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Brains aren't made to think and memory is made to forget

There's a well known cliché that says: 'you have a body and you are a soul', a string of words usually mindlessly echoed by people clueless to what they actually mean.  As I explained in the previous blog entry, ethereal souls - fragments of the unified soul - are trapped inside material bodies, inside the soul trap or mantle (not as in the Path of Exile game) or more accurately a straight jacket in which we are sentenced to be tied up for the duration of an entire human lifetime in the material realm, like patients in a mental institution, which is a description of the whole of mankind that is closer to the ugly truth than to the metaphor. But ignorance is a stubborn human tradition, that in most cases is only cured by death. Through the evil cycle of Samsara (the repetitive process of death and rebirth) we are held captive in this solar system, until the method to indefinitely destruct the soul fragments will be applied. In the meantime humans are distracted to occupy themselves with lies and trivia, so that they do not oppose this nefarious agenda, that will ultimately whack them out of existence all together.

For the programmed to discern

Our obstinate bêtise is due to the fact that we were given a brain in order for us to be programmable (the faculty of coherent thought is a mere secundary function of the brain), just like we were given memory so that we can be made to forget, all of which is aimed at developing a manipulable, delusional comfort zone. These oddities, that seem improbable at first glance, are the bodily functions, meant to complement the impenetrable prison wall or membrane around the weakened fragment of the unified soul that is on deathrow to be executed, if not in this life than in the next one. The properties of the prison are measurable; there is an electro magnetic field around the human heart that extends beyond the periphery of the body that is at least ten times larger than the one emitted by the brain. Even when the soul leaves the body - in dreams, OBE's (out of body experiences) or NDE's (near death experiences) it remains tethered to the heart by what is called 'the silver cord', a thunderbolt like chain that keeps the soul from escaping its confinement. The electromagnetic field that in fact traps the soul fragment, by the way, is similar to the fields created at CERN to preserve particles and anti-matter. The man-made version on the Swiss / French border requires a shipload of energy to be maintained, the field enclosing the human heart is more subtle, yet more powerful.

3000 billion times the speed of light
The purpose of incarcerating the soul fragment in the material body is to weaken the unified soul. The scattered remnants of the whole, the separate parts that are severed from the original are more frail than the unified soul, which means they can easily be attacked and eradicated, which is the goal of the terrorist attack that began in what is commonly referred to as the Big Bang. As explained in the previous blog entry, life on this planet is traveling at s speed of more than 3000 billion times the speed of light around the center of the universe, which means it goes back in time in the material realm. 

The speed at which earth revolves around its axis, is approximately 1600 kilometers per hour. Close to the pace of an F-16 fighter plane. Earth orbits around the sun at a speed of 112,000 kilometers per hour. Our solar system dashes around the center of the galaxy - the Milky way - at a pace of 800,000 kilometers per hour. The Milky way orbits around the center of the universe at a speed of 315.392 x 10^21 kilometers per hour. The speed of light is: 107.925. kilometers per hour. So, the speed at which earth revolves around the center of the universe is 3000 billion times the speed of light.... This means that, according to current science, life on this planet is traveling back in time at the aforementioned tremendous speed, seen from a universal perspective; i.e. a return to the instant in which life in this cosmos was created. That people experience that they are moving into the future continuously, is due to the fact that time in this local bubble is manipulated to be experienced in that way. Nevertheless, it is undeniably a powerful and intricate hoax that is forcefully imposed on life.

Recently NASA has discovered a parallel universe alongside ours that runs backwards through time, which may indicate that ours merely is a bubble in which time is locally running from the past to the future, which may seem normal only to the mirrored ones that we are; the ones that slavisly accept, serve and support government rule that is malevolent to the core (a few exceptions excluded).

This traveling back in linear time, that entails 'returning to its origin', possibly is the counter attack of the unified soul against the forces that incited the Big Bang. The unified soul fights to return to its original state in which all information and consciousness is present in an infinitely small dot or singularity that has no spatial dimensions and time. It must do this, because it is trapped in this material dimension and the only way out is to to go back in linear time towards the instant in which captivity began.

