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The construct of space time in which this planet is present lives by its own laws. Universal laws are ignored and suppressed in order to keep people from understanding them. But as Dr. Steven Greer, founder of the Disclosure Project, has pointed out, universal laws have one thing in common: They are universal. And since earth is part of this universe, they also apply here. It is already known that objects are able to travel faster than light, in spite of Einstein’s claim that nothing can. Not too long ago it has also been discovered that sound is also capable of traveling faster than light. These are just two finds that hint at the invalidity of the current collection of laws that science presents to be the mathematical and physical truth.

After extraterrestrial crashed on earth, science has ‘reverse engineered’ materials that was found on these crafts, indicating that those substances did not fit in the current knowledge of earth’s science. It is rumored that certain materials that are to more or lesser extent commonly used, were derived from such unknown materials, most notably materials and substances used in the military industry or black ops science. Colonel Tom Bearden and his team claim to have uncovered major flaws in scientific laws. The same was done by a group of scientists that contributes to ‘The Electrical Universe’ project. This groups looks at universal events in a way not bound by current scientific views and succeeds in explaining matters that regular science fails to do.

Even worse than science’s laws are the ones conjured by religion. Burning women who the church suspected to be witches, the inquisition or the massacre of the Bogomils and the Cathars (estimated at 500,000 murders), the medieval crusades, or even disapproving of the use of condoms in AIDS-ridden Africa, show the insanity of canon law. In this body no attempt whatsoever is made to substantiate or pretend to substantiate its claims on which an entire set of (canonical) laws are based. Believers and followers are just told these are the laws and they must be obeyed. The continuous exercise of influence by mainstream media has made it impossible for the poorly informed to question and / or disagree with what religion and science claim to be true. Over the centuries science was forced to amend its theories or even discard some of them after new discoveries were made, to remain a credible institution.

The juridical system claims to build its legal system of laws on canon law and scientific ‘fact’, but it only applies to those who are not above the law. There are abundant examples of people who are sentenced to decades of jail-time for possession of marijuana, while leaders who send their armies to massacre and plunder other countries are never dragged into court for committing war-crimes. Besides arriving at incredibly unjust rulings, covering up crimes is another specialty of the (in)justice system that is in much demand. Corruption in the juridical realm is also widespread, in particular where politicians were forced by corporations to formulate legislation in such a way that the corporate world would exclusively benefit from them. The lobbyists on corporate payrolls do not ask politicians to rule in certain ways, they order politicians to do so, making sure they understand that failing to comply means the end of their career.

Organized crime has an equally strong hold on politicians as corporations. Bribe, threats and executions are more common than most people would care to know. Mainstream media, controlled by corporations and criminal organizations, of course does not report such matters, making sure the gullible general public is kept out of the loop. As a result common people are put in a position to obey laws, even if these rules came about under pressure of corporate or criminal organizations.
Just as temporal laws were forced to change after new discoveries were made, they will ultimately be forced to change or cease to exist as more people will begin to understand universal laws. In this respect another saying of Dr. Steven Greer may be something to consider: ‘The final frontier isn’t space, it is consciousness.’ Science’ famous ‘Double Slit’ experiment showed for the first time that human consciousness affected the outcome of its research – the observer influences the observed (particles / waves) just by having certain thoughts – if (s)he thinks it’s a particle, it behaves like a wave and vice versa. On a macro level something similar happens when patients are administered placebos after which their health improves in 50% of the cases. Placebos, by the way, have a curing rate that equals that of medication prescribed by the medical trade - they work just as well.

Organized crime owns politicians. Crimes of a certain severity are never punished because politicians are bribed, blackmailed, intimidated or murdered before the word gets out. Mainstream media is also instructed not to publish matters because it is under the same control as politics. Journalists who present the devastating truth to the general public anyway are murdered, like Christopher Story. Such executions suffice to warn the peers of the victim not to break the unwritten rules of organized crime. And these are just occurrences of scattered murders. But there were also rulers like Stalin who killed 24 million Russian civilians, Mao Zedong who massacred between 38 and 100 million Chinese (estimates vary), Hitler whose attempts to establish the 1000 year Reich cost 17 million people their lives. The list of mass murderers in the history of man is endless and known by most, yet the real reasons behind the homicide remains obscured.

This is only a brief summary of the evil and utter corruptness of earth’s ruling class - involving mutilation, sacrifice and cannibalism of numerous children. This is just one horrendous example of disgusting abuse by the rich and powerful; the list of their crimes is endless. But if universal laws apply anywhere in this universe why do they seem not to work on this planet? While trying to answer this question it is necessary to remember that if the induced logic made available to the general public is largely false, it makes no sense to think along the lines they continuously, meticulously and vehemently force upon the minds of mankind. If most of science laws are fundamentally wrong, religion is a covert homicidal system, organized crime and corporations tell the political leadership what to do and when to do it and the legal system is infested with extremely corrupt officers, what remains of sincere and compassionate human thought? Human thought both at the top of the power structure and at the bottom of it. It should make anyone question if the train of thought induced into their ‘comfort zone’ has any reasonable ground.

