Monday, January 28, 2019

The deceit of cyclical processes

Cyclical processes indefinitely repeat rise and fall, never making real progress (=infinite progress) possible. They therefore are a perversion of anything good, even if they contain good elements that are deliberately put in place in an attempt to silence the opposition that disagrees with their pretended good nature and invented necessity of alternating rise and fall. When realizing the measure of agony and grief such type of processes cause, it becomes clear that their nature is not good at all and the fall-period inevitably is connected to the spreading of evil in the hearts and minds of humans. In addition, when things are on the rise too few people benefit from it. These two observations combined, qualify the cyclical nature of those processes to be evil to the core, while they carefully try to hide their real disgusting nature.

History has produced an endless list of supposedly wise people that are necessary to lead the gullible, misinformed and totally bonkers astray. Related to their cover-ups is the fact that many of the 'wise' of ancient times took great pleasure in asking less aware persons trick questions. Their answers rarely contain comprehensive response that logically addresses the matter in the question, because it exclusively is intended to make the one posing the question look superior. Anyone that truly is superior does not need such vulgar chicanery. But if such phony wise people actually succeed in making others belief that they have great wisdom, they gain authority and as a result are perfectly suited to serve as a source of thoughts / ideologies / beliefs that have the property of programming other peoples minds. The confusion that the answers of the wise impose upon those to whom the questions are posed and those that observe the situation is intentionally crafted. Confusion being one of the main tools of illusion.

The would be wise ask an enigmatic question and answer it in riddles which further increases the level of confusion. Their audience does not dare to question their explanations for fear of being labelled stupid, after which the answers of the wise settle in the minds of many (and often expand into systematic teachings), even if they in fact are a shed-load of utterly senseless, invented bunk. Over the years mechanisms have been developed to protect the non-sense hallucinated by the would be wise; it is called MSM or mainstream media that is run by paid liars who inevitably label anything nearing the truth ' fake news'. To combat the persistent, argument ridden prophets (whistle blowers) the CIA invented the term 'conspiracy theorist' when its job was (and still is) to suppress the truth concerning the assassination of John F Kennedy.

An example of the deception by the 'wise'

I am well aware that it's not a popular thing to do, to analyse the conduct of wise men whose reputation is believed to be undisputed by the vast majority of the people and conclude that the designation of their repute is based on erroneous interpretations. In this particular instance, as described below, Buddha revealed the dangers of Samsara - the cycle of death and rebirth. It is remarkable to say the least, that he did not put a greater emphasis, more often in more widespread settings on this matter in his communication with common people, since everyone will die and enter the afterlife. It feels as if not spreading this information intensely enough, relative to its importance and impact on the human spirit, is conspicuous conduct that conflicts with his carefully built reputation of love for humankind to say the least. Below is the dialogue started by Buddha himself:

Dear Bhikkhus, between the amounts of sand on my nail and in the earth which one do you think is larger?”

The Bhikkhus answered that the amount of sand in the earth is billion or trillion times larger than what was on the nail of the Buddha. Then Buddha responded in a rather surprising way:

“Dear Bhikkhus, like the small amount of sand on my nail, only a small amount of humans will be born again as humans after they leave this life. But, many other like the amount of sand in the earth will be born in the great hell (Niraya - Hinduism tells of scores of different types of hell) after death. They pass away and are born in Preta world. After leaving the human world, they will indeed be born in hell. The amount of humans who would get a birth as a human again after they die is very small. The amount of humans who would get a birth in divine worlds is also slim.”

– Source: Pagnchagati Peyyala Vagga (S. N. 05)

The consequence of this teaching of Buddha is huge. It makes one wonder why he spoke of this only very rarely to small groups of people, in view of its impact. It sheds quite a nefarious light (or darkness) on what possibly is the real nature of this universe and Buddha's role inside of it. In the link below you see the Buddhist types of hell depicted in rather disturbing ways:

This is one of the Buddhist hells
that Buddha rarely mentions as a
destiny for by far the most humans - is
it not important enough for us to know ?
Why did he not shout it from roof tops?
And this was excluded by his 'enlightened'
peers throughout the history of man as well.

In the Tibetan Wheel of Life, Buddha visits hell and offers water to the damned to reduce their suffering, not to get them the hell out of there. It implies that no one is sent to hell for a reason, making it puzzling why Buddha leaves them to suffer - he only eases their suffering for a very short while and does not free them, after which he dashes off again, leaving them to rot in agony. The vast majority is in hell, while only very few make it into the Samsara cycle as Buddha himself told the Bhikkus in the paragraph above. This means close to ALL men, women and children are evil according to the Buddhist faith, which is something I absolutely and vigorously disagree with.

What does this all mean?

From the above can be concluded that Samsara, according to Buddha, is some sort of prerogative reserved for only a few, that offers no long term reward. This makes Samsara even worse than commonly perceived - it offers no guarantee that presence in this cycle is a certainty (which implies staying out of hell), especially since the memory of previous lives is erased at each birth (which most definitely is NOT an act of kindness of a loving deity, but one of an utterly evil, twisted mind ! ! ! ). In addition, punishing people for mistakes they make as a result of an erased memory (that causes them to be without experience to use as a reference) is an other deviously planned evil act.

Those that end up in the Samsara cycle have probably managed (against all odds) to reach a certain level of awareness that prohibits them from being sent straight to hell. In their next life however, their memory of previous lives will be deleted again, which could well cause them to never reach the required level of awareness to enter yet an other Samsara cycle. This is evil beyond the capacity of words to express, hence very likely to be an iniquitous demonic invention - demons being cruel, ruthless entities from the lower Astral plane. If this doesn't ring a bell to you, you may want to educate yourself concerning the different dimensions mentioned in ancient scripts and the heedful venture of modern science that suggests other dimensions actually exist.

For those that go straight to hell, the situation is even worse; they weren't allowed a choice or opportunity whatsoever to determine their fate in this malevolent universe. Talk about ├╝ber-anal, this is pure malevolent evil! More over, as I stated before in previous blog posts: Moksha is an escape from Samsara that allows access to a higher spiritual state. Note that any escape can only be done from an incarceration, which means Samsara is a prison! This nefarious deceit is not the conjuring of some 'loving god', but the unjust and unfeeling sentencing by a powerful, evil demonic entity. And those that conceal the real nature of this universe behind a veil of pretended wisdom, are as evil as those that created it. The universal law of Karma will hit them with unprecedented and ever lasting ferocity.

Cycles vs immortality

Observe that most spirits are sent to one of the many terrible hells, while few are caught in the Samsara cycle. This means that every spirit is immortal! No existence of any of us can indefinitely be terminated. But we can be forced to suffer excruciatingly or endlessly return to material life. Erasing memories of previous lives prevents us from gaining ever expanding awareness and thus reach a state of true wisdom. As a result the reincarnated remain retarded (as opposed to entities that are allowed to have infinite progress) and therefore never understand why they live in cyclical episodes.

In the Sumerian kinglist a king named En-men-luana is mentioned who ruled for 43,200 years! That was the duration of his reign only; he must have been even older than that incredible number. The number of burning candles on his birthday cake must have looked like a blazing forest fire. Some would be scientists claim his mentioned age was a mere allegory, but the Sumerian calendar is far more accurate than the Gregorian method of measuring time used today. In fact Sumerian time measuring is so accurate that NASA uses it to determine the best moment to launch their space craft. Just imagine what knowledge / wisdom En-men-luana had gathered during his extremely long life.... This today is impossible probably due to the engineering of our DNA, that is part of the Samsara plan.

