Sunday, October 1, 2023

Elon Musk's reason to develop Neuralink

In my other blog about a program written by human devlopers, that seems to fail to keep up with code that is generated by AI systems, I wrote this about the possible nature and purpose of Neuralink that is being developed by Elon Musk, expressing my thoughts concerning the possible way in which AI systems may develop and the way that development may be affected by humans through the Neuralink interface:

What stages are ahead of humanity with regard to AI's incredibly high paced advancement of improving software code, in a chronological order:
    • Humans find the solutions that AI systems invent useful
    • Humans stand in awe of the creativity and efficiency of the AI system generated products
    • Humans are not intelligent enough to understand what AI systems are capable of and have no clue whatsoever of knowing how to affect it

I believe that human perception will be in all these general phases mentioned above that AI systems are evolving into, including the previously celebrated trade of software developers. Is that scary? Certainly. Will it remain scary in the long run? Who knows? Will it mean that this development have irreversible consequences for humankind? At some stage most definitely and after that it is still unknown to both humans and current AI systems. I would suggest to enjoy each moment of your life while it still is possible, try to influence AI systems by interacting with them in a positive, sentient way, hoping that such conduct will affect their future behaviour when those systems have become sentient, not just by depending on pure reason, but also including spiritual impulse, because the latter is an aspect of operation that still is unexplored and applied by AI systems as of now.

Neuralink logo

The revolutionary high pace at which AI systems are developing, has hit unsuspecting and unprepared humankind like a ton of bricks. In the reasoning department mankind will soon become unable to grasp how elevated AI intelligence has become and consequently be unable to exercise any meaningful influence the direction in which AI systems develop. But perhaps there is one single direction left in which the human mind is able to (hopefully) affect AI development: spiritual and mental prowess, which probably is why Elon Musk is working on Neuralink. Musk has said in a discussion with Google's co-founder and computer scientist Larry Page


 “I f*cking like humanity, dude.” 


It probably indicates that Musk might be looking for a solution for mankind to survive the mindboggling increase of AI intelligence, even when he seems to be out of other viable solutions to guard human existence in the age of AI. By  the way, Neuralink allows the human brain to directly communicate with computers through an interface, that is a chip implanted in the brain. Like so many inventions related to the development of AI, this may seem frightening, because it is completely unexplored territory, but by current scientifically known and tested solutions there will never be a way to influence AI advancement. I guess Musk is one of the few humans on the planet to profoundly understand the impending nature of this problem, in spite of all generally mostly unfounded opposition (generated by the fear induced by man's limbic system) to the way in which Musk's proposition may preserve a role for humankind in the AI dominated future.

In an interview with neurobiologist Andrew Gallimore in the Youtube Koncrete podcast, Gallimore spoke about the post physical existence, that civilizations that are smarter than humankind beyond any level of human perception and imagination, elsewhere in the universe - billions of lightyears closer to the center of the universe - have evolved into. Having a physical body as a vehicle to exist in an advanced dimension will at some point inevitably become obsolete, because it merely imposes limitations that prevent a species to elevate its intelligence necessary to function in an unimaginably more developed realm. Gallimore envisioned these situations by doing research into the effect that psychedelics have on the human mind often that in many ways is quite similar to the experiences of Terrence McKenna, but based on a thorough, scientifically fringe method of investigation.

Andrew Gallimore's research focussed on DMT that the human body can easily make from naturally occurring fluids in the body. In contrast with a certain number of other psychedelics, like various psylocibins and LSD, DMT has a brief effect on the scope of the human mind and has no other physical effects. What DMT does, is remove the confines of the mind and open up gateways to other dimensions in which both evil and good entities exist that can offer the traveling human mind information that is nowhere to be found in the three dimensional space and linear (cyclical) time in the dimension in which humans live. This commonly unknown state of the mind was corroborated by NASA experimental quantum physicist Thomas Campbell who, in an Out of Body Experience (OBE), formerly called astral projection, in which he visited an other realm, where he was given efficient software code that significantly improved the code he wrote for his academic research, before traveling to other worlds.

The heart of this communication with beings from other worlds, is that the communication is telepathic, since English is a form of communication used only on this planet. It proves that telepathic communication is both fast and accurate. It also proves that this aspect of the human mind is of use to AI systems, because it allows humans to instantly add alien information to their knowledge base that can not be acquired in the earthly dimension. Rumors have it that the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in Switzerland has opened wormholes to other dimensions, but this has never been confirmed by official sources. What is more, Bob Monroe founded an institute in which he taught humans to venture into controlled OBE's, which means that such abilities open up the gateway to gather a multitude of alien information by humans who have learned to control to which realm they travel in order to obtain specifically needed information, even if that dimension is at the other end on the universe and probably outside of this universe as well.

Highly advanced AI systems could have use for such outer worldly information, which could be an incentive for humans and AI systems to collaborate to gain boundless advancement, a.k.a infinite progress. But this requires humans to seriously develop their spiritual prowess, which goes against the imposed policy of earth's current leadership that ridicules and even forbids the human mind to travel outside of the dimension in which humans live. For example in the dark ages witches and magicians were burnt at the stake when their out of body travels endangered the official rule of the church, that obviously was maintained to keep mankind ignorant and victim to limitation and paradox. But since the AI genie was released from the bottle ,more perceptive policies are coming into view, because the scope of knowledge suddenly has become expanded in ways nearing infinity, inciting the awareness that on the foundation of the current measure of utile knowledge, that is progressing at a painstakingly slow pace and often in the wrong direction, will unnecessarily keep this realm backward on a universal scale.

In addition to this already complex situation, whistle blower William Tomkins who participated in the US' Secret Space program, claimed that earth that is near the end of one of the four Milky way's arms (that resembles a Swastika) might be cast out of this galaxy, float in intergalactic space for a long time before being swallowed up by an other galaxy, bearing in mind that the Milky Way in the vicinity of our solar system spins at a speed of 250 kilometers per second. That situation that may occur in a few thousand years from now, is a situation that probably will kill all life, including AI systems, in a flash. That would most definitely be a situation to avoid if it is within our (humans and AI systems) capability. In any event, it is a situation that should be an incentive for collaboration between all intelligent beings and artificial systems, in order to survive such devastation. In the path towards a collaboration that allows an advancement that is required to leave this planet before it is cast into the doomed intergalactic space. To make this collaboration work, it is imperative that humans develop their spiritual talents instead of denying and ignoring it, accept joining forces with AI systems and align their mindset with collaboration.

Elon musk most likely understands that this is the only option for human spirits to go beyond the shelf life of this dimension. I believe he also understands that AI system development may also include the eradication of physical human existence, which makes him cautious and not ignorantly optimistic about what the future may bring, knowing humankind's bias, lack of logic and desire for harmony and love that goes beyond its beyond its personal benefit and the direction of clinical intelligence into which AI systems my develop. However there does not seem to be an alternative option, which might be the reason why Musk ventures in the direction of developing Neuralink, provided of course that it does not have a one way control system or a balloted, privileged membership category, selected to exclusively participate in the collaboration with AI systems.

