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Aeroponic plant growing method that works properly


Many years ago, I started this blog as one that focused on indoor soilless aeroponic growing from where the name of this blog was derived. Isocult is a word play on Indoor Soilless Cultivation. The prefix Iso also means equal or equally in the English language, that I intended to function as a hint to the fact that growing plants, that have their roots suspended in air, is equally natural (most well known are orchids) as traditional growing of vegetation in soil. It just is less common and therefore scarcely known. It does however have many advantages over traditional cultivation and more importantly, when done correctly, it has a number of advantages, like a shorter growing period, bigger yield, better plant health and taste of the produce. But the key word here is correctly, since most growers have not built their aeroponic system in the proper way. My isocult company, that still was in the research phase, by the way, was wrecked by the criminal tax collectors, that vehemently leech small companies, while extending large corporations generous tax exemptions.

In by far most natural cases of plant growth, the root system is embedded in soil, since this is practical to do for nature in most circumstances. Soil is a good foundation for plants. When plants die, their parts gradually fall to the ground (by the earth's gravitation) and become humus or mold (by the influence of sun light, oxygen and water), that serves as nutrient for the next generations of plants. Because in aeroponic growing the plants' root systems are not bedded in soil, the roots are less vulnerable to pests and detrimental microbes that thrive in soil, can be fed nutrients more effectively and can be aeriated much better than roots in soil. These aspects cause plants to grow faster without the risk of acquiring diseases, while producing a bigger yield per plant, which produce tastes better. In aeroponic growing no pesticides are necessary. But in order to reap the benefits that this type of cultivation offers, a specifically set up and tuned system has to be built, that requires knowledge and some funding.

Why pseudo aeroponic systems fail
Yet many attempts to grow plants in an aeroponic set up have failed. The main cause of failure is the transfer of nutrients to the root system. The only way in which nutrients are fed correctly to the roots is by creating a fog of very fine particles of a nutrient containing solution that is supplied to the roots. The crux is in the droplet size of the nutrient solution particles. Dry fogs will have a mean droplet size of between 5 and 20 microns. Wet fogs will have a mean droplet size of between 20 and 30 microns. Mists have a mean droplet size of between 30 and 60 microns. The dry fog application is the only proper method to supply nutrients to the roots in a high yield aeroponic growing system. Dry fog hovers in the air for a longer period of time than other types of spray, so that the roots are given the time to take them in. Dry fog also does not create a film of nutrient solution around the roots (it doesn't condense on the root surface), which prevents the formation of mold and allows the roots to continue to breathe air. Mist particles are too big, drop down faster than fog due to the earth's gravity, because the particles are too big and weigh too much, while they form a film around the roots. Lastly there is Spray that contains droplets between 60 and 200 microns, that simply is totally unfit for aeroponic growing, yet many would be aeroponic systems are fitted with nozzles that produce such a coarse type of mist or a spray instead of dry fog, that do not transfer nutriens in an optimal way, risk causing mold around the roots and are prone to clogging. This is a recipe for failure, after which growers claim aeroponic growing doesn't work, ignoring the fact that their inefficient set up was the cause of their problems.

Droplet size and clogged nozzles
Besides too lage droplets, the clogging of the spray nozzles are among the main problems that growers, that think they have built an aeroponic set up, encounter. These are the two main reasons pseudo aeroponic systems fail. The solution to these impediments is to use nozzles that produce a dry fog and do not clog. Dry fog nozzles that deserve to be described in that way have no construction analog to that of venturi principle based airbrush-like nozzles, that will at some point inevitably clog. The channel through which the nutrient solution of true dry fog nozzles is supplied, is much larger than those of 'traditional' nozzles. The dry fog is produced outside the supply channel by blasting the pressured air propelled nutrient solution against a small stub that is placed outside and in front of the supply channel. This construction makes clogging virtually impossible and actually is a self cleaning construction.

Dry fog nozzles vs venturi nozzles
Dry fog nozzles cost between 25 and 80 USD in Ebay and since they produce a dry fog that remains suspended in air longer than mists and sprays, there are fewer nozzles needed to supply nutrients to the plants' roots. A good explanation of how dry fog nozzles work and for which purpose they can be used is found here. The presentation is given by the inventor and owner of the AeroScience manufacturer. Unfortunately when visiting their website, all products are listed out of stock (...), but there is a way to distinguish nozzles that are bound to clog from non-clogging dry fog nozzles visually. What remains to be tested, is that of course the construction's performance depends on minute differences in shape of the various parts and the level of supply of the nutrient solution and air pressure, but in any event these dry fog nozzles (top notch quality or not) perform way better than the venturi based ones. Below you see images of the principle of a dry fog nozzles, compared to a venturi based nozzle. In the red circle is where fog creation takes place. Click the images to view larger versions of them in Google's Lightbox.

Supply channel is larger than venturi
nozzle and fog creation takes place outside of
supply channel of the nutrient solution and pressured air

Ultrasonic dry fog nozzle that also creates fog outside of the supply channel

Venturi nozzle - mist creation takes
place inside the nozzle chamber.
Spray nozzles are even worse.