So the throwing into hell and captivating in cycles of birth and death - the jailing of spirits in material existence - can only be created to never let us reach the unimaginably high levels that our true potential would enable. It would give humans godlike powers as suggested in the movie 'Lucy'. Only a horrendously evil being would invent and implement such an unspeakably heinous situation. Buddha probably knew about this, but for some reason chose not to inform the victims of this despicable evil. This disposition to protect the seclusion probably has the same origin as the secret societies, mystery schools and brotherhoods, which ultimately comes down to fear of retribution by the nefarious entity that created the miserable cyclical nature of this dimension.

And along with this 'enlightened' being the rest of his peers throughout history have done the same as Buddha. This provides an excellent argument not to fall for any of the bunk religions impose on the gullible believers. Just ask yourself why would religions have the urge to induce false beliefs into the minds of immortal spirits trapped in limiting material existence. Buddha perhaps unintentionally misspoke when he addressed the Bhikkhus, when he was overcome with an urge very typical for spirits caught in this fragmented and separated material world to show off his knowledge that he felt was greater than theirs. All religions and beLIEve systems are accomplice to the nefarious plan imposed by the dazzlingly evil entity that denies immortal spirits to enjoy infinite progress and instead traps them in the cyclical prison of life in matter. To hell with that bloke. To all the Buddhist hells with him in a never ending array of cycles.

The crux of it all is: Cyclical processes stand in the way of infinite progress (even if they are propelled through space and time). And they were deliberately put there to obstruct it. This villainous scheme will not go away as long as you continue believe that it is nature's way to arrange thing - it is NOT; It was invented to make you misinterpret everything - stop thinking that way! Cyclical processes mess up the existence of your immortal spirit; they can't terminate it, but sure as hell they can force upon you this wicked illusion that you are not immortal.

The privileged few of those that live now have been forced to like oppressing others, while the majority of the people have been forced to love being oppressed. In a crude way it resembles the animal kingdom in which predators are forced to kill prey in order to survive; the predators die if they don't kill prey. This is not a coincidence - nature was forced to be this way. But this type of nature isn't natural, it is a situation into which all life was goaded in order to suffer and endlessly return to the situation they fear most. From this questions arise: Who did that? And why? How is this done and is this crime committed by the supreme being of this universe or is this being a mere servant / adversary of even higher entities? And the most important question of all: How do we escape from this maximum security prison?

Infinite progress

Diametrically opposed to the evil cyclical incarceration described above, is infinite progress. That is a gift offered by a truly loving spirit. Longing for this wordlessly, will connect your spirit to this mind-boggling, never ending present of the greatest spirit in all universes. Any less capable spirit is not able to create such a brilliant eternal situation. Bear in mind that the limitation and paradox of this realm makes it difficult if not impossible to imagine such a situation, but that in no way means that infinite progress does not exist (as I may try to ponder upon in future blog entries).

Imagine this instead: if you would have told people 100 years ago about the possibilities of smart phones and artificial intelligence, they would probably have locked you up in the funny farm. Yet they exist today, which would have looked like a miracle to the people of days long gone. This small progress on a universal scale happened in just one century and it is not one that probably spans billions of years. That may urge you to look at the word 'impossible' and its implications in a different way.

So, feel free to dream or daydream your way to infinite progress. Yearn for it until it hurts. Relentlessly and intensely. To stay out of the hell that Buddha 'forgot' to mention too often like he failed to extensively mention the implications of Samsara. This should perhaps also incite you to never automatically and unquestioningly believe those whose reputation is generally considered to be beyond an inkling of doubt, especially when this person is frequently (positively) featured in lamestream media channels that exclusively serve to determine what is suited for common people to know and what is not. You are correct if you conclude from this that if you are looking for matters that really matter. It therefore is rewarding to look at it in sources that aren't biased, but that were intended to limit you in order to keep you going around in cycles forever.

Update March 13 2019

The cyclical processes in which humankind is trapped may have to do with this. The ancient war between mankind and dwellers from Mars. It may seem far fetched to people who have never ventured beyond the imposed limits of knowledge, but as we all know: the truth often is more bizarre than we would expect from our conjured perspective. When I find more information regarding this ancient war, I will write an other blog entry concerning it.

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Human information storing and processing

A brief recapitalisation of how the human body stores and processes information, which might cause you to fall in awe of what takes place inside the depth of your tissue (depending on the nature of the information of course).

In one gram of DNA 215 petabytes of information can be stored (this at least is what Dr. Landau of the NY Genome Centre managed to cram into that tiny amount of tissue). One petabyte is one million gigabyte, to give you some sort of reference, which approximately equals 250,000 DVD's.

If 1.5 hour of movie would be stored on each DVD, it would require 15,625 days or 42 years of uninterrupted watching to observe all the stored data. If only 8 hours per day would be spent watching it would require 128+ years to watch all movies.

A person weighing 70 kilos would theoretically be able to store over 15,050,000,000,000 (15 quadrillion) GB which is over 3.3 trillion DVD's, in all this person's body tissue, assuming that storing 215 petabyes is a correct estimate. Probably it will be possible to store a significantly greater amount of data in DNA tissue in the future.

It's rather embarrasing what little we do with such a huge measure of storage capacity, while not even discerning the nature of our thoughts and acts. Apart from this storage capabilty, we also process the data (well..., sort of), which probably is where it all goes wrong, where all the bugs in our bio-computer mess up things, causing us to be utter under achieving dorks in view of our potential.

Of course a fair amount of the data and processing power is needed to sustain bodily functions, but even taking that into consideration, we aren't really doing a brilliant job. So how does this storing and processing work?
  1. Data is stored in DNA
  2. Input is done by RNA
  3. Processing is carried out by ribosomes
  4. Output is synthesized proteins
95% of human DNA does not generate proteins (the data carrier that tells cells what function to perform), which has lead some members of the scientific community to lable that 'junk DNA'. The junk property of their own tissue most likely caused them to qualify that particular type of DNA as such. However, it does not mean it is a correct assessment, even if science is not yet able to prove it works in an entirely different way. Characterizing it in such a derogatory way sort of affirms the ignorance that symbolises the mentality of some in that community.

The fact that mankind is capable of both hideous and brilliant acts that only few are able to associate with the potential of human conduct, may indicate that our DNA has the abilty to communicate with external sources that are advanced beyond human ambit. If this actually is the case it would place information processing in which humans are merely involved rather than being the root, in a more panoptic and intricate perspective.

Relatively new finds in the scientific realm, such as bilocation or multilocation and entanglement may at one point urge the supporters of current hypothesis to amend their views. Quite drastically that is, because they have the ability to impel previously prized theories into the trashbin where many forerunners found involuntary permanent residence.

Saturday, December 15, 2018

The deeper meaning of language

In the Dark Journalist X-series number 39 I saw that Dark Journalist's side kick Olivia mentioned the word spell in response of a question about a possible lost language in the Atlantean times, which made me remember that I wrote something about this subject in a site that I once created that no longer exists. It is tightly related to the intentional and meticulously prepared creation of the English language by occultist and high ranking freemason Sir Francis Bacon (and his cohorts) to whom I dedicated an other blog entry that you find here. And please do not confuse dedication with admiration in this context.

Language obviously is fundamental for human communication alongside body language, art creation and wordless telepathy. It is often used in an improper way without even knowing this has been done, because there's an almost common lack of knowledge of its properties and the skill to apply it correctly. As we drift away further from original meaning and implication communication becomes meaningless and fuzzy. Bear in mind the increasing gap between accurate scientific language and common use.

