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The brain prevents you from perceiving properly

In a number of previous blog entries I've hinted at the fact to enable consciousness to communicate with the subconscious (using the principles applied in remote viewing) in order to provide a way to gain deeper insights into matters that are not perceivable in the 'normal' state of consciousness. This is dominated by the brain, while the subconscious is the domain of the mind. The brain being an information processing tool typical for each individual being, while the subconscious is an omnipresent, time independent field of information and perception that is accessible to the mind or has been until most people were conditioned to rely on the (mis)perception of their programmable brain solely.

An example of this is seen in the dying moments of people suffering from Alzheimer disease or lethal cancers in the brain, who regain clarity shortly before they pass away. They suddenly become capable of coherent thought and recognize the people in their life that have come to believe that the patient has become permanently confused and no longer knows who they are anymore. Since in this stage the brain largely has become dysfunctional, it must be a faculty of the mind that has taken over perception and communication. The transient lucidity in the final stage of earthly existence also suggests that the brain more or less got in the way of the mind's unbounded perceptional prowess basically for the duration of a person's entire life.

Mind or spirit vs brain

That is a thought that may cause us to feel rather uncomfortable, because it means that what we perceive throughout life may be something else than we have been prone to think. In the case of the illnesses mentioned in the previous paragraph, the patient's sudden limpidity may cause us to wonder what the effect of disease actually is. The clear distinction between the material brain and the intangible mind may give us a clue about the distinction between the physical and spiritual realms and the amalgamation of the two, which obviously leads to being capable of a more profound perception.

For example: When the CIA in the early 70's of the previous century discovered that the Russians had been using 'remote viewing' for decades to spy on them, the agency started to set up a remote viewing department of its own, named the Stargate Project. At the end of the previous century one of the agency's remote viewers (who was no longer employed by it) was asked in an interview what the most remote location was that he had ever remote viewed. The interviewer expected him to name a place on earth, but he replied: 'a location 500 million lightyears away from earth'. What could possibly be of interest to humans in a place so incredibly far away? The remote viewer replied he was not at liberty to discuss the matter.

So, for years this question remained unanswered. Until recently I read an article that science in 2019 had detected radio pulses that were emitted exactly every 16 days - consisting of 4 days of emission and 12 days when no emission is detectable in a continuously repeating sequence. So the CIA ordering the remote viewer to check out the source of the radio pulses, knew about this phenomenon 50 years before regular science did. The business of the CIA is to lie about everything, because it is modeled after SS general Reinhard Geelen's Nazi Germany's WW-II intelligence agency when their scientists were smuggled into the US in Operation Paperclip. What this story shows, is that there is no limit to where and when the human mind is capable of traveling. Because of what Stargate's remote viewers showed of course, it makes sense to think that beyond viewing remote situations, it may also be possible to affect them. It includes events in the past, present and future in linear / cyclical time anywhere in the universe and possibly beyond it. This is speculation from the far end of the twig of course, but that is what critical thinking ordinary Joe's get when governments, organizations, agencies and secret societies keep so many secrets, of which only very few are kept because of national security, because the vast majority of them are kept hidden to screw everyone else. It is summarized by cross dressing FBI director Jay Edgar Hoover who once said:

'The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst. It rejects even the assumption that human creatures could espouse a philosophy which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent.'

Questions are the vehicles in our existence that lead us from one point in spacetime to an other, where events are perceived that spawn questions; in the material world that is. Outside of space time the question may be: do questions exist at all? Esoteric lore says that every thought, expression and act is recorded in universal memory - the Akashic Records a.k.a. the universal subconscious database. Even if this question about questions remains unanswered we will never be in the same place at the same time again, while inside this vile fragmented and separated dimension of matter, limitation, conditioning, paradox and utter imposed misery. But given the fact that in the instant before death the circumstances that made us suffer and die, seem to disappear in a flash, probably as a prelude to traveling to dimensions of an entirely different nature that we know nothing about. Even minds that commonly function at a level above and beyond that of ordinary people, admit that we only know a minute fraction of all there is to know, which appears mind-blowingly outlandish to us.

But among the deluge of questions that the answers in the panel discussion mentioned in the link in the previous paragraph create, the contours of an unknown and powerful perceptional skill shimmers through that may have the ability to relieve us from the limiting and paradoxid perception that life in space and time confronts us with. But as said before once the questions of this nature lead us to unknown territories of the mind there is no possibility to return to the state of life in which our perception and knowledge were crippled by the conditioning of the brain. The answers that we run into in this rarely visited realm (during our current lifetime) may be incomplete after perhaps having only chance encounters with it, we have at least begun to move away from the state of conditioning and ignorance that cluttered the former part of our life. 