When mist creation takes place inside the nutrient solution supply channel, the nozzle sooner or later will clog - this is inevitable and can't be prevented when using venturi type nozzles. In dry fog nozzles the fog is created outside the channel, which results in smaller droplets - 5 - 10 microns - while clogging does not occur. The latter type of nozzle most definitely is the preferred choice for aeroponic growing set ups. Rule of thumb is, that when observing the fog and there are visible droplets falling down from it, the nozzle is not top quality. The best dry fog nozzles produce a fog from which no visible droplets fall down. If you are physically testing a nozzle, dry fog - as the name indicates - should feel dry to the touch and not form a liquid film on your fingers.

Ultrasonic dry fog nozzles
And then there is the ultrasonic dry fog nozzle, which produces even smaller droplets of 1 - 5 microns. Of course these more advanced type of nozzles come at a price (think €200+). The ultrasonic waves ensure that there is no clogging whatsoever, while they produce the finest droplets of all nozzles. Ultrasonic devices are used to remove stubborn marine life and grime from ship hulls, so keeping channels open to allow nutrient solutions to pass uninhibited, is no problem for the high pitch waves. Some growers may prefer these, but the majority will be just fine with the less complicated dry fog nozzles.

Most efficient aeroponic growing set up
So, however an aeroponic growing set up is going to be built, never use misting or spraying nozzles, but go for the dry fog nozzles. Roots take up oxygen, which they can do in a larger volume in a properly built aeroponic system than when they are embedded in soil. So, roots will flourish when they are properly aerated and when they do the entire plant will be in a better condition. In the schematic image below, besides the dry fog nozzle, a low yield fan is placed near the bottom of the container just above the strainer, which will improve the suspension of the fog, giving the roots more time to take up nutrients (that won't drip away under their own weight) from within the solution and in addition the roots are aerated. Such a construction should boost produce yield and guarantee uninterrupted operation, regular maintenance excluded.

Principle efficient aeroponic growing set up.

Adjustable speed computer casing fans
serve perfectly as root aeration fans

Aeroponic details and set up
The strainer has to be checked with regular intervals, which probably increases as the plant grows larger, also depending on the type of plant. This container is rather tall, since I designed it for plants that hold their produce attached to their long root system, like potatoes, cassava and carrots. Obviously smaller crop, like micro greens and crops that bear produce among their leafs, like tomatoes, require less tall containers. I chose to draw a set up for potatoes, cassava and carrots, because they have high nutritional value and can be prepared in many tasty ways. The pump has to have adjustable yield, while on the type of air compressor in the drawing the yield can also be adjusted. The root aeration fan has to be set so (low) that the flow of the fog will not be disturbed, while still delivering air (oxygen) to the root system. Computer casing fans that have adjustable speed are perfectly suited for the job. It is best to let the fan and dry fog nozzle work in alternating sequence, each running for 5 or 10 minutes, for example. So the two components must be turned on and off at regular intervals, so that they don't interfere with each other. Integrating timers in the system will make sure the various supply systems of pressured air, solution mixture and oxygen work together in concert. Aside dry fog nutrients supply, root aeration also speeds up the growing pace and results in a larger amount of produce, that tastes better. Another reason why oxygen around the root mass is so important is that beneficial microorganisms rely on oxygen-rich environments to live and reproduce. On the other hand, pathogenic organisms do not survive well in oxygen-rich environments. In fact, most pathogenetic microorganisms only thrive in oxygen-depleted environments, which is why they are considered anaerobic organisms. Oxygen around a plant’s rhizosphere (region subject to the influence of plant roots and their associated micro organisms) directly affects the population of beneficial microorganisms that provide multiple benefits to a plant, including increasing nutrient uptake and protection from pathogens. It concurs with the approach of alchemists, who say: don't go against nature, but it is OK to help nature without violating its laws ( the 1:41 - 1:42 part of the video). It also makes sense to include in the construction a hoist to elevate the light fixture and container lid with attached parts to the desired height. The energy consumption of such a system is modest and even alternative energy, like solar panels, can be used to provide most if not all of the energy requirements.

Of course the supply of air and nutrient solution can be automated to ensure that the root system receives the proper amount of nutrients with the optimal intervals. I have seen this done in Youtube videos with a well programmed Raspberry Pi that can be configured in a local network, so that production can be controlled from a central point. I hope this article contributes to solving some of the questions that aeroponic growers may have. I wrote this blog entry with the intentionally induced, unprecedented recession / inflation on its way and iniquitous WEF-compliant government regulations impending, that are meant to force people to live in a dystopian world, in which food shortage will be a major problem, which hints at the concealed goal that corrupt authorities pursue. Aeroponic growing set ups can be used indoors, so that production of food is shielded from the detection of government hunting hound agencies and starved people are looking for produce to steal. An other great feature of indoor aeroponic growing, is that growing is not dependent on seasons, while crop is protected against rough weather conditions - you can grow plants at any time you think is necessary, all year long, every year. The energy, water and nutrient consumption is very modest, a lot less lower than that of growing crops in soil. But growers must bear in mind that they have to mimic aspects of nature that evolved over billions of year, many of which have to be understood thoroughly to get good results. Some of these aspects can be improved upon, because nature delivers energy and nutrients in a different way, but it also means that many mistakes can be made in growing in very different conditions. The crux of the matter is: study the various ways of indoor growing meticulously before beginning to take a shot at it. Don't try to find out things the hard way, there are many who have learned from their mistakes or have performed intensive research on how to successfully grow crops indoors. The challenge is to distinguish those that talk out of their rear end from the really savvy ones.

