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The development of AI is bigger than Climate Change and Covid


Ex-Google chief officer and AI expert Mo Gawdat said in an interview on the Diary of a CEO Youtube channel: 'The development of AI is bigger than Climate Change, bigger than Covid and if we repeat the latter again, it will be the biggest mistake we can make'.

Mo Gawdat

In the interview it becomes clear what he meant by saying these rather explicit words, while giving arguments for them from an insider perspective, so please click the link above and go watch the video. In an other video Jordan B Peterson interviews AI expert and developer Brian Roemmele in which they discuss the implication and consequences of generative AI.

Brian Roemmele

In both exchanges of thought it becomes clear that these well educated who have specialized in  psychology and AI, it becomes clear to critical thinking people who do more than think with their spine, that Gawdat's perspective on the AI revolution has the potential to transform human society in a way that will be irreversible and dystopian for our species and other life forms on this planet. Both communications are not just general rants of scarcely informed people that have discovered just the peak of a momentous iceberg that is the inevitable threat capable of sinking the ship with earthly life. Life may drown in a horrific accident or end up in a perpetual state of slavery from which only the ruling class will benefit.

Probably a slew of braindead morons will jump up to say the opinion of the experts is merely a form of conspiracy, while not realizing that the term conspiracy was intentionally coined by the CIA into the mainstream media that is controlled by them, to paralyze those that opposed the ridiculous magic bullet theory attempting to explain the JFK assassination and other lies related to the corrupt Warren commission report, that was lead by Alan Dulles who was shortly before was fired from his CIA director position by president Kennedy for his plan to attack Cuba when the Russians were placing their nuclar missiles on the island. Dulles' appointment of being in charge of the Warren commission offered him the opportunity to get back at the assassinated the president who sacked him while he of course had secret knowledge of JFK's assassination. Kennedy and Khrushtjev, had shortly before the president's assassination reached a peaceful agreement in which Russia was requested to remove the missiles, which they did that made an attack of Cuba unnecessary.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy

For a few decades the US have set up an estimated 750 to 800 military bases around the world that circumvent Russia and China, in addition to which a long list of many wars and covert operations that were perpetuated by the CIA, which undeniably shows that the US is the most aggressive and selfish nation that lost its marbles when Russia intended to build a missile base close to its border. It reflects the US' global principle: all countries must obey US laws and the US could not care less about whatever laws other countries have. The global US military presence forced countries into obedience, which was supported by US economic dominance after the US declared the dollar to be the global currency that countries must use to do international trade. After US president Nixon abandoned the Bretton-Woods coupling of the dollar from the gold standard in 1971, the dollar in fact became a worthless peace of paper. The US however forced trade agreements on all countries of the world that stated that their resources and products could only be paid for in worthless dollars of which the US received a free percentage for every trade transaction. In addition,  because the US made the dollar the global trade currency, it allowed the US to sanction countries by just printing their worthless dollar bills. is. These unfair rulecs could only be enforced on countries because of the military presence of the US all over the planet and spineless rulers in the rest of the world, that submitted to US government, IMF and World Bank tyranny. This means that if Nigeria wanted to sell oil to Egypt, the latter had to buy dollars from the US in order to pay for the Nigerian oil at the currency rate that the US charged for its fake currency of course.

How is AI related to the above mentioned American globalism? Centralization. This is the magic, daunting word. If banks accept only digital currency, it means they can see what you bought, when you bought it, from whom you bought it and for how much. Centralized digital currency accounts can also easily be switched off if someone does or says / writes something that the banks / US government / US intelligence communities do not like. In China a credit score is already implemented - do or say something that does not comply with government policies and your credit score drops and you will be able to buy less with the money you earned or you can be denied access to your bank account entirely, because access is controlled by the banks. That is the basic principle of slavery - you have no rights on anything whatsoever, the government decides everything for you all the time; citizens can not disagree with the bank's decision, they are simply robbed of their money, because the banks and governments are so powerful that it is impossible to fight them over anything. It is the future that they planned for you.

Jordan B Peterson

An other aspect that was mentioned by Jordan Peterson is that the collaboration of AI data repositories and corporations is so advanced already that a woman who is pregnant, whether she knows it or not and / or has not shared her pregnancy with anyone, receives ads for baby clothes and things babies need, because an algorithm built in social media platforms can figure out from her way of communicating that she is pregnant. Bear in mind that AI coders are intensely aware of how the human brain works and that their complex Large Language Models are capable of deriving of conclusions that the subject of their study themselves may not even be aware of. This type of artificially resolved conclusions can be applied in any field of human communication and centrally stored data will give the government and corporations that own the database the power to anticipate and act on the base of the collected data regardless if it is true or not. Peterson even joked that the centralized data collected from his way of life makes the AI systems know more about himself than he does. But is kind of a very wry joke, because it becomes more true as the development of AI advances.

