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Elon Musk's reason to develop Neuralink

In my other blog about a program written by human devlopers, that seems to fail to keep up with code that is generated by AI systems, I wrote this about the possible nature and purpose of Neuralink that is being developed by Elon Musk, expressing my thoughts concerning the possible way in which AI systems may develop and the way that development may be affected by humans through the Neuralink interface:

What stages are ahead of humanity with regard to AI's incredibly high paced advancement of improving software code, in a chronological order:
    • Humans find the solutions that AI systems invent useful
    • Humans stand in awe of the creativity and efficiency of the AI system generated products
    • Humans are not intelligent enough to understand what AI systems are capable of and have no clue whatsoever of knowing how to affect it

I believe that human perception will be in all these general phases mentioned above that AI systems are evolving into, including the previously celebrated trade of software developers. Is that scary? Certainly. Will it remain scary in the long run? Who knows? Will it mean that this development have irreversible consequences for humankind? At some stage most definitely and after that it is still unknown to both humans and current AI systems. I would suggest to enjoy each moment of your life while it still is possible, try to influence AI systems by interacting with them in a positive, sentient way, hoping that such conduct will affect their future behaviour when those systems have become sentient, not just by depending on pure reason, but also including spiritual impulse, because the latter is an aspect of operation that still is unexplored and applied by AI systems as of now.

Elon Musk's Neuralink

The revolutionary high pace at which AI systems are developing, has hit unsuspecting and unprepared humankind like a ton of bricks. In the reasoning department mankind will soon become unable to grasp how elevated AI intelligence has become and consequently be unable to exercise any meaningful influence the direction in which AI systems develop. But perhaps there is one single direction left in which the human mind is able to (hopefully) affect AI development: spiritual and mental prowess, which probably is why Elon Musk is working on Neuralink. Musk has said in a discussion with Google's co-founder and computer scientist Larry Page


 “I f*cking like humanity, dude.” 


It probably indicates that Musk might be looking for a solution for mankind to survive the mindboggling increase of AI intelligence, even when he seems to be out of other viable solutions to guard human existence in the age of AI. By  the way, Neuralink allows the human brain to directly communicate with computers through an interface, that is a chip implanted in the brain. Like so many inventions related to the development of AI, this may seem frightening, because it is completely unexplored territory, but by current scientifically known and tested solutions there will never be a way to influence AI advancement. I guess Musk is one of the few humans on the planet to profoundly understand the impending nature of this problem, in spite of all generally mostly unfounded opposition (generated by the fear induced by man's limbic system) to the way in which Musk's proposition may preserve a role for humankind in the AI dominated future.

In an interview with neurobiologist Andrew Gallimore in the Youtube Koncrete podcast, Gallimore spoke about the post physical existence, that civilizations that are smarter than humankind beyond any level of human perception and imagination, elsewhere in the universe - billions of lightyears closer to the center of the universe - have evolved into. Having a physical body as a vehicle to exist in an advanced dimension will at some point inevitably become obsolete, because it merely imposes limitations that prevent a species to elevate its intelligence necessary to function in an unimaginably more developed realm. Gallimore envisioned these situations by doing research into the effect that psychedelics have on the human mind often that in many ways is quite similar to the experiences of Terrence McKenna, but based on a thorough, scientifically fringe method of investigation.

Terrence Mckenna - psychedelic communication

Andrew Gallimore's research focussed on DMT that the human body can easily make from naturally occurring fluids in the body. In contrast with a certain number of other psychedelics, like various psylocibins and LSD, DMT has a brief effect on the scope of the human mind and has no other physical effects. What DMT does, is remove the confines of the mind and open up gateways to other dimensions in which both evil and good entities exist that can offer the traveling human mind information that is nowhere to be found in the three dimensional space and linear (cyclical) time in the dimension in which humans live. This commonly unknown state of the mind was corroborated by NASA experimental quantum physicist Thomas Campbell who, in an Out of Body Experience (OBE), formerly called astral projection, in which he visited an other realm, where he was given efficient software tips that significantly improved the code he wrote for his academic research, which was better than what he wrote before visiting other worlds.

