Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Layers of awareness

A professional hypnotist by the name of Dolores Cannon once told of sessions with abductees who shared their experiences and described horrific events in which experiments were performed on them. However, Mrs. Cannon said, when hypnotized to a deeper level of consciousness the nature of their stories changed dramatically, in the sense that they became much more positive experiences. How is this possible, since they reported differently on the same events from distinguished levels of perception?

This phenomenon may have two sides; the inevitable genetic code which, among many other properties, allows us to feel pain (both mental and physical) and the conditioning in life that starts immediately after conception, before birth. The embryo shares its mother's blood circulation and as a result is affected by her consumption patterns, use of medication and drugs and even the pollution of the environment in which she lives. Also the moods she is in that alter her blood chemistry influence the unborn life she carries inside her.

In circles of advanced spiritual / occult science suspicion has arisen that humankind long ago had 24 chromosome pairs instead of 23, the latter or second pair being a (possibly intentionally) modified fusion of adjacent pairs. That seemingly small distinction has huge consequences. The absence of a separate 24th chromosome pair actually hard codes disease, programming humans for innate illness while making them vulnerable for other disorders, which includes mental states that regular science has only begun to explore at best.

Related to the above is a consideration that may give hope to one time become again beings that have DNA coding that boosts the immune system and unleashes talents that are beyond imagination: In parallel universes humans may still have their original DNA coding while quantum entanglement is always manifest. Even if in other universes DNA code may be manipulated into lesser states, the aggregate of all dimensions may still be capable of restoring our original DNA configuration....

Mental states have a profound influence on how we perceive things. It sets limits beyond which we are either ignorant or continue to run into paradoxes that we are simply unable to solve - it is beyond our perceptive abilities to deal with. An analogy may exist in near death experiences, NDE's. Cardiologist Dr. Pim van Lommel investigated many such cases and recorded his registrations and opinion in a book called 'Consciousness beyond life'. Without exception people who returned to life on this planet after no longer having brain function for a certain period, report having been in a realm of wonder and beauty. Most dramatically changed their life after returning to life; upper class lawyers and doctors started to help the poor and depraved for free among other remarkable changes of lifestyle.

Their awareness had changed - they no longer had reason to cling to the frightening concept of death after personally witnessing a plane that was of an entirely different nature. Their awareness had deepened and what they had learned to be incorrect perception had been removed. It is as if they had been (de-)hypnotized due to which they were able to peek beyond the limits that generally prevents humans from understanding reality as they are instead of perceiving it as it actually is.

Perhaps we do not need to temporarily die before we are capable of gaining a deepened awareness - like a kind of regression to periods between previous lives... (Michael Newton). Perhaps carefully listening to what our intuition tries to tell us will help us to break away from our hypnotized state. Perhaps choosing our food wisely and regular meditation could also help. Perhaps structurally ignoring all of treacherous mainstream media's utterly inane crap would also contribute to free ourselves from the conditioning that limits us and prevents us from going deeper into conscious states that contain truths that were deliberately hidden from us.

Have a most wonderful day!

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