Sunday, December 8, 2019

You can't handle the truth!

The keepers of the secret commonly tell outsiders that ask them to reveal the secret: you can't handle the truth! This means that the truth is purposely kept hidden and that the world therefore lives in a deluge of lies. I use the noun 'deluge' because this secret apparently is so important and huge that it percolates into almost any facet of life. As a result of treacherous lamestream media propaganda, this does not sit well in the general comfort zone. People feel and know that something is terribly wrong with the way things are going in the world, but refuse to admit and accept it as a result of continuous brainwashing. Their hopelessly deluded, imposed mindset prevents them from taking action against their oppressors, exploiters and abusers. It is how deep today's world has fallen.

The image above epitomises the conduct of those that have fallen victim to the mentality described in the previous paragraph. Many kiss the hand that swings the scythe toward their necks. It shows the effectiveness of the deception machine of lamestream media and that of Big Pharma's dumbing down, food and water poisoning and weakening of the immune system. The victims of these policies become mindless, obedient puppets that are easily manipulated into adhering to any narrative that the puppeteers desire at any time that they deem it to be necessary. This type of mind control facilitates the possibility to perpetuate the lie.

Now that the method of control has very roughly and concisely been established, the questions that logically arise are: who keeps the secret? And why? And perhaps most devastating one: Why do we even have to ask these questions? In the blog entries preceding this one I have suggested that concealed, powerful breakaway civilizations or groups that have limitless funds guard a collection of secrets that has an effect on the properties of today's life for every being that does not belong to their circle. Instead of sharing this knowledge with all people, they chose to keep that knowledge to themselves and present us a deluge of lies that continuously send us in the wrong direction as a result of which we perpetually interpret things incorrectly.

This situation seems inescapable and gloomy, because it is meant to incite such feelings. But is it TRUE? Is what we have always been told - that we can not handle the truth - TRUE? Or are those that keep saying such things to us afraid that we discover that truth is not something to be handled and that any truth that is kept hidden, makes those hiding it, which is handling it - it criminals that are in violation of universal law? Truth in my view is an open system for all life to enjoy! Read the previous sentence carefully and allow it to settle inside your awareness. It is the crux of escaping the secret, riddled, closed system prisons that the overwhelming majority of life on planet earth suffers from.

Samsara, the imposed infinite cycle of death and (re)birth, that I mentioned and elaborated on in a number of previous blog entries, is a vicious closed system in which repetitive cyclical processes endlessly occur. Any closed system is a container inside which processes take place that are cut off from other systems outside of the container; i. e. they do not communicate (exchange informatiin and matter) with each other. For example: electrical circuits are shielded to prevent outside forces from interfering with processes inside their container. This is a metaphoric reflection of what determines human life on earth. In other words, we have been forced to think and act in sub-sets of the truth that only have limited functionality - it is the most nefarious consequence of the induced fragmentation and separation in this universe. We keep running around in circles and after we die we return to run around in circles again. This most definitely is NOT a beautiful creation made by a loving creator.

Evil creator

However, lately even 'traditional' science has had to admit that phenomena exist such as entanglement, bi-location, teleportation and worm holes, while science disciplines on the fringe, like string theory, claim there are (at least) 26 dimensions that all communicate and confluent with each other. These are powerful references to the existence of open systems, none of which fits well in the deluded vision of current science. Scholars are forced to perform mental acrobatics to incorporate what can no longer be denied into their existing theories that become more obsolete by the day. A great example of which is regular science's bunk about dark matter - it is said to represent 95% of all the matter in this universe, that no one has ever seen and no one knows what it is or what it does, but scientists insist this is the case, because it can be used to explain the inexplicable gap in their mathematical formulae. Such is the cursed fate of closed systems that all run into a wall sooner or later. It is science that can't handle the truth, because its purpose has always been to perpetuate theories that keep human train of thought away from the truth that was hidden by the hidden masters in order to contain mankind in their web of lies. Sure, science presented a number of solutions (to maintain its bogus credibility), but the really big problems in and of life it never properly addressed or resolved. 

