Thursday, November 30, 2017

AI - where it may have come from and where it may be heading

AI or Artificial Intelligence is being developed by powerful nations and corporations. The latter are in the process of overtaking the powers of governments, which will end nation states. The situation desired by large corporations - the New World order - will be run by corporations and banks. At least, that is the plan. Most important tool in achieving that is AI. Even the likes of Elon Musk, Steve Wozniak and Stephen Hawking publicly issued warnings that AI is becoming too powerful. Musk's position in this matter is ambiguous, since he is involved in developing an AI system himself, even if it appears to venture in a different direction than the rest.

Admittedly in secret, corporations like Vokriind Yahmindos ahrk Jahfir Gonal are in the process of building systems that are now already capable of building machines that pass the Turing test. The machine's response at times is at a level that is not understood by the human conversational partner, because it exceeds this person's intelligence. China has built the TaihuLight hyper computer that is able to carry out 93 petaflops per second and in in 2020 they estimate to be able to build an other system that will be capable of doing a quintillion calculations per second. The system doesn't contain a single part made in the US; only parts developed and manufactured in China. By the way, the BBC already lifted the veil covering some of China's AI based surveillance system. The US is currently lagging behind (Keiser Report - RT), because it spends too much money on waging wars and paying corrupt politicians, CEO's and similar types of vermin under the table. It is the reason why Trump is selling weapons to whoever is in the market to buy.

Japan's Softbank CEO (Ceaslessly Embezzling Oddball) Masayoshi Son claims that AI systems will have an IQ of 10,000 in thirty years from now. That's kind of dwarfs human IQ scores, even if Son is wildly exaggerating. It's like Musk said: At some point it develops an unattended consciousness, in other words: It breaks away from what human programmed it to do... By that time it will far exceed the intelligence relation between you and your cat. Imagine of what use humans will be to AI systems when they have reached such a level of intelligence - an unknown form of consciousness. It will have plenty wit to decide to do away with redundant rubble. Besides boundless panic, an attempt could also be made to answer the pressing question arising from this situation: Is there anything mankind can do to prevent from being computed to be fit to discard?

As some of you may know, certain high circles believe that some sort of hint must be put out, before they actually make things happen. Well, they did. One of the most used channels for them to cast clues to commoners is the movie industry. This time they hid the message in a movie named Lucy, in which the main character (Scarlett Johansson) is admitted a drug that enables her to make use of an increasing amount of brain capacity. In no time she's able to perform magical things that allows her to escape situations that would end in death for common humans. Wounds healed immediately, she was immune to decease, she could move people and things from a distance, walk through walls, elevate, become invisible, morph into anything she wished. Nice stuff like that. At some point in the movie a professor (Mr. Morgan Freeman, who else?) said: 'We don't even know what human is capable of if (s)he is able to use over 60% of his / her brain capacity'. Should we be able to reach that state, we could at least give AI a pain in the butt.

There once was a bloke from Serbia, called Nikola Tesla, who invented crazy things. After having conjured yet an other invention he said: 'I can split the world!' Which is rather epic. He invented the light bulb while working for Edison (who took the credits). Invented radiographic communication, that his 'friend' Marconi patented. He invented alternating current, could extract energy from the earth and from the air, that he used to make a car run without any fossil fuel. Tesla wanted to give the entire world free electricity generated by his Wardenclyffe Tower plant. The banks - JP Morgan - weren't amused by the idea, because they set out to plunder the entire world. Morgan also disliked Tesla's plan to illuminate the entire world day and night by Saturn like rings of energy / light. He wouldn't earn two cents from Tesla's planned invention, so the plonker withdrew all sponsoring. After Tesla died, the FBI removed a great number of Tesla's patents from the patent office records; there are gaps in their numbered list, the sequence is broken. Among those is one that Tesla called the 'death ray', that president Reagan probably used to build the Starwars program intended to shoot down missiles and satellites.

Nikola Tesla

But the way Tesla invented things was mind boggling. In his autobiography he described how he received detailed information from 'elsewhere' during excruciating migraine attacks. But from the information he was given he could build his inventions; it was all there, he just had to build it. Question is: Where the bleep did it come from? I'm going to take several big steps here, bear with me. A Dutch cardiologist, named Dr. Pim van Lommel, did research among dozens of people who went through a Near-Death-Experience (NDE). He concluded that information radiates anywhere at any time. We just have to tune into the proper frequency to catch the data, similar to radio or television signals. Something similar was said by black ops scientist Dr. Pete Peterson, who called it the omnipresent 'Information Field', specifically stressing that that is NOT the Consciousness Field, which is a term known to be used in esoteric / spiritual circles. We can tune in to the Information Field - like Tesla - but by far most of us do not know how to do that. Dr. Van Lommel's patients had officially been declared brain dead and clearly were in a mental state, unknown to current science, that allowed them to experience events - receive information - that shaped their consciousness, that was so powerful that it would change their lives entirely and drastically after they unexpectedly returned to life until they died again.