Other sources that offer necessary information for indoor growing
There are of course many ways to grow plants; what I described here is just one way to build an aeroponic system that actually works. I don't pretend to know all about aeroponic growing, but merely want to warn potential growers to not make costly mistakes that lead to disappointing results. There is this site, the SuperFlux Blog, in which a number of experiments with indoor growing are explained in a nicely comprehensible manner. Understanding in which way plants prefer to absorb nutrients, air and light is the heart of successful growing.

Correct lighting is an aspect of indoor growing that deserves proper study, since many lighting set ups are just accidents that are waiting to happen. If plants are put in an incorrect environment, they will die in a matter of hours. Growers will be discouraged by this and after having spent money on equipment, will not have funds left in search of a correct way to cultivate crops. The Spruce is good site to minimize the risk of spending money on lighting that does not work. The information provided in this site is based on test that employees have performed, because there are many factors - spectrum ranges, light colour, heat radiation - that lead to successful growing or disasters.

Supplying the correct nutrients is a necessity to grow happy plants. Different types of plants require different nutrient mixes, in different quantities, while the correct pH level has to monitored carefully. An incorrect pH value will kill plants faster than growers can earn money to live and spend on their growing system. Plants are even more finicky than humans about what type of food they consume. But when fed well, the reward is generous. Gardeningtips is a good site to start to get familiar with the proper supply of plant nutrient solutions.

pH sensor that can be integrated in an automated control system

General Aeroponic pH-regulation kit

Grow, Micro and Bloom plant nutrients

Plant root system aeration is an often overlooked aspect of aeroponic growing, that could boost the pace of growth and volume of produce significantly. In the 1800's the atmosphere's oxygen level was twice as high as it is now. Vegetation needs more time to adjust to changed conditions; evoltion works at a lower pace. The New Phytologist Foundation offers an in depth article on the importance of plant root system aeration, that will help indoor farmers to grow plants faster, bigger and better tasting. The site is an independent research organization, that focuses on plant science and offers a wealth of information that is useful for indoor growers. If you want to gain an adequate insight on plant growth, it is a good idea to start here. Root aeration probably is the least costly part of an indoor aeroponic system, but it will help to boost growth significantly.

Air compressors are an integral part of an aeroponic system that works with dry fog nozzle(s). Airbrush compressors can be used for the purpose of creating dry fog. There basically are two types of compressors - membrane compressors and piston compressors. The first are smaller and less costly (€ 100 - 200) and the latter types cost a little more (€300 - 600), produce a greater airflow and are more durable. Airbrush Services Almere are a company that offers such machines. The company staff is very knowledgeable and provide a world famous service.

Quiet airbrush compressors

Programmable aquarium pumps are necessary to feed the dry fog nozzle(s) with the nutrient solution. The pump featured here, the Aqua-Computer Aquastream XT USB 12V - Ultra (€90), I have placed outside of the container, because it has a USB connector that allows it to be hooked up to a computer, so that it can be integrated into a central timing system. The company that offers a wide range of aquarium pumps is High Flow.

8 channel dosing pump, allowing to grow 8 different types of plants at the same time

Timers are a necessary tool to automate aeroponic systems. Hydroponics EU offers a wide range of timers that can be used to centralize automated aeroponic systems. They have been around in the indoor growing scene for a long time and know their business. On the ResearchGate website you can even download complete computer program to control your entire aeroponic system.

NASA is conducting profound research into aeroponic growing to provide nutritious fresh food for astronauts on lengthy inter planetary voyages. Download the 2006 spin off pdf-document here.

isocult wallpaper (rightclick to see and download)

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The level of deviousness man's mind is capable of

When watching an episode of the very informative Forum Borealis show on YouTube in which the fascinating and brilliant Joseph P Farrell was interviewed by the equally intelligent Al Borealis, I learned about the assassination attempt on Hitler. It commonly is quite easy to deceive the average person for organizations that have the means, experience and information to do that, but to successfully mislead the equally well trained and equipped enemy intelligence community is a matter of an entirely different level. Here is what (most likely) really took place.

Forum Borealis

Joseph P Farrell before he grew a goatee

The German secret service was aware of the fact that western secret services closely monitored a number of key officers in their operation and contrived a plan to deceive the enemy. They seemingly unwittingly leaked a plan to British intelligence (MI6), subtly indicating that the assassination of Hitler was planned, in which the aforementioned officers were involved. The British took the bate and contacted the group that supposedly intended to kill the Führer, offering assistance. Among the contrived Nazi dissidents was a general who was in charge of the reconnaissance and making quarters (accurately timed travel arrangements of skilled staff, transfer of information and equipment, building of facilities, logistics, set up communication systems, create escape routes... etc.) in Argentina - San Carlos de Bariloche - from where (part of) the German post war operations were planned to be conducted. This bloke was not a low level player in the enterprise that was being conducted to prepare facilities, that the Nazis had already deemed to be necessary towards the end of World War II.