The evil, destructive forces have placed human life near the edge of the universe inside a local bubble in which linear, cyclical time drives us all to a grim future in which souls are meant to be destroyed. The bubble is an artificially created doomsday dimension inside a dimension that the evil ones intend to make the slaughterhouse of souls. Because we travel with 3000+ billion times the speed of light, we should already have reached the instant of the Big Bang long ago, that is estimated to have taken place between 12 and 15 billion years ago according to 'regular' science. But as scripts of civilizations all over the world expressed, there is a war going on in the heavens - a war over the fragmented instances of the unified soul. The forces of the dark set out to destroy the soul fragments and slow down the journey towards the past by creating a local dimension in which life travels towards a future of doom and demise. They expand the universe in order to increase the measure of separation between the soul fragments, aiming to slash all communication between the separated fragments, to weaken them even more and erase their awareness that they once were an infinitely powerful unified soul. It is evils only option to butcher the soul fragments, but it also becomes more difficult to maintain 3 dimensional space and linear / cyclical time, which is why their human cronies are in such a hurry to whack material bodies in which the fragments of the unified soul are trapped. It becomes in increasing problem to nefarious forces, because as the universe expands the pace at which life on earth travels back in time towards its origin becomes ever greater.

The brain was not made to think
Opposite to life that has a soul, are soulless shells that can be programmed at will in any way that the programmer sees fit. But the shells need some type of control unit that allows them to perform certain tasks. A vacuum cleaner needs to suck up dirt and rubble, and it is controlled by switching it on and off. A laundry machine's control unit is capable of carrying out a number of distinguished washing programs and a PC or Mac can do a many more complex tasks, but all of them require some sort of input. This can be done by programmers and operators. Input is communication of the shell or device with programmers or operators; they need to be attended (get attention) to function. If this does not happen they remain inactive, useless shells. Similarly, when animals, plants or people get no attention they dwindle and die. Vegetations needs nourishment from the soil and rain to grow and prosper, animals and humans need care and food and drinks or they will die. Even at a later age, when animals or people are totally ignored, they die.

The human control unit is the brain. Brains can be programmed, even upto a level at which the brain believes it can not be programmed and that it is totally autonomous. It just needs to be programmed in a clever way to cause the brain to make such an intentionally induced mistake or misinterpretation, just like certain programs (software) that run on a PC or Mac can have backdoors that the operator knows nothing about. Backdoors can even be built into the hardware of a device of which those that program the software as well as those who operate it are entirely unaware. So, there are ways in which simple devices can be induced to transform those programmed by evil's operators, without them ever noticing. At this point in space and time the human brain commonly still is more complex than the devices mankind creates and uses. The brain, being both the hard- and software of the human control unit. Which most likely means that its complexity allows to integrate control (sub)systems, failsafe systems and hidden backdoors that the host of the brain is unaware of. Bearing in mind as well that backdoors can both be used to enter and exit. It means messages can be transmitted from the brain and received by the brain and be deleted from the brain, which hints at outside forces potentially being in control, just like hackers remotely taking over a computer.

An example of this is that if a person, for example, wants to have a cup of coffee, seven seconds before (s)he was aware of the fact that (s)he wants to have coffee, the brain already prepared the body to both make and drink the coffee. This peculiar effect was discovered by Benjamin Libet in the 1980's at the university of California. It begs the question, what made the brain make these decisions, ahead of becoming aware of them and carrying them out? Was it the brain itself or was it something outside of the brain that generated this impulse? What it could mean in any event, is that the supposed phenomenon of free will could be rather overrated; the brain thinks it thinks something that is not quite as the brain thinks it is. Based on this discovery, some suggested that entire books or movie scripts that people wrote, were already uploaded to their brain even before the writer was aware of the fact that (s)he wanted to create the document. Nikola Tesla wrote in his autobiography that he was given detailed information in a vision on how to create inventions before he actually created them. What this probably means, is that the brain is not an autonomous organ, but rather some sort of receiver that at times tunes in to frequencies over which information is passed on that urges humans to perform certain tasks. Maybe the strongest argument to support this suspicion, is the research of Dutch cardiologist Pim van Lommel, who researched experiences of patients who went through a NDE.

Of course the brain's function is to think; without it we would not be able to survive in this material dimension. What I am trying to express here, is that an other very important mental power of the human brain is to receive and process information that was generated elsewhere, hence the remark of Dr. Van Lommel that the brain is capable of perceiving in a non-local way, which means that perception can be made without the involvement of the human biological sensors, making a person aware of events or thoughts that may have occurred far away from his or her physical location in space and time. The occurrence of these impulses is not necessarily bound to the linear, cyclical time experience in which human beings seem to be inextricably connected. The information passed on can be belong to the past or future in the human understanding of the concept of time. In relation to this, I would like to mention a strange event in which a CIA remote viewer told about a remote viewing session in which he remote viewed a location in space that was 500 million lightyears away (remote viewed 40 years earlier) from earth or a remote viewing session in which the same remote viewer tried to view the instant of the creation of humankind. The average human brain would have to perform extremely unfamiliar mental acrobatics to imagine these exercises and most likely not succeed. But since the CIA is not interested in spending time and money on anything that is not demonstrable in a plausible way, I would say that the human talent to remote view has to be taken seriously.

