Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Food for thought I

In The Netherlands debts of greenhouse farmers are measured starting in the year 2001. The average farmer has 3.5 hectare or 8.64 acres on which (s)he grows crops. In 2001 the annual loss was 10,000 Euros. In 2010 the annual loss increased to 180,000 Euros! Farmers are being squeezed by banks, suppliers, insurance companies, middlemen, the tax office and retailers. Consumers pay the prize for this development in more than one way.

To secure their harvests farmers are obliged by contract to use 'terminator seeds'. This type of genetically modified seed is manipulated in such a way that harvests spawn infertile seeds. They can not be used to sow because their DNA is modified to call forth an other generation of crop. It means that farmers are forced to buy new seeds after every harvest to start the next. Consumers eat the produce form these harvests that contain substances that do not cease to terminate after they are cooked or baked.

Livestock is also fed with genetically modified crop and therefore also contain the terminator substances that end up on the consumer's plate. In addition they are given growth-hormones and large doses of anti-biotics to raise them without acquiring a disease that would make it impossible to sell them to slaughterhouses. These chemical substances are also contained in the food people eat.

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO's) are designed to resist pesticides that are invariably used in growing to prevent harvest from being eaten by pests (bugs, insects). Insects are among the life forms that have a most powerful immune system; scorpions and cockroaches are among few types of life capable of surviving a nuclear war. The pesticides therefore are extremely potent chemicals that are hazardous to all kinds of life, which of course includes consumers who are at the end of the food chain.

Beside pesticides, bactericides, fungicides and fertilizers are used to protect harvests. The amount of dangerous chemicals that find their way to the consumers is almost beyond imagination. In addition some crops are irradiated to 'preserve' them and prefabricated food is flooded with an abundance of additions that are unhealthy and venomous. People intentionally are not informed about these risks, because if they were aware of what is hidden in their food, they would rebel and drag producers that are responsible for sneaking these venomous mixes into the consumers food to court to impeach them into oblivion.

Rarely thought of, but true nevertheless is that beverages that are made from fruits, vegetables and grains also contain the poisons mentioned above. Fruit drinks, beers, wines, whiskies, liqueurs etc. they all contain potent poisons used in traditional forms of agriculture. The entire food and drink supply is crammed with dangerous chemicals and genetically modified organisms. It is mind boggling that people haven't yet revolted against these illegal political decisions and called the perpetrators of these criminal acts to justice.

Mainstream media, organizations that supposedly exist to protect the health of mankind, governments, legal system and corporations all work together to perpetuate the deliberate poisoning of humanity. It simply is impossible to maintain the misinformed and ignorant belief that this extremely perilous situation could have occurred without the undivided collaboration of these organizations. Those that claim the opposite is true are either paid agents ordered to lie to the public or have a commercial or corporate interest in perpetuating the poisoning of food, water and drinks advertized, enforced and sold to you.

The answer to resolve the problems resulting from the attack on people's health is to grow your own food. In the US it has been made a criminal offense to grow edible crops in ones garden or house, to trade it give it away or be involved in selling them by the Food Security laws that were recently introduced. This act is in flagrant violation of the US constitution and Congress, Senate and The House of Representatives are therefore guilty of a criminal act. On a global scale the UN's Codex Alimentarius is similarly criminal, because it aims to abolish all organic produce and force people to consume only GMO's that are grown with staggeringly poisonous pesticides.

People who believe that the claims made in this blog entry are exaggerated, false or untrue are beyond help. Those that want to know more should make the effort of finding out for themselves if this article misinforms them in any way. Use Google to do research on the bold yellow type terms contained in this article. Start thinking for yourself - this Food for Thought may make you think about different ways to obtain food. If not you may continue to mindlessly eat the poisoned food and drink the water and beverages supplied to you. I will post more on this subject in my next blog entry that will be posted soon.

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