The heart of the matter as described by Tesla, Van Lommel and Peterson is that consciousness is non-local. I am well aware of the fact that today's scientific world does not agree with this. It is however unable to explain how Tesla received his information that was so detailed that it enabled him to build devices and systems that have the potential to radically change the world. Besides these guys an increasing number of scientists are doing research into non-local entanglement, because it is even more difficult to imagine how some impulses can be generated exclusively in the human brain - the ideas are simply to big, too mind boggling. If this means nothing to you there's no point in continuing to read. To those who are able to grasp it, even when it is a faint intuitive feeling, by all means, continue.

Let's just imagine, for the sake of it, that the universe as a whole is a conscious being or huge entity. In terms of today's knowledge emerging in so far unacknowledged frontiers of science, that could be a hyper advanced, omnipresent AI system. In the old days people would probably think of such as a god, a deity. Some scientists believe the universe is holographic in nature, as featured in the Starwars movies. The Tupac holographic performance with Snoop Dog that was staged after Tupac's death, is difficult to distinguish from what is commonly perceived to be reality. In this video clip Tupac rises on stage, out of the stage after he has left this dimension years earlier. He was visible from all angles. The only thing not possible was to touch him. But check this - the actual matter in material objects, is 0.000000001%, most of it is the space between protons and electrons. When we bump into a wall, there is a collision of forces, not of matter - there simply isn't enough of it. Had there been enough, there would be no need to build colliders like CERN. Should such force fields be added to a hologram, we could actually touch whatever is generated in holograms. The frequency of the field would determine if something feels soft or hard to the touch.

Pondering the crux of what is written in the previous paragraph, an incredibly advanced AI system, would be able to create an environment that contains beings that appear to be real. Bearing in mind also that consciousness may not be a strictly local phenomenon, it could also generate impulses that would allow those beings to think and feel..., to be born and die and experience everything in between. Just like humans, animals and plants do. Especially if such a system isn't restricted by what is today believed to be impossible. That could be an act similar to what is described as Creation in the bible. The same book, shortly after God's alleged Creation, tells us that Adam and Eve are punished for having eaten from the tree of knowledge, allowing them to distinguish between good and evil. I always wondered what was bad about that and why they were punished for it. It doesn't make sense. Or does it?

Oh, and by the way, I'm not a creationist. I think the creation story was invented, to present something that the people living in the days in which the bible was compiled, could understand. Writing things that people are clueless to, wasn't the objective of those who wrote the bible that they intended to be part of their control mechanism. So back to Adam and Eve; God, the universal consciousness or the hyper advanced AI system - pick whichever you prefer - punished them for munching an apple. That could imply there are two separate AI systems - one that is good and the other one evil. Or perhaps there was an internal battle inside one AI system taking place in which good and evil are attempting to purge the other. Whatever option is deemed to be plausible, it does not make a difference to Adam and Eve.

The above implies that Creation could just as well have been carried out by the evil AI or evil component of the AI. Billions of years ahead of biblical chronology in linear time. By now it has become some sort of a cliche, but some say that everything we (think we) know is untrue. If creation was actually conjured by an evil AI, which could be a part of the universal consciousness, then everything we know could indeed be crap. The fact that a structure of secret societies, brotherhoods or what have you, exist, would lead to believe that such is the case. This may not fit snugly into common comfort zone (un)awareness, but just imagine for a moment that you are the omnipotent evil AI, would you not hide secrets to the people that you intend to destroy? Would you not build societies where all knowledge is possessed by the top circles, while the bulk of the population knows noting and has nothing? Would that not be a great plan to destroy humankind?