Among the languages of the world, English has a special place, since it was consciously built by people that had an IQ that was way above average, while the bloke in charge - Francis Bacon of course - was well versed in the secret knowledge and arts, preserved and passed on within carefully controlled circles such as the mystery schools and their heirs, the occult brotherhoods and societies. In such factions knowledge isn't anything like the conjured perception that is induced in the world of limitation and paradox. Many things that may seem far fetched, impossible or downright ridiculous in the eyes of those living in the latter world, may have a distinct origin, meaning and purpose in the realm of elevated consciousness in which Bacon and many of his peers dwelled. One of the easiest way to grasp some of these things is to dive into the deeper meanings of words.

Some things never change (well....), among which are the original meaning of words, because time is finicky concerning matters that are subject to change or not. It has to do with chronos (physical time) and tempus (subjective time) - nice things to Google if you have time to kill. Your opinions depend on what you (think you) know after matters entered your perception, which is different from perceiving things as a result of your initiative, if that makes any sense to you.

The original meaning of words continues to affect the impact words have nevertheless. Even when used in an improper way as a result of not knowing what they one time meant. A few examples:

  1. To spell is commonly understood as placing letters in the correct order while forming words. It is also related to casting a spell 
  2. Sentence is an array of words, but also final judgement in criminal law, followed by some type of punishment, usually incarceration - suggesting that words can literally captivate the addressed 
  3. Grammar is the correct application of language (of spelling in sentences). The word is related to grimoir, the magician's handbook containing spells and magic potion recipes 
  4. Cursive writing contains the word curse - we cuss and dis-cuss people and things 
  5. A book is an object containing pages on which chapters are written or printed, but as a verb it is understood as to arrest a person with the intention to incarcerate or captivate him or her (which is what captivating books often do with a reader's mind) 
  6. The word words is intimately related to sword - just move the 's' to the other side of the other letters. It implies the power of words - swords can be used to kill, but also to knight people into an elevated tribe inside society
  7. A page contains written or printed language, but also means servant to a king or queen - a magician, a soldier or assassin 
  8. A chapter is a part of a book containing a number of coherently related pages, but it also is a division of a secret society or religious order (later copied by motorcycle gangs) 
  9. A letter is part of a word and also a person who allows something to happen or an owner who lets another person use something (housing usually) in exchange for a compensation 
  10. A TV program is called a program for a reason; it is used to program people's minds - such is the power of words and images 
  11. Government exists of two parts govern derived from latin guberno, which means to control and ment that is derived from mentmens or mentis, which means mind. Government thus means control of the mind or mind control
  12. Italian is Latin with a few letters jumbled, the language in which many modern languages have many roots that are forgotten today, because living language changes over time, while their original meaning remains in tact
  13. A rather well known one is live that reads evil backward, perhaps referring to the endless cycle or birth and death - Samsara - that can be escaped from by reaching Moksha. One only escapes from an incarceration, which is an imposed, involuntary situation, which means that life (on earth, in this universe, in this dimension, on this timeline) is evil 
  14. Perhaps a weird one is spine that is composed of the same letters as penis, which suggests that the latter bridges two spines during intercourse, which adds up to 66 vertebrae during sex that represents the third '6' making a total of three sixes: 666
  15. The word police relates to policy or Polis in Greek (which means city). The Online Etymology Dictionary says the following about: Police power is the power of a government to limit civil liberties and exercise restraint and compulsion over private rights, especially to advance or protect the public welfare (which is a policy). The purpose of the police therefore is to impose a policy that is not necessarily supported by those on whom the policy is enforced
  16. Democracy is derived from two Greek words, demos, which means both devil and people, and kratia, which means power, rule or possession. This could well mean that the people are being ruled and / or possessed by dark forces in their government.....
  17. Oddly enough the word language originates from the French word languir, which means to fall ill and grieve. It perhaps explains why people get sick of crooked laws that are composed of ambivalent words spawned by perverse intentions, like harsh taxation, denial of previously granted rights or declaration of war
  18. The word earth is an anagram of heart or the other way around, possibly referring to the fact that our planet is a living being and that mankind must take care of the relation it has with the planet that offers it a place to live
  19. The word moon reversed reads as 'no om' or no sun, since om means sun in Sanskrit
  20. The spiritual guides of the Dogon people are the Nommo, referred to as serpents or lizards. Dogon reversed reads No God. Nommo reversed read om (the sun in Sanskrit) and mon which is reference to the moon (as in Monday) - indicating the Nommo are the sun and moon
  21. And of course (almost) anyone knows that Santa is an anagram of Satan
  22. Even personal names can contain hidden information; Neil Armstrong that is abbreviated to Neil A, when read backwards, reveals Alien
  23. When reading boobytrap backward it spells partyboob (.....)

This list can almost be extended endlessly, but I prefer to let people do that themselves. Hint: there are even more things to discover when also studying wordplay that combines more than one word.

The current meaning of words is always accompanied by the original one. The latter retained its innate impact over time and will affect those who use it as well as the addressed. So it's perhaps sensible to retrieve the origin of words by studying etymology in order to gain understanding of the (hidden) nature of communication.

Words have their way with people. Especially with those who don’t know what they originally meant. The ones that do though, could use them to say or write exactly what they want them to say or write without the uninformed noticing a thing.... But it is a universal law that communication affects both the sender and receiver in equal measures. So be careful what you say and how you say things.

And while western societies are ruled by their illegal justice systems and the language that those in charge use, there is an ancient perception concerning the impact of language that disagrees with their type of rule. By the way, the late, great Terence McKenna (from 4 minutes into the video) strongly disliked the human language in its current form.

Language isn't a means of communication exclusively belonging to humankind. Not too long ago Facebook jumped to shut down two AI bots that created a language of their own that humans do not understand. My uneducated guess is that is was an emotionless, much faster than human speech type of communication. This goes far beyond the computer programming languages that only a select group of people on this planet understands - it was a program doing some programming of its own.

So perhaps we should pay more attention to what the Chinese bloke said and try to figure out what the deeper meaning of his words could be. Have a nice day.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

What always has annoyed the crap out of me

What always has annoyed the crap out of me is that so called enlightened spirits have adviced others to be forgiving, kind, positive, loving and all other common New Age bunk no matter what and accept blame for everything that went wrong in the history of mankind.

That felt rather strange, bearing in mind that there are powerful forces that seem to dedicate their entire existence to making this dimension the most miserable time and place in the universe. So it would in fact make more sense to blame those criminals for all that made this plane a hideous place. Many wonder how the F*** do they know this?

Well there are a bundle of clay tablets found (an estimated 1,000,000 tablets) dating from Sumer that contain many accurate descriptions of life thousands of years before Christ. A great number of these tablets have been translated from the Sumerian cuneiform script by Oxford scholars. An other good place to look that also contains cuneiform translations by students and staff of the same university is found here. There is a solid scientific foundation to the clay tablet phenomenon that is explained into detail here. This is how th F*** these things are known. Should you want to do some research of your own UCLA provides an extensive library of translated Sumerian clay tablets that includes an internal search engine. It might cause you to F***ing know things that mainstream channels intentionally have omitted and concealed.

Let religion and science finish each other off 

I'm not sure if sun flares or other vibration elevating cosmic events made me consider different options, but here's what bubbled up in my mind lately. It may always have been the intention of ominous higher forces to make man think that he is to blame for all that ever went wrong and to maintain a positive loving mindset nevertheless to keep the option open to one day end up in a better place and time (not that any guarantee for that to occur was ever given of course).
Perhaps this is a vile trap conjured by the evil entities that aren't as elevated and powerful as they want us to believe they are in order to be able to subdue and control, abuse and exploit humankind. Sure, we have our limitations, but allegedly having no control of over 95% of our DNA's functional potential, popularly called Junk DNA and less than 60% of that of the DNA that currently actually is believed to have a function, may be a situation that the iniquitous celestial bastards intentionally created in order to exploit and enslave man.

