Friday, December 18, 2020

The conspiracy to take control over your soul

In the image below it is shown how Rudolph Steiner predicts the situation that is taking place today. First inclination of most would be to think such is impossible; admitting a chemical into the human body to separate the soul from the material body in order to eliminate the soul. Those people aren't familiar with alchemy and most likely even scorn the art for being fake, because they ran across information of people they believe to be credible that said alchemy is mere pseudo science that no sound person should take seriously. The fact that they know very little or nothing about it and have never tried to learn more about it, does not keep them from parroting the intentionally misleading propaganda of factions that aim to keep the true potential of alchemy under wraps for a wide variety of reasons. What Steiner really wrote, means that the human body will be prepared for transhumanism (the change from human into bio-chemical machine) by admission of a chemical cocktail that will disrupt the soul's connection with the universe, thereby taking away intuition, man's gateway to the Akashic Records, which is a field of information and consciousness. The universe being a system of (supposed) inanimate objects, bio-chemical entities and spirits of countless levels. 

Rudolph Steiner
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Keeping alchemical prowess hidden while using its potential at the same time is a mere part of the strategy that is used to establish a universe in which the remnants of the unified soul are prevented from re-unifying by keeping the weakened fragmented, separated shards of the original soul trapped in bodies of various life forms that are scattered all over the universe. Souls of entities like human beings et al have become obstacles to separating soulfragments from the universe in this stage of development of man-made AI whose turn it is to do its part in this process. In a future blog entry I may expound on details of said process. Some facets of what are parts of the strategic conquest of this universe are listed below. They are based on intuitive impulse for the most part - intuition being the way of communicating of the residue of the unified soul of which its scattered parts endeavour re-unification. Before the fragments of the unified soul can be eradicated they must be programmed to comply and agree with the coerced trajectory towards their demise for which all means possible are applied. A major step in achieving the inactivation of the trapped soul, is to alter human DNA, bearing in mind that we are biochemical and bio-electric material life forms in which the ehtereal soul is confined (about which I may write in a future blog post). The material soul mantle or body is imprisoned on this planet by gravity, the atmosphere outside of which we can't breathe and three extremely radioactive, impenetrable spheres that envelope earth, called the Van Allen Belts. 

To the aware it often is visible that a person's gaze in combination what he or she has done, signals that is something missing in the glance of that person's eyes, the mirror of the soul. It is missing - their body has become a soulless container of complex algorithms that are controlled from a central location elsewhere. Probably the most obvious examples are the photographs of Hillary Clinton that you see below. Her facial expression in these shots may suggest that she is human, but there is no soul inside her, no empathic human essence. The fact that she is having some sort of fit of anger in these shots, catches her when her guards are down, showing in an instant that she is an empty shell, controlled by an outside force (because the soul urges the body to make use of free will) when she is not pretending. Take a good look at the images and you see her human mask is just a thin veil hiding who she really is:

Hillary Clinton compilation.
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An other element of the attack on the human soul is visible in the mug of Nestle CEO Peter Brabeck who said that access to water is not a human right (in spite of all his company's efforts to cover up the content and nature of his claim afterward). There is not an inkling of human compassion in this person. This barbaric mindset drove him to share his claim. Such soulless beings can not hide the fact that they're lacking the essence that commonly completes materialized human beings in the abused current state into which they are thrown, even though they put much effort in pretending that they are guided by the human talent to love and care.

Nestle CEO Peter Brabeck.
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When I was young I was a fan of Led Zeppelin. I felt sorry for Robert Plant that he lost his son Karac. Decades later I learned that there always is a catch to trading ones soul for fame and fortune - usually the life of the first born son (which is something Eric Clapton has also experienced). Plant's buddy in the band, Jimmy Page, was up to his neck into satanism. He bought occultist Aleister Crowley's mansion Boleskine House on the shores of Loch Ness, where many satanic rites, involving the abuse, torture and killing of young children, were performed. The title of a recent song of Plant is: 'Satan your kingdom must come down' that you can watch here on Youtube. Plant is among those who do not even try to hide the fact that they sold their soul to satan and that they're holding up their end of the deal (as does fellow satanist Bob Dylan plainly admitted in an interview).

