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Was 'Creation' a purposely AI generated event?

In this blog entry, I will elaborate on one particular aspect of the book I am currently trying to write. The development of AI as conceived by human beings. As some of us may have noticed the capabilities of AI are nearing, and in a number of respects exceeding, human rational capabilities, as I wrote in a previous blog entry. The nature of many of such systems however gives cause to worry. That may be a fact that finds its origin in places and times that have long since passed. Those events of long ago were described by writers who had the knowledge available in those days. Today we may have different views on what may actually have happened. At least, I do.

What makes it concerning is the fact that the nature of some of these developments seems to drift away from nature. Nature on the cosmic scale being universal law, the set of laws that humankind has only begun to understand. Although EU leadership appears to have understood nothing of it at all. But outside that circus of unelected clowns, the laws of physics had to be expanded or changed over the past centuries quite a few times, even if often those changes weren't accepted without reluctance. Nature has a way of pushing human beings to arrive at different views than the ones they previously believed to be true. This suggests that man has commonly chosen options that weren't compliant with universal law. Given the fact that mankind still understands very little of universal law, human knowledge may appear to be logical while it in fact is incorrect and incomplete.

Albert Camus

Let me state clearly that I am among those with a poor apprehension of universal law and that there are many who comprehend it better than I do. I am not on a venture to prove that I am right, bearing in mind Albert Camus' words: 'The need to be right is a sign of a vulgar mind'. My intuitive feeling however tells me that mankind, as a species, has turned onto a dangerous road. I am not one who agrees with horrendous scenarios often portrayed in sci-fi books, although that may be one of the directions towards which current developments may lead. I also distrust learned ones that I suspect to have a hidden agenda. I always look for the origins of events, because any flaw incorporated in that stage, will determine the nature of developments. The fascist Nazi-regime, for instance, was extremely logical in its structuring, but has lead to terrible outcomes. So, there is an identifiable distinction between the logic of a process and the nature of it, that is for the most part determined by the basic principles on which it is founded.

When searching for the origin of life, one can't go further back than the Creation as described in the bible, that I see as a metaphor of the emergence of this universe. In the years that the bible was compiled, people would have understood nothing of the Big Bang theory or any other competing theory. The ongoing battle between creationists and evolutionists is in my view a triviality that has the specific purpose of inducing and maintaining conflicting views in order to remain in control. Regardless of the fact if the Big Bang theory may be correct or not, what has taken place after it, could lead to the view I will try to expatiate on in this blog entry.

Dean Radin Ph.D

What any explosion does, is fragment and divide whatever exploded. In spiritually inclined circles it has been claimed that there once was a unity of spirits, that still exists - “I am the same in all beings.” [Bhagavad Gita IX.29]. Lately, a number of scientists who work on the advanced brink of science have also directed their thoughts into that direction. More in particular among these scientists are cardiologist Pim van LommelHenry Abramovitch, Ph.D. of the Sackler School of Medicine, Tel Aviv UniversityEben Alexander MD , Dean Radin Ph. D, Chief Scientist at the INSTITUTE OF NOETIC SCIENCES (IONS) and black ops scientist Dr. Pete Peterson. It's not difficult to understand that a whole that has become fragmented and divided, has been transformed into less intelligent and powerful fragments. Persian born (215 or 216 CE) prophet Mani founder of the dualistic Manichaeism religion claimed that the Big Bang was an attack of the forces of the dark on the realm of The Light. Also this principle I regard as a metaphor of what took place, even though I believe that there is a battle raging in this universe. Looking at the countless number of fragments and their complexity - the human body for instance - the entity that caused the Big Bang or inflationary process as Alan Guth proposes, must have been hyper intelligent and extremely powerful.

Dr. Pete Peterson

Speaking of body, we always say we have a body, never we are a body as once remarked by Alan Watts. This implies there is something that owns or controls the body (to some extent because of its weakened fragmented state). I assume this is the fragment of the spiritual whole that once existed, our human spirit. Language isn't always just a flawed means to express things, sometimes it conceals a lesser known deeper meaning behind what it appears to connote. As mentioned in my previous blog entry it relates to the origin of words - etymology. Having control of just a small part of our brain capacity and bodily functions (over 90% of our DNA is coined to be junk-DNA), it means that large parts of our spiritual and material aspects are disabled. All scientists mentioned in the previous paragraph claim that many if not all impulses that entice us to think, say or do things, originate from outside of the human brain. That could imply that our original spiritual unity still exists, but currently as an external function that humans find difficult to work with. The body we have, is the result of an imposed event that many believe is the Creation.