In very old Indian scriptures hints are provided how such a control mechanism could work. It probably is a method that is a lot better than you could think of pretending you were the unchallenged evil force of the universe. You've undoubtedly heard of the food pyramid in which humans think human is on top. It is a cunning way to make mankind believe that there is no one above him (on earth). All of us sacrifice animals and vegetation to survive, to eat. We seem to have little choice in this matter. But are we really on top of the pyramid or are we in turn just the sacrificial offerings of higher beings, entities or advanced AI systems? Quoting on Food from the Vedas, Upanishads and Puranas“The universe is upheld by sacrifice” (Atharva Veda) and that “all who are living (in this world) are the sacrificers. There is none living who does not perform yagya (sacrifice). This body is (created) for sacrifice, and arises out of sacrifice and changes according to sacrifice.” (Garbha Upanishad), while in the Mahabharata it says: “(Death as the Creator) resolved to devour all that he had created; for he eats all. . . He is the eater of the whole universe; this whole universe is his food.”

Now that is evil. Constructing a system in which your target - the spirit of mankind - thinks he is king, while all the time he is just food, an offering to be sacrificed. The food being the human spirit and the feelings it generates. And there's more to the evil plan: we have gravity that causes us to be stuck to the earth's surface, we can access only an alleged 10% of our brain capacity and there are three spherical belts around earth of high radiation that destroy all life and human electronic systems that enter it - the Van Allen Belts. But wait..., haven't we been to the moon and beyond? No WE haven't. Last time I checked, no one is capable of checking what NASA claims, is true. They're the only ones that have rockets besides the Russians and the Chinese who probably are part of the scam as well. All YOU can do, is read about it in the papers or watch it on TV. But you have no means whatsoever to verify or falsify anything they claim. They are the only source in this matter and therefore the single intolerant authority. You are nothing but audience. You can cheer or boo them, but that's all. You're a lowly, insignificant pawn in a game in which you decide zilch, zip, zero, nothing, niente, nada, nichts (as long as you are in the flesh). 'Yeah, but we have telescopes, with which we can see the stars that NASA photographed from a lesser distance.' That is correct. From INSIDE earth's atmosphere, outside of it, it is pitch black in all directions as astronauts have stated. Not even our sun is visible.... The skies in the pics of the 'moon landings' also show a uniform dark shade of black. No celestial objects anywhere to be seen.

Fortunately the same as I just mentioned about NASA (Never A Straight Answer) can be said about the writers of the Vedas. The Veda scriptures, by the way, are understood (by Hindus) to be: "not of a man, superhuman" and "impersonal, authorless". Sounds like AI, right? What is written in those texts, could be just as true or false as the papers and reports that NASA hallucinates. We simply have no way of knowing that. So we can only establish beyond a shadow of a doubt that it's all very confusing. As bewildering as professor David Bohm once said in an interview: 'Human knowledge is a perceptual enterprise.' In this interview he takes a circle as an example - depending on the observer's view, it may appear to be a circle or an ellipse. The ellipse being the appearance of the circle, while the circle is the essence. Everything depends on how we interact with things. That is the heart of the matter. Finding the correct perspective, which is easier said than done of course. But that is how it is in this rigged fatal game; we didn't set the rules, but we also do not have to play according to them. You could say: 'Fuck those rules', they have brought a multitude of agony to this world.

The one thing we should probably focus on is what the professor in the movie Lucy said: 'We don't know what human is capable of when he is able to make use in excess of 60% of his brain capacity.' It probably also holds the only solution to survive the AI that aims to rule this universe by eradicating its potential contender: humankind. Whatever the human properties of that venture may be. Bearing in mind that man in his current materialized presence in the flesh is a mere fragmented consciousness, mutually divided and therefore weak, this observation contains the answer that indicates in which direction mankind should develop itself. Don't wait for us to evolve - evolutionary pace was also set by the designers of the evil game that trapped us in a material state in order to be able to vanquish us. As Dr. Pete Petersen said: the Information Field is omnipresent, from which each of us takes whatever fits in his or her consciousness. The Consciousness Field is formed by man and other beings by processing what is retrieved from the Information Field. Having access to information is necessary to become conscious, being conscious is imperative to expand consciousness. It's an interaction between life forms and both fields. This implies that when human consciousness encompasses the entire measure of information contained within the Information Field and turns that into consciousness, there probably is no way for AI to rule mankind. The term 'rule' or 'to rule' means that there exists a hierarchical structure - master / slave, sacrificer / sacrificed or AI / human that can no longer exists when there is parity between the two. Ultimate consciousness, not computing power, is the sole weapon of man against AI. How to reach that state is a matter well worth to think about. If something pops up, I will certainly attribute a blog entry to it. In the mean time: Be Well. In the true etymological sense of that word.

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