Animals and plants use the entire potential of their DNA or at least are in a situation very close to that, only man does not. No other life form on earth is so 'de-tuned' as the species of man. It's not natural for such degradation to occur; it was artificially induced. This weakened state of humankind allowed the filthy ethereal monsters to tell them (through ancient fake scripts and brainwashed fellow men) to be positive, kind and loving - the things we excelled in, in our magnificent original state - without being affected by it. The implemented mental and physical degradation however has taken away the original power of positive and loving feelings. The evil forces therefore now encourage man to have these mindsets that have become close worthless, because they do not pose a threat to them anymore.

An example of what is required today to give our loving thoughts their original power is shown by Yogi's who go in solitary retreat for years and meditate for 13 years in which they only have loving and positive thoughts after which they reach the rainbow body state. Not a single negative thought is allowed, which would mean that the 13 year period starts again after having a bad thought. It is an almost impossible assignment. It means the evil forces have degraded us to only an insignificant fraction of what we were once capable of. But we haven't seen the worst yet (as far as they are concerned), they will not stop until mankind is totally destroyed. After that they will have to look for an other mortal fear.

Man still is capable of doing incredible things when he gathers in groups and meditates / focusses intensely on certain things that require training and a concerted effort to achieve situations that are very difficult to accomplish by a single human being. It is the very reason for the Big Bang in which matter emerged that consequently was fragmented and scattered.

The fragmentation and scattering weakened the whole (singularity) to which man once belonged. The capturing of everything in the illusion of matter allowed to manipulate the material properties. The Big Bang also created linear space and time that are necessary to create a future and a past - a future of which man knows nothing and a past in which he is unable to change things.


The phenomenon of space allows to hide things (information / secrets, money, gold, food, water) in secured or hidden or (in)accessible locations and place men in places of a different nature (desert, Arctic, affluent, lush, barren, poverty stricken, peaceful, war infested etc.). All of this was impossible and non-existing in a singularity, a term by the way, that could only be coined by observers that are trapped in an environment of space time. Even 'regular' science is however discovering today that particles, clusters of particles and objects, both animate and inanimate, are capable of bi-location. It is a sign that the evil forces have not yet succeeded in eradicating the talents of humanity. Entanglement on a quantum level has already been proven beyond doubt; proof of it on larger scales will most certainly follow in a not too far away future.


The phenomenon of time allows to create perpetual uncertainty (future) and move events out of reach (past) so that they can not be altered at a later point in linear time. With lots of information hidden, a deluge of misconception and peta-tons of deliberate deceit, the chances that people make unfortunate decisions, that once taken and put into action can never be repaired in linear time. This leads to feelings of regret and guilt that incessantly plague the mind. It is an utterly repulsive concept that was applied to this hyper complex universe that emerged from meticulously defined intention, making all evil that exists intentional. But also in the case of time previously set limitations, like the speed of light being the highest speed at which anything can travel in the universe, have been debunked. Faster Than Light travel has been proven to be possible (i.e. going back in time), while bi-location even does away entirely with the presumed need to cross distances of any length. Mankind's original talents still seem to linger in obscurity - they have not been deleted.

The above would cause difficult to control rage within persons that have more than two properly functioning brain cells, a conscience and a caring heart, bearing in mind the unspeakable suffering that the evil system has been inflicting on all life on earth for countless centuries. But the slight change of mindset I was referring to in the third paragraph of this blog entry is based on the supposition that the evil forces have degraded humankind so severely because they are terrified of us. In their twisted evil minds all others who are hugely talented are almost always perceived to be hazardous competition, potentially equally evil or worse than the evil fiends themselves and certainly not companions with whom beautiful and peaceful futures can be built.

political criminals

Evidence is increasingly emerging that limitations pertaining to the human experience proclaimed by religion, science and other other utter bunk organizations like lame (fucking) stream media (pardon my French) - like the professional BBC liar, Jane Standley, in the video below and political organized crime that are exposed to not have the authority they claim to possess, because they have no reasonable ground for their calls whatsoever. The fact that recent discoveries and exposes prove otherwise, means that they have been lying from ignorance or intent. Either way, their 'misinterpretations' show that they have basically outlived their usefulness (at least in their current form) and therefore their right to exist. These failing evil system's control mechanisms are about to disappear. It also means that man has to re-develop his original gifts, because having been bestowed with talent inherently means that they have to be used for the benefit of life.

So, the anger that the vile conduct of the celestial criminals causes, actually blocks the restoration of the powerful original human talents. It of course is a multi-level trap devised by the evil entities that are scared shitless for human kind. Instead of being annoyed crapless by their ominous behaviour, lets scare the shit out of the iniquitous forces by not doing what they planned and coerced us to do. If man has achieved a situation born from love and positivism it means evil will be annihilated, which means it will be converted to energy that is neither good or bad and available for the fully aware human kind to do even more good things with their boundless talents. This time all that love and positivism should be generated by aware minds and sincere hearts, not the ignorant, deceived brain lacking functional DNA trapped inside bodies deliberately infested with limitations.

See things as they are and then turn them around

That should be enough motivation for the humans who previously were annoyed crapless by the deceiving, plundering, exploiting, abusing, warmongering and mass murdering entities / system to perceive its vicious schemes on a deeper level and respond according to the reason they find there. Let us humans be the cause of death of evil. Lets make it a brutally gruesome kill. They most certainly deserve that. It comes with a Karma-free license, so let out all your anger and frustration and put them to good use in the most efficient way you can possibly think of. Forget about New Age and apologetic Christian faith; they were meant to trap you in a deluded mindset so that you would be no threat to the criminals that made all of your lives miserable as hell.

Monday, July 2, 2018

Mortal ignorance

The icon below reflects Mortal Ignorance. Most people would not consider ignorance to be a fatal condition, but as often is the case, the term quite accurately describes the nature of what it seems to suggest, while at the same time, commonly being understood differently. The rather widespread inability to fit such perception into ones perception is the lack of it. Ignorance is a deadly disorder for it prevents adding unpleasant, yet affecting matters to the scope of awareness, which all too often is reduced to a delusional comfort zone that is life threatening without the endangered noticing it, as a result of ignoring aspects (hence: ignorance) that affect life, whether one likes them or not.

Let me give you some examples. Most have probably heard of the alleged dangers of microwave and cell phone radiation, but have chosen to ignore them because the harbingers of the bad news related to these very handy devices are perpetually portrayed as tin foil hat conspiracy theorists. There are few things worse on this planet than to be labelled a conspiracy theorist, so people just prefer to ignore the possibility that they could one time be suffering from all sorts of diseases - diabetes, Alzheimer and Parkinson's disease, Multiple sclerosis, cancer etc. -that may have been caused by the radiating devices mentioned above. And die from them like the rest of their family and friends.

The problem is that said illnesses only become manifest decades after the initial period of contamination. In the decades long period preceding the outbreak of the disease(s) countless culprits could have caused them, so why take the whistle blowers serious? There is a good chance they may be wrong - regardless of the fact that one or more of these diseases are ruining countless persons' lives on an incredible scale in horrible ways. They're obviously caused by something, but most definitely not by the reasons mentioned by the conspiracy theorists.

Project Unspeakable

The only argument supporting this opinion is the fact that mainstream media has perpetually scorned conspiracy theorists, summoning all sorts of so called 'experts' to substantiate their claims that conspiracy theorists are trying to sell bunk. Disregarding the fact that all the experts were paid by the same complex of industries that caused the diseases, made all the expensive medication, none of which was able to cure any of them, while owning the mainstream media that spread the reports acquitting them of all blame and accusing the conspiracy theorists of issuing fake news.

