Sunday, December 8, 2019

You can't handle the truth!

The keepers of the secret commonly tell outsiders that ask them to reveal the secret: you can't handle the truth! This means that the truth is purposely kept hidden and that the world therefore lives in a deluge of lies. I use the noun 'deluge' because this secret apparently is so important and huge that it percolates into almost any facet of life. As a result of treacherous lamestream media propaganda, this does not sit well in the general comfort zone. People feel and know that something is terribly wrong with the way things are going in the world, but refuse to admit and accept it as a result of continuous brainwashing. Their hopelessly deluded, imposed mindset prevents them from taking action against their oppressors, exploiters and abusers. It is how deep today's world has fallen.

The image above epitomises the conduct of those that have fallen victim to the mentality described in the previous paragraph. Many kiss the hand that swings the scythe toward their necks. It shows the effectiveness of the deception machine of lamestream media and that of Big Pharma's dumbing down, food and water poisoning and weakening of the immune system. The victims of these policies become mindless, obedient puppets that are easily manipulated into adhering to any narrative that the puppeteers desire at any time that they deem it to be necessary. This type of mind control facilitates the possibility to perpetuate the lie.

Now that the method of control has very roughly and concisely been established, the questions that logically arise are: who keeps the secret? And why? And perhaps most devastating one: Why do we even have to ask these questions? In the blog entries preceding this one I have suggested that concealed, powerful breakaway civilizations or groups that have limitless funds guard a collection of secrets that has an effect on the properties of today's life for every being that does not belong to their circle. Instead of sharing this knowledge with all people, they chose to keep that knowledge to themselves and present us a deluge of lies that continuously send us in the wrong direction as a result of which we perpetually interpret things incorrectly.

This situation seems inescapable and gloomy, because it is meant to incite such feelings. But is it TRUE? Is what we have always been told - that we can not handle the truth - TRUE? Or are those that keep saying such things to us afraid that we discover that truth is not something to be handled and that any truth that is kept hidden, makes those hiding it, which is handling it - it criminals that are in violation of universal law? Truth in my view is an open system for all life to enjoy! Read the previous sentence carefully and allow it to settle inside your awareness. It is the crux of escaping the secret, riddled, closed system prisons that the overwhelming majority of life on planet earth suffers from.

Samsara, the imposed infinite cycle of death and (re)birth, that I mentioned and elaborated on in a number of previous blog entries, is a vicious closed system in which repetitive cyclical processes endlessly occur. Any closed system is a container inside which processes take place that are cut off from other systems outside of the container; i. e. they do not communicate (exchange informatiin and matter) with each other. For example: electrical circuits are shielded to prevent outside forces from interfering with processes inside their container. This is a metaphoric reflection of what determines human life on earth. In other words, we have been forced to think and act in sub-sets of the truth that only have limited functionality - it is the most nefarious consequence of the induced fragmentation and separation in this universe. We keep running around in circles and after we die we return to run around in circles again. This most definitely is NOT a beautiful creation made by a loving creator.

Evil creator

However, lately even 'traditional' science has had to admit that phenomena exist such as entanglement, bi-location, teleportation and worm holes, while science disciplines on the fringe, like string theory, claim there are (at least) 26 dimensions that all communicate and confluent with each other. These are powerful references to the existence of open systems, none of which fits well in the deluded vision of current science. Scholars are forced to perform mental acrobatics to incorporate what can no longer be denied into their existing theories that become more obsolete by the day. A great example of which is regular science's bunk about dark matter - it is said to represent 95% of all the matter in this universe, that no one has ever seen and no one knows what it is or what it does, but scientists insist this is the case, because it can be used to explain the inexplicable gap in their mathematical formulae. Such is the cursed fate of closed systems that all run into a wall sooner or later. It is science that can't handle the truth, because its purpose has always been to perpetuate theories that keep human train of thought away from the truth that was hidden by the hidden masters in order to contain mankind in their web of lies. Sure, science presented a number of solutions (to maintain its bogus credibility), but the really big problems in and of life it never properly addressed or resolved. 

All the above is what happens outside of you. It is the outside world in which you will find it extremely difficult to live the life as you prefer to live it as long as you continue to clasp to becoming involved with the cyclical processes in closed systems that have messed up countless lives. You weren't meant to live a beautiful and meaningful life - this was never in the program written for you. The only way out of this imposed misery is to go inward and find the magical powers that exist within your subconscious that you can gain control over if you only knew how to go about it.

The article on the Zerohedge website explains into detail how communication with the subconscious is established. Below you see a few important quotes that may give you an idea of how this works from a deeply technical perspective:

Fundamentally, the Gateway Experience is a training system designed to bring enhanced strength, focus and coherence to the amplitude and frequency of brainwave output between the left and right hemispheres so as to alter consciousness, moving it outside the physical sphere so as to ultimately escape even the restrictions of time and spaceThe participant then gains access to the various levels of intuitive knowledge which the universe offers
the Gateway process is designed to rather rapidly induce a state of profound calm within the nervous system and to significantly lower blood pressure to cause the circulatory system, skeleton and all other physical organ systems to begin vibrating coherently at approximately 7–7.5 cycles per second. The resulting resonance sets up a regular, repetitive sound wave which propagates in consonance with the electrostatic field of the earth
To enter these intervening dimensions, human consciousness must focus with such intense coherence that the frequency of the energy pattern which comprises that consciousness (i.e. the brainwave output) can accelerate to the point where the resulting frequency pattern, if displayed on an oscilloscope, would look virtually like a solid line. Achievement of this state of altered consciousness sets the stage for perception of non-time-space dimensions because of the operation of a principle in physics known as Planck’s Distance. 
Moreover, once the individual is able to project his consciousness beyond time-space, that consciousness would logically tend to entrain its frequency output with the new energy environment to which it is exposed, therein greatly enhancing the extent to which the individual’s altered consciousness may be further modified to achieve a much heightened point of focus and a much refined oscillating pattern.