As a result some of us may gradually advance to a place and time where there is less space and time and more information and consciousness. That may be the start of opening ways to a different kind of existence that is not contaminated by the attributes that cause us to suffer and die and do all sorts of things that in a more elevated level of consciousness make no sense at all (like throwing bio warfare chemicals and nuclear bombs at each other). Most importantly, humans must open their mind to opening the power of their mind. This is NOT done by acquiring heaps of external knowledge, but by gaining access to the unexplored knowledge that already is inside you. 

If I were to put matters crudely, I would say that being cast into a physical body inside space and time has the following consequences:
  1. Ignorance is an imposed condition as becomes clear in the aforementioned instance of lucidity shortly before death
  2. Our senses can only detect a minute fraction of all that exists in this universe. This is part of the strategy to limit human perception. This hints at the fact that man must find other ways to know beyond what he knows now
  3. Repeated instances of dying in a domain ruled by reincarnation cuts off the path to gaining infinite knowledge (especially when memory is erased at each birth)
  4. The material plane separates us from others, making us unaware of what others feel and think - it leads to misunderstanding and also offers the possibility to keep secrets for egotistical purposes
  5. In dimensional space  and time every action requires time; it slows down every action always and everywhere, limits presence to one place in time in which interaction is allowed as opposed to more advanced planes in which there are no space and time and interaction is a permanent function
  6. Life is cast in perpetual cyclical processes that prevent infinite progress, since they force life to return to previous stages over and again, such as day and night, the seasons and reincarnation. It is the way to coerce infinite souls into repetitive stints of mortality. Think about this: would you believe that this is complying with universal law, that is believed to be just and based on pure love?
  7. If what is asked in the previous point is not true, than it could mean that this entire universe is based on evil principles and that the war in the heavens that is referred to in ancient scripts has even more implications than what we commonly think to be the case. It could pertain to the fact that the cosmic war refers to a clash in the multiverse, in which there are evil and good universes fighting each other. It would concur with a claim of the prophet Mani who said that what is believed in a decreasing number of science departments to be the Big Bang, is in fact an attack of dark forces on the empire of Light, meaning this entire universe is the result of a terrorist attack that took all forms of life in the cosmos hostage

Out of body experience

Out of body experience 

So that may be why the physical body is severely limited in an almost air tight system of perpetual reincarceration. But the mind is not. Out of body experiences (OBE's) or Near Death Experiences (NDE's) are not normal in the material world (although some claim that 10% of the human race has experienced it, but are afraid to talk about it, because the fear to be labeled bonkers. While being alive the spirit is always attached to the body with the 'silver cord'. But outside of the physical world there are no physical bodies whatsoever, hence none of the restraints listed above exist in the other dimension visited by those who briefly were physically dead. The fragmentation in this 3-dimensional world is caused by the Big Bang or whatever event may have caused matter to come into existence and separate the instances of it into galaxies, stars, planets and various forms of life. This is the fundamental cause of limitation, suffering, dying and the cyclical misery life is cast in. Furthermore it is a universal phenomenon (of this particular universe anyway). Spirits that went through thousands of lives and suffered in many of them after their memory of previous lives has been erased, are unlikely to be present in each of them to learn what many esoteric people claim to be the case - they just suffer for no purpose at all, because this entire universe is evil.

The fact that Samsara prevents us from reaching a state in which infinite progress is possible and that we are cast back in cyclical misery, means that our souls are caught after death and forced to experience existence in the material plane over and again. Samsara is the method to trap immortal souls in a mortal vehicle and make them vulnerable to suffering fear, pain and grief. Note that I used the word 'trap' which in the form of a noun refers to Samsara as a coerced situation of captivity and in the verbal form refers to the fact that souls are captured after death or departure from the material vehicle, which implies the involvement of soul hunters / tempters and / or the existence of traps, both of which confirm the ancient Hindu belief that Moksha is the liberation from Samsara's endless cycle of birth and death. What is striking in the words that picture this believe, is that they say Moksha is an liberation from Samsara, knowing that one can only be liberated from an incarceration, which in my opinion defines the horrendous nature of Samsara. While at it I would like to ask you this: if you had the power that allowed you to create a universe, would you make beings that live and suffer for 70 to 80 years, make them die after that and let them reincarnate to live and suffer again and again and feel good about that? Do you think that represents the work of an all knowing, omnipresent and loving god? Or would you say: 'Nah, I can do better than that.'