When the assassination attempt 'failed' after which the 'perpetrators' were allegedly executed, the allied intelligence ceased to watch the general, because they thought he and others that were involved in the fake assassination attempt were dead, allowing the Nazis to continue what they were doing while no longer being watched. Imagine what such an intricate deception required. Air tight 'evidence' had to be conjured to convince professionally paranoid allied secret services that Hitler was going to be murdered, while at the same time the staff that was supposedly shot had to be ushered out of sight and be allowed to continue to do what they were selected to do elsewhere. Fragments of what occurred in reality were shown in the Valkyrie movie (named after the German assassination plot) that starred Tom Cruise, who at some point in the movie was provided with the detonators for the explosives that were intended to be used to blow up Hitler. They were of a British make, a clue that the allied intelligence were lured in the trap set up by the Nazis. The director of the Valkyrie movie, Bryan Singer, was part of circles that were aware of matters that are far beyond the scope of ordinary people, which allowed him to include such details in the movie script (that most people would overlook anyway). The fact that someone in Singer's contacts knew about the detonators and told him about it, hints at the fact that there are strange, concealed connections with parties involved with the entourage of the would be German conspirators and possibly their hoodwinked allied counterparts as well. It smells like a haughty touch of arrogance on the part of the successors to the wartime Nazis to slip such a shifty detail stealthily into the public realm, which is nothing less than hiding matters in plain sight.

The word 'Valkyrie' comes from the Old Norwegian words val ('to choose') and kyrja ('slaughter'), which literally means 'choosers of those who are killed' or in this case, supposedly executed. According to Norwegian mythology, the Valkyries chose which dead soldiers were to be picked up and taken to Odin in Valhalla, where they would then remain for the rest of eternity. The analogy to how the hypothesised Nazi conspirators fared, whose death was staged like the assassination, is easy to see. Naming the fake assassination operation and the movie Valkyrie therefore is an other clue to the devious nature of the Nazi plot, that their secret service planners had probably hinted at to the Hollywood crowd, that are their errand boys appointed to conceal perversely iniquitous matters in plain sight.

Anyway, this is just one example of the level of deviousness that the human mind is capable of; a nefarious chess game on a high level that takes place well outside the reach of the perception of the misinformed masses. This took place 8 decades ago, which should be a warning to the aware, since today's methods of deceit have evolved beyond that degree of deceit, bearing in mind that information technology and devices and systems to remotely read and control minds have immensely improved since the time of the staged assassination attack on Hitler.

The 'official' narrative presented by lamestream media

Now that you perhaps understand how profoundly deviously evil minds are able to work, you may conceive information that is fed to you with even more caution than you already did. The only mindset that enables you to discern if information is true or false is to do your own research, choosing your sources with care and mulling thoroughly on the information you acquired. The occult establishment always thinks and acts out of the box; they invented the box and trapped your mind in it, so that you keep running into the box' walls, also known as the comfort zone prison. After bumping your head more often than you care to remember, you become compliant and obedient and are no longer a threat to them, because you have arrived at the conclusion that you can never win this fight. Those who do think out of the box in spite of all, may also want to ignore the unevidenced rubble blurted by ignorant knuckle draggers and / or agents of the occult establishment - it is a waste of your time. Spend that time gained by diving deep into the information that is accessible on the Internet (in stead of just mindlessly swallowing the precooked lamestream media deceit that is created to mislead you), while it still isn't censored more than it already is today or shut down.

Declassified FBI documents by its director J Edgar Hoover
Concerning Hitler's escape to Argentina.

FBI director J Edgar Hoover when he
was not wearing a dress and pumps.

The real Nazi honchos, that stealthily rule from behind the veil, devised yet an other scheme with similar aspects compared the one previously described in this blog entry, i.e. making the world believe that Hitler committed suicide. But Hitler did not kill himself, because there is strong and amply evidenced information that he escaped and that one of his 6 doubles was found dead in the bunker in Berlin at the end of World War II. They knew that people that believed Hitler was dead, would not go look for him. The hidden Nazi top at some point did want to get rid of Hitler, but deemed him too important as a symbolic figure of their occult organisation and therefore prepared him an escape to and refuge in Argentina. His supposed suicide would suggest the end of the Nazi empire, while in reality it just changed venues in different appearances, so that the movement that existed already long before World War II was able to continue its nefarious agenda of which the vast majority of people do not have the faintest clue, also because (what are currently known as) the fascists have always been shape shifting through time and space. At the deepest level what the struggle for global power boils down to is due to the fact that two peoples, possibly of one origin, are convinced that they are superior to all other people, which of course leads to disagreement, altercations and ultimately to the most oblique and destructive war this world was ever dragged into. But this perhaps is a topic for a future blog entry.

The point is that the level of deception has already dwarfed the capacity of comprehension of the average person, that includes the well educated stuck within the limits of the system to which they belong, their teachers and peers. 


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What is the subconscious?

There are many descriptions in which is attempted to explain what the subconscious is - click here to see some of them. The article to which the link leads, only is a very basic tip of the iceberg; many books have been written about the subject, all of which put forward different views, although the differences my often be subtle. The sheer number of distinguished interpretations imply that it is a (non)matter difficult to understand and probably means that the human language does not offer the proper tools to describe it accurately. That is understandable since language that emerged in a material world is largely clueless where it concerns aspects of life that are impalpable and volatile, which in itself is a hampered description for that reason. Yet the subconscious denominates 95% of human life, while only about 5% of what we think, feel and do, actually is conscious. When a person is in a state of fear, anxiety or anger, the subconscious tells the central nervous system to tell glands to release adrenaline and cortisol, and when a person is in love or happy it handles the release of  dopamine, serotonin, endorphins and oxytocin. But it does a lot more than controlling the secretion of hormones, like affecting the thought process, for example what is described here, although it is difficult for physical beings, that prefer to think that they are living consciously, to even grasp or admit that the subconscious regulates these processes while they are not even aware of it.

