Sunday, May 20, 2012

Food for thought IV

Continuing where I left off in the previous blog entry of the series Food for thought, the accuracy of supplying water, nutrients, negative ions and oxygen is possible when a closed system contains the plants' roots. It is similar to the closed environment in soil, which is also separated from the above ground part of the plant. The big advantage of aeroponics is that the closed system can be conditioned not to contain pathogenic bacteri or fungi. This is a huge advantage, because it allows plants to dedicate all their energy to growing, which results in faster growth and higher yields.

Indoor growing makes aeroponics independent from seasons, rough weather and daylight sequence. Thus optimal conditions can be maintained perpetually, which also contributes to faster growth and higher yields than is possible with outdoor soil based growing. Supplying the exact correct amount of all substances and light of the correct frequency, relieves the plants from working hard to find food or absorb light, while unwanted substances, parasites or damaging wind, excessive quantities of (contaminated) rain can be prevented.

Of course there is a price for regulating all those things – the rent or lease cost of the facility and the powering of the supply systems – but the benefits of indoor aeroponic growing far outweigh the disadvantages, especially if the largest part of the power requirements of these systems can run on 12 volts. This means the power can be supplied from batteries which makes aeroponic systems excellently suited to survive power outages or fit to be run in places where there is no power distribution grid present.

Indoor growing also allows to stack various layers of growing surface on top of each other, which is another feature that makes aeroponics more efficient than traditional outdoor soil based growing. Logistic costs could therefore also be reduced significantly, because indoor facilities can be located closer to or inside consumer residential areas. It also cuts on worker's commuter costs.

Not using soil as a medium also does away with the problems caused by monoculture agriculture. Apart from shielding harvests against rough weather, radioactive fallout (like caused by Chernobyl and Fukushima) has no effect on aeroponic growing facilities. The controllable environment also greatly reduces the risk of hazardous outbreaks like the EHEC bacterie or similar diseases and contaminations. Theft obviously is also less likely to harm indoor growing set ups.

The absence of the (artificially created) necessity of supplying pesticides results in healthier produce that has a far better taste. Since plants have the capacity to learn, consequent generations will have an increasingly strong immune syste, that is a free bonus from aeroponic growing. Aeroponically grown produce has no soil clumps around the roots, which means it can be used straight away in kitchens without cleaning.

There are further developments that are still in the research phase at isocult that are related to automating and enhancing the growing system with advanced technologies that are rarely or not at all used in set ups that we know of. These will allow to even increase the growing pace, size of the yields and level of health of the plants. The isocult system is built in modules that can be combined, which allows farmers to gradually 'upgrade' their aeroponic systems, allowing them to maintain a profit margin that allows them to remain in business.

Contact us by clicking here or through our website that you will find at: for further information. We are looking for investors that want to become part of the next phase in the agricultural revolution. We intend to create a system that allows those who put in the effort to benefit from their labor and provide consumers healthy and tasty food.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Food for thought III

In Food for thought II reasons and conditions for change in the technical division of agriculture have been listed. For those who have done research at independent (i.e. non-corporate) sources concerning efficient out-of-the-box agriculture methods, it will not come as a surprise that aeroponic growing renders the highest yields of healthy crop. This method has been selected by NASA to feed astronauts that spend longer periods of time in space.

Failure is not an option in space, because besides nutrition pills there is no alternative means of supply of food. The type of aeroponics used by NASA however has one disadvantage – there is no gravity to make constructions functional. It means that ultrasonic transducers can not be used to produce a fog that is needed to transport nutrients to the plant root system. Instead the NASA system uses a pump and nozzles to produce a spray.

The disadvantage of nozzles is that they tend to clog and produce a spray that consists of droplets that are too coarse to qualify for true aeroponic standards. True aeroponics uses droplets smaller than 10 micron. Droplets larger than 10 micron will not bounce off the roots at which the nozzle jets its spray and will form a film of water around the roots, thereby blocking access to the roots for oxygen.

Oxygen is important for the metabolism of crops. In view of this it is necessary to know that before the industrial revolution (in the 1800's) the earth atmosphere contained 30% of oxygen. Due to pollution that level today has dropped to between 17 and 20%. When it drops below 10% humans will suffocate. The same goes for plants. The lack of oxygen makes them grow slower and weakens their immune system. Of course this is never mentioned in treacherous mainstream media, because the pharmaceutical industry thrives on sick people (because it is run by mentally sick people).

Oxygen must be transported in the phloem inside the stem of plants. Energy is required for that and this energy must be transported. To make this possible negative ions are also required. ATP(adenosine triphosphate) is the cell fuel molecule that makes cells work. So supplying oxygen alone is not enough, negative ions also have to be supplied.

Contrary to popular belief aeroponics is not unnatural as mainstream media would have you believe. Today orchids and mangrove trees still grow according to the aeroponic principle. Most plants can be grown very efficiently in a similar way. Efficiency does not stop here in aeroponic growing. All benefits will be listed below and explained in detail where necessary in the next 'Food for thought' blog entry.

