Monday, April 23, 2012

Meditate your way out of mediocrity

If you feel that many limitations are imposed that is a correct assessment. In fact all of them are. We exist in an infinite reality and an infinite reality exists inside us. If we really understood infinity words like beginning, end or impossible would not exist. These are all inevitable expressions that exist only within the limitations of three dimensions. As a result of the restrictions inherent to such a dimensional lay-out we find it difficult to imagine that it is possible for objects to be both inside and outside themselves. That would require an extra dimension that humans (in their present state) commonly are incapable of projecting. Showing people an animation that visualizes such a process often is not enough to do the trick.

Even when objects morph in the above mentioned way right before their eyes, most will find it difficult to wrap their mind around the process they are observing and acknowledge that it could exist inside a reality more complex than the one they exist in. Animating these objects is necessary since we live in linear sequential time which does not permit us to show a situation that has more than one visual appearance.

Our minds have become an integral part of technological / scientific hallucinations persistently thrown at us that explain how things supposedly work. Different views within the boundaries of accepted assumptions as put forward by Nassim Haramein for example, already shake the comfort zone created by the scientific world in a way that make many scholars feel quite uncomfortable. New paradigms are traditionally vehemently denied as are ancient ones that do not snugly fit in the conjured vision of regular science.

Beside choosing to walk the arduous path of combating hugely inflated scientific egos and corporate and occult elite sponsored theories that invariably run into solid walls or lead to treacherous pitfalls, there are other routes to freedom that are there for any aware person to follow. The severe and perpetual ridicule that such ways commonly receive, can also be taken as an attempt to prevent people from choosing them, because they actually do lead to freedom and magnificence.

Fighting the keepers of technology with technological means should only be done by those who either have an unsurmountable death-wish or a dangerous lack of wit. Differently inclined people should probably seriously try to meditate. It is a much better choice, since chances to survive are greater while allowing to advance in ways beyond what is commonly grasped in the realm of three dimensions and time. Which is in fact the very purpose of our presence in this domain...

Have a most wonderful day!

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