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Creator is the eater of all life in the universe

In the Mahabharata, one of the ancient Hindu epics, there is a dialogue between Yudhishthira, the eldest Pandava prince, and the god of death and justice, Yama a.k.a Yaksha. In this particular dialogue, Yama explains to Yudhishthira the nature of death and its relationship with creation. The quote emphasizes the all-encompassing aspect of death and portrays death as the ultimate devourer, consuming everything in the universe. The worrying aspect of their conversation is that the creator is portrayed as the eater of everything in the universe, which means that the creator in creating the universe prepared himself a meal and among the ingredients are humans, animals, plants and what we consider to be inanimate objects. But how can we know if Yama's words are true and this terrifying fate actually awaits us?

Yama, the god of death (a really nice bloke)

Robert Monroe was an expert and practician on the matter of OBE's (out of Body Experiences), meaning that he was able to command his spirit to leave his body and venture elsewhere, i.e. in this dimension and in other, non-physical realms. In a book he wrote, called 'Far Journeys' he reported that in one of his OBE's he encountered what he calls a light being, that told Monroe that when humans die, their energy is released and harvested by trans-dimensional beings, who use it to extend their own life spans (which means they are not immortal by nature). Monroe was told that the claim is that the universe is a garden created by these beings as their food source, which kind of complies with what Yama told Yudhishthira. After returning to his body Monroe was so shocked by what he was told, that he fell in a depression that lasted two weeks.

Robert Monroe

Furthermore Monroe also wrote that animals are intentionally positioned on this planet to feed on plants and on each other, and in killing others release the life force of their victims so that light beings can harvest it. In a mortal predator-prey struggle, exceptional energy is produced in the combatants. The spilling of blood in a fight-to-the-death conflict releases this intense energy, which the light beings call 'loosh' that is also harvested from the loneliness of animals and humans, as well as from the emotions engendered when a parent must fight for the life of its young. Worship, remarkably is also a form of loosh. So, this energy is inherently connected with powerful negative emotions, often the last experienced when existing in physical life.

When humans are overwhelmed with emotions, their hearts are a more noticeable organ in the body - it beats like crazy when someone is in a life threatening situation. Esoteric people know that the electromagnetic field surrounding the heart is 10 times bigger than the one around the brain (which is measurable by the way). That energy is the food for the so called light beings. In dangerous situations the electromagnetic field of the heart is dramatically larger than normal, which means there is more energy for its consumers.

Abraham about to sacrifice his son Isaac to 'god'

An other thing Monroe describes in his book is that for this purpose predatory animals have fangs, talons and are capable of running, flying or swimming at high speeds to hunt for prey, that while running, flying or swimming for their lives, generate a huge amount of energy induced by their emotion of fatal fear. This means that the process of killing (to live) is based on a meticulously planned system, even if it is the most cruel thing to invent. The same principle applies to sacrifice that is inflicting a most painful and horrendous way to die. Throughout history rites of sacrifice have been practiced by many people all around the world, including biblical figures. The more a sacrificed being suffers when (s)he is killed, the more energy is radiated. It is no wonder that many sacrifices are carried out to please the 'gods', that probably are the same entities as the light beings. Today human sacrifice is done by waging war in which predominantly healthy young men are doomed to die, alongside the civilian collateral damage. In addition, concealed torture rooms are among the favorite facilities of light beings. On par with these insane rituals are the satanic rites in which victims are killed in the most heinous ways.

Monroe's and Yudhishthira's experience strongly hint at the fact that the all knowing, omnipresent and loving 'god' in reality is an entity that greatly differs from what religious were told. Like the 'gods' in myths and legends, scripts and tablets deities are lying, incestuous, cruel, plundering and murdering beings that do not have any respect for life on earth. Just like the average person that does not care for the life stock that ends up on his or her plate as a nicely prepared dish. Most may find the description of the 'gods' horrific and difficult to incorporate into their conditioned comfort zone, but all of us behave in a similar way, even though the slaughterhouses are far removed from our houses, with the exception of those that kill their food in the back yard or balcony. But regardless if one is predator or prey, the same fate awaits all. Even vegans, because plants have feelings too, just as humans and animals do.

If all this is true (I tend to believe Monroe), then this entire universe is evil, because what loving 'god' would persist on mortal fear and pain and structure his creation with such insane properties that make murder inevitable and necessary to survive? As I have expressed before in an earlier blog post, this universe could be part of a multiverse and the often quoted 'war in the heavens' could extend to the setting of a multiverse, in which there are (hopefully) good and evil universes. Moreover adhering to the term lightworker would not be such a good idea, if after death or in horrendous moods light workers parasite on their creation and eat them, which are situations they intentionally created. That is infinitely beyond sickening. If evil is this huge, there is little humans can do against it, which leaves only the hope that good universes will intervene and defeat the evil light beings.

Although this article may have a disheartening effect on the alleged future of the universe, 'reality' of course is an extremely multi layered phenomenon in which properties often seem to differ and often contradict each other or even collide, certainly if there are strategic political reasons to promote particular views. It most likely means that no universe is entirely bad or good, there always is a mix of the two, which at some point in time will result in its general good nature or self destruction. The crux of the matter is that groups of human beings must adhere to certain moods, emotions that are capable of altering things to the good or bad and possibly non earthly entities, not from this dimension that order their human cronies around. That means that those capable of entering a samadhi state could affect reality in a good or bad way - it is their choice. The nefarious programming intention of mainstream media that are the powerful tool of leadership can be absorbed or denied by people able of critical thinking and empathic ways of life. More on that in one of my next blog entries. Stay tuned.

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