Robert Plant.
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The average person has trouble fitting bizarre and cruel rites performed in satanism in his or her comfort zone. It's too big and too strange an evil for them to grasp; they simply can not imagine that people can be so evil and oppose and deny everything related to it, in order to preserve the induced mindset with which they are actually able to live - free of the unspeakable horror and cruelty that satanism represents. But still, satanism is more wide spread and practiced than common people are inclined to believe. Examples of which you find here and here. I urge you to read the information to which these links lead to get an idea of how evil soulless beings can be. Satanic circles include many celebrities like musicians, actors and artists. These are the ones that gave up their soul for fortune and fame. The choice between miserable, frustrating anonymity and glamorous, affluency often is too tempting an opportunity to let pass for many. But these things have a price, that is to remind the benefitters every instant of their life, what will happen to them when they do not uphold their part of the deal contained in the contract conditions that roughly reflected in the poem that I wrote below:

To grasp how the soul is contained in the material body, we must go back to the instant this universe came to be, in which plasma - which is a residue of high spiritual thought (that is manifest far above anything current regular science is capable of) - that became matter when the explosion scattered and fragmented it to the extreme. It divided and separated the unified soul and trapped it into material bodies that are mere fragments of what once existed. The Big Bang was a terrorist attack on the creation of the True Light, carried out by the forces of the dark. The unified soul now divided into a myriad of separated pieces that are trapped in material bodies (human, humanoid, animal and plant), each of which is infinitely weaker than the original unified soul. The destruction inherently includes the path to becoming whole again. We must venture to re-unify in order to defeat the dark forces. And the first step towards achieving this is to recognise our enemies, the empty vessels pretending to be human, that are controlled by satan - the soulless that try to look human and pretend to be human, like that of the evil clown below, that have been manoeuvred into positions where they can unleash their evil nature without any authority ever obstructing them in any way whatsoever.

A more dead face would be difficult to find
anywhere in the entire history of mankind

For divine thought to become plasma and plasma to become matter, it required the application of extremely complex electro-chemical processes to establish the change. In a sense it is the opposite of creating, since matter and linear (cyclical) time serve to control only, not to build a creation that is configured to infinitely progress. Satan is just the low level warden of humanity; he did not sentence this universe to existence in matter and time. Above satan are the dark lords that rule this would be, stolen and mangled creation. In which the original power of the unified soul still is present, be it in a fragmented, separated and divided state. It has been weakened significantly and to accomplish that the tools of control had to be implemented: fragmented matter and linear (cyclical time).

The soulless would be humans are the footsoldiers of satan who is the corporal (at best) of the dark lords. The latter can control the weakened, separated and divided soulless though satan, a situation which they intentionally created, because they would not have been able to control the unified soul. So who are these dark lords? Isaiah 45:7 may give us a clue, where it says:

'I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things.'

This part of the above paragraph in what is widely considered to be the holy scripture, may even cause the most fundamental religious person to wonder about the identity of the entity that calls himself God. In no way I am trying to deny anyone's right to believe, knowing that many are sincere in their conviction, I just want to make people think about what they have been taught, bearing in mind the mindset in which I have been raised, which was a Christian upbringing. I also know however, that the conspiracy goes deep, much deeper than most are inclined to think, because it involves the very heart of existence, which is the battle for our souls. There are those who do not have the capacity of reasonable thought - the capacity and courage to abandon the conditioning imposed on them (after reading what it says in writing) excluded of course. In any intelligent setting this would sound as an admission of God to also be responsible for all the bad things happening on earth, like famine, decease, war, violence, theft, deceit, injustice, perversity etc. - those kind of things. I don't know about you, but these sort of claims disqualify the diety from the self acclaimed title of loving God, because the Isaiah statement does not include things a loving God would inflict on his followers. To make things even worse there is this inventory. Some would even say that things are opposite to what we've been told for centuries, namely that the entity we have been taught is God, is in fact satan. I realise that this assumption is so huge that it does not fit within the scope of imagination of many. That is also part of the evil plan. It neatly corresponds with the soulless beings pretending to be human in order to destroy humanity in the covert war they are waging. It's all part of the strategy to whack humankind. What better way than to present a 'reality' in which nothing really is what it seems to be (what we were taught it is).