Aeroponics makes the following possible that are not or to lesser degree present in soil based growing methods:
  1. Accurate control of supply of water, nutrients, ions and oxygen
  2. Independence of seasonal influences and daylight sequence
  3. Significant reduction of energy and water consumption
  4. Reduction of waste products
  5. No need to supply pesticides, bactericides, fungicides and fertilizers
  6. Stacked growing arrangements in multiple stories
  7. Indoor growing inside or close to urban areas
  8. Improved protection against pollution, disease, fallout and theft
  9. Improved protection against geophysical disaster
  10. Improved protection against climatic disaster

The above mentioned leads to the following advantages:
  1. Higher yield
  2. Healthier produce
  3. Tastier produce
  4. Clean roots
  5. Lower logistic cost
  6. Lower commuter expense of workers
  7. No soil degradation due to monoculture
  8. Can largely be run on 12 Volt

Farmers and investors are encouraged to study these matters intesively and seriously consider how to transit from soil based growing to aeroponic growing. We do not just bear responsibility for the current situation, but also for the generations that will come after us. More detailed information in the next 'Food for thought' blog entry that will be posted soon.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Food for thought II

The consequence of consuming food, water and drinks as described in the previous blog entry is one end of the global market. The position of farmers is not a pleasant one. They are in a situation in the food chain where a horde of predators look to compensate their loss and obtain their profit, while farmers are robbed of almost all rights.

In addition pollution, slave contract obligations, tax duties, branch rules and harsh corporate dictatorship make running a healthy business virtually impossible. Between 2002 and 2006 in India 17,500 farmers committed suicide every year according to official government statistics... Other sources claim that the suicide wave has begun in the 1990's of the previous century, which brings the total of suicides to approximately a quarter of a million! These are the horrific figures of only one country.

Then there is the problem of ecocide that is increasing at a disturbing pace. Ecocide is a term to indicate land that has become wasteland, totally unfit to grow any type of crop. In Russia an area as large as Texas has become uninhabitable. Elsewhere, an increasing number of large areas can no longer be used for agriculture, while urban areas continue to expand, leaving less land for agricultural purpose. Independent lawyers are now looking into the possibility to sue perpetrators of ecocide that indeed goes beyond being a crime against humanity because it wrecks the planet that allows us to live.

Soi farmers in Argentina have left their land and moved to the cities because the spraying of pesticides has caused a plethora of diseases and a considerable amount of fatal casualties. These types of migrations are not unique accidents; similar situations exist all over the globe. It leaves consumers with less food because farmers abandon their land or with poisoned food because farmers are forced to use pesticides.

Environmental disasters like the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and the meltdown of the nuclear facility in Fukushima following the tsunami have also caused tremendous damage to agriculture that will not be repaired for decennia. The radioactive fallout caused by the destruction of the nuclear plant has reached the US and Canada and even parts of Europe where it is contaminating crops on farming land that is nonetheless sold because administrations do nothing to prevent it and the media do not report on the health risk involved.

Wall Street continues to raise food prices to the benefit of every company and organization involved in the food business with the exception of farmers. Consumers living on the edge of their spending capacity simply die because of these inhumane policies. The 2008 food crisis plunged an additional 130,000,000 people into famine on top of the 'traditional' amount of victims. This is structured mass murder by white collar criminals who are continuously portrayed by the traitors of mainstream media as pillars of society, who are protected by illegal and unconstitutional law, while being left unopposed by the misinformed and ignorant masses.

All these events most of which have disgraceful causes, call for different ways to conduct agriculture, apart from reorganizing administrations, organizations and corporations involved in maintaining the food chain. It probably means that the entire structure of non-functional society will have to be changed drastically and that corporate owned mainstream media's misinformation has to be ignored, in order to begin solving these problems.

It makes sense to start change where the problems are worst in food production. Change must involve the following categories related to growing:
  1. Yield must be increased
  2. Production cost must be reduced

Ad. A Increasing yields can be accomplished by:
  1. Applying efficient growing methods
  2. Using less chemical additives
  3. Lowering energy consumption
  4. Reducing labor / automating growing systems
  5. Grow independent from seasonal influence
  6. Grow independent from daylight sequence

Ad. B Cost reduction / efficiency elevating measures are:
  1. Agriculture close to or inside urban areas
  2. Making better use of surface / volume for cultivation – stacked growing
  3. Protect harvest against geophysical and climatic disaster and theft

All aims mentioned in the issues above can be reached while NOT harming the interest of farmers and consumers. But it means that traditional - soil based - agriculture has to be abandoned in order to feed the entire population of this planet. In the next blog entry these necessary changes will be detailed. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Food for thought I

In The Netherlands debts of greenhouse farmers are measured starting in the year 2001. The average farmer has 3.5 hectare or 8.64 acres on which (s)he grows crops. In 2001 the annual loss was 10,000 Euros. In 2010 the annual loss increased to 180,000 Euros! Farmers are being squeezed by banks, suppliers, insurance companies, middlemen, the tax office and retailers. Consumers pay the prize for this development in more than one way.