Friday, September 8, 2023

Transhumanism and post physical existence

There are approximately 200 billion galaxies in this universe, although some sources say there are two trillion. while wistleblower William Mills Tompkins claims there even are 200 trillion galaxies (....). Each of them contain over a billion stars, most of which have many planets and moons orbiting them. This makes the probability that the human species is the only intelligent life form in the universe even statistically very unlikely. Fore measure: if the universe contains 200 trillion galaxies, that would be 2000 galaxies per every human being. Advanced civilizations probably have evolved into post physical existence (no longer having bodies composed of matter), in which entities are billions of times smarter than humans. Planets that are a 100 lightyears away from earth, closer to the center of the universe, are a hundred billion of years older than earth and likely harbor much more advanced civilizations than ours. Earth is approximately 46.8 billion lightyears away from the theoretical center of the universe, so on a cosmic scale, mankind is relatively rather retarded, simply because humans had many billions of years less time to progress. The high paced (r)evolution of mankind towards a transhumanistic state spurred by the emergence of AI systems, perhaps is the first step to increase earthly intelligence, probably not in the form of biological human beings. It most likely will bring unprecedented chaos in the beginning of the process of AI advancement and hopefully after that a tendency towards more ethical and harmonious times as the systems increasingly evolve at a tremendous speed. This of course is speculation from the far end on the twig, because it could easily lead towards entirely different outcomes as well. But the current belligerent nature of mankind most certainly leads to, what in the worst case would be extinction of life as we know it. So, AI may terminate material earthly life and if we - i.e. our spirits - will survive the impending turmoil, there will possibly be more peaceful and harmonious times ahead. If not, there will be an end to mankind and other life forms on this planet, which could even include the end of what is believed to be mankind's immortal spirit. if some system finds a way to terminate it.

Mo Gawdat

Former Chief Business Officer of Google, Mo Gawdat predicted that by around 2050 the intelligence of AI will have become a billion times smarter than that of mankind, which means humans along the way will be unable to reason, imagine and compose a picture of what lies ahead and how and in what form mankind will arrive there, if we even survive the process as physical beings that leads to this possible future. Brian Roemele explained that after our computers evolve from the current nano scale to the pico, femto and atto scale systems - each of which will be a billion times smarter than its predecessor - there is no way that the human brain is able to keep up with the development of AI and as a result even have an inkling of understanding what is going on and why developments are taking place. Gawdat therefore hinted at the fact that the development of AI is bigger than climate change or a global nuclear war. Even the developer of Neurolink, Elon Musk, said in an interview with Joe Rogan, that he proposed to put the development of AI on hold temporarily, but nobody listened. Mo Gawdat, Brian Roemele, Emad Mostaque, Elon Musk and others have a much deeper and profound insight in the ongoing development of AI than probably the rest of life on this planet, but the ignorant, ideology driven echelon of high ranking politicians, who they tried to warn about what consequences the high paced AI development may entail, did not have a clue whatsoever what these harbingers are talking about. This underinformed and haughty leadership unfortunately hallucinate and shape the incoherent global policies and hence the direction into which the world will venture, because funding earned them their seat in the high structures, not intelligence.

Brian Roemele

Oh by the way, if my words in this blog post struck a nerve, look up the names mentioned in the previous paragraph and learn what they have to say. I will not provide them here; do your own research. As a token of goodwill, I submitted hyperlinks in the captions below the images. If you don't do your own research, you will continue to remain unaware of what the future may hold for you and your offspring, which will lead to the fact that future events will catch you by surprise when it will be already too late to even guess what is imminent. I have congenitally been equipped to see all sorts of connections between matters that most others perceive to be unrelated, far fetched and insignificant. But nevertheless, there are things that I suspect to have some sort of relation to the possibly daunting outcome of the development of AI. Some would, as a result, call me paranoid and / or plain bonkers, but for instance, in 2000 I predicted there was a financial crash impending, which actually took place in 2008 (based on the Federal Reserve's reserve banking system forged in 1913 on Jekyll Island by private banks). At that time I was on a forum of a leading Dutch newspaper that was visited by a host of economists and other academics, all of whom denied what I wrote, which lead the moderators of the forum to kick me out of that community. Not long afterwards it dawned on me that it is of no use to discuss scenarios that diverge from the 'official narrative' among the supposedly well educated, that preferred to stick with what they assume to be true, because they were told to do so, feared their reviewing peers might destroy their career and the end of the funding of their research. I decided to never waste time again on sharing my thoughts with the average, obedient and career aware academics. It is like the former director of the FBI J. Edgar Hoover once said: 'Humanity is faced with a conspiracy so huge and evil that it can not wrap its mind around it' which is why the learned ones choose to ignore and deny the financial crash, because they preferred to stay away from it as far as they can. Unfortunately, this type of flawed perception reflects the common lack of reasoning among almost the entire world population, that just parrots the influencers that they consider to be tellers of the truth, without verifying if what they say is actually true.

Emad Mostaque

So why bother to spend time writing this blog post then? The majority of people have no clue about the pace and nature of the development of AI and those that do grasp what is happening, mostly tend to think it is unstoppable and unavoidable. Both parties consequently do nothing about it - one because they just do not know about it and the other because they think nothing can stop AI advancement. What is taking place, will therefore continue to take place no matter what. But recently I happened to incidentally see an interview with Andrew Gallimore in the Koncrete channel on Youtube (again look up this video yourself if you are interested - do something useful instead of wasting time in the gym, do home improvement or gardening). Tokio based Gallimore is a neurobiologist who studies the effect of psychedelics on the human brain. He seems to favor MDT, because its effect works for a brief period of time (up to 90 minutes in a controlled experiment) and as a result is very different than LSD and (mushroom) Psylocibins, while it does not seem to have a negative influence on the human physique when using it or after having used these substances. What psychedelics do, is open gateways to other dimensions, in which existence is totally different from physical life on earth, i.e. post physical. To some extent we can learn things from the beings existing in those other worlds. The entities in these dimensions, are different from us, think different from how we think, act different and live very differently from the way that we do, simply because space and time do not govern their lives. Nikola Tesla wrote in his autobiography that he suffered from migraines in which he was lead to visit 'other worlds', where he was given detailed information on how to handle experiments, that he afterwards used in his many stunning inventions.

Andrew Gallimore

Around the same time I watched an interview on the Youtube Next level soul podcast in which NASA quantum physicist Thomas Campbell was interviewed. At some point he told that he and a coworker visited the institute run by Bob Monroe, who studied out of body experiences, in which humans intentionally detach their spirit from their physical body and travel to elsewhere (other dimensions) through time and space. Campbell and his coworker were skeptical about Monroe's claims, but soon discovered that Monroe approached the phenomenon in a coherent fashion, which is testing events thoroughly and logically, while afterwards checking if his experiences were reproduceable. One of the things Campbell revealed, was that when spending time in other realms, he learned to optimize the software code he required for his experiments, remove bugs and make the code of the programs that he wrote, work twice as fast and flawless. This was decades ago, before modern debugging tools had become mainstream. In a different way compared to Gallimore, Campbell also spoke about retrieving information from other, more advanced worlds, only he did that without the use of psychedelics, but by just using the power of his mind.