All the above is what happens outside of you. It is the outside world in which you will find it extremely difficult to live the life as you prefer to live it as long as you continue to clasp to becoming involved with the cyclical processes in closed systems that have messed up countless lives. You weren't meant to live a beautiful and meaningful life - this was never in the program written for you. The only way out of this imposed misery is to go inward and find the magical powers that exist within your subconscious that you can gain control over if you only knew how to go about it.

The article on the Zerohedge website explains into detail how communication with the subconscious is established. Below you see a few important quotes that may give you an idea of how this works from a deeply technical perspective:

Fundamentally, the Gateway Experience is a training system designed to bring enhanced strength, focus and coherence to the amplitude and frequency of brainwave output between the left and right hemispheres so as to alter consciousness, moving it outside the physical sphere so as to ultimately escape even the restrictions of time and spaceThe participant then gains access to the various levels of intuitive knowledge which the universe offers
the Gateway process is designed to rather rapidly induce a state of profound calm within the nervous system and to significantly lower blood pressure to cause the circulatory system, skeleton and all other physical organ systems to begin vibrating coherently at approximately 7–7.5 cycles per second. The resulting resonance sets up a regular, repetitive sound wave which propagates in consonance with the electrostatic field of the earth
To enter these intervening dimensions, human consciousness must focus with such intense coherence that the frequency of the energy pattern which comprises that consciousness (i.e. the brainwave output) can accelerate to the point where the resulting frequency pattern, if displayed on an oscilloscope, would look virtually like a solid line. Achievement of this state of altered consciousness sets the stage for perception of non-time-space dimensions because of the operation of a principle in physics known as Planck’s Distance. 
Moreover, once the individual is able to project his consciousness beyond time-space, that consciousness would logically tend to entrain its frequency output with the new energy environment to which it is exposed, therein greatly enhancing the extent to which the individual’s altered consciousness may be further modified to achieve a much heightened point of focus and a much refined oscillating pattern.

The above is probably not what most people expected to be necessary to gain access to the realm beyond space and time, which allows to visit locations anywhere in the universe at any time. One of the most stunning things carried out with this remote viewing technique was the remote viewing of beings on the planet Mars that tried to escape their dying planet approximately 1 million years BC (....). The document (in pdf-format) was Approved for release by the CIA in August 8 2000. Remote viewing was a project called 'Star Gate' lead by physicists Russel Targ and Hal Puthoff sponsored by the CIA, beginning in 1972. Some would say its approval for release indicates that more in depth and accurate documentation on the subject exists, but are kept under wraps because of the you-can't-handle-the-truth thingie. It implies that humans are allowed to know a minute part of the tip of the iceberg only, without the provision of additional helpful clues. Because - you know - we might find the truth that we can't handle. And god forbid that to happen. 

Having read the information including the links in the two preceding paragraphs may have given you some idea of the hidden power of the human mind. But the technical approach will probably place it out of reach of by far the most people. I guess that the CIA in the context of their organization was more or less forced to choose a technical / scientific path because it had to be reproducible to enable them to use and develop the technique in the future. Their way however raises the complexity far above what common people are capable of. Does this mean that taking control of the subconscious by synchronizing the brain hemispheres remains out of reach for almost anyone?

Fortunately there is also an other way, that relies more on pragmatic use of the mind and less on advanced technical prowess. In a book called 'The power of your subconscious mind' Dr. Joseph Murphy describes yet an other way to gain control over your incredibly powerful subconscious mind. He presents the communication with the subconscious as 'prayer' in a way that should convince even the most hard core atheists and gives examples like: 'why are my prayers not heard by God?' and why is one person affluent and an other one is forced to live in agonizing poverty? or why is one person healthy and an other suffering dearly from disease? Going about this topic in such a way - using examples that immediately incite curiosity - tends to capture peoples' attention. What it in fact shows, is that the human mind is extremely powerful, even without the assistance of technical means.

I urge people truly interested in unlocking the power of their subconscious mind to read Dr. Murphy's book, because it brings the ability to find the Truth to the level of ordinary people in spite of attempts of the 'elite' to keep these methods a secret. Murphy's method achieves exactly the same as psychics lead by scientists do in the CIA's Star Gate project. I say: 'Let the people decide for themselves if they can handle the Truth or not.' Bearing in mind of course that the Truth is not something to be handled in the first place. Only minds thoroughly conditioned by the 'elite' fail to see the utter lack of truth and logic in the famous phrase spoken (yelled) by Jack Nicholson in Hollywood's elite play 'A few good men'. Oh and by the way, if you like Dr. Murphy's book buy it and reward him for his laborious effort. It is available in all big on-line stores for under 10 USD.