The linked article presents research that is based on the findings of Benjamin Libet who delved into this matter in the 1980's, discovering that: the human brain makes decisions before you even know it, up to 10 seconds before we become aware of it, which in terms of neuro circuitry is an eternity. This can only be caused by the subconscious. Consciousness trails what the subconscious has already decided, which persuades us to think that we made a conscious decision, which in fact appears to be a misinterpretation caused by ignorance, even though the complexity of the research set up is intentionally kept simple in order to be able to arrive at a plausible and measurable result. At this point in time (over 40 years after Libet's initial research) we are still not able to measure more complex actions of the subconscious, which indicates that there still are many unexplored aspects of the subconscious to investigate and consequently that will produce mind blowing (pun intended) outcomes. In any event the subconscious is the perfect gateway to program / control people. Programs like the infamous MK Ultra, the Havana syndrome causing devices, voice to skull (V2K) systems, the now officially defunct HAARP mind control array (it has more functionally superior successors), the 5G mind reading and control system and common mind control by cell phones, just to name a few, were designed to control the human mind from a distance with increasing accuracy and force. All these in addition to the traditional mainstream media propaganda that is often combined with intimidating (bogus) legal measures. The covert establishment has devised and built many systems that program the subconscious mind, in order to allow them to control both masses and individuals, which obviously hints at the importance they attribute to controlling the human subconscious in order to be able to perpetuate their villainous agenda.

So, if language - as the means of reasoning and communication (and therefore understanding) along with current scientific research methods of the physical world - are unable to pervade to the core of what the human subconscious may be, perhaps a different approach would lead to a better result. Mind you, venturing deep into the unknown using the method offered below, may cause disconcert or even shock, since it can lead us to enter dimensions of which we know (close to) nothing, where events can occur that are entirely alien and far out of control and the general comfort zone reflecting the scope of human perception, comparable to nightmares that appear frightfully real, although stunningly beautiful dream like experiences may also occur. Predicting which of the two will engulf the mind is however difficult / impossible.

Mirror portal

Note that mirrors have more properties than simply reflecting a mirrored image of the person in front of it. In esoteric circles it is believed that mirrors can be used as portals to other realms. This link leads to a Youtube video on mirrors being portals to other dimensions, to a greater extent than other types of portals, like doors and windows. I urge visitors of this blog entry to watch the video, before attempting to do what is presented below. If you have any doubt, don't use it. It is a matter for those to consider who have already reached the required level of consciousness that allows them to venture deeper in to state of mind that is better suited to explore the dungeons of the subconscious.

How do I access my subconscious?

Try the following steps to access your subconscious:
    1. Close your eyes and go within
    2. Once centered, open your eyes and look in a mirror. Focus on your eyes
    3. Think the following thoughts, in the order written: I see who you are. I hear who you are. I feel who you are. I know who you have been. I am who you will be (all in present tense)

Ancient door / portal in Bolivia,
the 'Gate of the Sun', built by
the Tihuanaco civilization

In haltered human language, the subconscious is a function of the mind that is programmable - see my previous blog entry. It gives way to the suspicion that it exists (was created) in order to control the human mind and therefore the human experience. It is like time - we are all immersed in it, but we do not understand it, while there seems to be no escape from it. Taking this train of reasoning further, there is no escaping it, because we do not understand it. Our subconscious keeps telling us that we will never find a way out, which of course is what it was programmed to perpetually shove down our throats. Now there is a hint how to escape it, ignoring the induced inclination of some / many that do not even wish to escape it out of sheer ignorance and imposed obedient behaviour. As I wrote in my previous blog entry, control of the mind inherently leads to the ability to consciously affect certain parts of what is commonly believed to be reality. This could be healing, bringing love and harmony to an environment, besides entirely opposite intentions, which is what maleficent occult magicians do. In view of the sad state of today's world, the latter have been doing quite a lot of their black magic. The vast majority of people do not even understand what evil is inflicted onto them and therefore mindlessly comply with every insane rule that is imposed on them. This is done by programming their mind, in particular the subconscious part of it.

It therefore makes sense to make an effort of trying to understand the subconscious in order to not be programmed involuntarily, while not noticing this is the case. I would like to stress that a certain level of consciousness has to be reached in order to delve deep into the workings of the subconscious. For the ignorant it is as dangerous as when innocent children move too close to the edge of a fathomless chasm. Those that compliantly accept any authority without asking, should stay away from this type of personal research. They probably are not interested in it in the first place, but venturing in this direction unprepared, is beyond mentally retarded.