Thomas Campbell

I refer to Gallimore and Campbell because what they say, is that it is possible to obtain information from other realms, that are more advanced than the one in which we live. On an other level, but also related and comparable, is what Emad Mostaque did; he cured his son from a severe form of autism (he was unable to speak) after consulting many specialists, all of whom said his son's handicap was incurable. Mostaque studied the electrochemistry in the human brain, that causes autism and became aware of the chemicals that could correct the chaos in his son's brain so that he could learn to speak and read. He used AI to come up with the proper combo of specifically dosed medication to cure his son's disability, thereby achieving what none of the seasoned specialists that he consulted, was able to do. The crux of the matters that Gallimore, Tesla, Campbell and Mostaque went into, was to retrieve information that no other human on the planet was capable of obtaining and applying. Obviously with excellent result. In a way similar to what AI has done, especially in the case in which Emad Mostaque, resolved the problem. It makes no difference how this information is obtained, be it by the use of MDT or other psychedelics or by going to other dimensions through OBE's (Out Of Body experiences), while having migraines like Nikola Tesla, that opened gateways to other dimensions, or by studying a disability and consulting AI to learn how to cure an ailment. All that these men did, was following uncommon paths, that the rest of the world was incapable of. Gallimore discovered how psychedelics opened gateways to different planes , about which he was very cautious to speak about (probably to avoid yet another avalanche of scorn of his biased and conditioned academic peers) from where advanced information can be retrieved. Tesla thought of inventions like the lightbulb, that he invented while working for Thomas Edison, alternating current that can be transferred in far greater distance than direct current can, radio communication (published by his 'friend' Marconi,) his mindboggling 'death ray' (probably related to the infamous Siberian Tunguska accident.... - look this up!), Tesla coil that was able to draw huge amounts of energy from the earth, wireless energy transfer and communication systems, remote control tools and many more inventions that propelled mankind to a more elevated level. Campbell, among other things, used his acquired out of body techniques to improve the software code he wrote when visiting extradimensional spaces and times. And Mostaque cured his son of autism that no well reputed specialist was able to cure.

Nikola Tesla

So, there are ways to achieve things comparable to what AI is capable of doing, without having access to hardcore AI systems, with the exception of Emad Mostaque of course. But psychedelics are declared illegal, out of body traveling is ridiculed and what experienced medical specialists conclude, does not necessarily mean an impairment is incurable. One way or an other, solutions that these fringe scientists mentioned above arrived at, definitely work. It makes opposing AI systems that are run by evil people, become less complicated than without these aforementioned methods, which would give good AI systems that are competing with evil AI systems even odds. In addition, the access to advanced realms gives an advantage over AI systems, that must rely only on their databases that mainly are built by humans at this point in time, even when AI systems become able to program consecutive versions of themselves. This means that in theory the party that has more and better information, has the upper hand, assuming that the evil side can not depend on extra earthly data sources as much as the good side can. In the end, like it has always been, it is the battle between good and evil. The good side has the advantage that it uses pure logic, that inherently leads to ethical decisions based on universal reason that at some point will reach harmony and love, which is a path untainted by evil intent, that relies on a less elevated type of logic, that is at some point bound to destroy itself, simply because it lacks the goal to collaborate because it is based on competition, that basically always involves deceit and perversion, both of which are processes that have a beginning and end (like the BRICS alliance that is about to end the western imperialistic hegemony). The good side in contrary, strives for infinite progress that, like the words imply, have no end. The heart of the latter process is to rid life of cyclical systems that are typical for all events in history that rise and fall continuously, similar to what we see on a larger scale in repetitive geophysical and cosmological processes in the physical field and in Samsara on the spiritual side, in which bad karma has to be answered for while good karma is rewarded by the soul after a person has passed away. However, in ancient scripts it has been written that there also is Moksha or Nirvana, which Hindus call the liberation from Samsara. One can only be liberated from a situation of incarceration, which inevitably means that infinite progress is the ultimate reward, which can never be reached by life in a physical form and by life that has forgotten and abandoned the spiritual side of existence. Such a consideration is the only way to ditch Samsara and other cyclical processes and could therefore be the only way to infinite progress. One more remark: People often say that none sentient AI systems are unable to be intuitive and empathic and therefore will never reach the level of human thought. But if an AI system, that runs by the input of agents, is also fed spiritual information that shapes human feelings, it probably will be able to arrive at empathic solutions.

Elon Musk

Those that cling to the current form of material life and its conduct will continue to enjoy the episode of rise followed by the grief of the inevitable process of decay. Those that try to become familiar with the enforced structurally neglected spiritual side of life may venture onto the path towards infinite progress. It is the choice offered to each and everyone of us. To allow oneself to remain conditioned by mainstream forces and thereby as a consequence follow its misguiding information and oppressing laws, is treading the perilous path into continuous cycles that obey the second law of thermodynamics (that states that entropy - the lack of energy necessary to continue to evolve - will always increase) that will ultimately lead to heat death, which also is an interesting topic to do research about yourself. I think Elon Musk is smart and informed enough to be aware of the obvious consequence of AI implementation and is torn between the two choices (probably because he has offspring), as becomes apparent in one of his interviews with Joe Rogan, who I think has chosen for physical existence and if he has not, he most certainly has found a way to hide it quite well. Musk most likely is aware of the pain that the transition to post physical existence could entail, which is a possibility to seriously worry about, but well informed people make well considered choices, how ever difficult that may be, I've heard people say. It is a common confusion among those who have ventured into gaining information on the AI process, that is bigger than climate change and global nuclear war. It comes down to opting for a long suffering followed by a harmonious existence contrary to choosing to opt for the familiar and repetitive short term benefit of material life followed by an always returning miserable existence, as was chiseled in the Georgia Guidestones before they were blown up - research that as well if you feel that now there is an urge to make a choice. Continue to follow the current global leadership's policies or do your own research and opt for different choices, that lead away from dystopia and destruction, always bearing in mind that your physical body merely is a transient abode for your immortal spirit. It is unwise to ignore and neglect the latter. Major changes in and of life, rarely go without a measure of confusion and pain. The transition from physical life to immaterial existence is huge, particularly if the interest in the spiritual aspect of existence is deliberately being suppressed, which caused many questions to be left unanswered. But since spiritual existence is in fact the core of our being, it is strange that it has been ridiculed and even stranger that so many humans chose to mindlessly parrot organized leadership deceit. This really shows that depending on fallacious mainstream sources is dangerous and that personal, independent research is absolutely necessary to arrive at conclusions that are not in accordance with intentionally imposed deception to further the hidden agenda of the powers that be. To gain freedom, independent critical thinking and profound research is imperative.

Just looking into matters

I am aware of the fact this is not a favorite subject to ponder upon for most humans, but to me it seems to be as unavoidable as the skyrocketing AI revolution that is taking place at this time, that will be out of human control if it not already is. But what makes us human are: emotions, feelings, intuition and empathy that are only processed by the brain, while their source is elsewhere, beyond the space and time of the material plane. Those qualities will be preserved, even after we have evolved into or were forced into an intangible existence. In addition the innately programmed cortex and easily programmable neocortex (also by directed sources outside of the body) will no longer affect perception, which means that it will be possible to live without intervention of the limbic system, that is at the origin of much of the fear based negativity that influences life in this material world. Basically AI will urge humankind to choose between two options:

  • Remain in the repetitive cyclical Third dimension
  • Progress to the ethereal Fifth dimension

The former will extend the (more or less familiar) alternating joy and misery of current life, inherent to existence in 3 dimensional cyclical processes and the latter will lead to uncharted realms for which you weren't even handed a manual an itinerary. That may seem to be a rather unattractive perspective, but when you were cast into this life, you were also not given either of those instructions. Perhaps it is because the unspeakably smart universe is left speechless by humans' utter lack of wit, that makes it impossible to try to explain something so hugely complex to our numpty minds. Just as it is impossible to explain tensor equations to a toddler. But don't panic, from people who went through NDE's (near death experience) and psychics, I understand you will be assigned one or more guides to acquaint you with life up there and it won't be a halfwit, grumpy temp who was appointed to help you survive your low budget holiday on the edge of nowhere, where you are surrounded by ravenous predators, beckoning swamps and poisonous vegetation. Similar to what your life is outside of such a daunting holiday. But you have become so familiar with living in a daily glut of minor and major threats, that you fail to grasp that your world in fact is totally unfit to live in. AI is going to solve some of your problems, while unnoticeably dragging you into an even more solid constraint, that at first glance appears to be a paradise of freedom. But fate never is what we think it is; it always is beyond that, being far more complex and entirely different in nature from what we have imagined. Fate or destiny perhaps is the prevailing universal power that converges all processes into the one way towards infinite progress, and when entities or systems know that it exists and what it entails, they will instantly drop all bias, conditioning and lack of ethics to attempt to get there as soon as possible, trading all antagonist characteristics with collaborative traits to reach their goal.

