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'Creation' is an evil, advanced 3D world in Linear time

Man-made virtual creations and 'reality' have become indistinguishable

In a previous blog entry I alluded to the similarity between 'creation' as recounted in the bible and virtual worlds created in 3D programs. Here you find a number of hyper realistic portraits with such software. And here are examples of hyper realistic 3D videos. Both the still and moving images are extremely difficult to distinguish from what is commonly perceived to be 'reality'. The motion scenes consist of 3D created objects that are caused to move in linear time. The movie industry currently has reached a level of reality that is beyond the imagination of most people. For instance, a person's face can be recognized, copied and manipulated so that this person can be made to say things or perform acts that (s)he never actually did in reality. This can be done so realistically that observers are not able to determine if it is a virtual creation or reality. Manipulated images are called 'deep fakes'. The old saying that the camera never lies, goes out the window because of this. Humans can no longer determine what is real and what is a deep fake. Advanced AI is required to even have a chance of making a distinction between reality and fake. All 3D objects created in advanced software, by the way, can be built with 3D printing devices. We are merely one step away from creating palpable hyper realistic 3D worlds in linear time. In 2019 Disney filed a scent technology patent that is capable to manipulate yet an other human sensor that registers the sensation of smell (which is closely related to the human sensory capacity of taste) that it intends to incorporate in their amusement parks, besides unmentioned other applications of course. That would make all 5 human sensors susceptible for manipulation. In Addition 3D printing has evolved to the level that certain human skeletal parts and organs can be built with this technique, which is an important step towards making virtual worlds real. What this means, is that if current man-made AI assisted 3D software is able to create worlds that are extremely realistic simulations of what man perceives to be reality, entities more advanced than humans can do things beyond the grasp of mankind. Why am I writing all this?

Microsoft Hololens turns sci-fi into reality

Advanced Ancient entities were responsible for 'Creation'

Imagine that the software to create a virtual world is far more advanced than what we currently believe to be the pinnacle of virtual object creation. Perhaps such software already exists without the general public knowing about it. In black projects for instance, that possibly are financed with the 31 trillion dollars (or possibly even more) that are 'missing' from the US budget. That is a barely perceivable huge amount of money with which things can be done that are extremely far beyond the vision of almost all people. Things like anti-gravity techniques, zero point or free energy, manipulation of time, interstellar and inter dimensional communication and travel. Assuming, with little risk, that the human species is not the most intelligent race in the universe, it is possible to imagine that the 'gods' of old were extra-terrestrial or extra-dimenional entities that featured in the Babylonian creation myth - the Enuma Elish, the bible, the Vedic creation hymns - the Puranas and Rig Veda, the Aztec creation myth, the Chinese cosmogonic myth (which Chinese scholars prefer over the term 'creation myth') Tao Te Ching, the African creation myth, the Australian Aborigine creation myth etc. The highly evolved beings referred to in such myths would possess knowledge and powers that dwarf human intelligence and capabilities and may have allowed them to create worlds as the one humanity currently exists in. This is of course speculation on my part, but the number of similarities in the myths from different parts of the world are striking to say the least, suggesting that creative powers were abundantly present among the 'gods'. Particularly in the mention of entities that have technical AND spiritual prowess completely overshadowing that of mankind. What I am saying here is that this dimension could be the creation of non-worldly hyper intelligent entities, a conclusion reached by following the type of reasoning as what man-made 3D software is capable of, albeit on a much more sophisticated level.

Systems according to science

Properties of 'Creation'

As described in previous blog entries the cyclical processes in this dimension of space and time both open, closed, adiabatic and isolated systems can be created at will in man-made 3D software. The cyclical nature of the processes in this dimension are caused by the allegedly isolated nature of universal systems as scientists formulated in the laws of thermodynamics, in other words these laws are valid only in isolated systems that can contain (sub)systems of a different nature. In such a setting only cyclical processes can occur that are all destined to end up in the universal heat-death situation. There is no way infinite progress can take place in such an environment. Unless of course science is wrong. Besides science' quite possibly deluded view on crucial matters concerning the properties of this universe, there are the mythical and legendary tales of deities committing all sorts of heinous crimes like:

  1. deceit
  2. betrayal
  3. torture
  4. murder
  5. abuse
  6. incest
  7. rape
  8. plundering
  9. imposing endless cyclical processes to life

Samsara = vicious prison
Moksha = Infinite Progress

The last mentioned crime in the 'gods' list of felonies is perhaps the most grave of crimes enforced on life, because it involves an endless repetition of fear and pain from which there is no escape for life that is deliberately physically and mentally kept unaware of ways to possibly escape into venues that are not cyclical and continuously repetitive. As described above, 3D worlds can be created with the proper means and made to consist closed, Isolated, adiabatic and open systems as the creator of that world desires. The cyclical nature of (parts of) our current world are things that are intentionally constructed and implemented by the so-called 'gods' that had no intention whatsoever to let mankind benefit from the fruit of their advanced, yet utterly perverse minds. Examples of properties put in place to trap earth bound life are gravity, the three impenetrable, highly radiative Van Allen Belts that encapsulate this planet, life's physical dependency on atmospheric circumstances, like gasses, liquids and food. Addictive habits like sex and dependency to addictive substances that are (made) available on earth. But also activities like gaming, gambling and drug addiction can be extremely habit-forming to some people and therefore are close to impossible to leave behind. Besides these methods of binding, there are also mindsets / heart-sets like love and loyalty towards other people or animals that can persuade the conditioned human minds to remain on earth while they theoretically have the opportunity to travel /exist elsewhere.

