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The deceit of cyclical processes

Cyclical processes indefinitely repeat rise and fall, never making real progress (=infinite progress) possible. They therefore are a perversion of anything good, even if they contain good elements that are deliberately put in place in an attempt to silence the opposition that disagrees with their pretended good nature and invented necessity of alternating rise and fall. When realizing the measure of agony and grief such type of processes cause, it becomes clear that their nature is not good at all and the decline-period inevitably is connected to imposed and unavoidable suffering. In addition, when things are on the rise too few benefit from it. These observations combined, qualify the cyclical nature of those processes to be evil to the core, while they carefully try to hide their real disgusting nature.

Immortality is non-cyclical
and allows infinite progress

History has produced an endless list of supposedly wise persons that were used to lead the gullible, misinformed and totally bonkers astray. Related to their cover-ups is the fact that many of these 'wise' of ancient times took great pleasure in asking less aware persons trick questions. Their own answers to these questions rarely contain comprehensive response that logically addresses the matter their question broughts up, because it exclusively is intended to make the one posing the question look superior while making the addressed feel stupid. Anyone that truly is superior does not need such vulgar chicanery. But if such phony wise people actually succeed in making others belief that they have great wisdom, they gain authority and as a result are perfectly suited to serve as a source of thoughts / ideologies / beliefs that merely serve to program other peoples minds. The confusion that the answers of the wise impose upon those to whom the questions are posed and those that observe the situation is intentionally invented - inducing confusion being one of the favorite tools of making people think that an illusion is real.

The would be wise ask an enigmatic question and answer it in riddles which further increases the level of confusion. Their audience does not dare to question their explanations for fear of being labelled retard, after which the answers of the wise settle in the minds of many (and often expand into systematic teachings), even if they basically are a shed-load of utterly senseless, invented bunk. Over the years mechanisms have been developed to protect the non-sense hallucinated by the would be wise; it is called MSM or mainstream media that is run by paid liars who inevitably label anything nearing the truth ' fake news'. To combat the persistent, argument producing prophets (a.k.a. whistle blowers) the CIA invented the term 'conspiracy theorist' when its job was (and still is) to suppress the truth concerning the assassination of John F Kennedy.

An example of the deception by the 'wise'

I am well aware that it's not a popular thing to do, to analyse the conduct of wise men whose reputation is believed to be undisputed by the vast majority of the people and conclude that the designation of their repute is based on erroneous interpretations. In this particular instance, as described below, Buddha revealed the dangers of Samsara - the cycle of death and rebirth. It is remarkable to say the least, that he did not put a greater emphasis, more often in more widespread settings on this matter in his communication with common people, since everyone will die and enter the afterlife. It feels as if not spreading this information intensely enough, relative to its importance and impact on the human spirit, is conspicuous conduct that conflicts with his carefully built reputation of love for humankind to say the least. Below is the dialogue started by Buddha himself:

Dear Bhikkhus (one who has renounced worldly life and joined the mendicant and contemplative community), between the amounts of sand on my nail and in the earth which one do you think is larger?”

The Bhikkhus answered that the amount of sand in the earth is billion or trillion times larger than what was on the nail of the Buddha. Then Buddha responded in a rather surprising way:

“Dear Bhikkhus, like the small amount of sand on my nail, only a small amount of humans will be born again as humans after they leave this life. But, many other like the amount of sand in the earth will be born in the great hell (Niraya - Hinduism tells of scores of different types of hell) after death. They pass away and are born in Preta world. After leaving the human world, they will indeed be born in hell. The amount of humans who would get a birth as a human again after they die is very small. The amount of humans who would get a birth in divine worlds is also slim.”

– Source: Pagnchagati Peyyala Vagga (S. N. 05)

The consequence of this teaching of Buddha is huge, assuming of course that what he claimed to be the truth actually is true. It makes one wonder why he spoke of this only very rarely to small groups of people, about the impact of Samsara that allegedly affects everyone. It sheds quite a nefarious light (or darkness) on what possibly is the real nature of this universe and Buddha's role inside of it. In the link below you see the Buddhist types of hell, to which Buddha referred, depicted in rather disturbing ways:

This is one of the Buddhist hells
that Buddha rarely mentions as a
destiny for by far the most humans - is
it not important enough for us to know ?
Why did he not shout it from roof tops?
And this was excluded by his 'enlightened'
peers throughout the history of man as well.

