Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Cosmic imbeciles


I have heard several people, some with scientific degrees, in videos say that the almighty creator of this universe conjured all that exists inside it - inanimate, as is often said incorrectly, as well as organic life, which is what humankind is capable of observing within the spectrum of what is called the visible light and what devices and systems are able to detect outside and beyond of that spectrum. As the scientists and spiritual people mentioned before claimed, is that the nature of this type of creation was supposedly done to gain an understanding of experience phenomenon to the deepest level possible. To get to know what delicious chocolate tastes like, to feel the joy of sexual interaction and to learn what it is like to suffer from famine and violence, to experience the pain of grief and deceit, torture and mass murder, that is portrayed in detail in the myths and legends of the gods and is happening all around the world right now. The gods more often than not, behaved more like demons instead of exalted, divine beings, being shamelessly and ruthlessly deceitful, thieving, treacherous, incestuous, adulterating, violent and murderous. Nevertheless they demand obedience, worship and sacrifice of human beings. If humans failed to comply with these unjust demands, they were submitted to plagues, were smote or wiped out by a global deluge. In spite of all this destructive and evil conduct, the gods claim to be loving and caring entities, worthy of blind faith and worship.

In the scripts found in Nag Hammadi in 1945 in Egypt, a god, name the Demiurge, is mentioned that either created or hijacked this dimension and controls it with angels or demons called archons. These celestial rulers obviously are not mentioned by 'official' religions, because their existence does not help in maintaining the control of those religious bodies over life on this planet, and there is not better way than omitting and ridiculing parts that leaked out anyway, of information that has the potential to harm the authority of the church. A clear explanation of this celestial rulership is offered by a profound scholar here. I may venture into this commonly unknown part of human history in an other blog entry somewhere in the future. But although it is relatively unknown, it most certainly has an effect on the existence of life in this dimension of space and time.

However, to those not misled by blind faith and the unfounded and imposed urge to worship, the common divine conduct results in a mindset that includes doubt concerning their dogmas and laws that downright cause abhorrence and utter despise. For good reason obviously. Given the records known to man, it quite often seems that almost the entire pantheon of gods is nothing but a lot of deceivers and murderers, that remorselessly abuses its power in order to benefit from it, regardless of what dire consequence it has to those that are not in possession of the powers that the godlike entities have. Their cruelty has persisted throughout history, which leads to conclude that there is an agenda behind it that is issued by some hidden power that is even above the gods. Mankind and all other life forms in this three dimensional realm, as the result, is the victim of the power abused by those that were given it to rule / exploit / abuse the universe. Does that seem like the creation of an all mighty, all knowing, omnipresent loving god?

Some people even charted lists of evil entities or demons that wreck the human condition and ability to reason, from which true and just reason has been stripped away. It is no surprise that most of these researchers were working for or attached to the Roman Catholic Church. Much or most of this knowledge has been kept hidden from the general population, because it risks the possibility to influence the scope of views on life that could well interfere with the plan of evil powers to rid this universe of living beings after torturing and exploiting them. A list recorded by people that studied this matter profoundly is placed below this paragraph:

Today these evil entities possess completely perverse political cripple minds and unelected power brokers that push and fund the insane woke agenda, unleash pandemics, incite and wage wars and destroy economies that drag every human being into fatal poverty. The drafted human slaves of the powerful evil gods hate the truth, that they prevent to come out by installing fake fact checkers, globally applied censorship and continuous lies and omissions of the truth of the mainstream media that is entirely in their control. They get away with this crime because they have grabbed hold the monopoly of violence and murder. They polluted the atmosphere, land and seas, invented the bogus climate change agenda as a means to control the mindset of the people, that are poisoned by food and drinks that contain a slew of chemicals that dumbs them down, so that people are no longer able to independently do research of their own and think critically, while flooding residential areas with all sorts of radiation, that harms people's health and capacity to reason based on logic, empathy and actual facts. It allows the slaves of the evil traitors to earn billions by offering and enforcing medications that worsen the human physical condition and hurts their mental capacities.

Meanwhile the rogue celestial creeps develop AI systems and quantum computers that soon will become a whole lot smarter than human beings and at some point in the near future will take away the human control over societies. An example of the power of such systems is that current super computers require 1500 years to solve complex tensor equations for which AI based quantum computers only need 15 seconds. Human intelligence is no match for such computing power. Just imagine what the entirely controlled world population will look like when such systems are fully developed and bestowed with global rule. This is how the murderous entities take over life on this planet. The only human talent that might be able to withstand the AI and quantum computing is man's spiritual talent, but spiritualism has been ridiculed, hidden and forbidden by deliberately withholding important spiritual scripts from the public view, which lead to the situation in which humanity mindlessly follows Rene Descartes' method of pure reason, that dismisses and scorns spiritual practices. It is criminals' strategy that is embraced by modern science, that subsequently has become the successor to religion as the main means to control the nature of human thought and mental power.

Although there are some that think this is the only universe is driven into ruin and that there is nothing outside of it, may have to reconsider their believe quite soon, because already now at the cusp of science the idea is sinking in that this universe may just be a tiny part of an unimaginably huge multiverse that contains countless universes. The lamentable direction into which this universe seems to be forced - the gods were said to come from 'elsewhere' in this universe outside of this planet - may mean that our cosmos is but a mere cancer cell that threatens to metastasize in the multiverse; a rotten pathogen that has the potential to harm the health of the entire multiverse. Similar to the collisions of galaxies in our universe, like our galaxy the Milky Way will collide with the Andromeda galaxy in 5 billion years, give or take a few minutes. It probably means that universes can also collide. But not unlike the physique of living beings, the universes most likely have an immune system. So, the aimless strategy of the evil divine of this universe may not have a level-headed purpose at whatsoever, other than striving for destruction, which by nature is not intelligent, but in spite of that can be carried out in a structured way. Destruction is the opposite of creation and since the multiverse was created, it has a purpose, a destiny, that may also be an ever evolving process, analog to infinite progress. Only in linear time and isolated and closed systems everything has a beginning and end. But systems octillion times or more smarter than what is currently believed to be the pinnacle of human understanding, with an almost certainty have conjured ways for everything to be immortal, indestructible, and entirely immune to heat death.

This means that the evil gods worshiped and feared on planet earth are nothing but destructive cosmic imbeciles, that one time will be tried for their crimes by a high court that allows no room for deceit. I am looking forward to that, anticipating that the immune system of the multiverse is powerful enough to cure the destructive nature of the evil cosmic imbecile gods.

Have a nice day!

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