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The Ark of Gabriel

On September 12 2015 a crew that was digging a tunnel below the Masjid al Haram mosque in Mecca discovered a mysterious object. The construction project was highly controversial and involved 'demolition' of Islam's most sacred relic - there had to be a very good reason for it to be carried out, ostensibly one authorities weren't prepared to share with the public. When the crew approached the object 15 of them were instantly killed by what was later deemed to be a plasma emission. Probably similar to the death of Uzzah as written in the bible. That burst of energy was so powerful that it knocked over a construction crane above ground that killed an additional 107 people.

Photo taken moments before the crane tumbled

This photo was taken by activists in Saudi Arabia
showing the destruction of the Grand Mosque

An other photograph shot by Saudi activists that
shows that the Grand Mosque is indeed mangled

107 people killed when a crane
smashed into the mosque

The crane collapse from a different angle

But things became worse still. On September 24 2015 a second attempt was made to unearth the mysterious object, by now labeled the “Ark of Gabriel”, which resulted in an other massive 'plasma emission' that killed an estimated 4,000 more people. Saudi officials blamed the catastrophe on a stampede in order to avoid having to say that a hugely powerful plasma emission that was cast by an unknown object killed so many people on the disaster area. It couldn't have been a disaster caused by a stampede, since victims weren't covered in blood and had no torn garments or broken bones; they simply dropped dead...

Sep 24 2015 4000 deaths in Mecca - no sign of people being trampled
in a stampede, bodies do not seem disfigured, there is no blood,
no broken bones, but victims just simply dropped dead

An other shot of corpses authorities claim were victims of a stampede -
No blood anywhere on the bodies, which should be visible in white cloth

What took place before and after the accidents is quite strange, in particular since most of it is carefully kept outside of the view of the general public, in some cases for centuries. After the accident emissaries of the Grand Mosque contacted the patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Vladimir Mikhailovich Gundyayev, a.k.a. Kirill, because the Russian Orthodox Church was in possession of an ancient document called 'Gabriel’s Instructions To Muhammad', that most likely contains information on how to approach the object, similar to ritualistic precautions Jewish priests had to take before approaching the Ark of the Covenant without being killed intstantly.

Jewish High Priest's garment required to
approach and survive a meeting with the Ark.
Btw, sorry for the flaw ridden English in the
description, I nicked the image from the web

Allegedly the Russians came into possession of and hid the aforementioned document just before the Roman Catholic Church sent crusaders to combat both the Islamic people (intending to eradicate them in their entirety like pope 'Innocent III' did, who massacred the Cathars and Bogomils). The Russian Orthodox church was aware of the plan of the Roman Catholic Church and aimed to preserve the ancient information, some of which perhaps was missing in the document, which might be what caused the Roman Catholic pope and the patriarch to meet in Cuba on Feb 12 2016. It was the first time in 962 years that the leaders of the churches met, signifying that the event must have been of pretty great importance. Note: this may also be a sign that the two churches aligned their agendas (which of course is high octane speculation....).

Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill meets Roman Catholic Pope Francis
please also note the strange depiction at the bottom of the crucifix
between / behind the men that looks like the skull and bones symbol

Assuming that the church leaders were in fact making sure the information on how to approach and transport the ark without being killed, was complete, only after that encounter Vladimir Putin gave the order to transport the Ark to Antarctica... Patriarch Kirill also traveled to Antarctica allegedly to perform an ancient ritual. What would require a ritual to be approached / handled? Why the South-Pole? Or is there an other question that should be asked? This video clip revealing that there are pyramids in Antarctica might shed some light on it.

Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill
and some penguins on Antarctica

Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Church in Bellingshausen, Antarctica -
What is the purpose of a church where there are no believers?

View inside the Holy Trinity Church -
obviously NOT a place for worship
for 'ordinary' followers...

Even Obama seems to have paid a visit to the Ant-arctic which was (of course) not reported by mainstream media: which is an indication that something, that up to now has remained undisclosed, is going on there.