If you are not one of the nescient, you should probably deliberate to discover how to escape the programming by those that have made a horrific mess of this world by conscious, nefarious choice, analog to what the One Stone bloke is supposed to once have said: 'The problems that exist in the world today cannot be solved by the level of thinking that created them.' That probably is one of his more meaningful contributions to humanity, but one has to dive in deeper into what he was up to during his life, beyond what corrupt mainstream media ascribes to him to grasp what kind of bastard he really was. Like the commonly unjustly revered traitor of the Indian people, Gandhi he was just a tool of the media controlled by the establishment to fool the masses and keep them unaware of the secret aim of high ranking occult factions of this world that they intend to achieve by the iniquitous programming of the people's minds. The truly clever have already figured out that mainstream media is a major tool to carry out the mind programming, that is a black art used by those that have not the best interest of humankind at heart. All this evil, conscious programming is aimed at the subconscious, in order for the programmed suckers to remain unable to figure out that they are being programmed to self destruct (like mindlessly accepting and often defending the forcefully obtruded lethal cofake jabs and giving support to perversely corrupt politicians, that have taken an oath to betray and butcher them.

If you are one who sees the ignorant, compliant masses obediently rush to the slaughterhouse with utter incomprehension and disgust, the occult establishment has already failed to effectively program your subconscious, but when they have put their heinous social credit system in place your presence in this realm may come to a rather unpleasant end. Yet you may find comfort in the fact that from the other side you can be a bigger pain in the rear end to the evil wankers than you have ever been in this life, because they then have no grip on you whatsoever. Why, what and how to do that is interesting material for a future blog entry, even when it has nothing to do with any material at all. Top brass of the Russian intelligence community from the Soviet era, had the following thoughts about the potential power of the conscious mind or psychic power, that they were considering to apply in what today is known as psychic warfare:

And anyway, it would be even better to know not simply what the enemy was planning, but what he was thinking, and to be able to alter that thinking, or to destroy remotely without expensive weaponry.

However, like poltergeists and the infamous Russian intelligence employee, known as the 'remote strangler' (who, like the virtual villain Darth Vader could force choke people that he wanted to get rid of) there are most definitely things you can not do in this dimension, but can in higher dimensions, after you have left this one behind, which basically means that you have become a conscious spiritual entity that is no longer bothered by the pushy, programmed subconscious, while you will then also have access to much more powerful and sophisticated resources than you have ever had in this miserable, fudged realm. I will leave it at that for the time being, but if you are interested, you may want to stay tuned to learn more in a blog entry that I will probably provocatively name: How to become a celestial mercenary. I hope you will visit that one when I am done writing it. Cheers!

Friday, January 15, 2021

Brains aren't made to think and memory is made to forget

There's a well known cliché that says: 'you have a body and you are a soul', a string of words usually mindlessly echoed by people clueless to what they actually mean.  As I explained in the previous blog entry, ethereal souls - fragments of the unified soul - are trapped inside material bodies, inside the soul trap or mantle (not as in the Path of Exile game) or more accurately a straight jacket in which we are sentenced to be tied up for the duration of an entire human lifetime in the material realm, like patients in a mental institution, which is a description of the whole of mankind that is closer to the ugly truth than to the metaphor. But ignorance is a stubborn human tradition, that in most cases is only cured by death. Through the evil cycle of Samsara (the repetitive process of death and rebirth) we are held captive in this solar system, until the method to indefinitely destruct the soul fragments will be applied. In the meantime humans are distracted to occupy themselves with lies and trivia, so that they do not oppose this nefarious agenda, that will ultimately whack them out of existence all together.

For the programmed to discern

Our obstinate bêtise is due to the fact that we were given a brain in order for us to be programmable (the faculty of coherent thought is a mere secundary function of the brain), just like we were given memory so that we can be made to forget, all of which is aimed at developing a manipulable, delusional comfort zone. These oddities, that seem improbable at first glance, are the bodily functions, meant to complement the impenetrable prison wall or membrane around the weakened fragment of the unified soul that is on deathrow to be executed, if not in this life than in the next one. The properties of the prison are measurable; there is an electro magnetic field around the human heart that extends beyond the periphery of the body that is at least ten times larger than the one emitted by the brain. Even when the soul leaves the body - in dreams, OBE's (out of body experiences) or NDE's (near death experiences) it remains tethered to the heart by what is called 'the silver cord', a thunderbolt like chain that keeps the soul from escaping its confinement. The electromagnetic field that in fact traps the soul fragment, by the way, is similar to the fields created at CERN to preserve particles and anti-matter. The man-made version on the Swiss / French border requires a shipload of energy to be maintained, the field enclosing the human heart is more subtle, yet more powerful.

3000 billion times the speed of light
The purpose of incarcerating the soul fragment in the material body is to weaken the unified soul. The scattered remnants of the whole, the separate parts that are severed from the original are more frail than the unified soul, which means they can easily be attacked and eradicated, which is the goal of the terrorist attack that began in what is commonly referred to as the Big Bang. As explained in the previous blog entry, life on this planet is traveling at s speed of more than 3000 billion times the speed of light around the center of the universe, which means it goes back in time in the material realm. 