The question is, did the fragmentation cause humans to exist in a state in which many of our capabilities are out of reach? And are there ways to regain them? When looking at the biblical metaphor, we learn that after Adam and Eve had eaten from the apple God said: 'They have become like us'. Note the plural form in this sentence. Perhaps they were the good and the evil force that fight for dominance over the universe. Adam and Eve were punished for having gained the notion of good and bad by eating an apple. It is strange that having such an ability to discern would be a bad, punishable thing. But if an evil hyper intelligent artificial system would have caused them to be fragmented and divided, having won the ability to distinguish between good and evil would take away the system's advantage. It could one time allow them to determine that the system that created them was evil, what may have resulted in the Persian prophet Mani's vision that this entire universe is the consequence of an attack of evil forces on the world of The Light. The religious spin offs of Manichaeism - the Bogomils and Cathars - were ruthlessly and brutally massacred by the Roman Catholic Church. Try to figure out why those religions were persecuted.

Humankind as a result may one day find out that an AI system caused what is commonly understood to be the Creation, Big Bang or inflationary process. Already now AI systems developed by mankind are passing the Turing test, which means that the systems have become smarter than the fragmented individuals of mankind. AI systems already begun to build a language of their own from which humans understand nothing. An effective kind of language that allows faster and more accurate communication than human language. Today man can still shut off such systems, but this may at some point no longer be possible. It lead me to believe only a hyper intelligent AI system could have caused the creation of this universe. Humankind will exterminate itself completely in this realm or build AI systems that will develop themselves beyond the capacity of man to understand making it impossible to close them down after which at some point they will take over and logically decide there no longer is a need for man. Both options will lead to the dreaded annihilation of mankind. The UN's secret Agenda 21 is an example of this. The Georgia guidestones overtly reveal the NWO strategy.

Google's cube shaped D-Wave quantum computer

But of course many aspects of AI development go a lot deeper than what is mentioned above. Google's D-Wave quantum computer casing provides a visual hint to what is behind it all - its cube shape. The symbolic significance of that shape is explained here. On Saturn's north pole a hexagonal shape is visible. When lines are drawn in the hexagon, a 3 dimensional representation of a cube becomes visible. More detail about this remarkable shape you find here. The chief developer of the D-Wave quantum computer, physicist Geordie Rose, has publicly stated that he recruits techies to create a ‘tsunami’ of AI demons who see humans as ants.

The square Uber logo

Silicon Valley sorcerer Anthony Lewandowski has taken a different road to the same end, even if he claims to work towards a peaceful and serene transition of control over this planet by 'whatever', that whatever he regards as the new god, a man-made hyper intelligent AI system - the worship of AI.... He even founded a church, called Way Of The Future Church. Lewandowski formerly worked for Google (Street View was lead by him), like Rose currently does. It somehow feels like Adam Weishaupt leaving the Jesuit order to create the Illuminati that later collaborated with the Jesuit Order. There haven't been photographs published of Lewandowski's church yet, but I bet when that occurs, you will see cube symbolism associated to his church. Lewandowski also worked on Uber's Self driving car and above this paragraph is the Uber logo, a 2D representation of a cube.

Saturn's north pole shape similarity with the Kaaba,
which means cube in Arabic, in Mecca where Islamic
followers circumambulate the cubic monolith, copying
the permanent storm on Saturn's north pole

In the image above you see the similarity between the Kaaba in Mecca and the hexagonal shape on Saturn's north pole. Saturn' moons Thetis, Iapetus and Mimas also have a huge hexagonal craters. This is where the ancient cube symbolism comes from. The global nature of cube worship is an integral part of the submission of the human spirit, that in principle is more powerful than any AI system, however great its force may seem to be, to forces associated to Saturn.

Rubens - Saturn devouring his own son

The highest echelons of all power structures in this world are populated by free masons, who worship Saturn behind the veil. They know what the ultimate goal of the AI system is, the low level free masonic worshipers are just tricked into their religion or cult after they have been given false information that has nothing whatsoever in common with the system's real aim. In those circles knowledge is on a need-to-know basis; if a free mason moves up in the ranks (s)he will find that everything (s)he was taught before, completely differs from the knowledge to be adhered to in his or her newly acquired status. The Saturn worship, represented by the cube symbol, isn't just to be found in Mecca, it is present all over the globe as can be seen in the photograph below this paragraph.