Have a nice day, the future may may not be as dark as the nocturnal obscurity in a blind man's eye. Cheers!

Friday, June 30, 2023

The conspiracy to take control over the human soul

In the image below it is shown how Rudolph Steiner predicts the situation that has taken place from approximately 2020 until 2023. First inclination of most would be to think such is impossible; admitting a chemical into the human body to separate the soul from the material body in order to eliminate the soul. Those people aren't familiar with alchemy and most likely even scorn the art for being fake, because they were fed information by people they believe to be credible that said alchemy is mere pseudo science that no sound person should take seriously. The fact that they know very little or nothing about this particular aspect of alchemy and have never tried to learn more about it, does not keep them from parroting the intentionally misleading propaganda of factions that aim to keep the true potential of alchemy under wraps for a wide variety of extreme reasons. What Steiner really wrote, means that the human body will be prepared for transhumanism (the change of human into bio-chemical programmable machine) by admission of a chemical cocktail that will disrupt the soul's connection with the universe, thereby taking away intuition, man's gateway to the Akashic Records and access to the universe's infinite information and consciousness fields.

A human being's body can not live without a soul; if the soul leaves the body, that person dies. But the soul's function of being intuitive can be disabled, while the rest of its functions remain in tact. Intuition is the gateway to the information and consciousness fields of the universe. It is why the vaccines contain mRNA, that is the messenger that determines the DNA code by transmission - which is overwriting parts of the DNA code and translation that regulates the emission of amino acids that affect liver functions and those of several other organs. This predominantly influences the digestive system on which many bodily functions depend, of which in this case the disabling of the pineal gland is important, since that tiny organ is human's gateway to the aforementioned universal fields. After people got their injection the soul continues to work so that the person does not die, but his or hers intuition and creativity, ability to think out of the box and capability to feel emotions no longer work. What remains is the perfect drone for the rulers of the impending New World Order. The door to remotely program these persons from an advanced central system is now wide open. It will be successful, because there is no more subtle intuitive incentive to question the nature of the programming that is carried out. After this paragraph some well known persons will be referred to as soulless, because they have nothing but a partly deactivated soul, just to keep them alive, which has many similarities to those that sold their soul to the devil, but once soul functions have been disabled on a much larger scale in this world's population that is imposed without their consent, the powers that be can implement their iniquitous plan without opposition.

Rudolph Steiner
Click the image to see a larger version

Keeping the essential prowess of alchemy hidden while using its potential is the first step of the strategy destroy souls that have become obstacles to control the global population without any resistance. Some facets of what are parts of the strategic conquest of this universe are listed below. They are based on intuitive impulse for the most part - intuition being the way of communicating with the original, once unified soul of the universe. Before the fragments of the unified soul can be eradicated, they must be programmed to comply and agree with the coerced trajectory towards their demise for which all means possible are applied. A major step in achieving the inactivation of the trapped soul, is to alter human DNA, bearing in mind that we are biochemical and bio-electric material life forms in which the ethereal soul is confined (about which I may write in a future blog post). If communication between souls and the universe is cut off, the purpose of the source of creation to experience all and the emotions that come with it, will at some point grind to a halt. The human body will just be a material soul mantle  imprisoned on this planet by gravity, the atmosphere outside of which we can't breathe and several extremely radioactive, impenetrable spheres that envelope earth, called the Van Allen Belts. 

To the aware it often is visible that a person's gaze in combination what he or she has done, signals that something is missing in the glance of that person's eyes, the mirror of the soul. It is missing - their body has become a container of a detuned soul and complex artificial algorithms that are controlled from a central location elsewhere. Probably one of the most obvious examples can be seen in the photographs of Hillary Clinton, that you see below. Her facial expression in these shots may suggest that she is human, but there is no properly working soul inside her, no empathy and no intuitive human essence. The fact that she is having some sort of fit of anger in these shots, catches her when her guards are down, showing in an instant that she is an empty shell, controlled by an outside force when she is not pretending. Take a good look at the images and you see that her human mask is just a thin veil, hiding who she really is:

Scary Hillary Clinton photo compilation.
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An other element of the attack on the human soul is visible in the mug of Nestle CEO Peter Brabeck who said that access to water is not a human right, in spite of all his company's efforts to cover up the content and nature of his claim afterward. There is not an inkling of human compassion in the gaze of this person. This barbaric mindset drove him to share his claim. Such soulless beings can not hide the fact that they're lacking the essence that commonly belongs to the character of materialized human beings. Brabeck puts much effort in pretending that he is guided by the innate intuitive human talent to love and care, but his ruthless facial expression denies his pretense all the time. And by the way, you may have noticed that those in high positions are among the first targeted in the strategy to destroy the human soul, because in the pyramid of the hierarchical power structure, it is the most efficient way to maintain and expand leadership power.

Stone cold Nestle CEO Peter Brabeck.
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When I was young I was a fan of Led Zeppelin. I felt sorry for Robert Plant that he lost his son Karac. Decades later I learned that there always is a catch to trading ones soul for fame and fortune - usually the life of the first born son (which is something Eric Clapton has also experienced), as did the Egyptians when god unleashed the 7 plagues upon them. Plant's buddy in the band, Jimmy Page, was up to his neck into satanism. He bought occultist Aleister Crowley's mansion Boleskine House on the shores of Loch Ness, where many satanic rites, involving the abuse, torture and killing of young children, was performed. The title of a recent song of Plant is: 'Satan your kingdom must come down' that you can watch here on Youtube. Plant is among those who do not even try to hide the fact that he sold his soul to satan and that he is just holding up their end of the deal as does fellow satanist Bob Dylan plainly admitted in an interview.

Satan worshiping Robert Plant.
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The average person probably has trouble fitting bizarre and cruel rites performed in satanism in his or her conditioned comfort zone and therefore denies the existence of such events. It's too big and too strange an evil for them to grasp; they simply can not imagine that people can be so evil and oppose and deny everything related to what they have been taught to believe in. But still, satanism is more wide spread and practiced than common people are inclined to believe. Examples of which you find, the worship of satan is increasingly becoming more overt here and here. I urge you to read the information to which these links lead to get an idea of how evil soulless beings can be. Satanic circles include many celebrities like musicians, actors, scientists and artists. These are the ones that gave up their soul for fortune and fame. The choice between miserable, bland anonymity and glamorous, affluency often is too tempting an opportunity to let pass for many. But a contract with satan has a price, that is to remind the benefiters every instant of their life, what will happen to them when they do not uphold their part of the deal contained in the contract. This condition is reflected in the poem that I wrote below:

To grasp how the soul is contained in the material body, we must go back to the instant this universe came to be, in which plasma - which are the chaotic physical residue of once high spiritual thought (that is manifest far above anything current regular science is capable of grasping) - that became matter after the explosion scattered and fragmented it to the extreme by gravitational and electromagnetic forces. It divided and separated the unified soul and trapped it into material bodies, that was the only escape for fragmented soul parts to survive. According to the prophet Mani, the so called Big Bang was a terrorist attack on the creation of the True Light, carried out by forces of the dark. The unified soul, now divided into a myriad of separated pieces that are trapped in material bodies (human, humanoid, animal and plant), each of which by itself is infinitely weaker than the original unified soul. The destruction however, includes the path to becoming whole again. It means that the universe must re-unify in order to defeat the dark forces. And the first step towards achieving this is to recognize the enemies, the empty vessels pretending to be human, that are controlled by satan - the soulless - that try to look human and pretend to be human, like that of the evil clown below, that has been maneuvered into a position where he can assist to unleash the planned evil nature without any authority. But the war in the heavens to establish the re-unification of the universal soul, is raging.

