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Spirits of the deceased are more powerful than those of living people


I have written in earlier blog posts that the spirits of the deceased are more powerful than those of people living on earth. I probably must extend this assumption to other entities met by the spirits of our ancestors. In Asia, Latin America, Africa and among Native Americans, shamans often call upon spirits of their ancestors to help them with problems they have, that they themselves are unable to resolve. It leads to believe that their deceased relatives are capable of doing things that the are not. Millions of people from all around the world have witnessed and experienced magical things that westerners commonly consider to be bonkers non-sense. In the 1600's French philosopher Rene Descartes said: 'Science should be used to study the physical, real world and that religion should be used to study the spiritual world. He believed both worlds were real, but that they could not be studied in the exact same way.' and allegedly started the process that eventually lead to spiritualism to be removed entirely from scientific research. He claimed to be a religious man himself, probably because he noticed that anyone opposing church rule in those days was burnt at the stake, nailed to a cross or being cast in a nasty prison until the lights went out, which was an undesirable outlook, that caused most smart people to keep radical ideas to themselves until they exhaled their last breath in a less violent way.

Edgar Cayce

The utterly brilliant, but uncoveted scientist Nikola Tesla, wrote in his autobiography that he had very clear visions of how to create stunning inventions in great detail, while being struck agonizing migraines. That is not a common way for humans to arrive at magnificent ideas of which he had countless ones. The sleeping prophet Edgar Cayce had a slew of accurate visions of the past and the future, while he entered a sleep like trance. Buddhist monks lift large stones that weigh many tons hundreds of meters high and accurately position to build temples on perpendicularly rising mountain walls in a special ritualistic way, involving a cacophony of sounds made by trumpets, drums and chants. Latin and Middle-American shamans imbibe ayahuasca juice to hallucinate to let their spirit visit higher realms where they obtain information to heal and guide fellow tribesmen. African shamans mix bones of their ancestors with stones in a bowl and cast them onto the ground to read the patterns formed and share the true workings of humans and the universe with those who consult them. Voodoo magicians and Indonesian elders perform magic (called Guna-guna in Indonesia) rituals that allow them to communicate with ancestors in higher realms.

Nikola Tesla

Magic rituals outside the rational west are plentiful and almost always involve communication with ancestors or entities from other realms. Even Mr. E (Einstein) often quoted about spiritualism. The even greater Nikola Tesla explored still deeper aspects of the unseen world, that nevertheless exist all around and inside us, human beings and other forms of earthly life. It allowed Tesla to build a car in the 1920's or so that did not run on fossil fuel that could reach speeds of 160 km/h, an invention that has obviously been suppressed, because it made the products of oil barons superfluous. Most who are familiar with Tesla's history, know that - besides this stunning car - wanted to build wireless free energy and communication networks all around the world, which would put powerful energy suppliers and communication network companies out of business. Even today, more than one century later, none of these systems have been accomplished. Tesla's inventive creativity urged top banker JP Morgan to abruptly stop financing him and create a situation that ultimately caused his demise in a way that could easily be confused with a 'natural death'. Immediately after Tesla passed away, the FBI confiscated all his papers and ordered the patent office to remove many of his patents from their records. If this does not sound like a conspiracy to you, I don't know what does.

African shaman

These magical efforts are in some way related to higher realms that are inaccessible to common western people, because their minds are severely conditioned to a method of Descartian reason, that leaves no space to explain what may be beyond the borders of what we actually think we can explain and reproduce in the plane of accepted, official science. Today many of us are both fascinated and terrified by the advancement of AI, but there is yet an other aspect that has just begun to be researched by science, called quantum computing, that has not yet been incorporated into the mix. If the pinnacle of software - AI - were to be combined by the summit of hardware computing - quantum computers - it will be capable to achieve things that far exceed the human wit and perception. Such a combination of advanced human technology would boggle the mind of humanity and mimic the concealed wonders of nature. AI driven Quantum computers are capable to solve complex mathematical problems in 10 minutes that would take current traditional advanced machines thousands of years, to just give an example of what AI on quantum computers are capable of, bearing in mind that both AI and quantum computing of today are still in the beginning of their infancy.

Native American Asparoke nation medicine man

Nikola Tesla was already able to do similar things just with his mind more than 100 years before AI and quantum computers existed. And as he hinted at in his autobiography by communicating with other realms, thereby indicating that the human mind actually is capable of achieving such things, without the assistance of any artificially built device, machine or system. I suspect that invoking an OBE (out of body) state or willfully entering a situation similar to an NDE (near death experience) allows the spirit to visit dimensions that are not as limiting and paradoxical as the human environment typically is, leads to access to information that is commonly out of reach to those that conform to the imposed restrictions of current societal powers. This is the reason why spiritualism is always ridiculed and unvaryingly referred to as pseudo science, because it poses a potential threat to the department of advanced science and technology that are controlled by governments and intelligence communities. The factions in charge of those systems intend to remain in control of the world and they fear competition that is on par or better than what they have achieved. In short, Tesla basically worked in the same way as indigenous shamans in remote areas, who are not at all interested in dominating the entire world, but simply aim to resolve local problems, such as curing illnesses that modern medicine is unable to heal. By the way, the fear for the local magicians by the powerful may also be the reason that indigenous communities that practice such ancient wisdom, are treated bad by the leadership of today's world. To those that are capable of critical thinking and have an open mind, it is clear that there is an unimaginably powerful potential in getting deeply involved with largely unexplored spiritual planes. Attempting to solve allegedly unsolvable mathematical problems is of no interest to local shamans, but healing fellow tribesmen or women from a decease is, obtaining visions of the future that are important to their community is. Power to them does not mean having dominance over other people.

It may have to do that this physical dimension's hunger for power is unimportant in higher realm, perhaps because there is a consciousness that such urges are destructive in the long run and conflict with universal law, even if this universe still is in the process of evolving to the level of more advanced universes in the multiverse. It probably is comparable to science evolving faster in times of war on this planet, while having a similar impulse to choose for a higher development pace in peace time benefits all beings. Yet this only is possible when there is a deeply rooted awareness among leadership that the longing for power, harshly maintaining of hierarchy and being secretive are mindsets that prevent running a harmonious and well balanced, advancing society. With all the perverts, pedophiles and selfishly corrupt individuals in the high echelons of society that hang on to their power  today, there still is a long way to go for this world. Perhaps the road to self destruction of this world will be a necessary step towards a just, peaceful and more balanced global community, that honors and properly uses the spiritual power of the human race. Let us hope the fools at the helm will not let it come to self destruction or that some other event will prevent it. Finally, I hope that those with spiritual powers will pray and meditate that a destructive situation will be avoided.

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