The thing is, that the dimensions of the Ark of the Covenant exactly match the dimensions of the king's tomb in the great pyramid of Giza. The Egyptians came after the Jews after they discovered that the Jews had taken / stolen the Ark from the pyramid. Moses was a high priest in Heliopolis and therefore aware of what rituals to conduct in the vicinity of the Ark without being killed. The notion that the pyramid contained the pharao's tomb is bogus - Egyptian rulers were buried in the Valley of Kings, far removed from the pyramids. The world has to thank this misleading information to the professional distorters of history whose job it was / is to erase true historic fact from human perception in order to allow the world's hidden powers to manipulate humankind.

Combining the information of the previous two paragraphs might incite you to conclude that the Ark belongs inside a pyramid to perform its genuine function, which perhaps is energy generation without burning fossil fuel or splitting nuclei. Scholar Joseph P Farrell wrote a book (The Giza Death Star deployed) about this subject. So if there really are pyramids on Antarctica would that be the reason for Russia to go through the trouble of bringing the pyramid's presumed key part to that continent?

Russian research vessel Vladimirski leaves the port of Jeddah
to sail to Antarctica (probably with the ark aboard)

First an other question begs to be answered. Why in the world would the Saudis tear down Islam's most valued relic? What could possibly be important enough to destroy (as the first two photos in this article show) what Muslims consider to be the most important landmark of their faith? It could be a mind boggling discovery of some sort. Perhaps one similar to the one that occurred in 2003 in the Romanian Bucegi mountains.

In the year 2003 a US satellite equipped with ground penetrating radar discovered an underground cavity in the Bucegi mountains that had a perfect geometric shape (spherical), meaning it could not be a product of nature that produces organic shapes. To make it even more complex and mysterious, in 1999 an Israeli army helicopter (wtf were they doing in Romania?!) crashed in the area killing all 6 passengers. Anyway, with the help of the Romanian Department Zero secret service, the CIA (wtf were they doing in Romania?!) tunneled towards the cavity. When the crew wanted to enter the cavity - that was sealed by a mysterious force field - they died instantly, exactly like the tunneling crew members in Mecca....

Department Zero diagram of the Bucegi mountains cavity

Details of the discovery in Romania are described in Peter Moon's books 'Transsylvanian Sunrise' and Transsylvanian Moonrise'. If what the books contain, is actually true, it is beyond mind boggling; the information does not fit into any reference frame normal people would commonly have. Yet, the circumstantial evidence is there - large amounts of people were killed by an unknown / concealed cause. The information provided in 'official' reports is easily debunked by people who have more than two properly functioning brain cells. But most people are sentenced for life to remain incarcerated in the prison of their deceitfully shrunk comfort zone.

A similar subterranean structure as the one found in Romania was found in Iraq, which is the real reason the US invaded and occupied the country - the oil is a mere bonus. Mr. Moon's books describe the shadowy involvement of unidentified, high ranking Bilderberg members in both events, which hints at the fact that these are matters related to the secret society realm of which intentionally mis-informed, ordinary people know nothing whatsoever. But then there are few who do not settle for information provided by sources controlled by secret societies, but prefer to do research of their own, because they feel they've been mis informed or not informed at all by official channels too often.

So then, why did Russia transport the Ark of Gabriel to the South Pole? Did Putin start bombing ISIS only one day after the Ark began its journey to distract the world's attention from this strange event? Is the Ark transported to Antarctica to be placed inside one of the pyramids on that continent? If so, why specifically a pyramid in that area? Was its remoteness and absence of civilian population an argument? Would that allow to experiment without being observed by unwanted prying eyes. There are MANY pyramids all over the world, many of which are too close to inhabited regions. All these questions for now remain unanswered, but perhaps something will pop up in the near future. Let me know if you encounter anything related to the above and I will post it here, mentioning the source if so desired.

Pyramids in Nankin, China

Submerged pyramids near the Yonaguni Islands, Japan

Indonesian pyramids near Gunung Padang

Bosnian pyramid

Submerged pyramids west of Cuba

US marines exploring pyramids on Antarctica

Very weird things have already arisen from this strange event involving this mysterious object. Yet this may all be just the tip of the iceberg (pun intended). It's like Einstein said: 'Problems cannot be solved by the level of awareness that created them.'  If the events and suspicions described above don't fit into your scope of imagination and awareness, you're never going to get anywhere near the truth in this lifetime in this dimension. Because a much higher awareness than current human consciousness obviously created these problems, which means that an awareness even higher than that is required to grasp and resolve the situation of which we do not even know what the consequence will be... would be necessary to create what we now consider to be mysteries.