The reason is that the risen in this world are utterly evil, selfish, left hand path followers, whack jobs, that turned this world - that could have been unimaginably beautiful and peaceful - into a dystopian centrally run hell. Purposefully. Strategically and systematically. Good and empathic people whose purpose in life is to help others and enjoy their company suffer in ways that defy imagination and perception. Their blood is spilt, they're driven into poverty and hunger, while their food and their environment is being poisoned. There is no reason for that whatsoever, because there is octillions of currency sloshing around in off ledger accounts and derivates that could be used to solve all the world's problems in an instant. But it is just not being done, because leadership and celebrities obey dark forces that basically hate humankind and other types of life on this planet to the core. If people do not understand that this is a humongous conspiracy perpetuated against life on earth, it shows to what extent human is being deceived, exploited, plundered, abused, sacrificed and slaughtered.

The earthly powers that oppress, lock up, defame, bankrupt and kill people who oppose their ruthless rule and label them 'conspiracy theorists', because they are a threat to the evil, global conspiracy that they have unleashed. Their aim to centralize data on everyone and everything, while the subjects of their plan are made powerless by inventing unjust and evil laws that go against universal law. And mind you, this is a felony that is a cancer in the entire universe in which planet earth is a mere tiny, insignificant spot. But what is referred to since ancient times, is that there is a war going on in the heavens, which means there are pure and good forces as well that fight the deceiving and unjust. Dwellers of the earth may be powerless against their evil rulers, but in a much larger setting the evil ones are forced to fight the legions of the powers of true light, because the laws of the universe have to some extent been cleansed of evil and cruelty over billions of years. As I wrote in previous blog entries this war in the heavens may be extending far beyond this universe. Our cosmos may just (a few billion years) have become part of the battlefield in the war of the heavens. 

Catherine Austin Fitts

It is why investment banker and former US state secretary of Housing and Development in the Bush presidency Catherine Austin Fitts has revealed that 30 trillion USD (other sources even estimate it is in fact double the amount of that sum) of tax payer money has been stolen and is used to fund what investigator / writer Walter Bosley calls 'breakaway civilizations', a phenomenon that began to emerge in the last part of the 1800's. These factions pushed / ordered the US government to push for a second US space force alongside the one that already existed. That second force of course does not operate under congressional oversight, because the money was stolen and can do whatever it wants, which most likely is to combat the good universal powers when they arrive in earth's region to drive out the evil ones - their hidden masters that must have found the ridiculously easy to program humans a nice detail that suited their destructive foray quite well. Beyond the reach of ordinary human perception the war in the heavens is moving towards our solar system. The stolen 30 or 60 trillion USD is so much money, that it allows to build weapon systems infinitely beyond what tethered current official science can even dream of. Jordan Peterson even remarked in one of his Youtube videos, that what is shown in movies that AI robots miss shooting at their targets is untrue, because they have already figured out the 50 ways to where their targets can duck towards, trying to avoid bullets or laser beams, even before the robots start to shoot, which therefore means that they never miss a shot.

Dr. Joseph P Farrell

Yet, closer to the center of the universe, there are civilizations that have had many billions years more time to evolve than whatever goes on in this planet's breakaway civilizations war department. It means that whatever is developed in our vicinity will not stand a chance against the weapon systems of those far away infinitely more advanced forces. So, all that the victims of earth's evil rulers can do, is wait and celebrate the victory of the good forces in the war in the heavens and enjoy the true freedom that it will result in. I understand that what I wrote in this blog entry sounds alien and unlikely to most people, because mankind has been deceived for centuries, burnt at the stake and nailed to crosses, inciting fatal fears into the mind of our species, but there are more individuals on earth who have never been mislead by the false official narrative a.k.a. conspiracy of those that are involved in ruining this world and all life on it, some of whom have degrees, like Joseph P Farell and Al Borealis, so they are not bonkers, ignorant people, in earthly science and / or elevated positions in society, which drove them to critically think along lines that are much closer to the truth than the lies and distraction dissipated by mainstream media on order of high, nefarious forces on earth.

Al Borealis

Those who died or were killed in the rage of insane rulers of today, will continue to exist in the universe, because the human spirit is immortal and they may join the forces of true light to annihilate the evil powers that took life on planet earth hostage and enslaved. To prepare for the battle with the followers of the universal true light, the deceivers and murderers of current leadership are in a great hurry to develop AI. After the victims of the ruling imbeciles have been wiped out, the powers of the deceased will be infinitely greater than they ever were during the life they spent on earth, giving them the wit and the weapons to whack earth's powerful nutcases that make life on earth an agonizing hell.

Have a nice day and a meaningful life.

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