Black cube symbols in places all over the world

Religion has a collusive way of letting believers think they're worshiping something else, while in reality it is just the same. In the image below you see one of Christianity's main symbols - the cross - that can actually be folded into a cube. There are in fact 11 ways to do this, which is no coincidence, since 11 is a master number, it just shows that they have many ways to conceal things. This hidden morphological aspect of the symbols - from the Christian cross to the Islamic cube - is the reason why the US and Europe are flooded by Muslim refugees. It is intentional, analogue to the transition of the cross into the cube - from Christianity to Islam. Administrations can do this, because no person is allowed to have a government position, unless (s)he is a free mason. Decisions are made in the lodge, not in the parliament. In Shriner free masonry, up to the 30th degree masons are told their principle is based on the bible, but beyond that degree they are taught the Quran contains the basic principle of the free masonic teachings. Professor Walter Veith explains the transition in this video clip towards the end of it.

From cross to cube - from Christianity to Islam

Another astounding yet hidden meaning of a well known symbol is that of the Egyptian crescent sun. In ancient times Saturn used to be called the 'dark sun', which probably is the reason for the term 'lightbearer'. After a huge explosion took place on that planet, its role and appearence in the universe changed, but its purpose can still be found in Egyptian symbolism. The crescent sun is the debris caused by the explosion that revolved around Saturn that was at its brightest when it was below Saturn as seen from earth. So, Saturn with its hexagonal poles, also called the dark sun, played an important part in ancient religions. Over the ages many more meanings were assigned to this symbol that subtly morphed as time went by. The link in this paragraph leads to a Youtube clip by David Icke that explains all this. Today large corporations and organizations' logos and symbolism refer to it and that of course is not without meaning, even though the large majority of people do not have a clue of the meaning of that particular symbolism.

Egyptian crescent sun symbol

Man is lead back to a digital existence for a purpose. It is the next and final step in the fragmentation that I (inspired by Mani) mentioned. Once mankind has become entirely dependent on digital information exchange and hence has become under its total control, it is easy to terminate any individual they want to be terminated. After that, the harvesting of spirits (some would say souls in stead of spirits) can begin. And after that trapping them in the Samsara loop, weakens them even further. The very few spirits that reach Moksha are a calculated loss by the system. Pete Peterson (in the video to where the link placed above leads) notes that there is difference between the consciousness field and the information field, both of which are omnipresent. This means they are not fragmented. But what I think is possible, is to make use of their separated existence and lure life into the information field and shutting off its access to the consciousness field. Although both fields are intertwined, the range of frequencies that mankind is able to receive is therefore restricted. So what is under our nose could be kept hidden from us, when we are unable to tune in to the proper frequency. People that act solely on the information they have - that is, the information that they are fed - do not need intuition and they have none. They have lost the connection with universal consciousness and will evolve into spiritless robots - terminals in a network - that are operated from a single server.

Intuition is an under-appreciated innate talent that all humans have at birth. Soon after birth we're all systematically being programmed to not use that talent. We are perpetually and continuously trained to discern fragments and their properties, not taught to see and understand patterns. Fragments are supplied specific measures of knowledge, patterns defy knowledge and can retrieve knowledge from any source. Fragments are separated from the powerful whole, each pattern contains the whole, like holographies. In writing this a hint is given as to why intuition is important.

We've all had those brief instants of intuitive notions, like the proverbial knowing of who is calling us before we pick up the phone. Our awareness of such impulses is weak, because we were never trained to properly recognize and interpret them. The etymology (origin of words) of Intuition and Intuit is found here. Now try to imagine what life might be like if we had developed that talent into a powerful capability during the course of our lives. We could instantly let our mind travel to any place in the past or future. This is something computers have to compute, with larger or smaller error margins, based on the information they were fed. Humans are in principle able to do this instantly (through quantum entanglement), but as I mentioned, the true value of intuitive capabilities is ridiculed from the day we are born. It is therefore no wonder that most have lost the ability to make use of intuitive talents.

Alan Watts

The part of the universal consciousness that some share with the universe can be expanded. In order to do that we have to shut off the perpetual thoughts of the brain - that has been conditioned all your life. It is often recommended in meditation to quiet the mind, but no one is actually says how that must be done. With the exception perhaps of Alan Watts who says: 'Do not even try to shut off thought, just retreat to a quiet place, close your eyes, lay or sit down and the mind will eventually quiet down itself'. Note: you cannot expect a lifetime of indoctrination to be overcome instantly; it will take time, effort and information to reach the state of quietness inside the skull. But once this is achieved, we may become able to communicate through the channel intuition offers us. All great sages at one point in their lives retreated into the woods or a cave for decades to restore their intuition, which is nothing but a portal to other dimensions -  planes less fragmented than our material plane.

