Saturday, April 6, 2013

Things that bug me

While sweat soaks my fitness outfit when kicking the pedals of my spinning bike, the strangest things pop up in my mind. Perhaps the brain needs less blood than is commonly assumed, the act of assuming being the pinnacle of human perception. At about a frequency of 100 revolutions per minute most of the blood in my circulation is needed to transport oxygen to my leg muscles. What is left of it for the brain to function could be the cause of the weirdness that boggles me.

If black holes absorb everything that happens to cross their event horizons, including light, should they not be bright beyond anything we've seen? Apart from light there is so much mass (which is energy) accumulated in them that is compressed to less than the size of the dot at the end of this sentence. That would make for a nice bang with lots of light radiating from them, not just the jets pulsing out at both ends.

Gravity is believed to be causing the black hole to trap stuff inside of it. Some claim it is some sort of portal to an other dimension, probably because there is enough energy in the singularity at its center to create a wormhole that is supposed to be some type of a tunnel to other realms.

Then there are guys like Nassim Haramein who explained in his Schwartzschild Proton paper that every proton is in fact a mini black hole. It is possibly related to Gariaev's and Poponin's discovery of ghost-DNA that lead to the believe that DNA is actually capable of storing photons (which means bringing the ever dashing particles to a full stop...). Things become even stranger when also considering Shnoll's conclusion that every particle pulses between and on and off state. That would mean we do not exist at least half of the time. At least not in this reality and quite possibly in others. All the scientists I wrote about in recent, previous blog entries.

Spiritually inclined people often say that humans are beings of light, which could well be the case, assuming that all of our cells (roughly 100 trillion per human entity) are actually capable of trapping photons. Beings of light that aren't here half of the time, meaning we probably go elsewhere, while merely thinking that we're trapped on this planet.

Such are the things that start to bug me when working out on the spinning bike.

Have a nice day.