To secure their harvests farmers are obliged by contract to use 'terminator seeds'. This type of genetically modified seed is manipulated in such a way that harvests spawn infertile seeds. They can not be used to sow because their DNA is modified to call forth an other generation of crop. It means that farmers are forced to buy new seeds after every harvest to start the next. Consumers eat the produce form these harvests that contain substances that do not cease to terminate after they are cooked or baked.

Livestock is also fed with genetically modified crop and therefore also contain the terminator substances that end up on the consumer's plate. In addition they are given growth-hormones and large doses of anti-biotics to raise them without acquiring a disease that would make it impossible to sell them to slaughterhouses. These chemical substances are also contained in the food people eat.

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO's) are designed to resist pesticides that are invariably used in growing to prevent harvest from being eaten by pests (bugs, insects). Insects are among the life forms that have a most powerful immune system; scorpions and cockroaches are among few types of life capable of surviving a nuclear war. The pesticides therefore are extremely potent chemicals that are hazardous to all kinds of life, which of course includes consumers who are at the end of the food chain.

Beside pesticides, bactericides, fungicides and fertilizers are used to protect harvests. The amount of dangerous chemicals that find their way to the consumers is almost beyond imagination. In addition some crops are irradiated to 'preserve' them and prefabricated food is flooded with an abundance of additions that are unhealthy and venomous. People intentionally are not informed about these risks, because if they were aware of what is hidden in their food, they would rebel and drag producers that are responsible for sneaking these venomous mixes into the consumers food to court to impeach them into oblivion.

Rarely thought of, but true nevertheless is that beverages that are made from fruits, vegetables and grains also contain the poisons mentioned above. Fruit drinks, beers, wines, whiskies, liqueurs etc. they all contain potent poisons used in traditional forms of agriculture. The entire food and drink supply is crammed with dangerous chemicals and genetically modified organisms. It is mind boggling that people haven't yet revolted against these illegal political decisions and called the perpetrators of these criminal acts to justice.

Mainstream media, organizations that supposedly exist to protect the health of mankind, governments, legal system and corporations all work together to perpetuate the deliberate poisoning of humanity. It simply is impossible to maintain the misinformed and ignorant belief that this extremely perilous situation could have occurred without the undivided collaboration of these organizations. Those that claim the opposite is true are either paid agents ordered to lie to the public or have a commercial or corporate interest in perpetuating the poisoning of food, water and drinks advertized, enforced and sold to you.

The answer to resolve the problems resulting from the attack on people's health is to grow your own food. In the US it has been made a criminal offense to grow edible crops in ones garden or house, to trade it give it away or be involved in selling them by the Food Security laws that were recently introduced. This act is in flagrant violation of the US constitution and Congress, Senate and The House of Representatives are therefore guilty of a criminal act. On a global scale the UN's Codex Alimentarius is similarly criminal, because it aims to abolish all organic produce and force people to consume only GMO's that are grown with staggeringly poisonous pesticides.

People who believe that the claims made in this blog entry are exaggerated, false or untrue are beyond help. Those that want to know more should make the effort of finding out for themselves if this article misinforms them in any way. Use Google to do research on the bold yellow type terms contained in this article. Start thinking for yourself - this Food for Thought may make you think about different ways to obtain food. If not you may continue to mindlessly eat the poisoned food and drink the water and beverages supplied to you. I will post more on this subject in my next blog entry that will be posted soon.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

You are TRAPPED!

If something hard to define has always made it difficult for you to accept what religion tells you, what reincarnation theories tell you, prepare to take a moment in which you may find some answers that help clarify (part of) these issues. If you have problems understanding how the suffering in this world, that - for the Love of GOD - you can in no way relate to a loving supreme being, then you won't feel you've wasted a mere instant of your life after reading the following article that I encountered in the Godlike Productions web site. I took the liberty to correct grammar and spelling errors, but other than that, left the article in tact. My comments are in red bold type.

Here is a general introduction and over­view over The Trap System.

The Trap System is a spiritual-tech­no­logical construct, for lack of better terms, that serves the purpose of keeping people trapped in their phy­sical bodies on Earth, even through many different incarnations.

In fact, the whole purpose of reincar­nation is to stay trapped and not be able to experience once True Self. New Agers are completely misunder­standing this concept, as they mostly believe the Reincarnation part of the Trap System to be something "ne­ces­sary" for a persons spiritual de­ve­lopment, and they also see the Pri­son World we live in as a "School".

