far beyond the vision of almost all people. Things like anti-gravity techniques, zero point or free energy, manipulation of time, interstellar and inter dimensional communication and travel. Assuming, with little risk, that the human species is not the most intelligent race in the universe, it is possible to imagine that the 'gods' of old were extra-terrestrial or extra-dimenional entities that featured in the Babylonian creation myth - the Enuma Elish, the bible, the Vedic creation hymns - the Puranas and Rig Veda, the Aztec creation myth, the Chinese cosmogonic myth (which Chinese scholars prefer over the term 'creation myth') Tao Te Ching, the African creation myth, the Australian Aborigine creation myth etc. The highly evolved beings referred to in such myths would possess knowledge and powers that dwarf human intelligence and capabilities and may have allowed them to create worlds as the one humanity currently exists in. This is of course speculation on my part, but the number of similarities in the myths from different parts of the world are striking to say the least, suggesting that creative powers were abundantly present among the 'gods'. Particularly in the mention of entities that have technical AND spiritual prowess completely overshadowing that of mankind. What I am saying here is that this dimension could be the creation of non-worldly hyper intelligent entities, a conclusion reached by following the type of reasoning as what man-made 3D software is capable of, albeit on a much more sophisticated level.

Systems according to science

Properties of 'Creation'

As described in previous blog entries the cyclical processes in this dimension of space and time both open, closed, adiabatic and isolated systems can be created at will in man-made 3D software. The cyclical nature of the processes in this dimension are caused by the allegedly isolated nature of universal systems as scientists formulated in the laws of thermodynamics, in other words these laws are valid only in isolated systems that can contain (sub)systems of a different nature. In such a setting only cyclical processes can occur that are all destined to end up in the universal heat-death situation. There is no way infinite progress can take place in such an environment. Unless of course science is wrong. Besides science' quite possibly deluded view on crucial matters concerning the properties of this universe, there are the mythical and legendary tales of deities committing all sorts of heinous crimes like:

  1. deceit
  2. betrayal
  3. torture
  4. murder
  5. abuse
  6. incest
  7. rape
  8. plundering
  9. imposing endless cyclical processes to life

Samsara = vicious prison
Moksha = Infinite Progress

The last mentioned crime in the 'gods' list of felonies is perhaps the most grave of crimes enforced on life, because it involves an endless repetition of fear and pain from which there is no escape for life that is deliberately physically and mentally kept unaware of ways to possibly escape into venues that are not cyclical and continuously repetitive. As described above, 3D worlds can be created with the proper means and made to consist closed, Isolated, adiabatic and open systems as the creator of that world desires. The cyclical nature of (parts of) our current world are things that are intentionally constructed and implemented by the so-called 'gods' that had no intention whatsoever to let mankind benefit from the fruit of their advanced, yet utterly perverse minds. Examples of properties put in place to trap earth bound life are gravity, the three impenetrable, highly radiative Van Allen Belts that encapsulate this planet, life's physical dependency on atmospheric circumstances, like gasses, liquids and food. Addictive habits like sex and dependency to addictive substances that are (made) available on earth. But also activities like gaming, gambling and drug addiction can be extremely habit-forming to some people and therefore are close to impossible to leave behind. Besides these methods of binding, there are also mindsets / heart-sets like love and loyalty towards other people or animals that can persuade the conditioned human minds to remain on earth while they theoretically have the opportunity to travel /exist elsewhere.