Have a nice day and stay tuned.

Update Mar 22 2016
The strangeness continues as reported by Benjamin Fulford (former chief editor of Forbes magazine). An other well known person (in certain circles) - Nassim Haramein - also spoke about the Ark or perhaps an Ark since there were / are probably more than one on this planet. I feel there are dots to connect, but possible evidence is still blurred and unsubstantiated. Since secret societies and secret brotherhoods are involved in these matters, it is obvious that certain information is not meant to be shared with anyone outside of their circle.

Key to the information concerning the Ark(s) probably are the Knights Templars whose history has been closely knit with that of the Ark. Today the initiation rites into the highest degree of freemasonry and of the Rosecurian cult still involve kneeling before a mock up of the Ark.

This is the 'official' division of Antarctica that seems unrelated to
the size of the claiming countries, while countries ruling the
current world stage seem to have no claim whatsoever

In spite of the alleged absence of US claims to areas of the Antarctic, Obama sent a US Coast Guard (....) to the South-Pole, while having proposed to build more icebreakers for the Coast Guard to use in the southern Arctic region (which isn't particularly part of the US coast, that is its supposed working area...). The Germans who have been present on that continent from before WW-II officially have no claim to any part of Antarctica.

Update May 20 2016
A significant event was operation Highjump that was carried out in 1947, in which US admiral Byrd conducted a 'scientific' expedition to the Antarctic that involved 4000 military personnel and a considerably large fleet of war vessels. Byrd was given 6 to 8 months to complete his mission, but returned (= hastily fled) after 6 weeks, suffering an undisclosed number of human and material casualties. A statement made afterwards by admiral Byrd is quite remarkable:

'It is imperative for the United States to initiate immediate defense measures against hostile regions.' Furthermore, he stated that he 'didn’t want to frighten anyone unduly' but that it was 'a bitter reality that in case of a new war the continental United States would be attacked by flying objects that could fly from pole to pole at incredible speeds'.

A Russian documentary sheds some more light on the expedition.

Update January 16 2019
Now that the Ark of Gabriel no longer is beneath the Grand Mosque in Mecca, millions of flying cockroaches invade the facility. Coincidence? Think again. The Ark probably killed over 3000 people which may have something to do with pests preferring to avoid what previously was close to the Ark. And then there's this thing in the bible about 'god' from his loving nature, sending horrendous plagues to anyone he dislikes. The cockroach invasion seems like some sort of traditional biblical plague to me, although I must admit that I'm not really an avid student of biblical tales. But I do know the god of the bible has a habit of killing humans.

Update March 27 2019
Bearing in mind that the measurements of the 'sarcophagus' in the Giza pyramid exactly match those of the Ark of the Covenant, it makes sense to think that the pyramid and the Ark can only function properly when they are pieced together in the way that would seem obvious. Assuming that there are pyramids on Antarctica and that they have cavities that tightly envelop the Ark, bringing them together would restore the intended match, outside of the public eye, so that whatever event this reunion would result in, would not make it into the news headlines.

Another highly speculative train of thought would be that the human presence in the Antarctic was ordered to move the Ark to the south-pole by entities living outside of the public realm. Taking assumptions even further, those entities may have compelled the Saudis to 'renovate' the mosque in Mekka to trigger the events that would lead to the moving of the Ark to Antarctica. I went to think in this direction because 'someone' apparently had enough power to tell the Saudi royals, the Pope, Kyrill and Putin what to do. Having followed the Youtube videos of Dr. Joseph P Farrell and Walter Bosley, it may also be possible that the leadership of one of the 'breakaway civilizations' that they speak of may have initiated this chain of events.