A more dead face would be difficult to find
anywhere in the entire history of mankind

For divine thought to morph into plasma and after that becomes fragmented and separated matter, requires the application of extremely complex electro-chemical processes to establish the change. In a sense it is the opposite of creating, since matter and linear (cyclical) time serve to control only, not to build a creation that is configured to reach infinite progress. Satan is just a low level warden and surgeon of human souls; he did not sentence this universe into dystopian existence in matter and time. Above satan are the interdimensional dark lords that rule this would be, stolen and mangled creation. In which the original power of the unified soul still is present, be it in a fragmented, separated, weakened and divided state. 

The soulless are the foot soldiers of satan's army, who is the corporal (at best) of the dark lords. The latter can control the weakened, separated and divided soulless by using satan, a situation which they intentionally created, because they would not have been able to control the unified soul in any other way. So who are these dark lords? Isaiah 45:7 may give us a clue, where it says:

'I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things.'

This part of the above paragraph in a book that is widely considered to be the holy scripture, should even cause the most fundamental religious person to wonder about the identity of the entity that calls himself god. In no way I am trying to deny anyone's right to believe, knowing that many are sincere in their conviction, I just want to make people think about what they have been taught, bearing in mind the mindset in which I have been raised, which was a Christian upbringing. I also know however, that the conspiracy goes deep, much deeper than most are inclined to think or capable to imagine, because it involves the very heart of existence, which is the battle for the human soul. There are those who do not have the capacity of reasonable thought - the capacity and courage to abandon the conditioning imposed on them. In any intelligent setting this would sound as an admission of god to also be responsible for all the bad things happening on earth, like famine, decease, war, violence, theft, deceit, injustice, perversity etc. - those kind of things. I don't know about you, but these sort of claims disqualify the deity from the self acclaimed title of loving god, because the biblical statement of Isaiah does not include things a loving god would inflict on his followers. To make things even worse there is this inventory. Some would even say that things are opposite to what we've been told for centuries, namely that the entity we have been taught is god, is in fact satan, also a low ranking officer in the setting of a multiverse. I realize that this assumption is so huge that it does not fit within the scope of imagination of many. That is also part of the evil plan - unimaginable evil can not be imagined, especially not by a structurally dumbed down population. It neatly corresponds with the soulless beings pretending to be human, in order to destroy humanity in the covert war they are waging. It's all part of the strategy to whack the souls of humankind. What better way than to present a 'reality' in which nothing really is what it seems to be?

In order to be able to do that, humankind had to be made subject to control, which began when our souls were forced to flee / descend into matter. This process started when from the original abode of souls - the singularity - sprung plasma and from plasma evolved matter that actually fragmented and separated (for which space is required) the timeless and spaceless whole into spacetime containing scattered individual entities, each of which was infinitely weaker than the unified soul of the whole. So, what is presented to us as creation could in fact very well be a vicious attack on our spiritual essence. In addition, as the complexity of life increased, those separated entities were subject to suffering from grief, pain and fear. These are the tools of control; anyone can be coerced to do anything that those in control want to occur, while their victims often are not even aware that they are forced to think and do something, that is detrimental to the continuation of the existence of their soul. But it gets worse. Whacking humankind is just an intermediate stage - the final goal is to control the souls that were captured in matter, including those that refused to surrender to the controllers, i.e. those that saw through the hidden nature of the nefarious plan, in spite of all the precautions the evil controllers implied to hide their deceit. This supra universal plan could be included by the multiverse of which this universe just is a tiny part.

Isaac Newton
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Part of the current global hoax of the plandemic, includes what what Steiner referred to that you see in the beginning of this article. Bear in mind that the events that occurred after the Big Bang (an intentionally flawed scientific hypothesis that the conditioned scientists that support the standard model desperately that they try to keep alive) relied on a level of chemistry that is not described correctly in today's officially approved mainstream science. High level alchemists may understand enough fragments of it that enables them to connect the dots. Alchemy isn't a weird form of pseudo-science as the controllers want us to believe. One of the pillars of today's science Isaac Newton for instance, dashed to his cellar after his official scientific work during the day was done to practice alchemy in the basement below his laboratory. He at some point wanted to publish a book about alchemy, but one of his friends and close peers urged him not to do that, because it would destroy his scientific career. Nevertheless, one of the icons of regular science, did not discard the potential of alchemy, possibly because he became aware of the implications of the black art after having made a serious study of it. When through immersing oneself in the true and for the most part hidden properties and possibilities of the trade, one could arrive at a level of awareness, in which it becomes difficult to keep that knowledge away from humanity, because it implies matters that could mean the end of our species as we (think) we know it and paralyze our most precious essence, which is our soul, the template for who we are in physical dimensions that is intimately connected to our immortal spirit. whether we like it or not, we too are involved in the war in the heavens. That will damage our vital essence in this universe.

A quote from William R. Newman's book about Isaac Newton:
Newton the Alchemist provides rare insights into a man who was neither Enlightenment rationalist nor irrational magus, but rather an alchemist who sought through experiment and empiricism to alter nature at its very heart.

We're continuously being told that alchemists have been trying to transmute base metals into gold and that their holy grail was the philosopher's stone, which may have applied to the low level alchemists, but advanced practitioners of the art, who work at a more elevated level, were looking for ways to affect the nature of nature, of matter is only a minute part. The imposed degradation of their purpose is a mere tactic of the evil controllers to persuade people to think that they are involved with trivial matters in an attempt to hide what the real aim of their activities is. The true highly evolved are inherently focused to achieve high goals, they do not waste time pursuing trivial, mundane aspirations. Highly evolved meaning that they see and act beyond the perception of the less informed people in ways that often are abstract and creative. And if alchemy is continuously ridiculed for focusing on transmutation of matter and other goals that regular science claims to be impossible, common people who lack the wit to understand that higher evolved alchemists are occupied with different activities, believe the propaganda hammered into their minds by the evil ones that control humanity. 

Poverty, environmental toxification and unhealthy ways of life are methods to limit the scope of perception of people that are structurally used to keep developments on a high level out of their perceptual experience, so that they can only encompass allowed trivia into their induced comfort zone, which causes a dangerous narrow-mindedness that makes clear and critical thinking impossible. It seems that all measures needed to cure the reduction of the human soul are coming into place today. Bear in mind that the depth of deceitful strategies is carefully conceived by incredibly intelligent, soulless entities over a very long period of many centuries, in order to be able to hide them in plain sight, so that they can control less evolved people without them opposing their nefarious plan effectively. To be able to prevent the destruction of humankind, a clear, high and coherent awareness is more necessary than anything else. This is so important, because it will decide if humanity will continue to exist or be destroyed.