In the Tibetan Wheel of Life, Buddha visits hell and offers water to the damned to reduce their suffering, not to get them the hell out of there. It implies that no one is sent to hell for a reason, making it puzzling why Buddha leaves them to suffer - he only eases their suffering for a very short while and does not free them, after which he dashes off again, leaving them to rot in agony. The vast majority is in hell, while only very few make it into the Samsara cycle as Buddha himself told the Bhikkus in the paragraph above. This means close to ALL men, women and children are evil according to the Buddhist faith, which is something I absolutely and vigorously disagree with. Unless perhaps life on earth is the hell to which was metaphorically referred (which is hellish to far too many people, I admit).

What does this all mean?

From the above can be concluded that Samsara, according to Buddha, is some sort of prerogative reserved for only a few, that offers no long term reward. This makes Samsara even worse than commonly perceived - it offers no guarantee that presence in this cycle is a certainty (which implies staying out of hell), especially since the memory of previous lives is erased at each birth (which most definitely is NOT an act of kindness of a loving deity, but one of an utterly evil, twisted mind ! ! ! ). In addition, punishing people for mistakes they make as a result of an erased memory (that causes them to be without experience to use as a reference) is an other deviously planned evil act.

Those that end up in the Samsara cycle have probably managed (against all odds) to reach a certain level of awareness that prohibits them from being sent straight to hell. In their next life however, their memory of previous lives will be deleted again, which could well cause them to never reach the required level of awareness to enter yet an other Samsara cycle. This is evil beyond the capacity of words to express, hence very likely to be an iniquitous demonic invention - demons being cruel, ruthless entities from the lower Astral plane. If this doesn't ring a bell to you, you may want to educate yourself concerning the different dimensions mentioned in ancient scripts and the heedful venture of modern science that suggests other dimensions actually exist.

For those that go straight to hell, the situation is even worse; they weren't allowed a choice or opportunity whatsoever to determine their fate in this malevolent universe. Talk about über-anal, this is pure malevolent evil! More over, as I stated before in previous blog posts: Moksha is an escape from Samsara that allows access to a higher spiritual state. Note that any escape can only be done from an incarceration, which means Samsara is a prison! This nefarious deceit can never be the conjuring of some 'loving god', but the unjust and unfeeling sentencing by a powerful, evil demonic entity. And those that conceal the real nature of this universe behind a veil of pretended wisdom, are as evil as those that created it. The universal law of Karma will hit them with unprecedented and ever lasting ferocity, causing them to suffer a 1000-fold of anguish that they imposed to beyond enternity in all universes, all dimensions and on all timelines. There is no escape for them.

Cycles vs immortality

Observe that most spirits are sent to one of the many terrible hells, while few are caught in the Samsara cycle. This means that every spirit is immortal! No existence of any of us can indefinitely be terminated. But we can be forced to suffer excruciatingly or endlessly return to material life. Erasing memories of previous lives prevents us from gaining ever expanding awareness and thus reach a state of true wisdom. As a result the reincarnated remain retarded (as opposed to entities that are allowed to have infinite progress) and therefore never understand why they live in cyclical episodes.

In the Sumerian kinglist a king named En-men-luana is mentioned who ruled for 43,200 years! That was the duration of his reign only; he must have been even older than that incredible number. The number of burning candles on his birthday cake must have looked like a blazing forest fire. Some would be scientists claim his mentioned age was a mere allegory, but the Sumerian calendar is far more accurate than the Gregorian method of measuring time used today. In fact Sumerian time measuring is so accurate that NASA uses it to determine the best moment to launch their space craft. Just imagine what knowledge / wisdom En-men-luana had gathered during his extremely long life.... This today is impossible probably due to the engineering of our DNA, that is part of the Samsara plan.

So the throwing into hell and captivating in cycles of birth and death - the jailing of spirits in material existence - can only be created to never let us reach the unimaginably high levels that our true potential would enable. It would give humans godlike powers as suggested in the movie 'Lucy'. Only a horrendously evil being would invent and implement such an unspeakably heinous situation. Buddha probably knew about this, but for some reason chose not to inform the victims of this despicable evil. This disposition to protect the seclusion probably has the same origin as the secret societies, mystery schools and brotherhoods, which ultimately comes down to fear of retribution by the nefarious entity that created the miserable cyclical nature of this dimension.