A visual metaphor of the Akashic Recoreds

Memory is made to forget
Thinking is impossible without a memory. Memory related to the concept of human civilization, always has to retrieve data from the past. This is the result of linear time that rules this material dimension in which time continuously moves forward. So, if memory is tampered with - moved away from reality or the truth - the brain will make all sorts of decisions that are flawed, false and totally destructive. In a timeless dimension memory would not be necessary; its dwellers would simply know things without having to remember them. But in this dimension life has to tap into what the ancients called the Akashic Records or what is also called the universal subconsciousness that contains all actions and all thoughts of all time. According to Dr. Pete Peterson, the Akashic Records consist of two elements: an information field and consciousness field. These elements provide the data to the brain through intuition that form the foundation of thinking processes. It can be deduced from this, that if the data retrieved is incorrect and / or incomplete (or entirely absent whatsoever) the thinking process of the brain is severely impacted and that the conclusions at which the brain arrives, are based on the false and deleted information. These incorrect conclusions could of course be the result of intentional programming with misleading information of the brain, which only has become possible because life has taken a material form in which brains are normally cut off from having communication with the Akashic Records. The portal through which these communications take place is the pineal gland, that the iniquitous controllers corrupt from day one of each human life, by calcifying the pure water with which the gland is filled originally (at birth). This mainly is done by manipulating the human diet, so that the gland no longer functions properly, as it was intended to do.

American linguist, philosopher, cognitive scientist,
historical essayist, social critic, and political activist

If the pineal gland is corrupted, the lines of communication with external cosmic sources is hampered or cut off, so these can no longer properly act to input information. It is why the mainstream media have been taken over by the dark factions on earth. They had to find different ways to program the human brain. This is why I chose to write in the title of this blog entry that the brain was not made to think, because it has become the portal through which human perception is programmed. Because influencing man's perceptual experience is important to those that aim to gain full control over the opinions of mankind, it is imperative that alternative sources are severely censored or removed all together, which is exactly what we see taking place in the world of today. In addition when brains have been programmed in such a way to such a level, it is similar to installing some sort of filter so that information that percolates from external sources is strained in spite of all precautions to sever the connection between Akashic Records and brain.

The brain is a programmable control unit of the human body, which communication lines to the non-local universal subconscious are severed, while memories on which thinking processes are founded, are intentionally distorted to be better able to determine the outcome of the thinking process. Because we live in a material 3D world in time, there is a past from where memory has to retrieve data. This information can be manipulated; the accuracy of remembered data can't be trusted or memory can be incapable of retrieving data at all. These measures prevent humans from discovering that they merely are material prisons for the soul fragment that is incarcerated in their heart. Human lives are used to deteriorate the remnants of the powers of the soul fragment, which means that in each subsequent life cycle the soul fragment is further removed from its essence, that is at least the goal of the evil ones. This will continue to take place until it has been weakened enough to be destroyed. But as above so below, the war in the heavens is also fought here on earth - many soul fragments resist the imposed celestial dictatorship, enforced by traitors in this realm, in many ways.

Still, if you think you are thinking right, think again and if you think you remember something, reconsider. Provocative hints to this imposed situation have been built in places that seem unrelated to this process at first glance: Reality may differ entirely from what we have been made to think, because you were made to be misled in the way you were made. If you sense you are being misguided, that probably is an impulse to disagree and oppose the strategy of those that ruthlessly and desperately want to bring you under their iniquitous control.

A 4 meter tall Pine Cone statue is located in the
Vatican's St. Peter cathedral's court of the Pigna

And then there is the unproven (by spoofed minds in this controlled plane anyway), but exciting assumption that parallel worlds exist. This could imply that the unified soul is still in tact in alternative dimensions and is now fighting in our realm to restore its original state. Or perhaps allow those who feel the insuppressible urge to escape this nefariously controlled dimension to travel to and reside in one that is not subject to evil's rule. The distinction between the nature of various realms could be the result of what the bible and other legends refer to as the war in the heavens. So, you may want to look towards the above more often, with an open mind and heart (with the intention to support the forces that are fighting to liberate our souls), not merely with a programmed brain.

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