The speed at which earth revolves around its axis, is approximately 1600 kilometers per hour. Close to the pace of an F-16 fighter plane. Earth orbits around the sun at a speed of 112,000 kilometers per hour. Our solar system dashes around the center of the galaxy - the Milky way - at a pace of 800,000 kilometers per hour. The Milky way orbits around the center of the universe at a speed of 315.392 x 10^21 kilometers per hour. The speed of light is: 107.925. kilometers per hour. So, the speed at which earth revolves around the center of the universe is 3000 billion times the speed of light.... This means that, according to current science, life on this planet is traveling back in time at the aforementioned tremendous speed, seen from a universal perspective; i.e. a return to the instant in which life in this cosmos was created. That people experience that they are moving into the future continuously, is due to the fact that time in this local bubble is manipulated to be experienced in that way. Nevertheless, it is undeniably a powerful and intricate hoax that is forcefully imposed on life.

Recently NASA has discovered a parallel universe alongside ours that runs backwards through time, which may indicate that ours merely is a bubble in which time is locally running from the past to the future, which may seem normal only to the mirrored ones that we are; the ones that slavisly accept, serve and support government rule that is malevolent to the core (a few exceptions excluded).

This traveling back in linear time, that entails 'returning to its origin', possibly is the counter attack of the unified soul against the forces that incited the Big Bang. The unified soul fights to return to its original state in which all information and consciousness is present in an infinitely small dot or singularity that has no spatial dimensions and time. It must do this, because it is trapped in this material dimension and the only way out is to to go back in linear time towards the instant in which captivity began.

The evil, destructive forces have placed human life near the edge of the universe inside a local bubble in which linear, cyclical time drives us all to a grim future in which souls are meant to be destroyed. The bubble is an artificially created doomsday dimension inside a dimension that the evil ones intend to make the slaughterhouse of souls. Because we travel with 3000+ billion times the speed of light, we should already have reached the instant of the Big Bang long ago, that is estimated to have taken place between 12 and 15 billion years ago according to 'regular' science. But as scripts of civilizations all over the world expressed, there is a war going on in the heavens - a war over the fragmented instances of the unified soul. The forces of the dark set out to destroy the soul fragments and slow down the journey towards the past by creating a local dimension in which life travels towards a future of doom and demise. They expand the universe in order to increase the measure of separation between the soul fragments, aiming to slash all communication between the separated fragments, to weaken them even more and erase their awareness that they once were an infinitely powerful unified soul. It is evils only option to butcher the soul fragments, but it also becomes more difficult to maintain 3 dimensional space and linear / cyclical time, which is why their human cronies are in such a hurry to whack material bodies in which the fragments of the unified soul are trapped. It becomes in increasing problem to nefarious forces, because as the universe expands the pace at which life on earth travels back in time towards its origin becomes ever greater.

The brain was not made to think
Opposite to life that has a soul, are soulless shells that can be programmed at will in any way that the programmer sees fit. But the shells need some type of control unit that allows them to perform certain tasks. A vacuum cleaner needs to suck up dirt and rubble, and it is controlled by switching it on and off. A laundry machine's control unit is capable of carrying out a number of distinguished washing programs and a PC or Mac can do a many more complex tasks, but all of them require some sort of input. This can be done by programmers and operators. Input is communication of the shell or device with programmers or operators; they need to be attended (get attention) to function. If this does not happen they remain inactive, useless shells. Similarly, when animals, plants or people get no attention they dwindle and die. Vegetations needs nourishment from the soil and rain to grow and prosper, animals and humans need care and food and drinks or they will die. Even at a later age, when animals or people are totally ignored, they die.

The human control unit is the brain. Brains can be programmed, even upto a level at which the brain believes it can not be programmed and that it is totally autonomous. It just needs to be programmed in a clever way to cause the brain to make such an intentionally induced mistake or misinterpretation, just like certain programs (software) that run on a PC or Mac can have backdoors that the operator knows nothing about. Backdoors can even be built into the hardware of a device of which those that program the software as well as those who operate it are entirely unaware. So, there are ways in which simple devices can be induced to transform those programmed by evil's operators, without them ever noticing. At this point in space and time the human brain commonly still is more complex than the devices mankind creates and uses. The brain, being both the hard- and software of the human control unit. Which most likely means that its complexity allows to integrate control (sub)systems, failsafe systems and hidden backdoors that the host of the brain is unaware of. Bearing in mind as well that backdoors can both be used to enter and exit. It means messages can be transmitted from the brain and received by the brain and be deleted from the brain, which hints at outside forces potentially being in control, just like hackers remotely taking over a computer.

An example of this is that if a person, for example, wants to have a cup of coffee, seven seconds before (s)he was aware of the fact that (s)he wants to have coffee, the brain already prepared the body to both make and drink the coffee. This peculiar effect was discovered by Benjamin Libet in the 1980's at the university of California. It begs the question, what made the brain make these decisions, ahead of becoming aware of them and carrying them out? Was it the brain itself or was it something outside of the brain that generated this impulse? What it could mean in any event, is that the supposed phenomenon of free will could be rather overrated; the brain thinks it thinks something that is not quite as the brain thinks it is. Based on this discovery, some suggested that entire books or movie scripts that people wrote, were already uploaded to their brain even before the writer was aware of the fact that (s)he wanted to create the document. Nikola Tesla wrote in his autobiography that he was given detailed information in a vision on how to create inventions before he actually created them. What this probably means, is that the brain is not an autonomous organ, but rather some sort of receiver that at times tunes in to frequencies over which information is passed on that urges humans to perform certain tasks. Maybe the strongest argument to support this suspicion, is the research of Dutch cardiologist Pim van Lommel, who researched experiences of patients who went through a NDE.