However, as logic itself clearly shows here, if it was intended for develop­ment, schooling, and learning, there are some major flaws in how it works. Consider the fact that be­tween each incarnation you are put in­to amnesia, forgetting everything you ever learned and everything a­bout your past lives and experiences.

This is phrased correctly; the amnesia is intentionally induced. The perpetuation of re-incarnations and erasing of memory are events that souls ALLOW to occur. Most can be hypnotized to recall past lives or periods in between lives, which suggest that a blockade to obstruct retrieval was induced. The Huna Shamans of Hawaii say humankind is caught in a mass hypnosis. This could account for the fact that it is not capable to remember what it learned in previous lives. The frequency of the planet is the hypnotizing mechanism, just like binaural beats can lead to various states of consciousness. Skilled alchemists have found ways to prolong their lives to thousands of years to avoid having to go through forcibly induced cycles of re-incarnation. The essence of all this is to expand awareness, break the hypnotic spell and when in doubt always choose options related to intuitive feelings offered by The Light.

This alone should prove rather clear­ly that indeed Reincarnation can NOT serve such a believed purpose, as it would be completely opposite of let­ting a person develop in any way, rather a person is stripped away from everything he ever learned and even his own conception of self and his con­sciousness, and basically "re­set" at each time of birth of a new in­car­nation. This is to make sure the per­son indeed will stay trapped, lose any higher knowledge obtained in pre­vious lives, and to make sure he can not develop properly to Self Un­derstanding or Experience of his Hig­her Soul and True Being.

This also makes sure that he will remain here, in lower planes of the astral, ignorant and blinded, not least mind controlled and brain­was­hed.

Now of course, some will ask "Who cre­ated the trap system" and "for what purpose" ?

The answer to that is that other, higer astral being to call them that, decided that it would be useful to keep mankind trapped here to serve as their slaves and food source. Sla­very through always having to work their lives for the Ones in Po­wer, who are part of those in control of the Trap System. Food source through being basically drai­ned from their own energy, as these entities feed on the etheric energies within a Human Body that has a Soul oc­cupying it. These entities, whom can be called astral entities, or as many term them "Reptilians", are working in both the astral planes and physical world. They have their re­presen­ta­tives here whom have infil­trated the physical world and leading most of the world through their influence with­in higher levels of so­ciety such as Govern­ments, Reli­gious institution, Media and various Corpo­ra­ti­ons and so on.

The Human Body itself is manu­fac­tured, to be very limited, and not be able to generally access or experience its soul to any significant degree. How­ever, a Soul Fragment must be in place in any Human Body for that body to live, be conscious, and func­tion as the mentioned Food Source due to the etheric energies that will only be in place in Human Bodies ha­ving a Soul (or Soul Fragment which really is the more proper term).

The mentioned entities, who keep us trapped here, feed on the etheric bo­dy energy, the mind of the sub­ject, the thoughts and emotions, and in spe­cific they prefer to feed on "ne­ga­tive energies". Because of that, these entities make sure a lot of ne­ga­tive events take place in the world, to increase the negative ener­gies within the Human Global Con­sci­ousness. This is done in form of va­rious wars, terrorism, deaths, dis­as­ters, anything that bring for great fear, anxiousness, paranoia, sadness and other negative states of mind.

In addition, these entities can in­flu­en­ce the minds of people through dif­ferent means, to create specific thought patterns, behaviors and e­mo­tions in those people. This in­flu­ence is done from astral tele­pa­thi­c connections with victims, to vari­ous tech­nology that alters the per­sons sta­te of mind.

They are doing their best to keep this uttermost secret, which is why you will hardly find any information on this in any previous publications of information. Very few have disco­vered this part of Human Existence, and the few of us who have, are our­selves from what can be called other realms of existence, or astral planes, where we have seen it all from an outside existence, and cho­sen to in­carnate here to let people know of this and other truths re­garding Exis­tence. We have done so on great risk, which is why we are few, as we too can be trapped into the complex construction of the Trap System - such as losing our own know­ledge, past life experiences, in­sights, and spi­ritual connections with our Higher Souls.

There are many Gods, higher and lo­wer. Let me give you an expla­na­tion on the Origins and the various Gods and Entities:

In the beginning existed only the one Mind, the first Cause of all other ex­is­tence - it created within itself the first energies of what we can call this "other existence", including other Cre­a­tors with abilities to Manifest and design Dimensions and Life spaw­ned from their own Minds. These Creators also brought forth other various sub-creators, who in their turn also took part of Creation and various Levels of Existence.

This divided down all the way to this Physical Existence. Thus, there are many "Gods", of different ranks, and many of these have been worshiped by different people and cultures both here on Earth and elsewhere in the Universe. Because different Creators with different polarities and functions were set out different types of Ener­gies manifested within different ty­pes of Creations, and the One was split up into different fragments, such as "negative" and "positive", thus "Good" and "Evil", and since Cre­ation has gone through countless levels of manifestations of different Life, this has also brought forth Be­ings who are of different nature than other Beings, because of having dif­ferent origins of the first polarities.