Why Jesus, Buddha and other enlightened souls are supposed to have said that you must go inside yourself to find the truth is because of the reasons given above. You must gain control over your subconscious as Dr. Murphy says by synchronising your brain hemispheres and reducing the frequency of your entire body to 7 - 7.5 Mhz or whatever the earth's frequency may be, as Targ and Puthoff say in order to be able to escape the cyclical processes inside the closed systems that are imposed on life on earth, possibly on our solar system and maybe even on the galaxy and entire universe. These complex prison systems were built by very powerful and very evil entities, that had access to and command over information and knowledge that is beyond humankind's perception, which means escaping them will not be an easy process, but being able to coherently communicate with the subconscious is the first step of becoming on par with those entities.

Oddly enough earth's resonance has been raised over the past decades. Values between 8.5 and spikes of 16.5 Mhz have been measured. In terms of human brain frequency it means we're leaving the theta state and are moving into a calmer alpha state while the edge of the more alert beta state is on the horizon. This means our thoughts are getting more clear and focused. This could be a great help to clearly define thoughts (using the dodgy tools of reason and language) in becoming conscious which will provoke a reaction from our subconscious that, according to Dr. Murphy, opens up opportunities that we never before had. He even uses the term 'miracles'. It could be that the earth is in the process of meeting human needs, making it easier for humans to take control of their subconscious, since most of them aren't capable of achieving it on their own. Earth itself being a powerful conscious being that would greatly benefit from life that dwells on it gaining a more elevated level of consciousness. 

This is all speculation at this point, I admit, since no one knows exactly what is going on and what the relatively rapid changes will result in. But here you go, read Dr. Murphy's book (perhaps several times as he suggests) and your chances of escaping the prison that traps human souls in perpetual cycles of death and (re)birth may well be significantly enhanced. Become aware of the fact that there are no closed systems and thereby alter your perception for the better. Let's not fool ourselves - it is the only option we have left; we can't beat the severely funded hyper tech of the breakaway groups and relying on religion's promises / prophecies would seem like a voice out of nowhere foretelling you that you'll bankrupt all casinos that you visit. It is the first step toward immortality and infinite progress. Since this is more important than anything else you'll ever do in this dimension, take time to improve your skills in this field.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

The rigged game of 3D space and time - I

In a blog article that I posted earlier, I claimed that cyclical processes are nothing but a prison that prevent infinite progress, which is what intelligent life may expect to be the experience that a truly emphatic and loving universe would bestow onto life. In contrast, every cyclical process forces life to go though heights and depths over and again without ever reaching a higher level - after each time a pinnacle of a process has been reached, there always follows the inevitable decline towards the low point at the bottom of the cycle at which point all knowledge and perception that was present at the pinnacle of the cycle has disappeared, for instance after a nuclear war that would send the survivors of humanity back to the stone age in which nothing is left of the developments life has gone through, except perhaps fragmented remnants from advanced ancient civilizations of which nothing is understood, just as we see today man gazing at ancient ruins, artifacts and scripts without really having a clue of what he is looking at.

The cycles are not restricted to one lifetime; after every demise we are reborn again - according to the Hindu principle of Samsara - and return to this planet as a newborn whose recollection of previous lives is erased. These cycles are repeated without end; there seems to be no escape, although the outlandishly difficult path to achieving a rainbow body state, as expressed by Hinduism (again), may lead to a circumstance called Moksha which is an escape from Samsara. Mind you: an escape is only possible from a state of incarceration, which is what Samsara actually is, a continuously repeated cycle of imprisonment that throws souls / spirits back into the depths of existence at each instance of rebirth. In our present understanding locking up someone is done when that person has committed a crime. If someone is locked up without good reason, locking up that person is in itself a crime. Now 7 billion humans are locked up in this earthly prison to be locked up again after dying and rebirth in never ending cycles. The same goes for all other life forms in this plain. Sentenced without having committed a crime, by criminals that jail victims without cause.

