Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ancient civilizations

I find it difficult to accept the thought that they simply vanished. The little information we have about ancient civilizations seems to indicate that they had reached a level of technological advancement that could have allowed them to resolve whatever came from global geophysical disaster. They may have moved and from where they are now pose a threat to the current powers that be. This might explain why so many man-made disruptions occur all over the world. While humanity believes it is aimed at population reduction, these induced events could be caused intentionally to attempt to keep those in power that are spawn of those who remained on the earth's surface during the great deluge that eradicated almost all life on this planet. It could be an ancient war in which mankind is caught. The true cause of which man is kept in the dark about by those who chose not to live in the light.

Of course all this is mere speculation and it may be incorrect to a certain level. Just as there are colossal flaws, deliberate omissions and blatant lies in official historic records and in current mainstream media news reports. But where as the latter sources are instructed to intentionally create a false image of earth's past, this intuitive impulse is founded on an exact opposite aim. One time we will know or perhaps we already do without being aware of it.

Saturday, January 28, 2012


Consciousness is the most precious and only thing we own; all other earthly possessions belong to the illusion that attempts to trap us. Our innate programming contained in the coding of our DNA seeks to perpetually expand consciousness, but the keepers of the illusion strive to limit it to a level where we can be effortlessly manipulated, productive members of society and consumers that long for a ton of things they do not need. It is the purpose of religion, the educational system, science and repressive societal structures to establish a state of mind that complies with the demands of the illusion.

Legislation, consensus and relentless media broadcasts determine the area in which our thoughts are allowed to exist. The juridical system and law enforcement apparatus are put in place to make sure that as few as possible escape the defined permitted space for thought. The illusion can only exist if limitations are imposed and if those passing the limits are dealt with in ways that keep the true reasons for repercussion from those who remain within the limits, illusion's life span is extended.

There is no illusion without secrets. Information extended on a need to know basis in hierarchical structures, classified documentation, secret societies - they all keep the secrets that allow the illusion to continue. There is no illusion without fragmentation that forces beings to keep matters to themselves like pin-codes for credit cards, income figures, the code to a safe etc. Not allowing separate beings to share things is a major condition to exercise power. The person with the most information lives at the top of a power structure.

In a structure of power there are few who have (grabbed) power and a vast majority that is powerless. Power is the aim of illusion. Illusion by nature and definition is separated from reality, even though it pretends to be real and it currently is part of the reality many are forced to deal with. In view of that, illusion resembles a disease that causes effects like ignorance, greed, indifference, illness and tons of other negative physical and mental states.

Most of the time for most people who suffer from the sickness called illusion, the disorder is cured by death. But sometimes curing is to a certain extent achieved by becoming conscious. The road to consciousness is a long and winding road with many dead ends and view ways leading to true advancement. In this dimension it requires time and effort. This has a reason. If a TV-set is supplied the measure of energy that it requires in the period of a year to run within a second, it will explode. Like the device we continue to live if matters are brought to us gradually. It is similar to the inducement of the illusion that needs years to become of adequate effect.

But if the spark of consciousness has lit the fuel embedded in our DNA code to find the path to the true reality, we should be aware of the fact that the illusion will do everything it is capable of to prevent us from successfully following the road to becoming conscious. It will do so by ridicule, deceit, bribe, harassment, murder or whatever it deems appropriate to obstruct an escape from illusion. When any of this is happening to a person, (s)he knows for certain (s)he is on the right track to becoming aware.