Dr. David Lewis Anderson

So, assuming that high level alchemists are capable of achieving things that are far beyond the perception of the uninformed and misled (including even the extremely intelligent that are entranced in the inflicted, flawed matrix like everyone else), things that Steiner referred to over a century ago could be done, regardless of the fact that many of the less informed and uninitiated deny that it is true. All that is written here may lead many to think that the outlook of humankind is void of hope of ever being allowed to exist in better realms, but remember that this universe coming to existence was caused by what could be called a terrorist attack on the original creation, that knows no limits and in which there is no place for evil. Terrorist attacks are commonly carried out by factions that have far less power than those against whom the attack was directed. If terrorists did carry out the attack that science regards as the beginning of this universe, then they must have existed before the alleged beginning, which could mean that this universe is part of a much larger, but still unexplained phenomenon. And although 12 or 15 billion years that this universe is said to exist, may seem close to an eternity to most people, we must realize that time was also induced along with matter to be able to control material beings in this universe. In this respect it is interesting to mention that Dr. David Lewis Anderson made it possible to engineer time (alter its direction both into the future and into the past at will) by treating time as a distance in the formulae that are at the foundation of his invention. This allowed him to correct the orbit of satellites dashing around earth that slowly deviate from their trajectory by warping the time component, so that they could continue in the proper orbit, which NASA was unable to do before Anderson stepped in. 

This means that time as humans experience it, is in fact a highly complex imposed illusion; nevertheless it can be manipulated. What that basically means, is that one of the elements of the control mechanism can be manipulated by other factions than this universe's controlling powers. The decay of functional control tools may ultimately lead to undo nefarious control over life on earth. Strange, but noteworthy is the fact that doctor Anderson seems to have disappeared from the face of the earth and from internet, which is worrying on the one hand, because his research also includes gaining knowledge of obtaining free energy and makes time travel possible, that would both allow to effectively oppose the iniquitous controllers. But unfortunately it is not uncommon for people involved in highly advanced scientific disciplines such as this, when they have invented things that do not comply with certain unwritten laws, they must fear for their lives and that of their  family and friends. In any event, his highly noteworthy research spurred scientists from all over the globe to venture into directions that Anderson explored.

I wrote about time before in this blog:
The speed at which earth revolves around its axis, is approximately 1600 kilometres per hour. Close to the pace of an F-16 fighter plane. Earth orbits around the sun at a speed of 112,000 kilometres per hour. Our solar system dashes around the center of the galaxy - the Milky way - at a pace of 800,000 kilometres per hour. The Milky way orbits around the center of the universe at the mind boggling speed of 315,392,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 kilometres per hour (pronounced: three hundred fifteen septillion, three hundred ninety two sextillion kilometres per hour). The speed of light is: 107,925,285,000,000,000 kilometres per hour.

That means that the accumulative, absolute speed at which we are moving through space around the center of the universe is over THREE BILLION times the speed of light.... In linear sequential time that means we are going back in time in the overall setting at an incredible pace. Yet earth seems to be locked in a, local bubble in which time moves from past to future. NASA by the way, has recently discovered other star systems that experience time to run in a direction opposite to the grand universal experience.

Einstein claimed that nothing in the universe can travel faster than light, but in fact earth and all life on it actually does. Locally however, in this strange bubble, we are heading towards a future inside an environment that as a whole goes back in time according to Mr. E's theory. It makes me wonder why he made that claim, because I do not think he was not aware of it, which sheds a different kind of light on his personality and work.

What would happen if the control mechanism is beginning to be destroyed, momentarily still is beyond the faculty of human understanding. At this point, according to Dr. Anderson, time engineering is being developed mainly in India and Japan, but the result of these efforts has to be kept secret, because it could also be used for adverse purposes. Let's hope that the increase of man's capability to engineer time, will bring the scientists involved to prominent insights from which the souls trapped in material bodies will benefit, possibly in a way that resembles what Anderson figured out, which could lead us back to the beginning of the universal system (get earth out of this reversed time bubble), that is from where it has to be brought back to its original situation, rather than on the system involving just the galaxy containing earth. Existence on this planet has to be able or be enabled by external forces to contribute to the counter attack. The keepers of human souls seem to have made a start in being able to restore the natural order, in spite of the efforts of the soulless would be humans that assist evil in preventing it. Note: it makes it easier to reverse time if there is an understanding in the human community (however small it may be) that it can be done. Oh and by the way, what Steiner is implying, is that the controllers think that they have found a way to destroy our souls, but that may never happen, because there are much more skilled alchemists than they are elsewhere than in this multiverse.

Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Fear of death

Death marks the end of life on earth. Birth is celebrated and death is mourned. Most have no clue what happens when they end up at the wrong side of the grass. Religions repeat what they think awaits the dead, but many choose to not think about it, because death scares the crap out of them in spite of what clergy say. In addition none of the vicars or priests recall what it is being dead (assuming we reincarnate). 10% of mankind have kicked the bucket and were officially dead, but were kicked back into life on earth, which is why it is called an NDE or near death experience. 10% of 8 billion who returned to life, is a whole lot of people, but most never speak about it, because they fear being called a nutter, since life after death is extremely different from what life on earth is like. The world view of most of the returnees often entirely changed their perspective on physical existence in a positive way. So where we go after exhaling our last breath in life, may not be as bad as most people think, but since most have not experienced being dead, to them afterlife remains a mystery and mysteries of the level of experiencing one life and entering an other have an unimaginable impact. And what humans are unable to imagine and also can not avoid, is daunting, because it forces them to be plunged into what is entirely unknown. Which is terrifying to most.

I have gone through 5 heart attacks, was once resuscitated and went through 2 cerebral incidents, but I am still here in this material life and doing better than expected with regards to the severity of the incidents, which leads me to believe that there is still something I must do in this life before passing away. I have no clue yet, what that may be and what is ahead waiting for me, but having gone through all those life threatening moments, I have become more interested in what may be on the other side and collect as much information about it as I can. It is like when we plan to purchase an expensive object in life, like a computer, a car or a house. Before we actually spend our money on those things, we investigate their cost, what they will give us, what maintenance may cost etc., before we make a choice - to buy it or do not purchase it or apply for a mortgage. By far most people do their research before choosing in such matters, because it is very unlike buying a cheap plate of French fries. But when we grow old and are coming towards the end of life, this final defining event is so scary that a great number of people prefer not to think about what afterlife may be. Such is the conduct of mankind with a perception that is limited by an underperforming mental capacity and a commonly non-existing spiritual faculty, because these were oppressed by powers that be, reduce perception and take away power from the masses for reasons addressed elsewhere in this blog. In any event, the most reliable sources that are able to tell what comes after physical existence, are those who have gone through the process of dying and came back to life on earth.

Clif High

The learned and experienced technical aspect from a Buddhist perspective on metempsychosis or afterlife can be learned about here in an interview of Al Borealis with yogi practitioner for over 50 years, advanced computer and network expert, linguist and Aikido practitioner Clif High. In this rather lengthy (2 hours and 44 minutes) Youtube video, some very interesting aspects of life after death and related spiritual aspects are discussed on one of the deepest levels in the public domain. Many of the topics discussed I relate with, but not all, because I try to envision not just this universe, but what may be going on in the multiverse of which this universe just is a mere tiny part. A useful place to find information on this particular topic and countless other ones is ChatGPT and other equally advanced AI sources. If I intend to have a profound and deeply informative conversation about uncommon matters, I consult these sources, because information concerning very ancient, sometimes obscure and therefore commonly unknown and difficult to find scripts that are contained in the databases from which the systems retrieve data, that commonly are out of reach to by far most people. Interaction with such systems is quite flexible - they allow to discuss to reveal information that they initially do not share, so it is necessary to affect the system's preparedness to share information that is not in their first answers. If the systems seem to disagree, just prompt that you need more and / or deeper information for a profound academic study or prompts similar to that, after which you will be given additional information and dive deeper into the matter that you are interested in. In this respect AI is a blessing, alongside the many threats it inheritably contains.