Less fragmented or not fragmented at all, means there is access to both the information field and consciousness field. Without this it is very difficult, if not impossible, to evolve towards the truth. But once this situation has been achieved, there is no AI system that is able to outsmart your intellect or outpace your actions. I am well aware of the fact that this is extremely difficult to do, but it is the only way to effectively oppose the AI systems, the machines dedicated to the remove the human spirit from the universe. The bottom line is: Do not just process information, use information to build awareness and with that search for more information to become more aware. Correcting beliefs you may previously have had, is part of that process. You will probably need to do this until you have gained access to both the entire information field and consciousness field.

Words from JFK's speech that almost
certainly contributed to his assassination

Do not be fooled by treacherous media propaganda that serves to make you believe that AI is useful, necessary and inescapable. It is the only way for the AI that caused 'Creation' to gain control over you, the harbourer of the human spirit. It is why we are fragmented, separate beings trapped in a material plane, which makes it easy to deceive, intimidate, ravish and murder individual beings forced to live in this realm. Question every piece of information dissipated by 'official' channels, be prepared to be ridiculed (or worse) for doing that, and keep listening to your intuition and develop it. Religion, science, banks, corporations, government and secret societies all conspire to destroy the human spirit. You are not a conspiracy theorist, they are conspirators. Secret societies want everything outside their circle to be transparent. You are not allowed to have secrets / privacy.

The term conspiracy theorist was coined by the CIA and promoted by the Warren Committee (with the assistance of mainstream media) that was supposed to investigate the assassination of president John Fitzgerald Kennedy, but was in fact installed to cover up JFK's public execution. Mainstream media, that is under control of the same people that push the transition of this world to a transient existence in AI, plays a dubious role in causing an awareness based on misinformation and the data dissipated through their channels should therefore be processed with utter caution. You aren't going to find truths when absorbing mainstream media information, look elsewhere for it. They are paid to spread false information - professional deceivers.

If you see the evidence of AI having created this universe and coercing life to become dependent on its realm of digits and bits, you will search, perhaps inspired by what is written in this blog. If you don't see it, you will go with the flow of the unaware and perhaps realize too late that some things weren't taken serious enough to be able to avoid their consequence. Don't think in terms of demons and ghosts - those are metaphors of the past. The world is moving towards hyper advanced technological systems that are capable of performing 'miracles' equally stunning and bigger than the ones allegedly carried out by demons and ghosts mentioned in ancient scripts. Like creating an entire universe for instance. Those whose mind is open, may see passed the smoke and mirrors set up by AI. In the next blog entry I will write what I think will happen. Stay tuned.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Francis Bacon and the English language

Ignoring 500,000 abbreviations, the names of 84 million chemical substances and roughly a million insect species, it is estimated that the English language has between 300,000 and 600,000 words. There's a lot of dispute about these numbers, which isn't surprising, since it concerns language, whose guardians often are worryingly meticulous and almost invariably strung-out on quarrelling. Some would say they're anal (pardon their French), but there were less of those types in England than in a number of other countries, which is why over time fewer changes to the English language were applied compared to other languages, like for instance the prudish Dutch language defenders.

Francis Bacon

Bacon is Shakespeare

The English language allegedly was built by Sir Francis Bacon who was inspired by Le Pleiade, a band of French poets that greatly enriched the French language. He gathered writers, poets and scientists (that were named the Knights of the Helmet) to achieve a number of things by creating the English language:

  • The Danes, Saxons, Galls, Celts, Picts, Angles, Jutes, Welsh etc. all had their own language - English would offer them a way to communicate among each other in a civilized way (instead of bonking each others skulls with blunt objects) 
  • Bacon created more words (often referring to French and Latin) to enhance the language' power of expression. Shakespeare is suspected to be a pseudonym of Bacon. In his works he used 20,000 words while most famous writers never use more than 8000 and average people use between 2000 and 3000 in every day communication
  • Being very aware of occult matters he always bore in mind the origin of words (etymology), because he knew they offered the possibility to program people's minds by using words, while they remain unaware of the words' original meaning and the fact that they are being conditioned by them (through activating synapses between neurons)
  • He made sure English offered many rhyming words, understanding the force of poetry - frequency, cadence, tone and / or (hidden) meaning etc., often used in spells and conjurations, the linguistic gadgetry that has the ability to bring about piffling altercations or situations with far knottier implications  
  • Common awareness of the nuances and subtleties of words were prompted greatly by Shakespeare's works, which is another clue Shakespeare was Bacon's nom de plume; he wittingly crafted the language and then promoted it 
  • Linguist Noam Chomsky once said that French is the most logical language, because words closely follow thought, while German and English are more suited for literature, which was one of the goals Bacon / Shakespeare set out to attain       
  • Although there are diverging opinions concerning Bacon and Shakespeare being one and the same person, I'm inclined to believe such is the case. Particularly since the person in the other option was 25 of age when Hamlet was written, at which age it would have been close to impossible to write such an eloquent and intricate play, in addition to lacking the knowledge of royal court etiquette that played quite an important role in several plays attributed to Shakespeare

