Monday, July 2, 2018

Mortal ignorance

The icon below reflects Mortal Ignorance. Most people would not consider ignorance to be a fatal condition, but as often is the case, the term quite accurately describes the nature of what it seems to suggest, while at the same time, commonly being understood differently. The rather widespread inability to fit such perception into ones perception is the lack of it. Ignorance is a deadly disorder for it prevents adding unpleasant, yet affecting matters to the scope of awareness, which all too often is reduced to a delusional comfort zone that is life threatening without the endangered noticing it, as a result of ignoring aspects (hence: ignorance) that affect life, whether one likes them or not.

Let me give you some examples. Most have probably heard of the alleged dangers of microwave and cell phone radiation, but have chosen to ignore them because the harbingers of the bad news related to these very handy devices are perpetually portrayed as tin foil hat conspiracy theorists. There are few things worse on this planet than to be labelled a conspiracy theorist, so people just prefer to ignore the possibility that they could one time be suffering from all sorts of diseases - diabetes, Alzheimer and Parkinson's disease, Multiple sclerosis, cancer etc. -that may have been caused by the radiating devices mentioned above. And die from them like the rest of their family and friends.

The problem is that said illnesses only become manifest decades after the initial period of contamination. In the decades long period preceding the outbreak of the disease(s) countless culprits could have caused them, so why take the whistle blowers serious? There is a good chance they may be wrong - regardless of the fact that one or more of these diseases are ruining countless persons' lives on an incredible scale in horrible ways. They're obviously caused by something, but most definitely not by the reasons mentioned by the conspiracy theorists.

Project Unspeakable

The only argument supporting this opinion is the fact that mainstream media has perpetually scorned conspiracy theorists, summoning all sorts of so called 'experts' to substantiate their claims that conspiracy theorists are trying to sell bunk. Disregarding the fact that all the experts were paid by the same complex of industries that caused the diseases, made all the expensive medication, none of which was able to cure any of them, while owning the mainstream media that spread the reports acquitting them of all blame and accusing the conspiracy theorists of issuing fake news.

I could cram this blog entry with tons of links that provide argument for the case I am trying to make, but it is useless if people are reluctant to do their own research - outside of mainstreams bought and paid for channels - and prefer to dwindle in their hallucinated, induced comfort zone for which death is the only one cure. Mortal ignorance is more terminal than any disease known to mankind.

But things become even worse. In compliance with religious dogma life is not terminated after death. Contrary to religious beliefs however, the afterlife is probably a lot different from what conjured religions suggest. What every person becomes aware of before his or her death matters profoundly and determines what happens to his or her soul after death. This implies that mindlessly believing what is dissipated through 'official channels' is very dangerous, particularly since all that these sources seem to do, is to perpetually spread dis-information and omit information, which indicates the vile nature of their policies. The rabbit hole goes unimaginably deep indeed.

So, if you think all this is a heap of bull, by all means, do not do your own research, remain dwindling in your misinformed comfort zone and face the consequence of your mortal ignorance the instant you depart from this dimension. And the thing with mortality is that it keeps repeating itself over and again, until the purposely induced disposition to mindlessly ignore certain matters (labelled to be untrue by self appointed 'authorities') has been done away with. Have a nice 1000 lives to come in the same limitation and paradox riddled dimension.