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The level of deviousness man's mind is capable of

When watching an episode of the very informative Forum Borealis show on YouTube in which the fascinating and brilliant Joseph P Farrell was interviewed by the equally intelligent Al Borealis, I learned about the assassination attempt on Hitler. It commonly is quite easy to deceive the average person for organizations that have the means, experience and information to do that, but to successfully mislead the equally well trained and equipped enemy intelligence community is a matter of an entirely different level - the powerful have control over intelligence communities that deceive the enemy's intelligence communities and mainstream media to make common people believe whatever they want them to believe in  order to maintain and expand their power. Here is what (most likely) really took place behind the scenes with regard to the invented assassination of Hitler. And mind you, this merely is one scheme; there very likely are many more carried out by various intelligence communities from all over the world that are much more complicated and concealed, because the purpose of all of them is to deceive, distract, confuse and mislead in ways that challenge the imagination and reason of competing organizations to the extreme and if possible beyond that to gain the upper hand in the professional dark trade of utter deception.

The German secret service was aware of the fact that western secret services closely monitored a number of key officers in their operation and contrived a plan to deceive the enemy. They seemingly unwittingly leaked a plan to British intelligence (MI6), subtly indicating that the assassination of Hitler was planned, in which a number of the aforementioned officers were involved. The British took the bate and contacted the group that supposedly intended to kill the F├╝hrer, offering assistance. Among the contrived Nazi dissidents was a general who was in charge of the reconnaissance and making quarters (accurately timed travel arrangements of skilled staff, transfer of information and equipment, building of facilities, logistics, set up communication systems, create escape routes... etc.) in Argentina - San Carlos de Bariloche - from where (part of) the German post war operations were planned to be conducted. This bloke was not a low level player in the enterprise that was being conducted to prepare facilities from where overt and covert wars could be directed, that the Nazis had already deemed to be necessary to continue to remain in power after the end of World War II, in a much more evil, yet sophisticated way than would have been possible in a situation of war. Overt wars cost shedloads of money that can be spent in more effective ways. In undeclared, covert wars there are no soldier uniforms, no markings on battle equipment, no recognizable standard chain of command and it is deeply ingrained into existing societies, which make it difficult to determine who the enemy is, what its purpose is and for what goal it is fighting etc.. In addition advanced technical tools (like satellite and submarine recognition and attack and secure and public communication) have been developed of which the covert warring faction's adversary is completely unaware.

Valkyrie (the small figurine on the right)
receiving a dead man at the gate of Valhalla

Back to the faked assassination of Hitler of approximately 70 years ago: when the assassination attempt 'failed' after which the 'perpetrators' were allegedly executed, the allied intelligence ceased to watch the general, because they thought he and others that were involved in the fake assassination attempt were dead, allowing the Nazis to continue what they were doing while no longer being watched. Imagine what such an intricate deception required. Air tight 'evidence' had to be conjured to convince professionally paranoid allied secret services that Hitler was going to be murdered, while at the same time the staff that was supposedly shot had to be ushered out of sight and be allowed to continue to do what they were selected to do from elsewhere. Fragments of what occurred in reality were shown in the Valkyrie movie (named after the contrived German assassination plot) that starred Tom Cruise, who at some point in the movie was provided with the detonators for the explosives that were intended to be used to blow up Hitler. Shots in the movie showed that they were of a British make, a clue that the allied intelligence were lured in the trap set up by the Nazis. The director of the Valkyrie movie, Bryan Singer, was part of circles that were aware of matters that are far beyond the scope of ordinary people, which allowed him to include such details in the movie script (that most people would overlook anyway). The fact that someone in Singer's contacts knew about the detonators and told him about it, hints at the fact that there are strange, concealed connections with parties involved with the entourage of the would be German conspirators and possibly their hoodwinked allied counterparts as well. It smells like a haughty touch of arrogance on the part of the successors to the wartime Nazis to slip such a shifty detail stealthily into the public realm, which is nothing less than hiding matters in plain sight.