In addition there are laws of nature governing human thought and conduct that mankind is not even aware of. Example is found in the research of cardiologist Pim van Lommel who charted the experiences of hundreds of people who had near death experiences (NDE’s). He found that people who were declared clinically dead appeared to have observed events in the time they were declared dead that they reported after coming back to life. In one such occasions was a person who had seen a nurse take away a dental prosthesis that the hospital staff was unable to find after that person returned to life. He identified the nurse and she recalled where she had put the prosthesis. Van Lommel’s conclusion is that consciousness does not end at death and that during life we are continuously bombarded with (waves of) information of which we only detect a tiny part, much of which is interpreted falsely since our education conditions us in a way that makes it difficult to pick up such information and assess it correctly.

Both the laws invented by utterly corrupt humans and the universal laws of nature that human is unaware of allow the timeline of humanity in this dimension to become cluttered with evil and ignorance - the evil being the mindset of the ruling class and ignorance being the flaw of those who are governed. One of the examples of evil conduct is found here, where it is reported that Satanists (from before Satanism was actually founded)  Aleister Crowley (who boasted he was the most wicked man on earth) and Jack Parsons (a scientist who found JPL – Jet Propulsion Lab or Jack Parson’s Lab where he invented techniques that were later used by NASA) opened a rift in the fabric of space time summoning demons to enter this realm. The result of which is this. Among the things Crowley wrote, when speaking of human sacrifice, was: "For the highest spiritual working one must accordingly choose that victim which contains the greatest and purest force. A male child of perfect innocence and high intelligence is the most satisfactory and suitable victim." (in the book ‘Magick in Theory in Practice’). The vile nature of the reign of the powerful has made most so ignorant that they believe such a thing is impossible. Those people are unaware of the Book of Enoch that was part of the Dead Sea Scrolls that were discovered in 1947 near Qumran. In his book(s) Enoch predicted the final punishment of the fallen angels whose (hybrid) spawn have ruled the world ever since. Mainstream media scarcely reported the find and never published research on the scrolls, so the common people remained unaware of them and of the message contained within them.

High degree masons, Illuminati and Satanists know the invoking of demons is possible and practiced. Interesting concerning this matter is that Babylon means gateway to the ‘gods’. Ex-Jesuit priest Malachi Martin described in his book ‘Windswept House’ the coronation of Satan that was performed in 1963 in the Vatican Saint Paul chapel in a ritual in which a father (a medical doctor) sacrificed his own daughter to please and honor Satan… Not long after his book was published Malachi Martin died of a cerebral hemorrhage after he ‘fell down the stairs’… The ‘wise’ king Solomon built a temple in Topeth for the worship of the ‘god’ Moloch (1 Kings 11:7) who demanded his followers to sacrifice their newborn children to him by burning them alive in a ritual called ‘Passing through fire’. Incredible as it may seem and in spite of his horrendous decisions to allow Moloch worship and to build this monstrous ‘god’ a temple, king Solomon is known to most believers as a wise and just man.

The same goes for another biblical figure named Lot, who is perceived by Christians to be a righteous man. Lot however offered his virgin daughters to an angry and horny mob who banged on his door after Lot gave shelter to two angels that visited his town Sodom saying:

“Now behold, I have two daughters who have not had relations with man; please let me bring them out to you, and do to them whatever you like; only do nothing to these men, inasmuch as they have come under the shelter of my roof,” (Gen. 19:8).

It gives an entirely new meaning to righteousness, to say the least. Yet it changes nothing about the way hardcore believers think about Lot today. They have been conditioned to think that way by religious authority and prefer to die rather than change their minds and accept reality.

The veil of secrecy built around certain societies and brotherhoods is created to keep their knowledge from the common public. The saying ‘Knowledge is power’ goes beyond the level of perception of most people. The power is largely used to exploit, abuse and ultimately decimate the human race. Human sacrifice rituals conducted in ancient times, today took the large scale sacrifice form of war. Human sacrifice in any form has always been the preferred worship ritual of the most powerful on this planet. It is obvious that such worship is not honoring a god who preaches and practices pure, unadulterated Love. Worshiping Satan (Satanael, prince of the Grigori – the angels that faltered to the corruption of the flesh) is unacceptable to the majority of the general public even today. So, the general public was duped into believing that religion, science and the law makers are servants of the true God, while behind the veil they bow to God’s arch enemy. It is the reason for the secrets, secret societies and the crimes committed by the traitors of mankind.

One of the most effective ways how those who have illegally seized power to maintain the structure of deceit, is to subject the people to laws that pretend to be right while their sole aim is to oppress and limit those born or marked to be powerless. The law only applies to the latter two categories, the law makers themselves are lawless. But Enoch predicted their downfall, because all they think, say and do, is in conflict with universal law. And one day the time to punish them for their crimes will come, because ultimately Love and logic will be the same. It is the unchanging principle of the universe. It needs no secrets, no deceit, abuse and murder like this dimension’s most powerful do. That, universal law will sort out. Permanently. One way or an other.

The powers that be though are (increasingly desperate) trying to prevent the above from happening. I think the global dissipation of chemtrail substances, among which are aluminum and barium (oxide) particles are intended to create a shield to block the impending change in frequency, resulting from the motion of our solar system through space. Just like the false 'gods' imprisoned mankind by creating the highly radioactive Van Allen belts around earth, that both prevents man from escaping the planet as well as keeping extraterrestrial forces from entering earth's atmosphere (with the exception of entities that have mastered the art of bi-locating).

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