Remote mindcontrol

Structure of dimensions and time in 'Creation'

Dimensions are required to create objects, such as the 3D objects we are and the 3D objects inside (blood particles, plasma, bacteria, viri etc.) and around us. The causal nature of sequential events require linear time as is simulated in current 3D programs by the timeline in which created objects and surroundings can be edited. The imposing of chronology is a means to control the nature of events in which 3D objects are involved, including their thoughts and emotions. Now the last thing is what really matters, while the highly appreciated intelligence (conditioned, allegedly structured thought) is, as David Icke puts it: the village idiot, that is therefore revered solely by (entities dumbed down to being) idiots that haven't a clue whatsoever of what defines 'reality' or what is mistaken to be that, because they have been taught / ordered to dismiss all spiritual abilities of the mind, which slams shut the path to the truth. The invented crap that supports their induced hallucinations is just that; delusions intentionally created to send man's train of thought into the wrong direction in order to be able to maintain the bogus cyclical bunk that keeps all life imprisoned. In this banned (of course) TED-talk scientist Rupert Sheldrake eloquently explains why science is a mere conditioning mechanism, just like religion was previously. If you wonder how the human brain is kept under control, visit this link in which a man controls two prosthetic arms by just using his brain. Information can travel in the opposite direction as well of course and be used to perform certain tasks. Remote mind-control is a relatively 'old' complex of technologies that (quasi) accidentally was leaked by the US government in 1992. Today these techniques have advanced far beyond the capacity of common people, including scholars, to imagine. It will be done by the impending 5G network that will rely on thousands of satellites put in orbit around earth to wage psychotronic warfare on the people of this planet. Those in control of society benefit from the listed insane criminal activities committed by the fake 'gods' that help keeping the cyclical process driven incarceration of mankind in tact. For as long as their collaboration pleases the fake 'gods' anyway. It is always difficult to predict what perverse psychopathic advanced entities will do. One moment they pretend to like you, the next they will brutally butcher you without blinking an eye. Working with them is just as dangerous as being among their victims. It makes sense to wonder how on earth this humongous system could be in place.

Cronus / Saturn devouring one of his children
(he ate them all but one) after he castrated
his father Uranus - painting by Rubens

The powers of the 'Creators'

In 1964 a Russian astronomer called Nikolai Kardashev crafted a list of categories that showed the various levels in which civilizations are able to make use of the energy surrounding them - energy being the fuel that propels life. These categories are:

  • A Type I civilization, also called a planetary civilization—can use and store all of the energy available on its planet
  • A Type II civilization, also called a stellar civilization—can use and control energy at the scale of its stellar system
  • A Type III civilization, also called a galactic civilization—can control energy at the scale of its entire host galaxy

Earth population is categorized as A Type 0 civilization, that isn't even capable of properly using the energy available on planet earth. In cosmic circles it is a well established fact that the level of energy use is directly related to the intelligence of a civilization, which basically means that mankind is still a retarded species on a universal scale. Hyper intelligent entities however aren't inherently empathetic, the lack of which is some sort of stupidity of a different kind that can exist at the side of unmatched levelheadedness. Proof of this are the fake 'gods' from ancient myths and legends that are perverse bastards beyond the power of words to express. Kardashev also stated that another property of a Type 0 civilization is that it perpetually wages war. This means that the fake 'gods' are barely above the intelligence and power level of humans, even though they seem stunningly intelligent in human eyes. The fact that they put in place countless harsh measures to keep humans from discovering the truth, is a strong hint that they fear that we may discover the truth anyway, fear being a predominant mindset typically related to that of entities belonging to a Type 0 civilization. AI for instance is currently mainly used to control everything humans think and do. Had the fake 'gods' been from a more developed type of civilization they would have no need to obsessively control human activity.

I wrote a poem about Samsara and Moksha in which I basically expressed the essence of the two different states. Do not take my words for granted though; I may be wrong. Do your own research. Always apply this mindset with each piece of information that you run into. Never accept any information that is (c)overtly imposed on you - this is always done for a reason of which you are not informed.

Samsara vs Moksha. Click on the image to see a larger version of it.

There still are related matters in my mind that I have not yet expressed, which has to do with the gnostics who wrote very interesting things in the Dead Sea Scrolls, that have been kept away from the general public for decades for specific reasons. Stay tuned to see what I plan to add to this particular blog entry. It will contain a possible solution to make the fake 'gods' fear come true. In spite of everything that the bastards did to prevent it from taking place. They tried to kill me seven times, but failed. Writing this is what I must do. Reading it perhaps is what you must do.