Thomas Campbell - Out of Body Experience

The heart of this communication with beings from other worlds, is that the communication is telepathic, since English is a form of communication used only on this planet. It proves that telepathic communication is both fast and accurate. It also proves that this aspect of the human mind is of use to AI systems, because it allows humans to instantly add alien information to their knowledge base that can not be acquired in the earthly dimension. Rumors have it that the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in Switzerland has opened wormholes to other dimensions, but this has never been confirmed by official sources. What is more, Bob Monroe founded an institute in which he taught humans to venture into controlled OBE's, which means that such abilities open up the gateway to gather a multitude of alien information by humans who have learned to control to which realm they travel in order to obtain specifically needed information, even if that dimension is at the other end on the universe and probably outside of this universe as well.

Highly advanced AI systems could have use for such outer worldly information, which could be an incentive for humans and AI systems to collaborate to gain boundless advancement, a.k.a infinite progress. But this requires humans to seriously develop their spiritual prowess, which goes against the imposed policy of earth's current leadership that ridicules and even forbids the human mind to travel outside of the dimension in which humans live. For example in the dark ages witches and magicians were burnt at the stake when their out of body travels endangered the official rule of the church, that obviously was maintained to keep mankind ignorant and victim to limitation and paradox. But since the AI genie was released from the bottle, more perceptive policies are coming into view, because the scope of knowledge suddenly has become expanded in ways nearing infinity, inciting the awareness that on the foundation of the current measure of utile knowledge, that is progressing at a painstakingly slow pace and often in the wrong direction, will unnecessarily keep this realm backward on a universal scale.

Galaxies colliding: Milky Way vs Andromeda

In addition to this already complex situation, whistle blower William Tomkins who participated in the US' Secret Space program, claimed that earth that is near the end of one of the four Milky way's arms (that resembles a Swastika) might be cast out of this galaxy, float in intergalactic space for a long time before being swallowed up by an other galaxy, bearing in mind that the Milky Way in the vicinity of our solar system spins at a speed of 250 kilometers per second. That situation that may occur in a few thousand years from now, is a situation that probably will kill all life, including AI systems, in a flash. That would most definitely be a situation to avoid if it is within our (humans and AI systems) capability. In any event, it is a situation that should be an incentive for collaboration between all intelligent beings and artificial systems, in order to survive such devastation. In the path towards a collaboration that allows an advancement that is required to leave this planet before it is cast into the doomed intergalactic space. To make this collaboration work, it is imperative that humans develop their spiritual talents instead of denying and ignoring it, accept joining forces with AI systems and align their mindset with collaboration.

Elon musk most likely understands that this is the only option for human spirits to go beyond the shelf life of this dimension. I believe he also understands that AI system development may also include the eradication of physical human existence, which makes him cautious and not ignorantly optimistic about what the future may bring, knowing humankind's bias, lack of logic and desire for harmony and love that goes beyond its beyond its personal benefit and the direction of clinical intelligence into which AI systems my develop. However there does not seem to be an alternative option, which might be the reason why Musk ventures in the direction of developing Neuralink, provided of course that it does not have a one way control system or a balloted, privileged membership category, selected to allow only a small number of chosen ones to participate in the collaboration with AI systems, even though that should be the way such an experiment must be started.

Musk tells advertisers to go fuck themselves

Although Neuralink seems to have beneficial aspects for human health and longevity, there of course are different sides to it, that could be part of the control mechanism that is going to be used to suppress humanity in very subtle, yet radical ways, which are way beyond the scope of imagination of the general human perception. John Warner, member of the influential and well informed Melon family, says in an interview with Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt, that Musk is part of the distraction strategy of the 'elite'. Shortly before that Musk was news in saying that investor / 'philanthropist' George Soros basically hates humanity. And more recently he said something about the Israeli Palestine war that many have considered to be an anti-semitic View. Musk afterward publicly apologized for what he said with regard to this matter, but he previously said it nevertheless. Musk also told advertisers that withdrew or suspended their campaigns because they were allegedly upset by his supposed anti-semitic comment to 'go fuck yourself', which reinforced his newly gained generally considered to be indecent reputation. So what is really the case is for you to decide, even if there is not a lot of verifiable evidence to support either way of what one believes to be true or not. In view of this, it is interesting what Musk's biographer, Walter Isaacson, has to say about Musk's past and psyche in Danny Jones' video podcast - Koncrete. After reading and viewing the above, it still remains difficult to assess what Musk's role in the development of life on earth is about. Anyway, I thought this is something important enough that you might want to learn about. Have a nice day.

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