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Powers that be program consciousness to silence your subconscious

There are many descriptions in which is attempted to explain what the subconscious is - click here to see some of them. The article to which the link leads, only is a very basic tip of the iceberg; many books have been written about the subject, all of which put forward different views, although the differences may often be subtle. The sheer number of distinguished interpretations imply that subconscious is (non)matter that is difficult to understand and probably also means that human language does not offer the proper tools to describe it accurately. That is understandable since language that emerged in a material world is largely clueless as to where it concerns aspects of life that are impalpable and volatile, which which is a shortcoming that is intentionally induced by the powers that be. Yet the subconscious denominates 95% of human life, while only about 5% of what we think, feel and do, actually is from the conscious mind. When a person is in a state of fear, anxiety or anger, the subconscious tells the central nervous system to tell glands to release adrenaline and cortisol, and when a person is in love or happy it handles the release of  dopamine, serotonin, endorphins and oxytocin. But it does a lot more than controlling the secretion of hormones, like affecting the thought process, for example what is described here, although it is difficult for physical beings, that prefer to think that they are living consciously, to even grasp or admit that the subconscious regulates these processes while they are not even aware of it.

The linked article presents research that is based on the findings of Benjamin Libet who delved into this matter in the 1980's, discovering that: the human brain makes decisions before you even know it, up to 4 seconds before we even become aware of it, which in terms of the pace at which our neuro circuitry works, is similar to an eternity. This can only be caused by the subconscious. Consciousness trails what the subconscious has already decided, which persuades us to think that we made a conscious decision, which in fact appears to be a misinterpretation caused by ignorance, even though the complexity of the research set up is intentionally kept simple in order to be able to arrive at a plausible and measurable result. At this point in time (over 40 years after Libet's initial research) we are still not able to measure more complex actions of the subconscious, which indicates that there still are many unexplored aspects of the subconscious to investigate and consequently that will produce mind blowing (pun intended) outcomes. In any event the conscious mind is the perfect gateway to program / control people, while the subconscious is out of reach for artificial human systems. Programs like the infamous MK Ultra, the Havana syndrome causing devices, voice to skull (V2K) systems, the now officially defunct HAARP mind control array (it has more functionally superior, concealed successors), the 5G mind reading and control system and common mind control by cell phones, just to name a few, were designed to control the human mind from a distance with increasing accuracy and force. All these in addition to the traditional mainstream media propaganda that is often combined with intimidating (bogus) legal measures. The covert establishment has devised and built many systems that program the conscious mind, in order to allow them to control both masses and individuals, which obviously hints at the importance they attribute to controlling the human subconscious in order to be able to perpetuate their villainous agenda. The subconscious mind is of the universe and it is not possible to target it with above mentioned systems.

So, if language - as the means of reasoning and communication (and therefore for causal understanding) along with current scientific research methods of the physical world - are unable to pervade to the core of what the human subconscious may be, perhaps a different approach would lead to a better result. Mind you, venturing deep into the unknown using the method offered below, may cause disconcert or even shock, since it can lead us to enter dimensions of which we know (close to) nothing, where events can occur that are entirely alien and far out of control and the general comfort zone reflecting the scope of human perception, comparable to nightmares that appear frightfully real, although stunningly beautiful dream like experiences may also occur. Predicting which of the two options will affect human existence therefore is extremely difficult.

Mirror portal

Note that mirrors have more properties than simply reflecting a mirrored image of the person in front of it. In esoteric circles it is believed that mirrors can be used as portals to other realms. This link leads to a Youtube video on mirrors being portals to other dimensions, to a greater extent than other types of portals, like doors and windows. I urge visitors of this blog entry to watch the video, before attempting to do what is presented below. If you have any doubt of trying to do this, don't use it. It is a matter for those to consider who have already reached the required level of consciousness that allows them to venture deeper in to state of mind that is better suited to explore the dungeons of the unexplored subconscious.

How do I access my subconscious?