The word 'Valkyrie' comes from the Old Norwegian words val ('to choose') and kyrja ('slaughter'), which literally means 'choosers of those who are killed' or in this case, supposedly executed. According to Norwegian mythology, the Valkyries chose which dead soldiers were to be picked up and taken to Odin in Valhalla, where they would then remain for the rest of eternity. The analogy to how the hypothesized Nazi conspirators fared, whose death was staged like the assassination, is easy to see. Naming the fake assassination operation and the movie Valkyrie therefore is an other clue to the devious nature of the Nazi plot, that their secret service planners had probably hinted at to the Hollywood movie crowd, that are their errand boys appointed to conceal perversely iniquitous matters in plain sight.

Anyway, this is just one example of the level of deviousness that the human mind is capable of; a nefarious chess game on a high level that takes place well outside the reach of the perception of the misinformed masses. Note that this type of deception was used by the Nazis many times over; A number of Nazi top brass died multiple times, after which later evidence popped up that they were still alive and continued to do evil things in other places and times.... This took place 8 decades ago, which should be a warning to the aware, since today's methods of deceit have evolved beyond that degree of deceit, bearing in mind that information technology and devices and systems to remotely read and control minds have immensely improved since the time of the staged assassination attack on Hitler.

The 'official' narrative presented by lamestream media

Now that you perhaps understand how profoundly deviously evil minds are able to work, you may conceive that current information that is fed to you with a little  more caution than you already did. The only mindset that enables you to discern if information is true or false is to do your own research, choosing your sources with care and mulling thoroughly on the information you acquired. The occult establishment always thinks and acts out of the box; they invented the box and trapped your mind in imaginary concoction, so that you endlessly keep running into the box' walls, also known as the comfort zone prison. After bumping your head more often than you care to remember, you become compliant and obedient and are no longer a threat to them, because you have arrived at the conclusion that you can never win this fight. Those who do think out of the box in spite of all, may also want to ignore the unevidenced rubble blurted by ignorant knuckle draggers and / or agents of the occult establishment - it is a waste of your time. Spend that time gained by diving deep into the information that is accessible on the Internet (in stead of just mindlessly swallowing the fabricated lamestream media deceit that actually is created to mislead you). Bear in mind that true information is severely censored today and that people who try to spread it in spite of embargos are defamed, bankrupted or killed, so what you do learn from mainstream sources - what they are allowed to publish - probably is deceitful bunk. Unfortunately this is the sad state that today's world currently is in.

Declassified FBI documents by its director J Edgar Hoover
Concerning Hitler's escape to Argentina.

FBI director J Edgar Hoover when he
was not wearing a dress and pumps.

The real Nazi honchos, that stealthily still rule from behind the veil, devised yet an other scheme with similar aspects compared the one previously described in this blog entry, i.e. making the world believe that Hitler committed suicide. But Hitler did not kill himself, because there is strong and amply evidenced information that he escaped and that one of his 6 doubles was found dead in the bunker in Berlin at the end of World War II. They knew that people that believed Hitler was dead, would not go look for him. The hidden Nazi top at some point did want to get rid of Hitler, but deemed him too important as a symbolic figure of their occult organisation and therefore prepared him an escape to and refuge in Argentina. Or Antarctica or Indonesia - many distracting trails have intentionally been created. His supposed suicide would suggest the end of the Nazi empire, while in reality it just changed venues in different appearances, so that the movement that existed already long before World War II was able to continue its nefarious agenda of which the vast majority of people do not have the faintest clue, also because (what are currently known as) the fascists have always been shape shifting through time and space. At the deepest level what the struggle for global power boils down to, is due to the fact that two peoples, possibly of one and the same origin, are convinced that they are superior to all other people, which of course leads to disagreement, altercations and ultimately to the most oblique and destructive war this world was ever dragged into, which of course is yet an other situation that was purposefully set up. But this perhaps is a topic for a future blog entry.

The point is that the level of deception has already dwarfed the capacity of comprehension of the average person, that includes the well educated stuck within the limits of the system to which they belong, their teachers and peers. Such evil mental acrobatics smell of a huge global conspiracy, in spite of the fact that no one involved with it is ever caught (unless even higher powers allow that to occur intentionally). To be accused of conspiracies is reserved for the lesser common people, whose investigations are a threat to the real, humongous conspiracy perpetrated by the hidden, most elevated, unimaginably well funded factions on this planet.


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