Rebirth wheel and reincarnation cycle
Notice its unfriendly / evil appearance

There's a quote by Werner Heisenberg that relates to what is written in the next paragraph: 'Quantum theory provides us with a striking illustration of the fact that we can fully understand a connection though we can only speak of it in images and parables.'

The cyclical nature of nature (....) is inherently combined with time - there is no nature without time and no time without nature in this dimension. The fact that human language is barely capable of properly defining the nature of nature and its poorly understood accomplice time (which reflects the lack of extent of our imagination and intelligence), is due to the fact that this situation was created in a higher dimension that is not hampered by the limitations that the realm of 3D space and linear time inflicts on life inside it. The gods of old were entities from a more advanced realm (in some respects anyway). Being less restricted in capabilities doesn't necessarily mean that being good is a goal in life. The 'gods' weren't up to any good in the days of the legends and they haven't bettered their ways since then. They spent their days deceiving, plundering, abusing, committing incest and murder, which aren't particularly rare events today. The reason for creating this dimension that we live in the way it is, is because nature as life currently experiences it is imposed up on it with evil intent. Let this sink in for a moment. It is not difficult to imagine the limits of our imagination, because we run into them all the time. Just think of how often it is said that things are impossible. That may be the case in 3D space and linear time, but there are countless dimensions that are far less restricted than the one we live in. The difficulty lies within admitting it - in agreeing that there are things beyond those limitations that affect the nature of all life on this planet, of which we are part, that we are unable to imagine. Unless of course we become aware of the fact that those limitations and paradoxes were intentionally woven into our perception. Which is the first step to rid ourselves of those induced limits, also known as making better use of our brains than the 5 to 10% of it that we currently make use of. Reaching full use of the potential will dwarf any artificial contraption. It will bring the victims on par with their abusers when enough people have what they should have had already for a long time. From this point on the fight to conquer freedom will no longer be determined by power or wealth or properties bestowed by a dimension, but by the force of complete, powerful human. If man was ever to find out that (s)he basically is so powerful, (s)he would no longer be a victim of atrocities committed by the parasitic entities torturing this dimension today.

In the movie 'Lucy' the main character
gradually gains full access to the
entire brain power she has

How is this prison in 3D space and time built?
The easiest way to understand how this confinement is constructed, is to look at 3D programs in which objects can be built that move on a timeline in the animation module to create a simulation, a parody of life. With our without the assistance of AI simulations can be made to look so real that most people are unable to determine whether it is a recording of 'real' life or a man-made / machine-made animation. The best example of how this is done in every day life, can be seen in advanced games that have reached a level of realness that is very close to the reality of this dimension. In games there usually is some sort of conflict or war being staged in which players can pretend to carry out almost everything that occurs in real life. They can chase, capture, shoot and kill the adversaries and perform almost any action that is also possible in life as we know it. All this is created in virtual 3D space and linear time. In such an environment it is possible to captivate both friend and foe and basically do anything they want to them; no virtual entity ever escapes from a game and moves into an other dimension. The 3D space and time environment of our reality is just far more advanced than human-built ones in games. All real life in our dimension is to be kept imprisoned like the virtual cast in the game. Gamers get a kick from winning (regardless of how evil the game is) or the grief of losing. But the creators / controllers of this plain in 3D space and time have rigged the game - unlike gamers life is never meant to gain points, bonusses, easter eggs or extra lives, the celestial game is programmed to make life lose. Always (in linear time) and everywhere (in 3D space) - they have far more control over their game, because they created it. And what the creators / controllers of this dimension get out of it is therefore way beyond what earthly gamers get from a win; some sort of an orgasmic pleasure that lasts as long the life inside their game cringes from inflicted, sustained agony.

AI powerhouse DeepMind builds AI
systems that resemble human cognition

So why do cycles and time determine everything that life experiences?
And how is this evil intent? Time inevitably leads to the death of every living being, while it leads to the decay of what we think are inanimate objects. Time IS the cycle of every life form. Time IS the prison that keeps all life forms in this dimension of limitation, paradox and fear. Time is known as Chronos, which is also a name by which Seth, Saturn and Satan are known in legends of various regions. Not quite the benevolent celestial lot. These entities are related to planets in our solar system. And although there seems to be some measure of disagreement between civilizations about which planet represents which entity, their names keep returning in ancient lore. Secret societies, orders and brotherhoods worship these entities until the present day and in return they are given the power to make life enjoyable or miserable for all life on earth. The ultimate fate for all is misery and death - epitomized by time marking the end of a cycle. Which is typical for all cycles of the endless array. At least, that was the plan.