Try the following steps to access your subconscious:
    1. Close your eyes and go within - this is to silence the loud voice of consciousness and allow yourself to listen to the wise whispers of the subconscious
    2. Once centered, open your eyes and look in a mirror. Focus on your eyes
    3. Think the following thoughts, in the order written: I see who you are. I hear who you are. I feel who you are. I know who you have been. I am who you will be (all in present tense)

Ancient door / portal in Bolivia,
the 'Gate of the Sun', built by
the Tihuanaco civilization

In hampered human language, the subconscious is a function of the mind that is programmable - see my previous blog entry. It gives way to the suspicion that it exists (was created) in order to control the human mind and therefore the human experience. It is like time - we are all immersed in it, but we do not understand it, while there seems to be no escape from it. Taking this train of reasoning further, there is no escaping it, because we do not understand it. Our consciousness keeps telling us that we will never find a way out, which of course is what it was programmed to perpetually shoved down our throats. Now there is a hint how to escape it, ignoring the induced inclination of some / many that do not even wish to escape it out of sheer ignorance and imposed obedient behaviour. As I wrote in my previous blog entry, control of the mind inherently leads to the ability to consciously affect certain parts of what is commonly believed to be reality. This could be healing, bringing love and harmony to an environment, besides entirely opposite intentions, which is what maleficent occult magicians do. In view of the sad state of today's world, the latter have been doing quite a lot of their black magic. The vast majority of people do not even understand what evil is inflicted onto them and therefore mindlessly comply with every insane rule and nefarious law that is imposed on them. This is done by programming their mind, in particular the subconscious part of it.

It therefore makes sense to make an effort of trying to understand the subconscious in order to not be programmed involuntarily, while not noticing this is the case. I would like to stress that a certain level of consciousness has to be reached in order to delve deep into the workings of the subconscious, which is casting aside the relentless programming that forces you to believe that you must follow your consciousness and you can never reach your subconscious. For the ignorant it is as dangerous as when innocent children move too close to the edge of a fathomless chasm. Those that compliantly accept any authority without asking, should stay away from this type of personal research. They probably are not interested in it in the first place, but venturing in this direction unprepared, is beyond mentally retarded.

If you are not one of the nescient, you should probably deliberate to discover how to escape the programming by those that have made a horrendous mess of this world by conscious, nefarious choice, analog to what the One Stone (Einstein) bloke is supposed to once have said: 'The problems that exist in the world today cannot be solved by the level of thinking that created them.' That probably is one of his more meaningful contributions to humanity, but one has to dive in deeper into what he was up to during his life, beyond what corrupt mainstream media ascribes to him to grasp what kind of man he really was. Like the commonly unjustly revered traitor of the Indian people, Gandhi he was just a tool of the media controlled by the establishment to fool the masses and keep them unaware of the secret aim of high ranking occult factions of this world that they intend to achieve by the iniquitous programming of the people's minds. The truly clever have already figured out that mainstream media is a major tool to carry out the mind programming, that is a black art used by those that do not have the best interest of humankind at heart. All this evil, conscious programming is aimed at the consciousness and at silencing the subconscious, in order for the programmed suckers to remain unable to figure out that they are being programmed to self destruct (like mindlessly accepting and often defending the forcefully obtruded lethal covid fake jabs and giving support to perversely corrupt politicians, that have taken an oath to betray and butcher them.

If you are one who sees the ignorant, compliant masses obediently and mindlessly rush to the slaughterhouse with utter incomprehension and disgust, the occult establishment has already failed to effectively program your consciousness and silence your subconscious, but when they have put their heinous social credit system in place, your presence in this realm may come to a rather unpleasant end. Yet you may find comfort in the fact that from the other side you can be a bigger pain in the rear end to the evil wankers than you have ever been in this life, because they then have no grip on you whatsoever. Why, what and how to do that is interesting material for a future blog entry, even when it has nothing to do with any material at all. Top brass of the Russian intelligence community from the Soviet era (that ceased to exist today), had the following thoughts about the potential power of the conscious mind or psychic power, that they were considering to apply in what today is known as psychic warfare:

And anyway, it would be even better to know not simply what the enemy was planning, but what he was thinking, and to be able to alter that thinking, or to destroy remotely without expensive weaponry.

However, like poltergeists and the infamous Russian intelligence employee, known as the 'remote strangler' (who, like the virtual villain Darth Vader could force choke people that he wanted to get rid of) there are most definitely things you can not do in this dimension, but can in higher dimensions, after you have left this one behind, which basically means that you have become a conscious spiritual entity that is no longer bothered by the obtrusive, programmed subconscious, while you will then also have access to much more powerful and sophisticated resources than you have ever had in this miserable, fudged realm. I will leave it at that for the time being, but if you are interested, you may want to stay tuned to learn more in a blog entry that I will probably provocatively name: How to become a celestial mercenary. I hope you will visit that one when I am done writing it. 


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