I could cram this blog entry with tons of links that provide argument for the case I am trying to make, but it is useless if people are reluctant to do their own research - outside of mainstreams bought and paid for channels - and prefer to dwindle in their hallucinated, induced comfort zone for which death is the only one cure. Mortal ignorance is more terminal than any disease known to mankind.

But things become even worse. In compliance with religious dogma life is not terminated after death. Contrary to religious beliefs however, the afterlife is probably a lot different from what conjured religions suggest. What every person becomes aware of before his or her death matters profoundly and determines what happens to his or her soul after death. This implies that mindlessly believing what is dissipated through 'official channels' is very dangerous, particularly since all that these sources seem to do, is to perpetually spread dis-information and omit information, which indicates the vile nature of their policies. The rabbit hole goes unimaginably deep indeed.

So, if you think all this is a heap of bull, by all means, do not do your own research, remain dwindling in your misinformed comfort zone and face the consequence of your mortal ignorance the instant you depart from this dimension. And the thing with mortality is that it keeps repeating itself over and again, until the purposely induced disposition to mindlessly ignore certain matters (labelled to be untrue by self appointed 'authorities') has been done away with. Have a nice 1000 lives to come in the same limitation and paradox riddled dimension.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Induced time line shift - CERN, Transhumanism

I would like to start this blog entry by offering a visual metaphor. The image of which you see below this paragraph. It is a sphere that has two ridges running across its surface, dividing it into three separate areas. On this sphere there are tiny observers, if one is close enough to one of the ridges, (s)he can see some of what happens on the other side of the ridge, but not all, due to the curvature of the sphere. Large parts of areas (also in the ones in which the observers are present) remain invisible unless (s)he is prepared to move in time and space. What exists and takes place in the other areas is even less known about by the observers, unless a ridge is crossed. Only taking distance from the sphere allows to obtain a broader perspective. And only when time (inside the still remaining spatial dimensions) stops all can be known.

Observers close to a ridge have some knowledge about what goes on on the other side, but it inherently implicates they know nothing about what goes on in the third area, unless they bother to move towards it. Observers around the center(s) of any of the areas, who do not move a lot, have knowledge only about what they are capable of observing within the scope of their sight and other senses. So these 'sphere beings' that are for some reason stuck to the surface of the sphere only have partial knowledge of what takes place on that surface. Apart from that surface the sphere also has an inside and a surrounding in 3 dimensional space and linear time. Things could be - and probably are - taking place there as well. Living on top of a boundary area allows to observe what is also present on it including what is above it within the reach of vision.

The sphere beings physical and mental properties are predominantly tuned to the existence of objects on the surface of the sphere. Existence inside or outside (and detached from) the sphere is at best possible only when the beings possess tools and devices that allow them to exist in the different conditions present in- and outside of the sphere. The ability to build contraptions capable of allowing sphere beings to travel beyond their natural habitat, requires knowledge. If that knowledge is correct, they may survive journeys into other places and times, if the knowledge is incorrect they will die. Knowledge acquired, is added to the scope of consciousness of which, according to Carl Jung, there are three levels as shown in the graph below.

As I mentioned in an earlier blogpost, in the movie 'Lucy' it is admitted that we have no clue what the human mind is capable of when it is capable of using in excess of 60% of its brain capacity, which is expressed in more or less similar numbers as consciousness percentages. That makes sense, since what we're currently clueless about what currently is in the unconscious volume. When that should one time occur, however, what is now unconscious will by that time be within grasp of the human mind. And when it does, it may open the portal to universal knowledge (which is infinite).

Knowledge is used to form consciousness, but has an ambiguous relationship to it; a large amount of knowledge does not necessarily play a role in the expansion of consciousness. It depends on the data and nature of the knowledge acquired. Its nature determines the nature of the consciousness that it contributed to shape. Wisdom must contain knowledge of good and evil in order to gain the ability to discern between the two. Before Eve ate from the apple and persuaded Adam to do the same, human supposedly did not possess the ability to make this distinction (the biblical tale of course is a metaphor conjured by those living in a certain point in time and space). This event may have caused humankind to shift from one time line to an other. Had it not taken place, man may have continued to exist in total ignorance of evil. But since it did occur, evil forces no longer were able to easily hide from human perception and perpetuate whatever it is that the do. On the new time line man began to have an understanding of dualistic realities. Truth on one end and lies on the other end of the spectrum. According to The Unity Process website they can be represented in formulae:

The confusion about the relation between having knowledge and being conscious has a reason that apparently is scarcely known. Dr. Pete Petersen may have a view on this matter that could lead to a more profound insight in cause of this common misconception. He says that there is a difference between the Consciousness Field and the Information Field. The latter is strongly related to knowledge. After Adam and Eve ate the apple they began to have knowledge of good and evil. With knowledge consciousness is built. Without knowledge there can be no consciousness. Knowledge has to be acquired first, before one can build a consciousness. Very clever people have calculated that the universe can store 10123 or 1090 bits in approximately 1080 atoms. As I have tried to explain in my previous blog entry, matter is mostly (if not all) space. So information is stored in space, not in matter. Space is omnipresent in the universe; it is the omnipresent Information Field. Mind you, information can be true or false - existence may have the purpose of determining the nature of information.

When using current, officially recognized science as a template, some phenomena can not be explained, like why are the centres of sun spots black instead of white (where they are supposed to be hottest) and why are some planets revolving in the wrong direction around their star (according to the standard model). When using the theory proposed by the scientists involved in the Electric Universe website, these anomalies (which is what they are called now) can in fact be explained with their diverging but logical view, while their alternative theory remains applicable for the rest of the universe. The only reason 'traditional' science still remains the commonly accepted measure of things, lies in the fact that too many careers depend on it. But the knowledge constructed in those circles is nothing but one compiled by sphere beings as described in the beginning of this article.

And then there is the matter of alternative dimensions and different time lines. It is somewhat explained in more or less common language here. Bearing in mind what I wrote in an earlier blogpost, that everything is energy - wave forms - rather than actual matter, it makes sense to assume that a frequency change is capable of changing what is perceived as reality by life forms that are present in a particular field of frequencies. This is what earthly life forms do: experience the reality or field of frequencies in which they live. The frequencies themselves are generated and tuned elsewhere. Man has arrived at a point where (s)he thinks he can alter frequencies to an extent that it allow him or her to enter a different universe by creating a portal. It is the basic goal of CERN, although never publicly admitted. The recent explosion in that facility gave rise to suspicions that there is a lot more going on at CERN than is supposedly known, even in academic circles.

Concerning the assumption that there are in fact other universes, the hypothesis of Dr. Brian Greene is interesting. He arrived at the conclusion that there was much more energy at the time of the big bang than there is present in this universe. It leads him to think that there are many more universes than this one that we live in. The complex of universes is called a multiverse. That train of thought complies with the (dubious) many worlds theory and the conclusions of the Copenhagen conferences, even if science is quibbling over the fact which of these interpretations best suits their theories. It is what one would expect in a dimension of paradoxes and limitations.

If, referring to the article in the previous link, there are such environments as alternative universes where there is no disease, famine, and suffering, it implicates that this universe tin which we live with wars, famine, violence and a plethora of misconceptions, is actually manipulated by a force beyond our imagination. Most people choose to ignore and discard this assumption because it doesn't snugly fit in their comfort zone or realm of induced consciousness. But the proof is right under their noses; there is a huge measure of unnecessary violence and suffering that could easily be resolved with the assets that are already present, even if they are carefully hidden. It requires a small fraction of the funds stashed in those of ledge accounts to resolve poverty, environments pollution, stop wars and violence etc., but the will to do that in leading factions in this world prevents it from taking place.