The relation between planets and 'gods'

These occult organizations operate behind the veil and have power beyond the grasp of common misled and misinformed people. They are the prison wardens that incarcerate, abuse and exploit the people of the world and prepare a miserable life for other life forms on this planet. In addition they impose austerity, cause famine, war and perversity in order to get even more out of the rigged game of this dimension that may not be limited to our solar system, but possibly extends to the outer boundaries of this universe and possibly more universes. It makes creation an utterly nefarious plan. Anyone who chooses to (continue to) believe the intentionally presented misinformation in scriptures like the Bible, is in for a immensely unpleasant surprise. Such documents that flood societies, generally contain information that people are meant to believe (because it is intended to serve as mass indoctrination), while difficult to obtain information often or data that is held a secret often includes information that goes against deliberately imposed knowledge that is compiled to reflect the truth however ugly that may be. The unimaginable beauty that is life's natural prerogative is kept even farther away from those that suspect it is the mind-blowing gift to life. Most likely the keepers of the secret concealed it outside of this dimension.

Black magician John Dee wrote the manifesto
for world domination or 'New World Order'
inspired by the demons he summoned
that queen Elizabeth-I began to
carry out and others have
continued since then

Running such a vast maximum security facility costs a dime or two. Being in power isn't enough to keep it going; vast armies of well equipped enforcement factions are required to continue to carry out the global tyranny. But having ruthlessly plundered everybody on the globe for centuries has earned them a bundle of cash. This kind of currency can of course not be stashed in regular bank accounts, so they hid it in (audited) off-ledger accounts to which only very few have access. I am talking about sextillions (21 zeros), septillions (24 zeros) or even more USD. Close to 1000 such legalized criminal cash accounts are listed in the blog article referred to. Such funds are invested in break-away groups that act entirely outside of the scope of anyone else on earth. These groups have developed technologies that are in some cases centuries ahead of what today is commonly considered to be man's most advanced technical achievement. These insanely abundant funded groups are suspected to have developed anti-gravity, time manipulation, free energy, inter-dimensional travel, cerebral interstellar communication, that sort of thing. Without a limit to the funding of their projects they could actually have matured these techniques. If you have trouble grasping and assuming this, you're going to have difficulty distinguishing yourself from the easily manipulable, I'll informed mob. Their destiny is marked. Life is categorised by its ability to understand things and by the presence or absence of empathy.

The meddling referred to in this scribble mostly concerns human collaborators that assist in maintaining this rigged plain. Some would call them traitors whose ultimate fate is always known. It will be witnessed by all their victims, which will enhance the celebration of their liberation from fear and pain. In a future blog entry I will attempt to focus on the involvement of entities from elsewhere and elsewhen in this lamentable matter that should never have occurred. I can tell you now already that it will require you to stretch your imagination significantly. If things would have been meant to be simple and easy to understand, life most likely would not have evolved past the amoebic stage. Having gained scientific merits in this world does not mean that the complexity of the iniquity brought down on life in this dimension is understood well. If you intend to be part of the liberation army / escape party, a considerable effort is required and often even a sacrifice, because the 'gods' do not like to be challenged. Which basically is what this is all about. Cheers.

Monday, January 28, 2019

The deceit of cyclical processes

Cyclical processes indefinitely repeat rise and fall, never making real progress (=infinite progress) possible. They therefore are a perversion of anything good, even if they contain good elements that are deliberately put in place in an attempt to silence the opposition that disagrees with their pretended good nature and invented necessity of alternating rise and fall. When realizing the measure of agony and grief such type of processes cause, it becomes clear that their nature is not good at all and the decline-period inevitably is connected to imposed and unavoidable suffering. In addition, when things are on the rise too few benefit from it. These observations combined, qualify the cyclical nature of those processes to be evil to the core, while they carefully try to hide their real disgusting nature.