This has lead to some Beings being termed here as the Good Ones, and some of these as the Evil Ones - this goes on at many levels, between the Gods themselves, and all the way down here between People. Some be­lieve themselves to be the True God because of having forgotten, or not truly realized, their true origins - same as with People in the physical World - forgotten themselves and be­lieving they are something they are not, and in addition often being fooled by some of these other Beings into believing certain things regar­ding Reality that is not necessarily true, seen from a longer perspec­tive.

In essence, all Life is One, simply due to Everything existing within the One Mind, the First Cause, and all and everything is connected to each ­other, and all life have potential e­qual to that of their creators, mea­ning that even Man himself can be­come Creators - or what is called Gods, and manifest their own Worlds and Realities. It is a complex topic, and there is a lot of confusion be­tween Man­kind and other Beings on this, having caused many problems for many Lifeforms.

It is the programming of the Mind that keep you in the physical body, yet this also is true for the astral bo­dy, as the astral body is not the Soul or your True Self any more than your physical body. Though, never­theless, you are still spiritual beings trapped currently in physical bodies because of this Programming of the Mind.

With what I say, there will always be someone who agrees and some who doesn't, it is impossible to speak in a way that all will accept and under­stand simply because of the differen­ce between peoples level of self-re­a­li­zation and personal beliefs and so on. For me it doesn't matter if you dislike what I say, or the way I say it, you are entitled to feel or believe anything you want in regards of me and my claims.

Good and evil exists all over the phy­sical realm, I do not mean that is is simply something that exist here on Earth or in the Human race. In fact it does exist on many levels, what I am referring to is higher spi­ritual planes of existence where it can not exist due to the specific vi­brational levels, or frequencies if you want, that these planes exist within.

The most important thing you can ever study is Yourself, and the best per­son to ever listen to is You, and more people should spend more time on both those things.

You can listen to me and make what you want of what I say, but truly lis­ten to yourself instead of anyone el­se to find the real answers.

Good and evil is an illusion of the lo­wer astral realms, as the whole phy­sical world and lower realms are illu­sions as well created around us to keep us here. Yet, you can say they are real, as they do exist even though in their delusional form. In a sense the same way as a fantasy, where you make up something in your mind that do not exist, yet at the same time it does exist since you just made it up and got it in your mind, in the form of said fantasy.

Here, we are part of someone else's fantasy however. We all also contri­bute to it ourselves and take part of creating it.

These "others" are those whom are controlling you through your pro­gram­ming and the illusions you live within, even though these them­sel­ves also are living in the illusions and do not know their own true being. Some of them are the ones you refer to as the "Elite" constantly here, and some of them are the ones working with the "Elite" from other planes of existence, yet within the same Illu­sion.

They are abusing the system that was created to control you by the "God" I previously mentioned, the ori­ginal Creator left (this is something I do not agree with and do not believe: the omnipresent and omniscient in my opinion is what the terms indicate) but the System was still in place and kept you here and made you easy to abuse, ma­ni­pulate and control, and thus these en­tities took the chance when they discovered this.

You are responsible for accepting a belief. You did a mistake - we all did - from getting lured, but there is a way out of the net that was cast up­on you willingly, and eventually eve­ry­one will be free.

The so called enlightened beings can explain what is happening simply be­cause they can observe the Good and Evil from their own point of view, such as from visiting these lo­wer realms. So that means they too can be exposed to it, when being down here, yet it is non existing in their own higher realm, though that does not mean they have no know­ledge about it - as I explained, it exists yet still does not, as the meta­phor I used in my example with Fan­tasy.

Spirit guides, angels, ascended mas­ters etc. are more often than not with­in the trap system themselves and thus also "prisoners" without kno­w­ing it, believing themselves to be higher and free. But as long they are Individuals, they are not true Selves, as only Oneness is True Self. Such beings are only to be found within the lower astral planes, how­ever, some of them do know of the higher truths and can help guide peo­ple towards True Self, as they may have chosen their role as such a be­ing to assist people in the right di­rec­tion instead of the false di­rec­tion after death.

Regarding your imprisonment in a phy­sical body, I'm talking about mat­ters that took place in the very dis­tant past before your first physical in­carnation. It was at this moment you let yourself into the physical bo­dies being lured and blindly believing what you were told by the God of those times, who wanted his Human Bodies who inhabit a Human Soul es­sence, for them to work properly, and with a complex level of pro­gram­ming and systems imple­men­ted, so that these who fell for the trick got trapped, yet still some managed to escape as they could see what was coming and did not get tricked like the majority and thus they managed to escape and enter other realms, some of you know these original peo­ples, inter dimen­sional ones at they were then and not physical as now, as the Atlan­te­ans. And now you are learning from this mistake and slowly rea­lizing it and on your way to let the clouds clear and let the light in from your True Origins and the Source of All

The first Manipulator was the God I'm speaking of, but as he left after some time and he was satisfied with the work he had done and used the humans for, other entities eventually came upon you and discovered how you were programmed and blind and easy to manipulate and take advan­tage of, so they did. The rulers have changed from time to time, but the rulers of top level are those of a more negative, power-hungry and si­nis­ter type. Their agenda is to gain more power and control, by having people working for them mostly with­out even knowing it, or worshi­ping them as their Gods and so on which further empowers them, as the energy you give out you get back.