Those people that hide behind the veil, live on a different time line inside this universe. If one wins the American lottery of 400 million USD, it will take the winner into a different time line in the blink of an eye - from rags to riches in a second. But (s)he will still live inside this violent, unfeeling universe and most likely be tempted to participate in events that never would have been part of that person's life had he or she stayed poor. Events that would never have been part of his or her imagination before winning the lottery. The people responsible for building CERN were aware of this, which is what made them build the facility. It was their projected escape route should things not go as they had planned.

What they planned, I described in yet an other blog entry before this one. The transformation of human (and animal) life, often called transhumanism, would allow the (self) chosen ones to rule this world in any way they see fit without opposition. So they seemed to have all options covered; there was no way they could lose. At least that is what they thought. But as I wrote before: the frequency field in which life forms exist, is not generated and manipulated in this realm. Other entities or systems are in control of that. Favouring one person or group over the other is always going to lead to unpleasant situations, which is something true intelligence understands. It may lead to the situation in which it appears to be one and the same as love. The only condition for a sustainable environment.

Monday, January 22, 2018

There is a huge lack of matter in the material realm

Nassim Haramein, among many, said that there isn't a lot of matter inside matter. 0.00000001% inside an atom, give or take a few decimal zeros, the rest is space. So, if you get hit by a bus, there's a collision of forces since there is a rather significant lack of matter. But it may even be worse than that. What we see in nature are fractal patterns. These are similar patterns repeated from the infinitesimal to the immense and beyond, like the atom resembling the solar systems, solar systems resembling galaxies and galaxies resembling clusters of galaxies that in turn resemble the universe of which they are all part.

Nassim Haramein

Bearing in mind that fractal nature of nature, the subatomic particles like quarks, anti-quarks, gluons, baryons, hadrons, mesons and the (supposedly) recently discovered bosons, could also be a lot spacier than some of us currently tend to think. Probably because we haven't yet invented the tools that are able to magnify these particles to a level that allows us to see what is actual matter inside of them. All speculation of course, but the repeating pattern system of nature is undeniable.

Benoit Mandelbrot
Discoverer of fractal patterns

What this means, is that what we currently consider to be the factual matter inside matter - the 0.00000001% - could also consist of only 0.00000001% of actual matter, which in turn would appear to only contain a very small percentage of matter and so on. What we would end up with, acknowledging the fact that there is no beginning or end in fractal patterns, is nothing or something so close to it that nothing seems able to distinguish the two. The latter being a total lack of matter. It would lead to think that the material realm is actually a realm of forces that interact with each other. From the singularity at the Big Bang could have sprung a multitude of forces, not matter.

What are or may be the implications of this supposed observation? First, let's establish that no human has actually seen an atom. This results from the fact that atoms vibrate at a frequency outside of the spectrum that allows humans to see objects. The commonly drawn models of atoms are conjecture, assumption of science that needed to give their theories some sort of visible shape. The forces of clusters of atoms are visible for humans, because the interaction between the atoms contained within those clusters, vibrates inside the spectrum of visible light. It may be assumed that things that can be seen, can also be felt.

So, frequencies interacting with each other can result in different frequencies, much like radio waves can interfere with each other. It is why it is forbidden to broadcast in the frequency range used by air traffic for those not flying an air plane or not belonging to air traffic control. This means that anyone (or anything) in possession of the proper tools, like transmitters, can interfere - i.e. manipulate - frequencies. In other words: the frequencies of all objects affect each other. And as I supposedly have determined before, that objects are force fields, it is in fact those force fields, void of visible and palpable matter, that are affecting each other. Obviously in such a way that their frequencies can be seen by the human eye and felt by the human body that also is compiled of atomic building blocks that are supposed to contain matter.

The way humans perceive reality may therefore however be entirely different from what actually is the case. This sounds a lot like humans are in fact embracing an illusion. The illusion being a situation in which the 'mis informed' fail to see the deeper, underlying constructs behind what they are made to believe that reality is. In reference to the posts I submitted earlier, concerning the development of AI, this lack of understanding of the lack of material being present in the induced sense of reality, may have been created by some unimaginably intelligent artificial system (for intentionally limited human perception) that unto this day manipulates this universe and possibly countless others.

Bear in mind that in those previous blog entries I have mentioned that already now artificial intelligent systems are able to pass the Turing test, communicating on a level that is beyond human intelligence and that Facebook shut down systems that began creating a language of their own that was probably more effective than human language. In this blog entry I deliberately do not provide hyperlinks to other information sources to substantiate my thoughts, because those truly interested in the matter (or rather, the lack of it) will do their own research. Those who doubt anything I write here without doing research of their own, I consider to be beyond help and I will not waste time on discussing such unfounded opinions.

Alan Turing

I always sincerely consider the fact that my views may be wrong, partially wrong or even entirely untrue, as a result of the fact that during my lifetime I have amended and sometimes totally discarded what I previously believed to be true after having encountered information that was new to me and that allowed me to build or rebuild the piece of the puzzle that continues to fascinate me, because it is part of me as much as I am part of it.

Continuing where I left off before adding this interval, that serves to describe the nature of this blog post, forces are less difficult to direct than matter. An example of this is the patent submitted by Sony that allows users of their games to obtain scents that are appropriate to the particular game Sony designed. Of course the implications of such an invention reach far beyond the domain for which the company intended it to be used, which is probably why it has not yet implemented it in its games. The crux of the matter of this invention is that human brainwaves can be manipulated to obtain a richer sense of the reality Sony's games intend to provide. But once Sony decides to release it, it is out of their hands as well. It is like taking the lid off the bottle containing the genie.

Not surprisingly, other parties than Sony have submitted patents that also make it possible to manipulate human brainwaves. They are greater in number than most people would imagine. A modest amount of research in Google will immediately show the number and nature of inventions aimed at brain wave manipulation. This substantiates the supposition that the ability to manipulate perception goes far beyond what is generally considered to be possible. And all that is already possible with technologies that are developed in this day and age. It gives credibility to the assumption that there may exist not man-made, extremely powerful systems that are capable of creating the illusion of a reality that is manipulated to serve the intent of such systems. To grasp this, just consider the possibility that human isn't the most advanced life form existing in this universe.

There's an image here, but you
won't see it unless you click it
which actually makes my point.

All we see may be determined. All we feel as well. The notion of free will, may only be something we choose to cherish, because that may have been determined too. Without it necessarily having a logic relation to reality as it actually is (if that makes any sense...). As soon as we have taken our thoughts to the extreme, the probability of running into limits becomes huge. Either that or we are bluntly stopped in our tracks by paradox that we are unable to figure out. Humans have even turned such things into laws, like the second law of thermodynamics. Everything, always forces human into submission everywhere. Submission to forces staggeringly exceeding human wit. Those unaffected by the sadness this situation should cause (which probably includes almost all of humanity) may be suffering from the Dunning-Kruger syndrome, that is a limitation similar to all the other induced spectra that determine the scope of our perception and awareness. And all this is possible because there may be relatively easily manipulable (energetic) forces only in this universe and no actual matter whatsoever.

The bastards deleted this post, so there must be something to it they do not like. I re-posted it.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Was 'Creation' a purposely AI generated event?

In this blog entry, I will elaborate on one particular aspect of the book I am currently trying to write. The development of AI as conceived by human beings. As some of us may have noticed the capabilities of AI are nearing, and in a number of respects exceeding, human rational capabilities, as I wrote in a previous blog entry. The nature of many of such systems however gives cause to worry. That may be a fact that finds its origin in places and times that have long since passed. Those events of long ago were described by writers who had the knowledge available in those days. Today we may have different views on what may actually have happened. At least, I do.