In order to be able to do that, humankind had to be made subject to control, which began when our souls were forced to descend in matter. This process started when from the original abode of souls - the singularity - sprung plasma and from plasma evolved matter that actually fragmented and separated (for which space is required) the timeless and spaceless whole into scattered individual entities, each of which was infinitely weaker than the unified soul of the whole. In addition, as the complexity of life increased, those separated entities were subject to suffering from grief, pain and fear. These are the tools of control; anyone can be coerced to do anything that those in control want to occur, while their victims often are not even aware that they are forced to think and do something (actions that need space and time to perform) that is detrimental to the continuation of the existence of their soul. But it gets worse. Whacking humankind is just an intermediate stage - the final goal is to control the souls that were captured in matter, including those that refused to surrender to the controllers, i.e. those that saw through the nefarious plan, in spite of all the precautions the evil controllers implied to hide their deceit.

Isaac Newton
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Part of the current global hoax of the plandemic, includes what what Steiner referred to that you see in the beginning of this article. Bear in mind that the events that occurred after the Big Bang (an intentionally flawed scientific hypothesis) relied on a level of chemistry that is not described correctly in today's science. High level alchemists may understand enough fragments of it that enables them to connect the dots. Alchemy isn't a weird form of pseudo-science as the controllers want us to believe. Isaac Newton for instance, dashed to his cellar after this official scientific work during the day was done to practice alchemy. He wanted to publish a bout about alchemy, but one of his close peers urged him not to do that, because it would hurt his scientific career. Nevertheless, one of the icons of regular science, did not discard the potential of alchemy, possibly because he became aware of the implications of the black art after having made a serious study of it. When through immersing oneself in the true and for the most part hidden properties and possibilities of the trade, one could arrive at a level of awareness, in which it becomes difficult to keep that knowledge away from humanity, because it implies matters that could mean the end of our species as we (think) we know it and at the same time include ways to avoid the destruction of our species - the paralysing of our most precious essence, which is our soul.

A quote from William R. Newman's book about Isaac Newton:
Newton the Alchemist provides rare insights into a man who was neither Enlightenment rationalist nor irrational magus, but rather an alchemist who sought through experiment and empiricism to alter nature at its very heart.

We're continuously being told that alchemists have been trying to transmute base metals into gold and that their holy grail was the philosopher's stone, which may have applied to the low level alchemists, but advanced practitioners of the art who were at a more elevated level were looking for something else of which transmuting base matter into higher vibrating forms of matter was only a minute part. Degradation of their purpose is a mere tactic of the evil controllers to persuade people to think that they are involved with trivial matters in an attempt to hide what the real aim of their activities is. Highly evolved people are inherently focussed to achieve high goals, they do not waste time persuing trivial, mundane aspirations. Highly evolved meaning that they see and act beyond the perception of less informed people in ways that often are abstract and creative. And if alchemism is continuously ridiculed for focussing on transmutation of matter and other goals that regular science claims to be impossible, common people who lack the wit to understand that higher evolved alchemists are occupied with different activities, believe the propaganda hammered into their minds by those that control humanity. Poverty, environmental toxification and unhealthy ways of life are methods to limit the scope of perception of people that are structurally used to keep developments on a high level out of their perceptual experience, so that they can only encompass allowed trivia into their induced comfort zone, which causes a dangerous narrow-mindedness that makes clear and critical thinking impossible. Bear in mind that the depth of deceitful strategies is carefully conceived by incredibly smart, soulless entities over a very long period of time (many centuries) in order to be able to hide them in plain sight, so that they can control less evolved people without them opposing their nefarious plan effectively. To be able to prevent the destruction of humankind, a clear, high and coherent awareness is more necessary than anything else. This is so important, because it will decide if we will continue to exist or be destroyed.

