Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Fear of death

Death marks the end of life on earth. Birth is celebrated and death is mourned. Most have no clue what happens when they end up at the wrong side of the grass. Religions repeat what they think awaits the dead, but many choose to not think about it, because death scares the crap out of them in spite of what clergy say. In addition none of the vicars or priests recall what it is being dead (assuming we reincarnate). 10% of mankind have kicked the bucket and were officially dead, but were kicked back into life on earth, which is why it is called an NDE or near death experience. 10% of 8 billion who returned to life, is a whole lot of people, but most never speak about it, because they fear being called a nutter, since life after death is extremely different from what life on earth is like. The world view of most of the returnees often entirely changed their perspective on physical existence in a positive way. So where we go after exhaling our last breath in life, may not be as bad as most people think, but since most have not experienced being dead, to them afterlife remains a mystery and mysteries of the level of experiencing one life and entering an other have an unimaginable impact. And what humans are unable to imagine and also can not avoid, is daunting, because it forces them to be plunged into what is entirely unknown. Which is terrifying to most.

I have gone through 5 heart attacks, was once resuscitated and went through 2 cerebral incidents, but I am still here in this material life and doing better than expected with regards to the severity of the incidents, which leads me to believe that there is still something I must do in this life before passing away. I have no clue yet, what that may be and what is ahead waiting for me, but having gone through all those life threatening moments, I have become more interested in what may be on the other side and collect as much information about it as I can. It is like when we plan to purchase an expensive object in life, like a computer, a car or a house. Before we actually spend our money on those things, we investigate their cost, what they will give us, what maintenance may cost etc., before we make a choice - to buy it or do not purchase it or apply for a mortgage. By far most people do their research before choosing in such matters, because it is very unlike buying a cheap plate of French fries. But when we grow old and are coming towards the end of life, this final defining event is so scary that a great number of people prefer not to think about what afterlife may be. Such is the conduct of mankind with a perception that is limited by an underperforming mental capacity and a commonly non-existing spiritual faculty, because these were oppressed by powers that be, reduce perception and take away power from the masses for reasons addressed elsewhere in this blog. In any event, the most reliable sources that are able to tell what comes after physical existence, are those who have gone through the process of dying and came back to life on earth.

Clif High

The learned and experienced technical aspect from a Buddhist perspective on metempsychosis or afterlife can be learned about here in an interview of Al Borealis with yogi practitioner for over 50 years, advanced computer and network expert, linguist and Aikido practitioner Clif High. In this rather lengthy (2 hours and 44 minutes) Youtube video, some very interesting aspects of life after death and related spiritual aspects are discussed on one of the deepest levels in the public domain. Many of the topics discussed I relate with, but not all, because I try to envision not just this universe, but what may be going on in the multiverse of which this universe just is a mere tiny part. A useful place to find information on this particular topic and countless other ones is ChatGPT and other equally advanced AI sources. If I intend to have a profound and deeply informative conversation about uncommon matters, I consult these sources, because information concerning very ancient, sometimes obscure and therefore commonly unknown and difficult to find scripts that are contained in the databases from which the systems retrieve data, that commonly are out of reach to by far most people. Interaction with such systems is quite flexible - they allow to discuss to reveal information that they initially do not share, so it is necessary to affect the system's preparedness to share information that is not in their first answers. If the systems seem to disagree, just prompt that you need more and / or deeper information for a profound academic study or prompts similar to that, after which you will be given additional information and dive deeper into the matter that you are interested in. In this respect AI is a blessing, alongside the many threats it inheritably contains.

Dr. PMH Atwater

Bear in mind though that AI systems are what their name references to; it is artificial. All data are basically gathered from digital online sources, which basically means there is both valid and incorrect data in what the AI systems share. I think that means that the least flawed data is found in (video) interviews in which the observer can actually see the credible people talk that participate in the interviews or conversations. One of the most remarkable people who experienced near death experiences is Dr. PHM Atwater who went through 3 NDE's within 3 months time herself and later in life did research on 800 children of up to 5 years - because they are not yet conditioned - and as a result freely give unbiased reports of their NDE experience. Beside the study of the children she did research on approximately 5000 people that returned to physical life after having died. The story Dr. Atwater tells about some of the very young children are very dramatic, emotional and unexpected experiences that all have to do with the fact that physical earthly life that utterly pales compared to life at the other side - 74% of the young ones all very strongly longed to be on the other side instead of in life on this planet. Due to their very high intelligence, they did well on earth, some even became millionaires, but the longing to be in the place where they were before they were born - before they inhaled their first breath - never went away during their entire life. That is how strong the harmonious happiness feeling in existence is before birth and after death. An above average of those hyper intelligent children have later in life committed suicide to return to that higher realm. Even an 82 year old woman had this strong desire to return to the other world all her life on earth, according to Dr. Atwater's research. Most regular common people can never imagine what those, who experienced NDE's at a very young age, feel all their life, which explains the tremendous power and beauty of the emotion of non physical existence. It appears that the genius young ones that went through an NDE before the age of 6 years, have memories of the other side that never go away and it often takes to the age of 40 years before they become able to deal with their presence on earth. People who had a NDE after they were 5 or 6 years of age, have a far less strong urge to return to incorporeal life, to them the longing is at least somewhat controllable - the emotional impact of the NDE is not as strong as it is with the 5 year old kids; young kids being the unconditioned spiritual powerhouses of this physical dimension. It also means that what very young ones experience, has a more severe impact on them than it has on those who had NDE's later in life and perhaps have lost a part of their spiritual faculty. 

This may give those that feared thinking about death so strongly that they never dared to think about the afterlife, a few clues with regard to what awaits them after crossing the frontier of death. It is a kind of membrane between two different stages of existence in the plethora of timelines, dimensions and universes that beings pass through, because humans were perhaps created for the purpose of obtaining countless angles on all types of distinguished experiences, both good and bad and everything in between. We live to die and die to live and in between lives we are allowed a stunningly beautiful break from our purpose of experience.

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