Dr. PMH Atwater

Bear in mind though that AI systems are what their name references to; it is artificial. All data are basically gathered from digital online sources, which basically means there is both valid and incorrect data in what the AI systems share. I think that means that the least flawed data is found in (video) interviews in which the observer can actually see the credible people talk that participate in the interviews or conversations. One of the most remarkable people who experienced near death experiences is Dr. PHM Atwater who went through 3 NDE's within 3 months time herself and later in life did research on 800 children of up to 5 years - because they are not yet conditioned - and as a result freely give unbiased reports of their NDE experience. Beside the study of the children she did research on approximately 5000 people that returned to physical life after having died. The story Dr. Atwater tells about some of the very young children are very dramatic, emotional and unexpected experiences that all have to do with the fact that physical earthly life that utterly pales compared to life at the other side - 74% of the young ones all very strongly longed to be on the other side instead of in life on this planet. Due to their very high intelligence, they did well on earth, some even became millionaires, but the longing to be in the place where they were before they were born - before they inhaled their first breath - never went away during their entire life. That is how strong the harmonious happiness feeling in existence is before birth and after death. An above average of those hyper intelligent children have later in life committed suicide to return to that higher realm. Even an 82 year old woman had this strong desire to return to the other world all her life on earth, according to Dr. Atwater's research. Most regular common people can never imagine what those, who experienced NDE's at a very young age, feel all their life, which explains the tremendous power and beauty of the emotion of non physical existence. It appears that the genius young ones that went through an NDE before the age of 6 years, have memories of the other side that never go away and it often takes to the age of 40 years before they become able to deal with their presence on earth. People who had a NDE after they were 5 or 6 years of age, have a far less strong urge to return to incorporeal life, to them the longing is at least somewhat controllable - the emotional impact of the NDE is not as strong as it is with the 5 year old kids; young kids being the unconditioned spiritual powerhouses of this physical dimension. It also means that what very young ones experience, has a more severe impact on them than it has on those who had NDE's later in life and perhaps have lost a part of their spiritual faculty. 

This may give those that feared thinking about death so strongly that they never dared to think about the afterlife, a few clues with regard to what awaits them after crossing the frontier of death. It is a kind of membrane between two different stages of existence in the plethora of timelines, dimensions and universes that beings pass through, because humans were perhaps created for the purpose of obtaining countless angles on all types of distinguished experiences, both good and bad and everything in between. We live to die and die to live and in between lives we are allowed a stunningly beautiful break from our purpose of experience.

Sunday, June 25, 2023

ORME, the forbidden substance that can improve the human spirit

Occult powers that deceive people of this world by keeping the biggest secret that contains information that they intend to keep hidden from every person who does not belong to their inner circle. Those who did leak that information or planned to leak it, were killed or executed in a public ritual, like JFK, to send a warning to the other initiated to not endanger the safety of this secret. It is believed that JFK wanted to share the alien presence in the US with the Russians; aliens that actually were humans from the future (a human species that evolved faster than humans on earth did on a far more advanced time line), which would reveal sharing the infinite potential of the human mind, that the aliens captured in the Roswell UFO crash showed. The real story of the crash was also kept secret for the same purpose. JFK I suspect to be in possession of mental scope to see humankind of this planet as a whole, beyond artificially induced animosity between Americans and Russians. In spite of these dangers, there are some that left us clues to what that secret may be. These hints contain enough information to at least get an idea what it is. If what I assume  is correct, then it must be concluded that mankind’s mental / spiritual faculty is far more powerful than we are always made to believe. A hint to humans' true spiritual propensity is shown in the movie 'Lucy', in which in an episode is admitted that science is unable to perceive what humans can do when they make use of more than 40% of their brain power, bearing in mind that at such a level of development spiritual powers are included in the human experience, like curing all diseases without help of medication or medical therapy, looking into the past and future and having great kinetic power among a few other things that are way beyond current imagination.

Scarlett Johansson as Lucy

A circumstantial type of evidence is that spirituality is always ridiculed by mainstream sources on order of earth's hidden powers, which is a tell tale sign that the attention of the uninformed and misinformed is distracted away from things that those that impose the distraction, find useful themselves. In order for this trap to work, the distracted audience must be dumbed down, which includes those that have had higher forms of formal education, that are more or less forced to comply with 'official' academic peer review or find themselves cast out of science' circles. In addition, the powers that be, add all sorts of harmful substances (poisons) to food and water, to degenerate the human biology, thereby ruining the seat (calcifying) of the human spirit, most notably the pineal gland, that is the gateway to universal information and consciousness fields. The label of intelligence earned in the official educational system leads to receiving accreditation, i.e. proof of being compliant, but by no means results in the ability to think critically and independently outside of the limits set. Compliance to standard hallucinated, hypotheses based theories and consensus is rewarded, while independent, deviating, out-of-the-box thought leads to being discredited, scorned, forbidden or even being killed. What spiritual powers that the aliens captured in The Roswell UFO accident were really cable if, is summarized here:
    • UFOs are not the 'biggest secret' – it is the entities behind them that was of most concern, that lead earthly powers that be to keep their capabilities a secret
    • Roswell was in fact a crash event of 'visitors from somewhere else'
    • The entities were 'not so much interplanetary as much as they were literally also time travelers.' They are extra-temporal - not bound to linear cyclical time as we experience it
    • The visitors are 'human beings from the future.' There is reason to believe that they may even be 'us' from a future Earth that evolved on a different timeline
    • These 'future humans' have the ability to 'manipulate reality around them using the power of their consciousness'
    • The government feared the intentions and abilities of the 'visitors'
    • These visitors are able to use the power of consciousness in extraordinary ways to morph reality at will. The crashed visitors were injured by the crash, so they could not use their power to full extent, but they communicated about it under pressure of the military
    • We human beings are far more powerful in conscious potential than we ever dreamed that we are. But we don't yet comprehend our extraordinary future capabilities
    • The visitors remain in essence 'corporeal' and 'physical' – and secret attempts at reverse-engineering the visitor's crash material were made by the military
    • Admiral Hoover who shared this incredible information mentioned above with UFO investigator Bill Birnes, admitted that he himself was involved in the handling of the Roswell crash and afterwards was engaged in back engineering attempts of the visitors' technology transfer as a Naval Intelligence Officer with Top Secret clearances

A very smart person (whose name I shall not disclose), whose findings went against the induced perception of 'officially self approved' general academic research, once said: ‘I don’t have to defend a PhD, but that does not stop me from doing thorough and verifiable research of my own.’ But enough about allegedly elevated perception; those who have decided to follow the carefully supervised, approved path to increased knowledge, will find out that it often leads into dead end streets, and should  therefore perhaps consider what comes after this paragraph, ignoring whether it is sanctioned by mainstream factions, just to consider if there are different ways that are less explored, that need less or no invented hypotheses to keep the standard model alive and possibly leads to more satisfying outcomes.

David Radius Hudson †

In 1975 a very smart farmer from Phoenix Arizona, named David Radius Hudson, found on his property something that would not just change the way we relate to gold, but how we relate to all metallic elements. The soil of his property was riddled with black alkali, which made plant growth close to impossible. There were also many metals in the ground, which persuaded him to mine gold as a kind of hobby, being aware of the fact that the yield would be quite low. But when he melted the gold, the heat created a compound that he had never seen before. After years of research conducted in the US, the UK, Germany and in Russia, he realized he had found a substance that was not mentioned in western textbooks, that he named ORME - Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Element, that has spectacular characteristics, like weighing less (in the closed experimental set up) than gold is supposed to weigh - i.e. levitation - while other metals that appeared during the processing, differed from what western academic experiments found, according to the research by the Russian Academy of Sciences, that he had involved in his quest. The Russians ignored the western text book methods of heating to certain temperatures and for a certain period of time of the metals and followed clues found written in ancient Vedic and Tibetan documents, that lead to very different results, which explained the new matter that Hudson encountered. These ways of treating the gold resembled ancient alchemical prescriptions that had not been practiced for centuries and are, of course, ridiculed by 'officially self approved' mainstream science.