The above is probably not what most people expected to be necessary to gain access to the realm beyond space and time, which allows to visit locations anywhere in the universe at any time. One of the most stunning things carried out with this remote viewing technique was the remote viewing of beings on the planet Mars that tried to escape their dying planet approximately 1 million years BC (....). The document (in pdf-format) was Approved for release by the CIA in August 8 2000. Remote viewing was a project called 'Star Gate' lead by physicists Russel Targ and Hal Puthoff sponsored by the CIA, beginning in 1972. Some would say its approval for release indicates that more in depth and accurate documentation on the subject exists, but are kept under wraps because of the you-can't-handle-the-truth thingie. It implies that humans are allowed to know a minute part of the tip of the iceberg only, without the provision of additional helpful clues. Because - you know - we might find the truth that we can't handle. And god forbid that to happen. 

Having read the information including the links in the two preceding paragraphs may have given you some idea of the hidden power of the human mind. But the technical approach will probably place it out of reach of by far the most people. I guess that the CIA in the context of their organization was more or less forced to choose a technical / scientific path because it had to be reproducible to enable them to use and develop the technique in the future. Their way however raises the complexity far above what common people are capable of. Does this mean that taking control of the subconscious by synchronizing the brain hemispheres remains out of reach for almost anyone?

Fortunately there is also an other way, that relies more on pragmatic use of the mind and less on advanced technical prowess. In a book called 'The power of your subconscious mind' Dr. Joseph Murphy describes yet an other way to gain control over your incredibly powerful subconscious mind. He presents the communication with the subconscious as 'prayer' in a way that should convince even the most hard core atheists and gives examples like: 'why are my prayers not heard by God?' and why is one person affluent and an other one is forced to live in agonizing poverty? or why is one person healthy and an other suffering dearly from disease? Going about this topic in such a way - using examples that immediately incite curiosity - tends to capture peoples' attention. What it in fact shows, is that the human mind is extremely powerful, even without the assistance of technical means.

I urge people truly interested in unlocking the power of their subconscious mind to read Dr. Murphy's book, because it brings the ability to find the Truth to the level of ordinary people in spite of attempts of the 'elite' to keep these methods a secret. Murphy's method achieves exactly the same as psychics lead by scientists do in the CIA's Star Gate project. I say: 'Let the people decide for themselves if they can handle the Truth or not.' Bearing in mind of course that the Truth is not something to be handled in the first place. Only minds thoroughly conditioned by the 'elite' fail to see the utter lack of truth and logic in the famous phrase spoken (yelled) by Jack Nicholson in Hollywood's elite play 'A few good men'. Oh and by the way, if you like Dr. Murphy's book buy it and reward him for his laborious effort. It is available in all big on-line stores for under 10 USD.

Why Jesus, Buddha and other enlightened souls are supposed to have said that you must go inside yourself to find the truth is because of the reasons given above. You must gain control over your subconscious as Dr. Murphy says by synchronising your brain hemispheres and reducing the frequency of your entire body to 7 - 7.5 Mhz or whatever the earth's frequency may be, as Targ and Puthoff say in order to be able to escape the cyclical processes inside the closed systems that are imposed on life on earth, possibly on our solar system and maybe even on the galaxy and entire universe. These complex prison systems were built by very powerful and very evil entities, that had access to and command over information and knowledge that is beyond humankind's perception, which means escaping them will not be an easy process, but being able to coherently communicate with the subconscious is the first step of becoming on par with those entities.

Oddly enough earth's resonance has been raised over the past decades. Values between 8.5 and spikes of 16.5 Mhz have been measured. In terms of human brain frequency it means we're leaving the theta state and are moving into a calmer alpha state while the edge of the more alert beta state is on the horizon. This means our thoughts are getting more clear and focused. This could be a great help to clearly define thoughts (using the dodgy tools of reason and language) in becoming conscious which will provoke a reaction from our subconscious that, according to Dr. Murphy, opens up opportunities that we never before had. He even uses the term 'miracles'. It could be that the earth is in the process of meeting human needs, making it easier for humans to take control of their subconscious, since most of them aren't capable of achieving it on their own. Earth itself being a powerful conscious being that would greatly benefit from life that dwells on it gaining a more elevated level of consciousness. 

This is all speculation at this point, I admit, since no one knows exactly what is going on and what the relatively rapid changes will result in. But here you go, read Dr. Murphy's book (perhaps several times as he suggests) and your chances of escaping the prison that traps human souls in perpetual cycles of death and (re)birth may well be significantly enhanced. Become aware of the fact that there are no closed systems and thereby alter your perception for the better. Let's not fool ourselves - it is the only option we have left; we can't beat the severely funded hyper tech of the breakaway groups and relying on religion's promises / prophecies would seem like a voice out of nowhere foretelling you that you'll bankrupt all casinos that you visit. It is the first step toward immortality and infinite progress. Since this is more important than anything else you'll ever do in this dimension, take time to improve your skills in this field.