Here on earth they mostly use the re­ligious and spiritual institution and banking and money for their models put in place for control and power. Their God in a sense is Money, which they have created, and made you wor­ship as well. With the religions you are mostly worshiping them and the Old God as well, as that's what these were intended for. They also run the larger industries, go­vern­ments and such, to keep their con­trol in place and feed the people with more suggestions and lies that they are open to believe.

As I have previously explained, I dis­agree that we were physically incar­nated here to "learn" anything at all. We could learn very well without these physical bodies, as the astral realms of the lower levels are so close one can hardly tell the dif­fe­rence - some can't. So there is no need for a physical body for other pur­pose than being limited, and not unlimited or to obtain new know­led­ge, especially considering the fact that reincarnation would make that a com­plete and utter failure as people do not even remember their very last life before the present. So, nothing learned, memories all gone, back to scratch.

Learning comes from Higher Consci­ousness and is independent on Phy­si­cal conditions. We are all eternal beings with limitless knowledge and po­wer already, free to explore the endl­ess areas of existence, if only we learn to separate and be free from these bloody stumps we are so trap­ped within.

The only lesson to really learn here, is that we are failing to find oursel­ves, and that true knowledge comes from much deeper aspects of our Be­ing than wandering around in blind­ness on Earth.

They are smart, and they are on "both sides", and they use all means they can do further program you and manipulate you from spiritual means, to education, news & media, foods and the mind altering substances they put in them, vaccinations and health institutions and medicine and the pharmaceutical industry, through technological means such as sound fre­quencies, radiations, water sys­tems, anything they can alter and pol­lute with their methods and pro­ducts to make your mind dull, filled with apathy, more open for sugges­tion, and trustworthy of your media, leaders and so on.

I applaud those of you who do not blindly believing anything, in fact I highly praise people who follow their own intuition and highly encourage people to not listen to what I say as being facts, but look some up your­self and listen to your inner guide, though perhaps take some of the things I say in consideration as it may be useful for certain new in­sights to come. But this world has its great share of way too gullible peo­ple who believe anything they are told, that is also one of the reasons I am here to tell them to not listen to what I say or what anyone else say - the greatest truth you can find you will find from within yourself.

Even the higher entities are also li­ving within the illusions to great ex­tents and even though they are of good and pure intentions, far from all have discovered their True Self, or the Connection with the All. How­ever, once re-establishing your con­tact with the All, your true Oneness, it all will become clear.

Evil is a lower level reality, indeed, but because of the lower level God wan­ting to have the Powers and Con­trol as a Real God would.

Thus, from originally kindness, pure­ness, and even neutrality, sprouted what we can now term as evil, which in turn made a difference between Good and Evil.

The lust grew, and thus, as his po­wer grew, he made sure to take ad­vantage of you in every way he could - and even though he left this pro­gramming is still here.

You are NOT here for any "pur­pose" - you are here because you are TRAP­PED, in the ILLUSIONS and PRO­GRAM­MING. The only time you will "ascend" or go "further" is when you realize this and manage to keep your aware­ness with you at the time of death.
What a soul experiences is determined by the scope and nature of its awareness. A positive mindset will open bi-directional gateways to positive worlds while negative mindsets will allow entities from the often fear ridden lower astral realms to interact with beings present in the material plane.

The only thing you will learn here is what deception and lies and illusions are - not because you are "supposed to", but because you have been for­ced to, partially by your own choice.

Your purpose is higher, your real sel­ves are cleaner, more pure, here you are just a small grain of your own selves, if even that. You barely know even the slightest about yourself and your origins - and the small things you know, are mostly lies and deceit, so it leaves you with even less.

Remember, you are on one of the lo­west forms of existence, and there are MANY gods and creators above you responsible for the different realms and programming which you reside within.

The GOOD thing is that you can also create and be Gods, as you too have these powers within you because in the end you are all One and part of the Ultimate Source, thus you can con­trol and dictate your own lives if you want to - as long you learn how to.

First part is to realize you are here in a world of lies and deceit put upon you, the next part is to move to­wards your truer self, even though it takes some time to get to the real core.

What you experience, is no matter how wonderful it seems, part of the lo­wer realms illusions. Of course, you are free to stay there, and if you want to go further and get to know yourself at a deeper level you are free to do so as well.

I will not tell "this is right" and "that is wrong" - in fact I will leave that up to you to figure out.