Immortality is non-cyclical
and allows infinite progress

History has produced an endless list of supposedly wise persons that were used to lead the gullible, misinformed and totally bonkers astray. Related to their cover-ups is the fact that many of these 'wise' of ancient times took great pleasure in asking less aware persons trick questions. Their own answers to these questions rarely contain comprehensive response that logically addresses the matter their question broughts up, because it exclusively is intended to make the one posing the question look superior while making the addressed feel stupid. Anyone that truly is superior does not need such vulgar chicanery. But if such phony wise people actually succeed in making others belief that they have great wisdom, they gain authority and as a result are perfectly suited to serve as a source of thoughts / ideologies / beliefs that merely serve to program other peoples minds. The confusion that the answers of the wise impose upon those to whom the questions are posed and those that observe the situation is intentionally invented - inducing confusion being one of the favorite tools of making people think that an illusion is real.

The would be wise ask an enigmatic question and answer it in riddles which further increases the level of confusion. Their audience does not dare to question their explanations for fear of being labelled retard, after which the answers of the wise settle in the minds of many (and often expand into systematic teachings), even if they basically are a shed-load of utterly senseless, invented bunk. Over the years mechanisms have been developed to protect the non-sense hallucinated by the would be wise; it is called MSM or mainstream media that is run by paid liars who inevitably label anything nearing the truth ' fake news'. To combat the persistent, argument producing prophets (a.k.a. whistle blowers) the CIA invented the term 'conspiracy theorist' when its job was (and still is) to suppress the truth concerning the assassination of John F Kennedy.

An example of the deception by the 'wise'

I am well aware that it's not a popular thing to do, to analyse the conduct of wise men whose reputation is believed to be undisputed by the vast majority of the people and conclude that the designation of their repute is based on erroneous interpretations. In this particular instance, as described below, Buddha revealed the dangers of Samsara - the cycle of death and rebirth. It is remarkable to say the least, that he did not put a greater emphasis, more often in more widespread settings on this matter in his communication with common people, since everyone will die and enter the afterlife. It feels as if not spreading this information intensely enough, relative to its importance and impact on the human spirit, is conspicuous conduct that conflicts with his carefully built reputation of love for humankind to say the least. Below is the dialogue started by Buddha himself:

Dear Bhikkhus (one who has renounced worldly life and joined the mendicant and contemplative community), between the amounts of sand on my nail and in the earth which one do you think is larger?”

The Bhikkhus answered that the amount of sand in the earth is billion or trillion times larger than what was on the nail of the Buddha. Then Buddha responded in a rather surprising way:

“Dear Bhikkhus, like the small amount of sand on my nail, only a small amount of humans will be born again as humans after they leave this life. But, many other like the amount of sand in the earth will be born in the great hell (Niraya - Hinduism tells of scores of different types of hell) after death. They pass away and are born in Preta world. After leaving the human world, they will indeed be born in hell. The amount of humans who would get a birth as a human again after they die is very small. The amount of humans who would get a birth in divine worlds is also slim.”

– Source: Pagnchagati Peyyala Vagga (S. N. 05)

The consequence of this teaching of Buddha is huge, assuming of course that what he claimed to be the truth actually is true. It makes one wonder why he spoke of this only very rarely to small groups of people, about the impact of Samsara that allegedly affects everyone. It sheds quite a nefarious light (or darkness) on what possibly is the real nature of this universe and Buddha's role inside of it. In the link below you see the Buddhist types of hell, to which Buddha referred, depicted in rather disturbing ways:

This is one of the Buddhist hells
that Buddha rarely mentions as a
destiny for by far the most humans - is
it not important enough for us to know ?
Why did he not shout it from roof tops?
And this was excluded by his 'enlightened'
peers throughout the history of man as well.

In the Tibetan Wheel of Life, Buddha visits hell and offers water to the damned to reduce their suffering, not to get them the hell out of there. It implies that no one is sent to hell for a reason, making it puzzling why Buddha leaves them to suffer - he only eases their suffering for a very short while and does not free them, after which he dashes off again, leaving them to rot in agony. The vast majority is in hell, while only very few make it into the Samsara cycle as Buddha himself told the Bhikkus in the paragraph above. This means close to ALL men, women and children are evil according to the Buddhist faith, which is something I absolutely and vigorously disagree with. Unless perhaps life on earth is the hell to which was metaphorically referred (which is hellish to far too many people, I admit).