So, Moksha if liberates from incarceration or a state of restraining misery, would it not explain the real properties of life to you in a way that is more clear than anything else?. The fact that you may think of life in a different way, is the result of the programming of your brain (not your mind - which goes many levels deep) that has been going on since before you came to exist in the belly of your mother where you undergo the chemical programming through the medication she took, the processed food she ate, her smoking and drinking habits, the emotions that she went through and the discomforts that may have troubled her, because you share the same blood circulation. This programming is only intensified after you entered this dimension. Almost everything you experience in this material realm is aimed at conditioning the brain and silencing the mind's subconscious, resulting in the fact that you only hear your conscious shouting at you - think this, think that, say this or say that and do this and do that, which blows away the sincere and wise whisper of your intuitive subconscious. It is the implicit coercion of the exact opposite state of who we once were a very long time ago. 

This begs the question who or what is behind the incarceration? Let's take a look at the possibilities, since it is rather difficult to determine the cause of mankind's fate from within the imposed state of being jailed that is meant to limit everything, including perception. The candidates for inflicting the misery for life are:
  • Entities seeking revenge for something the ancient ancestors of man may have done to them
  • Mortal enemies of mankind, that that exist in the multiverse, dislike our species for different reasons or no reason at all
  • The self proclaimed would be 'god' that boasts having 'created' life while all it really does, is trying to destroy it (bearing in mind that mythical and legendary deities are deceiving, plundering and murdering perverts), or
  • The adversary of mankind that actually trapped it in this universe that may have gone on a 15 billion year holiday without even bothering to send a card and just enjoys man's perpetual infighting and abuse that (s)he inflicts on this hijacked creation all together, assuming that human life will eventually be wiped out by itself after having been told lie after lie after lie about its true history and purpose

Either way, it has left humanity in deep shit. This forces the sane to purge the cruel and the insane including their imbecile masters of this dimension in order to prevent their projected miserable fate to emerge. I'm fed up with the braindead saying that opposition should be done without violence. All the Ghandi-like role-model farts that were put in place by the occult freemason 'elite' have quite obviously not been able to prevent this world from falling victim to an increasing measure of violence and insanity as time passed. That is because they were mere tools to pacify the ignorant masses that the bonkers lot at the top intends to whack on order of the evil entity ruling them, so that the whacking can be carried out with neglectable resistance. The saying 'As above so below' indicates that the war raging in the heavens, means that we - here below - are in a war as well and winning such an event can only be done by fighting in one way or an other. So forget all pacifists that are portrayed as champions of humankind - they merely serve to prevent you from fighting back. Let this sink into your mind and act accordingly. On the other hand: DO NOT fight in the manner they expect you to fight. They conditioned you to fight in a particular way that will inherently make you lose. Do not fall into that trap, because they will be prepared to neutralize whatever you do. THINK about how to fight them in a way that will put an end to their heinous rule. 

If you have trouble removing the imposed image of non-violence from your clouded brain, ask yourself why the government continues to develop advanced weapons for crowd control and mind control, while giving the police or future AI robots more sophisticated arms than ever and reducing your privacy to zero, while all your data is stored in one central machine. Do you think it makes sense to think that they create and supply weapons to law enforcement agencies and army to not use them and refrain from becoming violent? There really are a few screws loose in your thinking department if you believe that crap to be true. There is no logic whatsoever in that train of thought. - there are countless instants of army war crimes and police brutality, that should force willingly ignorant people to face the truth. What is logical to think, is that the government prepares itself to be able to bonk you whenever it decides that you must be bonked. The reason for trashing you being the aim to get rid of you, 500 million excluded that will be allowed to live (as slaves) from the 7 billion on the planet now, according to the writings on the recently blown up Georgia Guidestones.

An other thing that is void of logic is the fact that thinking you can match the level of violence that government agencies are capable of. In other words combating them with their means of choice would be stupid beyond the capacity of words to express. The key is that there are different types of violence, violence that is the means of destruction of something, in this case the stealthy genocide by the governments (by means of intentionally induced pandemics, false flag terrorist attacks, impending AI dominance, fake alien invasions and weather modification - tyfoons and floods) and by the forces ordering the governments what to do, how to do it and when to do it. This would be an excellent moment to end this blog entry that is to be followed up by one in which will be suggested on how to oppose forces that urgently need a fierce opposition against which they find it difficult to protect themselves. We humans in our original state were blessed with such powers that currently are severely oppressed. The fear that the illegal pervert rulers of the universe so intensively project onto us, is their own. 

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