Dr. David Lewis Anderson

So, assuming that high level alchemists are capable of achieving things that are far beyond the perception of uninformed and misled (including even the extremely intelligent that are entranced in the flawed matrix like everyone else), things that Steiner referred to could be done, regardless of the fact that many of the less informed and uninitiated deny that it is true. All that is written here may lead many to think that the outlook of humankind is void of hope of ever being allowed to exist in better realms, but remember that this universe coming to existence was caused by what could be called a terrorist attack on the original creation, that knows no limits and in which there is no place for evil. Terrorist attacks are commonly carried out by factions that have far less power than those against whom the attack was directed. And although 12 or 15 billion years that this universe is said to exist, may seem close to an eternity to most people, we must realise that time was also induced along with matter to be able to control material beings in this universe. In this respect it is interesting to mention that Dr. David Lewis Anderson made it possible to engineer time (alter its direction both into the future and into the past at will) by treating time as space (distance in particular) in the formulae that are at the foundation of his invention. This allowed him to correct the orbit of satellites around earth that slowly deviate from their correct trajectory by changing the time component, so that they could continue to be operational. 

This means that time as we experience it, is in fact an imposed illusion; it can be manipulated. With great effort in this controlled dimension, but it is possible nevertheless. What that basically means, is that one of the elements of the control mechanism can be manipulated by other factions than the controllers, that mechanism is corrupted. The decrease of funtionaly of the control tools may ultimately lead to undo nefarious control over life on earth. Strange, but noteworthy is the fact that doctor Anderson seems to have disappeared from the face of the earth and from internet, which is worrying on the one hand (because his research includes gaining knowledge of obtaining free energy and maming time travel possible that allow to effectively oppose the iniquitous controllers), but unfortunately not uncommon for people operating in ultra-advanced scientific disciplines such as this when they have invented things that do not comply with certain unwritten laws. In any event, his highly noteworthy research spurred scientists from all over the globe to venture into directions formerly unexplored.

I wrote about time before in this blog:
The speed at which earth revolves around its axis, is approximately 1600 kilometres per hour. Close to the pace of an F-16 fighter plane. Earth orbits around the sun at a speed of 112,000 kilometres per hour. Our solar system dashes around the center of the galaxy - the Milky way - at a pace of 800,000 kilometres per hour. The Milky way orbits around the center of the universe at the mind boggling speed of 315,392,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 kilometres per hour (pronounced: three hundred fifteen septillion, three hundred ninety two sextillion kilometres per hour). The speed of light is: 107,925,285,000,000,000 kilometres per hour.

That means that the accumulative, absolute speed at which we are moving through universal space is over THREE BILLION times the speed of light.... In linear sequential time that means we are going back in time in the overall setting at an incredible pace. Locally however, we are heading towards a future inside an environment that goes back in time. It sort of throws Einstein's claim out the window that nothing travels faster than light. All earthly life does actually and not just by a hair. Mr. E. was way off. Deliberately, which should make you wonder who he really was and why he did what he did the way he did it.

What would happen if the control mechanism has been destroyed, momentarily still is beyond the faculty of human understanding. At this point, according to Dr. Anderson, time engineering is being developed mainly in India and Japan, but the result of these efforts has to be kept secret, because it could also be used for adverse purposes. Let's hope that the increase of man's capability to engineer time, will bring the scientists involved to prominent insights from which the souls trapped in material bodies will benefit, possibly in a way that resembles what is written above, the heart of it is that since the attack was executed on the entire universal system, that is from where it has to be brought back to its original situation, rather than on the system involving just planet earth. But existence on this planet has to be able to contribute to the counter attack, before significant counter measures can be carried out with the prospect of being successful. Humanity seems to have made a start in being able to do that, in spite of the efforts of the soulless to assist evil in preventing it. Oh and by the way, what Steiner is implying, is that the controllers think that they have found a way to destroy our souls, but that will never happen, because there are much more skilled alchemists than they are in- and outside of this universe.