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We may all appear to exist in the same dimension, but we don't. It is known that sub-atomic particles in our cells flip flop in and out of this dimension, meaning that even our physical manifestation is often not present in this dimension. We exist in many dimensions, but we are aware of only one, because our present manifestation is trapped inside time (Time can be likened to a fly trapped in amber – we see each moment in time as if it is frozen – it has always occurred and always will occur. All time is all time, it does not change or lend itself to explanations – it simply is. Take it moment by moment and you will find that we are all bugs in amber… ~ 'Slaughterhouse 5', Vonnegut 1989:62). Time travel at a more elevated level is not just going from one place and time to another (in another dimension); it is a shift in consciousness of our consciousness.

Bearing in mind that existence is of a fractal / holographic nature, it is perhaps easier to imagine that if knowledge and awareness are present in the plane in which our physical manifestation exists, they also exist on larger and smaller scales, both of which infinitely extend. So, even the smallest particle contains a huge amount of information that is not bound to one specific space and time. It may be the start of becoming aware that the construct of our physical selves and all that makes our environment, is only bound to time in our awareness.

We all time travel all the time, but only few are aware of this. Meditation, out of body experiences, remote viewing etc. are all methods to bring such matter to our awareness. It requires an effort and time to escape the confines of time and limitations of space, except in dreams in which the dreamer may receive encoded messages or briefly live inside surreal worlds. When being aware that humankind is trapped in time, it is logical to see our situation when awake as an induced state. The question arising from that would be: who or what induced it and why was it induced?
One has to acknowledge that knowledge without intuition has limited potential and also realize the opposite results in similar limitation, in order to obtain an idea of how to break through the walls put up by the conditioning influences of our environment. Each of us is conditioned to a certain extent - even those who think they are not. For example when learning a new language at a later age (soon after early childhood) it is difficult and in most cases impossible to speak it without an accent that is related to our native tongue. A high level of proficiency can nevertheless be reached in the use of that language although some delicate nuances may remain hidden. This type of de-conditioning can be applied to all sorts of mental moulding that we have undergone in our lives.

One of the people who attempted to change the views of the very inflexible world of science was Carl Sagan, who suggested his peers that the universe outside earth is teeming with life. Another person in more recent times who rocks the scientific world with outrageous theories – none of which traditional scientists have been able to debunk – is Nassim Haramein – who like Sagan, mentions in his presentations ‘sun gods’ who he suggested built the structures like the Giza pyramids that mankind is unable to construct with modern means. The sun gods were not terrestrial humans.

Humankind has a potentially strong (but currently
intentionally subdued) PSI with unlimited range...

Veteran remote viewer Lyn Buchanan classified the extraterrestrial beings / extradimensional beings / aliens after establishing an impressive record of remote viewings in the military / intelligence community. In the graph above are the various types of aliens that he came to categorize. It is intentionally hidden information, but over time mankind has been visited by beings from other places and time, because it has strong PSI with unlimited range. Several visitors of this dimension did not like us for that and did everything they could to oppress the innate talents bestowed on humankind...

In the remote viewing link above the graph is explained in more detail. It reflects humankind's present situation. But this is of course only a local perception on matters that expand beyond the unlimited. The fractal principle has no beginning or end; it just proceeds in any direction indefinitely – in the directions of scale, of time and consciousness. The holographic aspect of nature teaches us that the entire whole is contained in each of its parts. At some point this goes beyond the capacity of matter to construct, both in the large and small scale realms. It is like Dr. Steven Greer once said: ‘Space is not the final frontier, it is consciousness.’

Perhaps after all machines, systems, networks and intellectual structures will have lost their purpose, meaning and usefulness, there will no longer be space and time that contains them and after the theory of everything is completed, there will exist magnificent nothingness, infinitely beyond the current power of imagination to perceive. Pure consciousness requires none of that and simply is able to create whatever it needs, whenever it needs it. It needs nothing of what we know now, none of the laws we have conjured, consensus we agreed upon, nor the goals we cherish and strive for. A tip of the veil is lifted by another veteran remote viewer Joe McMoneagle that is found here.

But still, our present knowledge is all we have to escape from time that traps us, language that conditions us and forces that are not pleased with human existence. For now it is probably wise to keep in mind that nature of which we are part, is fractal and holographic. We will never find the smallest particle or largest object in the universe; we may find patterns that lead to larger or smaller patterns. It is difficult enough to wrap our minds around that, because it requires us to abandon believes that we long cherished, knowledge that we believed to be true or basically stop mindless believing and begin exploring beyond the imposed limits of imagination.

The knowledge we think we have now is based on assumptions that can either be true or false. If systems or machines work according theories, it does not necessarily mean that the theory is correct. In fact many of man's theories have been conceived after the workings of systems and machines had been observed and if theories are not in concordance with universal law, interpretations may also be flawed. Time inevitably seems to create dualism, polarity, paradox, hostility and uncertainty; it is a hideous environment in which knowing anything at all is a presumptuous aim.

The fact that many mainstream science and religion supporters attempt to viciously debunk new theories that came to existence after inconsistencies in traditional theories were discovered, is due to the fact that careers, reputations and corporate funding depend on those carefully designed misinterpretations. And hidden behind those are forces that stand to lose their control over mankind if we should ever figure out how we became flies trapped in amber...

Wisdom is the right use of knowledge. To know is not to be wise. Many men know a great deal, and are all the greater fools for it. There is no fool so great a fool as a knowing fool. But to know how to use knowledge is to have wisdom.  ~ Charles Spurgeon

The heart of the discerning acquires knowledge; the ears of the wise seek it out (Proverbs 18:15).

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