Of course the brain's function is to think; without it we would not be able to survive in this material dimension. What I am trying to express here, is that an other very important mental power of the human brain is to receive and process information that was generated elsewhere, hence the remark of Dr. Van Lommel that the brain is capable of perceiving in a non-local way, which means that perception can be made without the involvement of the human biological sensors, making a person aware of events or thoughts that may have occurred far away from his or her physical location in space and time. The occurrence of these impulses is not necessarily bound to the linear, cyclical time experience in which human beings seem to be inextricably connected. The information passed on can be belong to the past or future in the human understanding of the concept of time. In relation to this, I would like to mention a strange event in which a CIA remote viewer told about a remote viewing session in which he remote viewed a location in space that was 500 million lightyears away (remote viewed 40 years earlier) from earth or a remote viewing session in which the same remote viewer tried to view the instant of the creation of humankind. The average human brain would have to perform extremely unfamiliar mental acrobatics to imagine these exercises and most likely not succeed. But since the CIA is not interested in spending time and money on anything that is not demonstrable in a plausible way, I would say that the human talent to remote view has to be taken seriously.

A visual metaphor of the Akashic Recoreds

Memory is made to forget
Thinking is impossible without a memory. Memory related to the concept of human civilization, always has to retrieve data from the past. This is the result of linear time that rules this material dimension in which time continuously moves forward. So, if memory is tampered with - moved away from reality or the truth - the brain will make all sorts of decisions that are flawed, false and totally destructive. In a timeless dimension memory would not be necessary; its dwellers would simply know things without having to remember them. But in this dimension life has to tap into what the ancients called the Akashic Records or what is also called the universal subconsciousness that contains all actions and all thoughts of all time. According to Dr. Pete Peterson, the Akashic Records consist of two elements: an information field and consciousness field. These elements provide the data to the brain through intuition that form the foundation of thinking processes. It can be deduced from this, that if the data retrieved is incorrect and / or incomplete (or entirely absent whatsoever) the thinking process of the brain is severely impacted and that the conclusions at which the brain arrives, are based on the false and deleted information. These incorrect conclusions could of course be the result of intentional programming with misleading information of the brain, which only has become possible because life has taken a material form in which brains are normally cut off from having communication with the Akashic Records. The portal through which these communications take place is the pineal gland, that the iniquitous controllers corrupt from day one of each human life, by calcifying the pure water with which the gland is filled originally (at birth). This mainly is done by manipulating the human diet, so that the gland no longer functions properly, as it was intended to do.

American linguist, philosopher, cognitive scientist,
historical essayist, social critic, and political activist

If the pineal gland is corrupted, the lines of communication with external cosmic sources is hampered or cut off, so these can no longer properly act to input information. It is why the mainstream media have been taken over by the dark factions on earth. They had to find different ways to program the human brain. This is why I chose to write in the title of this blog entry that the brain was not made to think, because it has become the portal through which human perception is programmed. Because influencing man's perceptual experience is important to those that aim to gain full control over the opinions of mankind, it is imperative that alternative sources are severely censored or removed all together, which is exactly what we see taking place in the world of today. In addition when brains have been programmed in such a way to such a level, it is similar to installing some sort of filter so that information that percolates from external sources is strained in spite of all precautions to sever the connection between Akashic Records and brain.

The brain is a programmable control unit of the human body, which communication lines to the non-local universal subconscious are severed, while memories on which thinking processes are founded, are intentionally distorted to be better able to determine the outcome of the thinking process. Because we live in a material 3D world in time, there is a past from where memory has to retrieve data. This information can be manipulated; the accuracy of remembered data can't be trusted or memory can be incapable of retrieving data at all. These measures prevent humans from discovering that they merely are material prisons for the soul fragment that is incarcerated in their heart. Human lives are used to deteriorate the remnants of the powers of the soul fragment, which means that in each subsequent life cycle the soul fragment is further removed from its essence, that is at least the goal of the evil ones. This will continue to take place until it has been weakened enough to be destroyed. But as above so below, the war in the heavens is also fought here on earth - many soul fragments resist the imposed celestial dictatorship, enforced by traitors in this realm, in many ways.

Still, if you think you are thinking right, think again and if you think you remember something, reconsider. Provocative hints to this imposed situation have been built in places that seem unrelated to this process at first glance: Reality may differ entirely from what we have been made to think, because you were made to be misled in the way you were made. If you sense you are being misguided, that probably is an impulse to disagree and oppose the strategy of those that ruthlessly and desperately want to bring you under their iniquitous control.

A 4 meter tall Pine Cone statue is located in the
Vatican's St. Peter cathedral's court of the Pigna

And then there is the unproven (by spoofed minds in this controlled plane anyway), but exciting assumption that parallel worlds exist. This could imply that the unified soul is still in tact in alternative dimensions and is now fighting in our realm to restore its original state. Or perhaps allow those who feel the insuppressible urge to escape this nefariously controlled dimension to travel to and reside in one that is not subject to evil's rule. The distinction between the nature of various realms could be the result of what the bible and other legends refer to as the war in the heavens. So, you may want to look towards the above more often, with an open mind and heart (with the intention to support the forces that are fighting to liberate our souls), not merely with a programmed brain.