Remote mindcontrol

Structure of dimensions and time in 'Creation'

Dimensions are required to create objects, such as the 3D objects we are and the 3D objects inside (blood particles, plasma, bacteria, viri etc.) and around us. The causal nature of sequential events require linear time as is simulated in current 3D programs by the timeline in which created objects and surroundings can be edited. The imposing of chronology is a means to control the nature of events in which 3D objects are involved, including their thoughts and emotions. Now the last thing is what really matters, while the highly appreciated intelligence (conditioned, allegedly structured thought) is, as David Icke puts it: the village idiot, that is therefore revered solely by (entities dumbed down to being) idiots that haven't a clue whatsoever of what defines 'reality' or what is mistaken to be that, because they have been taught / ordered to dismiss all spiritual abilities of the mind, which slams shut the path to the truth. The invented crap that supports their induced hallucinations is just that; delusions intentionally created to send man's train of thought into the wrong direction in order to be able to maintain the bogus cyclical bunk that keeps all life imprisoned. In this banned (of course) TED-talk scientist Rupert Sheldrake eloquently explains why science is a mere conditioning mechanism, just like religion was previously. If you wonder how the human brain is kept under control, visit this link in which a man controls two prosthetic arms by just using his brain. Information can travel in the opposite direction as well of course and be used to perform certain tasks. Remote mind-control is a relatively 'old' complex of technologies that (quasi) accidentally was leaked by the US government in 1992. Today these techniques have advanced far beyond the capacity of common people, including scholars, to imagine. It will be done by the impending 5G network that will rely on thousands of satellites put in orbit around earth to wage psychotronic warfare on the people of this planet. Those in control of society benefit from the listed insane criminal activities committed by the fake 'gods' that help keeping the cyclical process driven incarceration of mankind in tact. For as long as their collaboration pleases the fake 'gods' anyway. It is always difficult to predict what perverse psychopathic advanced entities will do. One moment they pretend to like you, the next they will brutally butcher you without blinking an eye. Working with them is just as dangerous as being among their victims. It makes sense to wonder how on earth this humongous system could be in place.

Cronus / Saturn devouring one of his children
(he ate them all but one) after he castrated
his father Uranus - painting by Rubens

The powers of the 'Creators'

In 1964 a Russian astronomer called Nikolai Kardashev crafted a list of categories that showed the various levels in which civilizations are able to make use of the energy surrounding them - energy being the fuel that propels life. These categories are:

  • A Type I civilization, also called a planetary civilization—can use and store all of the energy available on its planet
  • A Type II civilization, also called a stellar civilization—can use and control energy at the scale of its stellar system
  • A Type III civilization, also called a galactic civilization—can control energy at the scale of its entire host galaxy

Earth population is categorized as A Type 0 civilization, that isn't even capable of properly using the energy available on planet earth. In cosmic circles it is a well established fact that the level of energy use is directly related to the intelligence of a civilization, which basically means that mankind is still a retarded species on a universal scale. Hyper intelligent entities however aren't inherently empathetic, the lack of which is some sort of stupidity of a different kind that can exist at the side of unmatched levelheadedness. Proof of this are the fake 'gods' from ancient myths and legends that are perverse bastards beyond the power of words to express. Kardashev also stated that another property of a Type 0 civilization is that it perpetually wages war. This means that the fake 'gods' are barely above the intelligence and power level of humans, even though they seem stunningly intelligent in human eyes. The fact that they put in place countless harsh measures to keep humans from discovering the truth, is a strong hint that they fear that we may discover the truth anyway, fear being a predominant mindset typically related to that of entities belonging to a Type 0 civilization. AI for instance is currently mainly used to control everything humans think and do. Had the fake 'gods' been from a more developed type of civilization they would have no need to obsessively control human activity.

I wrote a poem about Samsara and Moksha in which I basically expressed the essence of the two different states. Do not take my words for granted though; I may be wrong. Do your own research. Always apply this mindset with each piece of information that you run into. Never accept any information that is (c)overtly imposed on you - this is always done for a reason of which you are not informed.

Samsara vs Moksha. Click on the image to see a larger version of it.

There still are related matters in my mind that I have not yet expressed, which has to do with the gnostics who wrote very interesting things in the Dead Sea Scrolls, that have been kept away from the general public for decades for specific reasons. Stay tuned to see what I plan to add to this particular blog entry. It will contain a possible solution to make the fake 'gods' fear come true. In spite of everything that the bastards did to prevent it from taking place. They tried to kill me seven times, but failed. Writing this is what I must do. Reading it perhaps is what you must do.

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