What does this all mean?

From the above can be concluded that Samsara, according to Buddha, is some sort of prerogative reserved for only a few, that offers no long term reward. This makes Samsara even worse than commonly perceived - it offers no guarantee that presence in this cycle is a certainty (which implies staying out of hell), especially since the memory of previous lives is erased at each birth (which most definitely is NOT an act of kindness of a loving deity, but one of an utterly evil, twisted mind ! ! ! ). In addition, punishing people for mistakes they make as a result of an erased memory (that causes them to be without experience to use as a reference) is an other deviously planned evil act.

Those that end up in the Samsara cycle have probably managed (against all odds) to reach a certain level of awareness that prohibits them from being sent straight to hell. In their next life however, their memory of previous lives will be deleted again, which could well cause them to never reach the required level of awareness to enter yet an other Samsara cycle. This is evil beyond the capacity of words to express, hence very likely to be an iniquitous demonic invention - demons being cruel, ruthless entities from the lower Astral plane. If this doesn't ring a bell to you, you may want to educate yourself concerning the different dimensions mentioned in ancient scripts and the heedful venture of modern science that suggests other dimensions actually exist.

For those that go straight to hell, the situation is even worse; they weren't allowed a choice or opportunity whatsoever to determine their fate in this malevolent universe. Talk about über-anal, this is pure malevolent evil! More over, as I stated before in previous blog posts: Moksha is an escape from Samsara that allows access to a higher spiritual state. Note that any escape can only be done from an incarceration, which means Samsara is a prison! This nefarious deceit can never be the conjuring of some 'loving god', but the unjust and unfeeling sentencing by a powerful, evil demonic entity. And those that conceal the real nature of this universe behind a veil of pretended wisdom, are as evil as those that created it. The universal law of Karma will hit them with unprecedented and ever lasting ferocity, causing them to suffer a 1000-fold of anguish that they imposed to beyond enternity in all universes, all dimensions and on all timelines. There is no escape for them.

Cycles vs immortality

Observe that most spirits are sent to one of the many terrible hells, while few are caught in the Samsara cycle. This means that every spirit is immortal! No existence of any of us can indefinitely be terminated. But we can be forced to suffer excruciatingly or endlessly return to material life. Erasing memories of previous lives prevents us from gaining ever expanding awareness and thus reach a state of true wisdom. As a result the reincarnated remain retarded (as opposed to entities that are allowed to have infinite progress) and therefore never understand why they live in cyclical episodes.

In the Sumerian kinglist a king named En-men-luana is mentioned who ruled for 43,200 years! That was the duration of his reign only; he must have been even older than that incredible number. The number of burning candles on his birthday cake must have looked like a blazing forest fire. Some would be scientists claim his mentioned age was a mere allegory, but the Sumerian calendar is far more accurate than the Gregorian method of measuring time used today. In fact Sumerian time measuring is so accurate that NASA uses it to determine the best moment to launch their space craft. Just imagine what knowledge / wisdom En-men-luana had gathered during his extremely long life.... This today is impossible probably due to the engineering of our DNA, that is part of the Samsara plan.

So the throwing into hell and captivating in cycles of birth and death - the jailing of spirits in material existence - can only be created to never let us reach the unimaginably high levels that our true potential would enable. It would give humans godlike powers as suggested in the movie 'Lucy'. Only a horrendously evil being would invent and implement such an unspeakably heinous situation. Buddha probably knew about this, but for some reason chose not to inform the victims of this despicable evil. This disposition to protect the seclusion probably has the same origin as the secret societies, mystery schools and brotherhoods, which ultimately comes down to fear of retribution by the nefarious entity that created the miserable cyclical nature of this dimension.

And along with this 'enlightened' being the rest of his peers throughout history have done the same as Buddha. This provides an excellent argument not to fall for any of the bunk religions impose on the gullible believers. Just ask yourself why would religions have the urge to induce false beliefs into the minds of immortal spirits trapped in limiting material existence. Buddha perhaps unintentionally misspoke when he addressed the Bhikkhus, when he was overcome with an urge very typical for spirits caught in this fragmented and separated material world to show off his knowledge that he felt was greater than theirs. All religions and beLIEve systems are accomplice to the nefarious plan imposed by the dazzlingly evil entity that denies immortal spirits to enjoy infinite progress and instead traps them in the cyclical prison of life in matter. To hell with that bloke. To all the Buddhist hells with him in a never ending array of cycles.