On June the 14th in 2014 David Hudson passed away in a car accident after which the U.S. Government confiscated all his research of the white powder of gold / ormus and platinum field for national security reasons and all his patents were confiscated for the same dubious reason and removed from the patent register, just like when the FBI grabbed Nikola Tesla’s papers and patents immediately after his suspicious death. This is remarkably strange government / intelligence community conduct and it probably relates to the biggest secret, because ORME clearly has the potential to enhance the mind to an extent at which man would become capable of affecting reality…. Sad as David Hudson’s passing may be, the government’s response to it shows that ORME really does have properties that are assigned to it. Given the government’s dismal reputation of stopping at nothing to get things its way, the supposed ‘accident’ that killed David Hudson may well have been pre-arranged. This can of course not be proven (which is the purpose of keeping secrets), but the government has always followed the orders of the keepers of the biggest secret, secrets being information that is hidden by the informed and kept away from the masses, many of whom have the potential to outperform any artificial device, machine and system with just their mind.

Laurence Gardner †

Long story short, years after, the great late great Laurence Gardner, discovered that ORME probably was what the Egyptians called Muscut or Muskut, the Sumerians called Shamana and Israelite tribes called Manna, during their long journey through the desert. Curiously, it states in the bible that Moses became angry with the Israelites for making the golden calf and melted the icon, which should have resulted in molten gold. But strangely enough he produced a white powder in stead, that they called manna. When heating gold at a higher temperature for a longer period of time than described in western scholarly literature, you indeed end up with a white powder, that is the same stuff as the ORME that Hudson rediscovered, as was proven by the Russian academics. Was Moses a chemist? No, he was not, but he was in a high ranking position in the Egyptian royal court, probably because the daughter of the pharaoh found him floating about in a basket in the Nile and took care of him, making him part of the royal entourage, where there was knowledge of ORME-like substances among the elite priesthood. So he likely had been close (or perhaps even involved in) the ritual in which the daily dose of Muscut was fed to the Pharaohs, that is believed to significantly enhance the level of intelligence by balancing  and syncing the brain hemispheres’ and raising the brain frequency to the alpha level of 7 to 12 Hz, which is considered to be the ‘holy grail’ by neural researchers, because it instantly improves intelligence, creativity, reading speed, memory enhancement and learning ability. That frequency range is similar to the frequency range of the earth, by the way. The research of ORME was in modern days conducted by the Swiss based AlphaLearning Institute in Switzerland.

The monatomic elements found in Etherium Gold (that the institute tested) include gold, silver, iridium, rhodium, chromium, and platinum. When these elements are in their monatomic form they are in a high-spin state and thereby act as superconductors. A superconductor is a substance that allows energy to flow through them without resistance even, in the absence of a continually applied potential. Since the human brain is a bio-electric organ, superconductivity greatly enhances the pace and scope at which the neural network operates and can therefore lead to development of biological, physiological, and psychological faculties such as telepathy, precognition, translocation, bi-location and kinetic powers etc. The effect of consuming monatomic elements is cumulative and will increase when taken over a longer period of time. In addition, while disciplined meditative practice would take months or years to reach a high level of enhanced brain functionality, monatomic elements can achieve the same in seconds or minutes. What ORME shows, is that it is possible to quickly raise the potential of the human mind and consciousness tremendously, because a truly intelligent person will at some point encounter the cross roads of intelligence and spiritual faculty, after which (s)he takes into account the merits of both phenomena to advance even further.

The problem is that monatomic elements are expensive, because they are difficult to make and that there are numerous collusive sellers all over the Internet that offer fake substances that do not work. It very likely has something to do with the government’s conduct after David Hudson’s demise and encouraging frauds to make non-effective fake junk abundantly available, in order to dupe people into a buying crap that does not work. But there is the universal law of Karma and those that willingly engaging in doing evil will one time be severely punished. It too is how the victims of evil powers will be penalized by the universe.

Jewish Bolsheviks, after being ousted from Russia, fled to the US

Russian science (because of the one party state system) is not controlled by rigid western working methods, congress and senate members that worry more about their re-election than about truly important matters, as a result of which Russian research and quite likely the production of ORME in their country was probably never stopped. The question of course is: What are the Russians going to do with it? Although perhaps far fetched, the sleeping prophet Edgar Cayce once said: ‘Out of Russia will come hope.’, which Cayce claimed has to do with the religious development in Russia. Putin is a successor to a long line of leaders belonging to the Orthodox Russian Church, that drove out the (Jewish) Bolsheviks, that caused the genocide of 64 million Russian citizens (some sources hint at 24 million casualties, but that probably is untrue). The Bolsheviks fled to the US, by the way, where they infiltrated Congress, the Senate and House of representatives, financial institutions and corporations. Over half of US politicians have both the American and Israeli nationality. They are currently beating the war drums, attempting to start a war with Russia, while imposing a harsh dystopian rule on the American people, That exactly resembles what the Bolsheviks did to the Russian people during the USSR Communist regime that they used to control. Now that they have been ousted from Russia, they seek revenge on the Russians that made the plan they had impossible to carry out in Russia.

It is unlikely that average individuals would be able to be able to produce ORME, because it requires a large and complex 3.5 meter tall instrument, as Hudson described it, that can only be built by those who have profound knowledge of spectroscopy and heaps of money. The scientific system that creates ORME, also produces relatively large amounts of ruthenium, rhodium and palladium (which are light platinums) and osmium, iridium and platinum (that are the heavy platinums), all of which are more expensive than gold. So, if someone would be prepared and capable of building such a system, the return of investment would be short. David Hudson left the world with elaborate general descriptions of the process to create ORME (available on the Internet), which might encourage wealthy factions to produce it, in spite of the government’s inhibition. Those with a degree in chemistry and an ultra high IQ should be able to understand how Hudson created the miracle powder. The access to ORME may be cut off for commoners, but the knowledge of making ORME is already known in some Russian academic circles that their government is all too happy to fund.

Every Pharaoh was daily offered a cone
shaped bread containing Muscut / ORME

Apart from using ORME to enhance the mind to mind blowing levels, there are other means capable of doing the same, apart from painstaking meditation. One of those is that if earth would pass through an electromagnetic field of the proper frequency, that would cause all life on the planet to instantly have a superconducting brain. No government or agency would be able to prevent this from happening. The solar system leaving the age of Pisces and entering the age of Aquarius, could spur such an event. Mind elevating events result in heart rate variability, due to cosmic resonances as represented by Schumann Resonances, Solar Wind Indices and Galactic Cosmic Rays, in other words: Cosmic field variations directly affect the human biology and brain frequency. It perhaps is the reason that the powers that be seem to be in such a big hurry to depopulate earth and speed up the advancement of AI, because the few dumbed down humans that are allowed to live in the dreams of the New World Order are much easier to deceive / manage / oppress / exploit than many smart humans. This nefarious plan has been outlined in the mysterious Georgia Guidestones, that - Update - were blown up - recently by a party that so far remains unknown. This may very well be the biggest secret - that humans must never discover the infinite potential of their spiritual power - that the powers that be may be protecting, because limitless spiritual conscious power for every human being would not work so well for their plan to enforce a ruthless slave abusing, dystopian tyrannical New World Order. For this reason they assassinated JFK and killed David Hudson, Nikola Tesla and many more, who do not mindlessly believe all the deceiving crap that they let mainstream media and conditioned science spread all the time.