Nevertheless, what many of you have found is that there is "some­thing" beyond your normal waking re­ality, and something beyond your "dreams" - look further, and you might just get your foot prints over the place and experience a comple­tely new aspect of yourself.

There is no need for me to ask you to believe anything, nor is there any need for me to ask you to disbelief any­thing, it is your free choice after all - I am just here as someone who has gone through those choi­ces be­fore you and thus may be able to help you towards a greater and some­what easier progress to reach the level of atonement I have reach­ed.

My own purpose here is to serve you, bring you that spark of self-rea­li­zation that you all have within - so that you can once again be more con­nected with yourselves, in ba­lan­ce with your being - harmony with Cre­ation.

Personally it is irrelevant for me if you believe me or not, consider what I say or try things I might suggest. I will not gain anything from you doing so, nor will I lose anything from you not doing so. Only you yourselves will.

I am not here to make you believe a single word of what I say - those with whom it resonates will know on their own.

When I say there is a lot of deceit out there, I am sure most of you would agree to that. Am I a decei­ver? Well, you figure that out, find yourself.

Do not take what I say for granted, take it into consideration and see what you feel - if you do feel I am lying that is fine with me, if you feel I'm truthful that is fine too.

It is good to be skeptic, look within yourself - you have a combination of tools available with you to help you discover great things, without the need of others - though there are some whom will benefit from some gui­dance, it might ignite the light inside so it can start burning brighter on its own.

We are here to help you on the way towards yourself and understanding divine laws so you can live in ac­cor­dance with them and thus reach hig­her levels of insights and under­stan­ding, as well as improving your own condition in every way.

This is because we have chosen to do so, not because we are forced - some of those working against us, and you, are however often forced. But there are many of those as well who do what they do because they have chosen that path, for per­so­nal gains.

Those whom I am affiliated with are never forced, they can not be, as it would work against the whole sys­tem of free will and thus make us nothing more than those who try to keep you in the dark away from your­self.

And when it comes to you, you most­ly work against yourself, not because you want to or chose to do so freely, but because you are forced to without realizing it yourself. You are prisoners sitting in the cage with the key to the lock in the dark corner without knowing it. We are here to help you reach that key.

Be cautious about what you believe though, do not take anything to be the Truth, not even what I say. Even if it "rings true" with you, that does not make it true, in fact a lot of what seem to be true and make sense to you has been constructed that way for you for the complete opposite pur­pose of what can be called "truth­fulness".

It is also somewhat entertaining that some of you seem to consider your spiritual teachers and those like us, whether we are who we claim or not, to be omnipotent, almost at the level of what you yourself consider to be Gods.

What you call God, and the Creator, do not "come" here or "visit" you to help you out in any way - or to make things hard for you for that matter. There are no "tests" to fulfill or un­derstand created by that which you call God. However, there are other Creators, in fact we are all co-cre­a­tors, yet there are what you can consider the Creator of the physical world, as well as numerous Creators upwards many levels in the higher pla­nes of existence.

There are also many out there who want you to believe they are your Creator or God, or higher beings such as angels and what you call ali­ens. In fact, of all communication with any other non-physical beings and consciousness of other planes it is the ones we can term the "nega­tive energies" that is the most fre­quent.

That is the reason to continuously fail­ed predictions and disinformation coming from your "gurus", "masters" and "new age channelers" etc. Just like you, most of you, often tend to blind­ly believe and accept what you are told by "higher authorities" so do these people when it comes to their contacts. This is of course unfor­tu­nate, and those among you who may be in contact with other entities should show extreme caution there as well.

At this level of existence at which eve­ryone who is here in this physical world finds himself buried in lies and deceitful rules - it is what keeps you here, and why you are even here in the first place. There are some ex­ceptions to this of course, some are here to help and guide, and others are here to deceive you more and keep you here.

Very few people present in this level of existence are in contact with any higher beings or the Source, but there are plenty who are in contact with lower beings that pretend to be "higher" and give you false ideas of what they are - and what YOU are.

The same goes for your so called after life - in fact most people who find themselves free from reincar­na­tion after death are located at lo­wer levels of existence, very close to this physical world, and in most ca­ses they live lives there that are al­most iden­tical to what they are here, and the surroundings and land­scapes and structures of these realms are very similar to those of this physical one. Here too the deception and lies go deep.

This can be useful to have in mind both for your remaining time here as well as when you step over to the next experience of existence - if you will just be able to keep yourself awa­re when doing so and remain con­scious.

In essence, if I should put it very sim­ple, Life is simply a preparation for Death - as you call it.