The crux of it all is: Cyclical processes stand in the way of infinite progress (even if they are propelled through space and time). And they were deliberately put there to obstruct it. This villainous scheme will not go away as long as you continue believe that it is nature's way to arrange thing - it is NOT; It was invented to make you misinterpret everything - stop thinking that way! Cyclical processes mess up the existence of your immortal spirit; they can't terminate it, but sure as hell they can force upon you this wicked illusion that you are not immortal.

The privileged few of those that live now have been forced to like oppressing others, while the majority of the people have been forced to love being oppressed. In a crude way it resembles the animal kingdom in which predators are forced to kill prey in order to survive; the predators die if they don't kill prey. This is not a coincidence - nature was forced to be this way. But this type of nature isn't natural, it is a situation into which all life was goaded in order to suffer and endlessly return to the situation they fear most. From this questions arise: Who did that? And why? How is this done and is this crime committed by the supreme being of this universe or is this being a mere servant / adversary of even higher entities? And the most important question of all: How do we escape from this maximum security prison?

Infinite progress

Diametrically opposed to the evil cyclical incarceration described above, is infinite progress. That is a gift offered by a truly loving spirit. Longing for this wordlessly, will connect your spirit to this mind-boggling, never ending present of the greatest spirit in all universes. Any less capable spirit is not able to create such a brilliant eternal situation. Bear in mind that the limitation and paradox of this realm makes it difficult if not impossible to imagine such a situation, but that in no way means that infinite progress does not exist (as I may try to ponder upon in future blog entries).

Imagine this instead: if you would have told people 100 years ago about the possibilities of smart phones and artificial intelligence, they would probably have locked you up in the funny farm. Yet they exist today, which would have looked like a miracle to the people of days long gone. This small progress on a universal scale happened in just one century and it is not one that probably spans billions of years. That may urge you to look at the word 'impossible' and its implications in a different way.

So, feel free to dream or daydream your way to infinite progress. Yearn for it until it hurts. Relentlessly and intensely. To stay out of the hell that Buddha 'forgot' to mention too often like he failed to extensively mention the implications of Samsara. This should perhaps also incite you to never automatically and unquestioningly believe those whose reputation is generally considered to be beyond an inkling of doubt, especially when this person is frequently (positively) featured in lamestream media channels that exclusively serve to determine what is suited for common people to know and what is not. You are correct if you conclude from this that if you are looking for matters that really matter. It therefore is rewarding to look at it in sources that aren't biased, but that were intended to limit you in order to keep you going around in cycles forever.

Update March 13 2019

The cyclical processes in which humankind is trapped may have to do with this. The ancient war between mankind and dwellers from Mars. It may seem far fetched to people who have never ventured beyond the imposed limits of knowledge, but as we all know: the truth often is more bizarre than we would expect from our conjured perspective. When I find more information regarding this ancient war, I will write an other blog entry concerning it.

Update May 8 2019

And right after the French Revolution the Declaration of Human Rights pops up that has a scarcely obscured satanic origin. It is replete with occult symbols such as the "All seeing eye" of Lucifer, within a triangle (representing the Trinity - the capstone of the pyramid), an Ouroboros, which is an ancient Gnostic symbol for Satan, twin pillars which are found in Freemasonry, the red Phrygian cap, associated with Mithras, the pagan sun god of the ancient mystery religion of Rome. There is a fascist symbol in the center of the spear (a bundle of (13) rods bound by a leather thong), meaning MAN holds power, authority, and strength to rule? The Ouroboros - the snake biting its own tail, represents the ever lasting cycles in which mankind it kept captive which prevents infinite progress.

Furthermore the 'rights' are inscribed in two columns because they're meant to resemble Moses' Ten Commandments - yes, the false gods wrote their crap in a DTP-program. Right there the resemblance stops; they have an entirely different meaning to the sane, open minded and perceptive, capable of reading between and beyond the lines, bearing in mind that evil commonly reverses the meaning and appearance of all things, which is why it needs illusion in an attempt to make people think that what they do, is normal (not reversed and inverted).