One of these factions probably is responsible for making 21 trillion USD 'disappear', a load of money with which a lot of things (that the regular world can not do) can be done. This theft of the money was brought forward by former US secretary of HUD (Housing and Urban Development) Catherine Austin Fitts. But there is assumed to be even more money in groups that run the world from behind the veil. Research fellow in the Institute of Macroeconomic Researches subordinated to Russian Ministry of Economic Development, Tatyana Koryagina, talks about a group that has assets of about 300 trillion USDThat amount of cash opens up a few possibilities, like throwing over and installing preferred governments, winning wars, turning over economies and developing techniques beyond sci-fi capabilities.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

We know zilch

We know zilch. We only think we do or perhaps better, we are tricked into thinking that we do know a thing or two. This claim begs a deluge of questions. I'll give you some that I did not think of myself, but just happened to run into. Questions asked by much brighter minds than I am. Perhaps you'd like to examine them yourself. With an open mind.

First a mind bender expressed by a person who calls himself brother 'Veritas' whose pages mysteriously disappeared from the web, including the cached version that Google's robots usually store automatically. Removing internet cache is a manual, intentional action aimed at radically removing specific information - an intervention by the 'internet police'. The only and main topic of this website is (was):


Fortunately others ran across this bold claim and saved the information from said website. You find it by clicking here (for as long as this lasts, because if even Google's cached version of a site is removed, it usually means that it contained information that 'the few' choose to hide for all). A few pieces of information to tickle your curiosity for this strange take on a matter that, at first glance, does not fit well in the perception of common humans:
  1. Heat does not propagate in a vacuum, so no matter how blazing hot the sun might be, none of its alleged heat can travel through space and reach earth
  2. The higher we climb on earth - say towards a mountain top - the colder it gets. Very high mountains are permanently covered in snow. High mountain peaks are closer to the sun (when turned towards it) than at sea level or just above it, so if the sun really was hot, it should be warmer on the mountain top, not colder
  3. Commercial aircraft flying above earth's highest mountain tops are equipped with anti-icing systems to prevent the formation of ice on the wings (which would disrupt their aerodynamic properties). They too are closer to the sun than where the bulk of humanity lives and cannot remain airborne without ice prevention mechanisms
  4. Astronauts in the ISS (International Space Station) complain that it is freezing cold in the habitable satellite which is closer to the sun than earth and therefore should be warmer than our planet instead of colder according to mainstream science' current qualifications of the sun
I seems the closer to the sun, the colder it gets... The rest of the arguments related to this suspicion, that is rather unsettling to most people, you may want read yourself on the site.


And then there's this other weird thing called light. No human has ever seen it, but all sighted people think they know what it is. We only see the objects that reflect light, but we do not see the light itself.... Humans are unable to actually see the light beam travel from its source to the object that is illuminated. At best we can see dust particles or mist-droplets that the light beam hits on its way to the larger object, but the light itself, we can not see. It can blind us, but before being struck blind, we never saw it...


Newton, who is responsible to the famous experiment in which he let light travel through a prism that split up the light beam in the rainbow colors. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, better known as Goethe, took the matter a step further and came to the following conclusion.

These are just two things so common that we assume them to be true. But often further investigation seems to lead to conclusions that conflict with generally accepted (or intentionally induced) views. If such is the case with perceptions so firmly embedded in our awareness, what else is in fact NOT what it appears to be at first glance? And while discovering evidence of incongruity contradicting general views, natural law and consensus, one might ask how the distortions and omissions of information came about and who is responsible for the deflections.

But that's not all. Our textbooks tell us a lot of things, many of which are untrue, incomplete or in its entirety not include the crux of the matter. We've been lied to intentionally to limit us and to dumb us down. Here's a thing that will boggle you mind: A system that boosts amperage and herz-levels, slightly increases voltage and causes temperatures to drop to jaw-dropping levels... Bear in mind that Formula 1 engine technology has not even reached 50% efficiency and that its engines produce huge amounts of heat that are wasted.


“Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it.” - Buddha


"We should always be disposed to believe that that which appears white is really black, if the hierarchy of the Church so decides." - St. Ignatius of Loyola 


"The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst. It rejects even the assumption that human creatures could espouse a philosophy which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent." - J. Edgar Hoover