For the "loopholes" you want to get free, I can tell you that the very first thing needed is Self-Realization and Understanding of the Deceptive Sys­tem you live within. As soon you rea­lize and acknowledge this you are on your way to freedom as you have al­ready taken a step further and seen the Prison Walls surrounding you, the illogical system of Reincar­nation is an­ other important thing to be reali­zed - just think about it, Re­incar­na­tion serves the purpose of letting people die and live again, as I am sure we can all agree on. What is false­ly put forth in regards of Re­in­car­nation is that it is something to ac­tually be wanted, that it is "na­tural" and part of our spiritual de­ve­lopment. New Agers claim the Earth to be a "school" in which we develop by reincarnation. If that was the case, then obviously you would need to remember your past lives to be able to learn from them and develop. This is not the case, simply because rein­carnation is not a way for spiri­tu­al development, it is the complete op­po­site, a way to remove you from your spirituality and your true self, by putting upon you amnesia from life to life so you will not remember who you were, where you came from, what you have done, and so on. Instead, you are forced to start "all over", again and again, century after century. It could rather be cal­led a "devolution of the spirit" than an "evolution of the spirit".

So, realize that, and you will have that in your conscious mind as well as your subconscious mind, indeed in your soul, so that at time of death, what you should do, is request your­self to experience your True Form, your Real Spiritual Essence, and im­me­diately fly as far away from Earth as you can in spirit form.

You don't know your True Form or Real Spiritual Essence. Furthermore, if you file a request, it means you are in a situation in which the requested situation does not exist; you confirm that it does not exist by requesting it. This is the very nature of the act of making requests. The Universe will respond to it by fulfilling it AT SOME POINT IN SPACE AND TIME, not necessarily at the instant the request was made, because it did not contain specific coordinates in space and time. If you do not know where you are and what it is that you should ask due to a lack of awareness, any request from such a mindset will be incomplete and therefore not occur inside the time and space you wished it to take place. You may get what you asked long after you were in the time and space in which you made the request. Think about this!

The best way to prepare is to prac­tice spirit travel regularly be­fore death so you will be able to retain aware­ness and consci­ousness at the time of death, so that you will not fall into an un­conscious dreamy state of being and suffer from reincar­na­tion again, nor suffer from being trap­ped in lower levels of exis­tence such as the lower astral planes which serves the purpose of keeping you trap­ped until you once again get re­in­carnated, you need to venture still further away from all familiar forms, towards realms of only pure con­sci­ousness where no being has any form and no form exist.

You can spirit travel all you want, but you may end up in places and times outside of this dimension that are outside of your awareness because it lacks the proper understanding. You may think that what you experienced during such a journey is true. But that is NOT necessarily the case. The scope of your consciousness determines the reach of your travel and the events you experience. If you are not aware enough you will travel to the lower astral planes that is the domain of demons and false gods or simulations created by a hyper advanced AI. If this settles in your awareness, this is where you will go after death. Horrible planes are described in the Buddhist Bardo Teudol or Book of the Dead. You really don't want to go there. It feels like some sort of trap that was conjured by the powers that try to lure you into situations in which they maintain control over your spirit.

Though, a being that is self-aware, can maintain himself in a state of free­dom even in lower astral planes, and avoid the cycle of reincarnation, indeed there are people living in as­tral realms that are wonderful and beau­tiful in every aspect, and have done so for thousands of years and lon­ger, but still these planes are part of the lower level illusion of existence and not the True Form of Self. It is not even a merging with ones Higher Soul.

One needs to merge all ones soul frag­ments with ones Higher Soul, the real True Self that exist on a higher plane which is outside of the system that keep people trap­ped here. Then you are truly free, then you are truly One, and Yourself, ready to explore the real existence and freedom be­yond all the deception and lies, and move on towards the Source itself.

Do you know who or what the Source is? If you do not beyond any doubt, do not identify yourself with it. Do not wish to be unified with it. Do meticulous research on the subject before mindlessly accepting anything without investigating it. Be aware that erasing memory at each event of birth has a reason; it resembles removing memory from a computer after which it is unable to do anything useful at all, apart from the necessity to re-learn everything it has calculated before, which most likely will result in a different set of interpretations and awareness. Hint: In the seemingly trivial TV-series 'Charmed' references were made to 'The Source'. Do you think that is a harmless coincidence?

You can retain memory of past lives, of the spiritual realms, of your Hig­her Soul, and so on, even here in your physical body. There are medi­ta­tions and exercises one can per­form that puts you in direct contact with your true self so that you will be able to explore and understand your­self and gain great insight on reality and illusions. Many of these exer­ci­ses can be found on my website un­der the Topic "Meditations, rituals & self development".

The famous "light" at death seem to be part of the trap system. There is no need to enter any light to go any­where.
When you die, simply tell your­self you want to experience your true spiritual essence, your real hig­her self. Tell yourself you want to mer­ge with the Source, or expe­ri­ence the true God above all Gods. The loved ones are al­ways with you as they are all part of you and All, so yes you can always reunion with them for a while on lower astral pla­nes where you still find yourself ex­periencing individuality.

So here you have been presented with some general information on the complex
Trap System and its im­plications.

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