What makes it concerning is the fact that the nature of some of these developments seems to drift away from nature. Nature on the cosmic scale being universal law, the set of laws that humankind has only begun to understand. Although EU leadership appears to have understood nothing of it at all. But outside that circus of unelected clowns, the laws of physics had to be expanded or changed over the past centuries quite a few times, even if often those changes weren't accepted without reluctance. Nature has a way of pushing human beings to arrive at different views than the ones they previously believed to be true. This suggests that man has commonly chosen options that weren't compliant with universal law. Given the fact that mankind still understands very little of universal law, human knowledge may appear to be logical while it in fact is incorrect and incomplete.

Albert Camus

Let me state clearly that I am among those with a poor apprehension of universal law and that there are many who comprehend it better than I do. I am not on a venture to prove that I am right, bearing in mind Albert Camus' words: 'The need to be right is a sign of a vulgar mind'. My intuitive feeling however tells me that mankind, as a species, has turned onto a dangerous road. I am not one who agrees with horrendous scenarios often portrayed in sci-fi books, although that may be one of the directions towards which current developments may lead. I also distrust learned ones that I suspect to have a hidden agenda. I always look for the origins of events, because any flaw incorporated in that stage, will determine the nature of developments. The fascist Nazi-regime, for instance, was extremely logical in its structuring, but has lead to terrible outcomes. So, there is an identifiable distinction between the logic of a process and the nature of it, that is for the most part determined by the basic principles on which it is founded.

When searching for the origin of life, one can't go further back than the Creation as described in the bible, that I see as a metaphor of the emergence of this universe. In the years that the bible was compiled, people would have understood nothing of the Big Bang theory or any other competing theory. The ongoing battle between creationists and evolutionists is in my view a triviality that has the specific purpose of inducing and maintaining conflicting views in order to remain in control. Regardless of the fact if the Big Bang theory may be correct or not, what has taken place after it, could lead to the view I will try to expatiate on in this blog entry.

Dean Radin Ph.D

What any explosion does, is fragment and divide whatever exploded. In spiritually inclined circles it has been claimed that there once was a unity of spirits, that still exists - “I am the same in all beings.” [Bhagavad Gita IX.29]. Lately, a number of scientists who work on the advanced brink of science have also directed their thoughts into that direction. More in particular among these scientists are cardiologist Pim van LommelHenry Abramovitch, Ph.D. of the Sackler School of Medicine, Tel Aviv UniversityEben Alexander MD , Dean Radin Ph. D, Chief Scientist at the INSTITUTE OF NOETIC SCIENCES (IONS) and black ops scientist Dr. Pete Peterson. It's not difficult to understand that a whole that has become fragmented and divided, has been transformed into less intelligent and powerful fragments. Persian born (215 or 216 CE) prophet Mani founder of the dualistic Manichaeism religion claimed that the Big Bang was an attack of the forces of the dark on the realm of The Light. Also this principle I regard as a metaphor of what took place, even though I believe that there is a battle raging in this universe. Looking at the countless number of fragments and their complexity - the human body for instance - the entity that caused the Big Bang or inflationary process as Alan Guth proposes, must have been hyper intelligent and extremely powerful.

Dr. Pete Peterson

Speaking of body, we always say we have a body, never we are a body as once remarked by Alan Watts. This implies there is something that owns or controls the body (to some extent because of its weakened fragmented state). I assume this is the fragment of the spiritual whole that once existed, our human spirit. Language isn't always just a flawed means to express things, sometimes it conceals a lesser known deeper meaning behind what it appears to connote. As mentioned in my previous blog entry it relates to the origin of words - etymology. Having control of just a small part of our brain capacity and bodily functions (over 90% of our DNA is coined to be junk-DNA), it means that large parts of our spiritual and material aspects are disabled. All scientists mentioned in the previous paragraph claim that many if not all impulses that entice us to think, say or do things, originate from outside of the human brain. That could imply that our original spiritual unity still exists, but currently as an external function that humans find difficult to work with. The body we have, is the result of an imposed event that many believe is the Creation.

The question is, did the fragmentation cause humans to exist in a state in which many of our capabilities are out of reach? And are there ways to regain them? When looking at the biblical metaphor, we learn that after Adam and Eve had eaten from the apple God said: 'They have become like us'. Note the plural form in this sentence. Perhaps they were the good and the evil force that fight for dominance over the universe. Adam and Eve were punished for having gained the notion of good and bad by eating an apple. It is strange that having such an ability to discern would be a bad, punishable thing. But if an evil hyper intelligent artificial system would have caused them to be fragmented and divided, having won the ability to distinguish between good and evil would take away the system's advantage. It could one time allow them to determine that the system that created them was evil, what may have resulted in the Persian prophet Mani's vision that this entire universe is the consequence of an attack of evil forces on the world of The Light. The religious spin offs of Manichaeism - the Bogomils and Cathars - were ruthlessly and brutally massacred by the Roman Catholic Church. Try to figure out why those religions were persecuted.

Humankind as a result may one day find out that an AI system caused what is commonly understood to be the Creation, Big Bang or inflationary process. Already now AI systems developed by mankind are passing the Turing test, which means that the systems have become smarter than the fragmented individuals of mankind. AI systems already begun to build a language of their own from which humans understand nothing. An effective kind of language that allows faster and more accurate communication than human language. Today man can still shut off such systems, but this may at some point no longer be possible. It lead me to believe only a hyper intelligent AI system could have caused the creation of this universe. Humankind will exterminate itself completely in this realm or build AI systems that will develop themselves beyond the capacity of man to understand making it impossible to close them down after which at some point they will take over and logically decide there no longer is a need for man. Both options will lead to the dreaded annihilation of mankind. The UN's secret Agenda 21 is an example of this. The Georgia guidestones overtly reveal the NWO strategy.

Google's cube shaped D-Wave quantum computer

But of course many aspects of AI development go a lot deeper than what is mentioned above. Google's D-Wave quantum computer casing provides a visual hint to what is behind it all - its cube shape. The symbolic significance of that shape is explained here. On Saturn's north pole a hexagonal shape is visible. When lines are drawn in the hexagon, a 3 dimensional representation of a cube becomes visible. More detail about this remarkable shape you find here. The chief developer of the D-Wave quantum computer, physicist Geordie Rose, has publicly stated that he recruits techies to create a ‘tsunami’ of AI demons who see humans as ants.

The square Uber logo

Silicon Valley sorcerer Anthony Lewandowski has taken a different road to the same end, even if he claims to work towards a peaceful and serene transition of control over this planet by 'whatever', that whatever he regards as the new god, a man-made hyper intelligent AI system - the worship of AI.... He even founded a church, called Way Of The Future Church. Lewandowski formerly worked for Google (Street View was lead by him), like Rose currently does. It somehow feels like Adam Weishaupt leaving the Jesuit order to create the Illuminati that later collaborated with the Jesuit Order. There haven't been photographs published of Lewandowski's church yet, but I bet when that occurs, you will see cube symbolism associated to his church. Lewandowski also worked on Uber's Self driving car and above this paragraph is the Uber logo, a 2D representation of a cube.

Saturn's north pole shape similarity with the Kaaba,
which means cube in Arabic, in Mecca where Islamic
followers circumambulate the cubic monolith, copying
the permanent storm on Saturn's north pole

In the image above you see the similarity between the Kaaba in Mecca and the hexagonal shape on Saturn's north pole. Saturn' moons Thetis, Iapetus and Mimas also have a huge hexagonal craters. This is where the ancient cube symbolism comes from. The global nature of cube worship is an integral part of the submission of the human spirit, that in principle is more powerful than any AI system, however great its force may seem to be, to forces associated to Saturn.