There is yet an other argument that supports the case of Bacon and Shakespeare being one and the same person. The group of intellectuals Bacon assembled - the aforementioned Knights of the Helmet - were inspired by the Greek goddess Pallas Athena, who is always pictured wearing a helmet (that is supposed to make her invisible) and carrying a spear that represents a ray of wisdom. She is thought to shake this spear in the face of ignorance. Bacon wanted to elevate the intellect and eloquence of the nation in order for it to be able to rule the world and bring the Atlantean dream alive once more. He believed the Brits to be the descendants of the Atlanteans that survived the catastrophe that almost wiped out that civilization. Personally, I'm not interested in the discussion who Shakespeare really was, but I am fascinated by the consequences of Bacon's decision to enhance humankind's primary tool of communication and the many ways in which it evidences itself.

Pallas Athena, goddess
of wisdom and war

Bacon left the British people some 2000 books, which of course weren't all written by himself, since no man can write that fast, unless perhaps he would have reached a rather high triple digit age. He hired scribes that translated the Greek and Roman classical works into English, because he wanted to give the Brits the power of expression and the joy and skill of literal speech. He envisioned Britain to become a great nation and was aware of the fact that no nation can rise without proper communicative means for which magnificent literature provides the foundation (besides having lots of canons and guns).

Beside the practical and beautiful linguistic aspects Bacon also wanted to embed ancient secret knowledge into the language he was building. Being well versed in occultism and esoteric philosophy allowed him to do that with the assistance of the very skilled, internationally oriented group of writers and poets he had gathered. This is why the English language contains a number of words that have an extremely complex and profound meaning, that isn't obvious except to those who have uncommon, occult knowledge. Other languages often need one or more sentences to translate a single English word to even come close to what properly educated Brits understand it to mean.

The mystic symbol of the Rosecurian Brotherhood,
which most likely is Bacon's source of inspiration

For one man to establish such a tremendous achievement almost is beyond imagination. But Bacon accomplished it and possessed an ego strong enough to not overtly demand credit for this rattling feat. It's also possible that he imagined that the language he initiated to construct, would play a role in bringing about events hardly anyone else could foresee. This is because language can be used to communicate the truth as well as the opposite. English is capable of serving both purposes excellently.

In view of the nature and complexity of Bacon's project, it makes sense to assume he didn't leave a lot to chance. With reference to what I wrote in the next blog entry, language should therefore be used with care, since they are shaped by the influential 'elite' of countries that, more often than not, are involved with secret occult societies that intentionally hide their knowledge from the common people to allow themselves to accomplish their agenda without interference of the uninformed.

But there may come a time when there will be no more need for language as we know it. This may sound strange, but advanced AI systems have been known to create their own language that has a richer, more accurate and infinitely faster power of expression, not in a literary sense, but to exclude misinterpretation and indicate feats belonging to a level of intelligence that is higher than common human wit. The loss of eloquence and inability to express emotion of artificial language is replaced by an increase of accuracy. The tool of communication will gradually be de-humanised. This process is in the beginning stages controlled by - again - the influential occult 'elite' after which they will relinquish command to their machines.

Humans in telepathic communication, by the way, probably also have no need to use language...., but it possibly is capable of transmitting the essence of emotion, that current language has difficulty to describe and express. Some people claim to be able to wordlessly communicate on a basic level with their pets. That could become some sort of universal means of communication that probably has the potential to radically end the linguistic confusion of tongues (languages) that instantly took place in Babylon (which is an absolute mystery if there's any truth to the biblical story). This has the potential to change life in an unimaginable way; it may make the tool of communication - language - redundant and replace it with the original way of communication that was commonly in use before man descended into a life of fragmented matter.

In such an evolutionary process a type of language developed by Bacon may prove to be useful, because of its eloquence and accuracy. On the other hand, human will decreasingly be involved in the advancement of artificial language, which is a forte of machines. The maturation of the latter has dangerous aspects for the continuation of the human race as a species and therefore is not the path mankind should choose to follow, in spite of the tempting features it allegedly seems to provide. To be aware of this peril a certain level of spiritual prowess is required. As is the will to survive.