And along with this 'enlightened' being the rest of his peers throughout history have done the same as Buddha. This provides an excellent argument not to fall for any of the bunk religions impose on the gullible believers. Just ask yourself why would religions have the urge to induce false beliefs into the minds of immortal spirits trapped in limiting material existence. Buddha perhaps unintentionally misspoke when he addressed the Bhikkhus, when he was overcome with an urge very typical for spirits caught in this fragmented and separated material world to show off his knowledge that he felt was greater than theirs. All religions and beLIEve systems are accomplice to the nefarious plan imposed by the dazzlingly evil entity that denies immortal spirits to enjoy infinite progress and instead traps them in the cyclical prison of life in matter. To hell with that bloke. To all the Buddhist hells with him in a never ending array of cycles.

The crux of it all is: Cyclical processes stand in the way of infinite progress (even if they are propelled through space and time). And they were deliberately put there to obstruct it. This villainous scheme will not go away as long as you continue believe that it is nature's way to arrange thing - it is NOT; It was invented to make you misinterpret everything - stop thinking that way! Cyclical processes mess up the existence of your immortal spirit; they can't terminate it, but sure as hell they can force upon you this wicked illusion that you are not immortal.

The privileged few of those that live now have been forced to like oppressing others, while the majority of the people have been forced to love being oppressed. In a crude way it resembles the animal kingdom in which predators are forced to kill prey in order to survive; the predators die if they don't kill prey. This is not a coincidence - nature was forced to be this way. But this type of nature isn't natural, it is a situation into which all life was goaded in order to suffer and endlessly return to the situation they fear most. From this questions arise: Who did that? And why? How is this done and is this crime committed by the supreme being of this universe or is this being a mere servant / adversary of even higher entities? And the most important question of all: How do we escape from this maximum security prison?

Infinite progress

Diametrically opposed to the evil cyclical incarceration described above, is infinite progress. That is a gift offered by a truly loving spirit. Longing for this wordlessly, will connect your spirit to this mind-boggling, never ending present of the greatest spirit in all universes. Any less capable spirit is not able to create such a brilliant eternal situation. Bear in mind that the limitation and paradox of this realm makes it difficult if not impossible to imagine such a situation, but that in no way means that infinite progress does not exist (as I may try to ponder upon in future blog entries).

Imagine this instead: if you would have told people 100 years ago about the possibilities of smart phones and artificial intelligence, they would probably have locked you up in the funny farm. Yet they exist today, which would have looked like a miracle to the people of days long gone. This small progress on a universal scale happened in just one century and it is not one that probably spans billions of years. That may urge you to look at the word 'impossible' and its implications in a different way.

So, feel free to dream or daydream your way to infinite progress. Yearn for it until it hurts. Relentlessly and intensely. To stay out of the hell that Buddha 'forgot' to mention too often like he failed to extensively mention the implications of Samsara. This should perhaps also incite you to never automatically and unquestioningly believe those whose reputation is generally considered to be beyond an inkling of doubt, especially when this person is frequently (positively) featured in lamestream media channels that exclusively serve to determine what is suited for common people to know and what is not. You are correct if you conclude from this that if you are looking for matters that really matter. It therefore is rewarding to look at it in sources that aren't biased, but that were intended to limit you in order to keep you going around in cycles forever.

Update March 13 2019

The cyclical processes in which humankind is trapped may have to do with this. The ancient war between mankind and dwellers from Mars. It may seem far fetched to people who have never ventured beyond the imposed limits of knowledge, but as we all know: the truth often is more bizarre than we would expect from our conjured perspective. When I find more information regarding this ancient war, I will write an other blog entry concerning it.

Update May 8 2019

And right after the French Revolution the Declaration of Human Rights pops up that has a scarcely obscured satanic origin. It is replete with occult symbols such as the "All seeing eye" of Lucifer, within a triangle (representing the Trinity - the capstone of the pyramid), an Ouroboros, which is an ancient Gnostic symbol for Satan, twin pillars which are found in Freemasonry, the red Phrygian cap, associated with Mithras, the pagan sun god of the ancient mystery religion of Rome. There is a fascist symbol in the center of the spear (a bundle of (13) rods bound by a leather thong), meaning MAN holds power, authority, and strength to rule? The Ouroboros - the snake biting its own tail, represents the ever lasting cycles in which mankind it kept captive which prevents infinite progress.

Furthermore the 'rights' are inscribed in two columns because they're meant to resemble Moses' Ten Commandments - yes, the false gods wrote their crap in a DTP-program. Right there the resemblance stops; they have an entirely different meaning to the sane, open minded and perceptive, capable of reading between and beyond the lines, bearing in mind that evil commonly reverses the meaning and appearance of all things, which is why it needs illusion in an attempt to make people think that what they do, is normal (not reversed and inverted).

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