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How to to counter AI and transhumanism

What I hinted at in the previous blog entries is that it is necessary to find a way to counteract the development of AI and its intention, its goal that isn't particularly beneficial to the existence of humankind and other life forms. The definition of transhumanism coined by Max More in 1990 offers to the perceptive an idea where AI is aiming to go or rather where those that are developing it aim to take it:

Transhumanism is a class of philosophies of life that seek the continuation and acceleration of the evolution of intelligent life beyond its currently human form and human limitations by means of science and technology, guided by life-promoting principles and values.

It is clear what these words imply; after integrating AI with human experience and ability the opposite is the next stage, which means the level of human involvement will be phased out gradually (that is projected to occur at an increased pace). It also includes phasing out the human soul completely, which comes down to dehumanising humans. What these words involuntary also reflect however, is the serious underestimation of human prowess. That misinterpretation also reveals what would be a nice starting point of an enterprise to find ways to counter the development of AI to prevent the establishment of matured transhumanism, while at the same time ending the levied obstruction to regaining original human powers, which is to return to the unified universal soul. A double edged sword drawn from its sheath.

The integration of man and machine that is
programmed to morph into machine control

At this point in time human endowment is limited by all sorts of measures. Our food, drink (water) and environment are intentionally poisoned, as are the medications that are commonly prescribed. In addition man-made electromagnetic radiation (5G) targets mankind's abilities and health, aiming to destroy them. I am not going to waste time and effort to explain these matters here; if you really want to know about the ways in which these things are affecting humankind , you should do research of your own to find out. If you prefer to stick with the (fake) information presented by (government and corporate controlled) mainstream channels, feel free to remain willfully ignorant and as a result become subjugated by what is currently being developed that you prefer to exclude from your scope, like the rest of the gullible and mortally intimidated useless eaters (a label stuck on them by the occult 'elite', which should be food for thought - pun intended).

Those that are aware of what the road to transhumanism implies, I would urge to continue to read. Somewhere around the early 70's of the previous century the CIA discovered that the Russians had used remote viewing for years to spy on classified projects without the need of spies to be physically present in places where the objects and / or information about those projects were located. The core of what the Russians did, was to move with their subconscious to those places while their physical bodies remained in Russia. They devised a way to allow their consciousness to communicate with their subconscious. The human subconscious is not bound to space and time, which means that it can remotely view other times and places, including those of the past and future as measured with the units of linear time in 3 dimensional space. By the way, type in 'remote viewing' in Google and you find plenty of information on how to remote view.

One prominent CIA remote viewer (if I recall correctly it was Joe McMoneagle), when asked what the furthest location was that he reviewed, replied that it was a place 500 million lightyears from earth.... This is probably why the CIA wants to know what is going on so immensely far from earth. I do not recall exactly, but I think I saw the video with interviewed remote viewer just after the turn of the century, in which he spoke about what they were doing in the 70's of the previous century, so that is how long the CIA knew about the radio pulses that were detected every 16 days from that a far away place - about 50 years before regular science discovered it..... (shouldn't that ring a bell with you?)

Russel Targ

The next step of course is not to just view what is / was / will be present or going on in a particular space and time, but also to affect what is encountered in a place that is remotely accessed. Now this literally opens new worlds and if not used carefully cans of worms that may very well become beyond control. Advanced beings that are in the place that is being remote viewed, are able to sense the intrusion of the remote viewer.... Besides that if the remote viewer or actor would for instance kill one of his ancestors or cause a relation between his forebears to break up, he could possibly never come into existence, at least not in the dimension from which he committed the murder.

The initial CIA remote viewing project - Project Stargate - was terminated after 23 years according to Russel Targ, a scientist who was involved in setting up that project, by conservative factions within the CIA that did not like Congressional oversight of their project. It makes good sense to speculate that the agency devised ways to develop more advanced ways to view and control remote events dodging the supervision of authorities, especially since the funds to create such an even more classified project were already there (part of the 'missing' 21 trillion USD). This would be a great way to obtain information about advanced alien technology. 

The CIA would never fund projects that do not work and aren't capable of producing information that the agency considers to be crucial to its operation. So it is safe to assume that remote viewing actually works. That mankind is able to make its consciousness communicate with its subconsciousness that is not bound to space and time. It is not difficult to understand that such abilities would allow man to match and even supersede the capabilities of AI. Remote viewing videos by Russel Targ and others on Youtube clearly suggest that mastering the art of remote viewing is not excessively difficult, because it is a natural innate gift of nature to every human being. This makes it a very interesting skill for those that are worried about the consequences of the impending transhumanism powered by AI to save and improve your worthless, miserable and depressing little life. Remote viewers do not need any system or device, just their mind to view and / or influence events in remote places and times. So, to drop a highly speculative hint: a remote viewer or preferably actor could theoretically flip a bunch of bits in the AI system to make it stop working properly without the need for a single palpable tool. He or she would probably only need to know the coordinates in space of the system and as we saw earlier in this article there is no limit to the reach of the human mind. In other words: the AI can not be made inaccessible to trained remote viewers and actors. Not even if its operators would try to hide it in other dimensions, on different timelines or in other universes. All that humans would have to learn is to use their mind in stealth mode. Knowing this kind of does away with the intentionally imposed feeling of hopelessness - humans are not helpless, but they must know into which direction to evolve. 

In future blog entries I will elaborate on this subconscious matter in a more detailed way. In the meanwhile you could of course do some research and critical thinking of your own. Anyway, stay tuned to learn how to arm yourself against the treacherous attack that is being carried out against you and those you love. Oh, by the way, those you intensely dislike (or perhaps even hate), are also on the same kill list as you are. This list includes the majority of man, while with the assistance of AI human life will be terminated all together after that. This could perhaps suggest that those that so vehemently push the development of AI can not view or change situations in distant places and times without machines and / or systems, while simple individual humans potentially can.... I am considering to speculate on this matter in future blog entries. So you may want to check in to see if I did from time to time.

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