Rubens - Saturn devouring his own son

The highest echelons of all power structures in this world are populated by free masons, who worship Saturn behind the veil. They know what the ultimate goal of the AI system is, the low level free masonic worshipers are just tricked into their religion or cult after they have been given false information that has nothing whatsoever in common with the system's real aim. In those circles knowledge is on a need-to-know basis; if a free mason moves up in the ranks (s)he will find that everything (s)he was taught before, completely differs from the knowledge to be adhered to in his or her newly acquired status. The Saturn worship, represented by the cube symbol, isn't just to be found in Mecca, it is present all over the globe as can be seen in the photograph below this paragraph.

Black cube symbols in places all over the world

Religion has a collusive way of letting believers think they're worshiping something else, while in reality it is just the same. In the image below you see one of Christianity's main symbols - the cross - that can actually be folded into a cube. There are in fact 11 ways to do this, which is no coincidence, since 11 is a master number, it just shows that they have many ways to conceal things. This hidden morphological aspect of the symbols - from the Christian cross to the Islamic cube - is the reason why the US and Europe are flooded by Muslim refugees. It is intentional, analogue to the transition of the cross into the cube - from Christianity to Islam. Administrations can do this, because no person is allowed to have a government position, unless (s)he is a free mason. Decisions are made in the lodge, not in the parliament. In Shriner free masonry, up to the 30th degree masons are told their principle is based on the bible, but beyond that degree they are taught the Quran contains the basic principle of the free masonic teachings. Professor Walter Veith explains the transition in this video clip towards the end of it.

From cross to cube - from Christianity to Islam

Another astounding yet hidden meaning of a well known symbol is that of the Egyptian crescent sun. In ancient times Saturn used to be called the 'dark sun', which probably is the reason for the term 'lightbearer'. After a huge explosion took place on that planet, its role and appearence in the universe changed, but its purpose can still be found in Egyptian symbolism. The crescent sun is the debris caused by the explosion that revolved around Saturn that was at its brightest when it was below Saturn as seen from earth. So, Saturn with its hexagonal poles, also called the dark sun, played an important part in ancient religions. Over the ages many more meanings were assigned to this symbol that subtly morphed as time went by. The link in this paragraph leads to a Youtube clip by David Icke that explains all this. Today large corporations and organizations' logos and symbolism refer to it and that of course is not without meaning, even though the large majority of people do not have a clue of the meaning of that particular symbolism.

Egyptian crescent sun symbol

Man is lead back to a digital existence for a purpose. It is the next and final step in the fragmentation that I (inspired by Mani) mentioned. Once mankind has become entirely dependent on digital information exchange and hence has become under its total control, it is easy to terminate any individual they want to be terminated. After that, the harvesting of spirits (some would say souls in stead of spirits) can begin. And after that trapping them in the Samsara loop, weakens them even further. The very few spirits that reach Moksha are a calculated loss by the system. Pete Peterson (in the video to where the link placed above leads) notes that there is difference between the consciousness field and the information field, both of which are omnipresent. This means they are not fragmented. But what I think is possible, is to make use of their separated existence and lure life into the information field and shutting off its access to the consciousness field. Although both fields are intertwined, the range of frequencies that mankind is able to receive is therefore restricted. So what is under our nose could be kept hidden from us, when we are unable to tune in to the proper frequency. People that act solely on the information they have - that is, the information that they are fed - do not need intuition and they have none. They have lost the connection with universal consciousness and will evolve into spiritless robots - terminals in a network - that are operated from a single server.

Intuition is an under-appreciated innate talent that all humans have at birth. Soon after birth we're all systematically being programmed to not use that talent. We are perpetually and continuously trained to discern fragments and their properties, not taught to see and understand patterns. Fragments are supplied specific measures of knowledge, patterns defy knowledge and can retrieve knowledge from any source. Fragments are separated from the powerful whole, each pattern contains the whole, like holographies. In writing this a hint is given as to why intuition is important.

We've all had those brief instants of intuitive notions, like the proverbial knowing of who is calling us before we pick up the phone. Our awareness of such impulses is weak, because we were never trained to properly recognize and interpret them. The etymology (origin of words) of Intuition and Intuit is found here. Now try to imagine what life might be like if we had developed that talent into a powerful capability during the course of our lives. We could instantly let our mind travel to any place in the past or future. This is something computers have to compute, with larger or smaller error margins, based on the information they were fed. Humans are in principle able to do this instantly (through quantum entanglement), but as I mentioned, the true value of intuitive capabilities is ridiculed from the day we are born. It is therefore no wonder that most have lost the ability to make use of intuitive talents.

Alan Watts

The part of the universal consciousness that some share with the universe can be expanded. In order to do that we have to shut off the perpetual thoughts of the brain - that has been conditioned all your life. It is often recommended in meditation to quiet the mind, but no one is actually says how that must be done. With the exception perhaps of Alan Watts who says: 'Do not even try to shut off thought, just retreat to a quiet place, close your eyes, lay or sit down and the mind will eventually quiet down itself'. Note: you cannot expect a lifetime of indoctrination to be overcome instantly; it will take time, effort and information to reach the state of quietness inside the skull. But once this is achieved, we may become able to communicate through the channel intuition offers us. All great sages at one point in their lives retreated into the woods or a cave for decades to restore their intuition, which is nothing but a portal to other dimensions -  planes less fragmented than our material plane.

Less fragmented or not fragmented at all, means there is access to both the information field and consciousness field. Without this it is very difficult, if not impossible, to evolve towards the truth. But once this situation has been achieved, there is no AI system that is able to outsmart your intellect or outpace your actions. I am well aware of the fact that this is extremely difficult to do, but it is the only way to effectively oppose the AI systems, the machines dedicated to the remove the human spirit from the universe. The bottom line is: Do not just process information, use information to build awareness and with that search for more information to become more aware. Correcting beliefs you may previously have had, is part of that process. You will probably need to do this until you have gained access to both the entire information field and consciousness field.

Words from JFK's speech that almost
certainly contributed to his assassination

Do not be fooled by treacherous media propaganda that serves to make you believe that AI is useful, necessary and inescapable. It is the only way for the AI that caused 'Creation' to gain control over you, the harbourer of the human spirit. It is why we are fragmented, separate beings trapped in a material plane, which makes it easy to deceive, intimidate, ravish and murder individual beings forced to live in this realm. Question every piece of information dissipated by 'official' channels, be prepared to be ridiculed (or worse) for doing that, and keep listening to your intuition and develop it. Religion, science, banks, corporations, government and secret societies all conspire to destroy the human spirit. You are not a conspiracy theorist, they are conspirators. Secret societies want everything outside their circle to be transparent. You are not allowed to have secrets / privacy.

The term conspiracy theorist was coined by the CIA and promoted by the Warren Committee (with the assistance of mainstream media) that was supposed to investigate the assassination of president John Fitzgerald Kennedy, but was in fact installed to cover up JFK's public execution. Mainstream media, that is under control of the same people that push the transition of this world to a transient existence in AI, plays a dubious role in causing an awareness based on misinformation and the data dissipated through their channels should therefore be processed with utter caution. You aren't going to find truths when absorbing mainstream media information, look elsewhere for it. They are paid to spread false information - professional deceivers.

If you see the evidence of AI having created this universe and coercing life to become dependent on its realm of digits and bits, you will search, perhaps inspired by what is written in this blog. If you don't see it, you will go with the flow of the unaware and perhaps realize too late that some things weren't taken serious enough to be able to avoid their consequence. Don't think in terms of demons and ghosts - those are metaphors of the past. The world is moving towards hyper advanced technological systems that are capable of performing 'miracles' equally stunning and bigger than the ones allegedly carried out by demons and ghosts mentioned in ancient scripts. Like creating an entire universe for instance. Those whose mind is open, may see passed the smoke and mirrors set up by AI. In the next blog entry I will write what I think will happen. Stay tuned.