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ORME, the forbidden substance that can improve the human spirit

Occult powers that deceive people of this world by keeping the biggest secret that contains information that they intend to keep hidden from every person who does not belong to their inner circle. Those who did leak that information or planned to leak it, were killed or executed in a public ritual, like JFK, to send a warning to the other initiated to not endanger the safety of this secret. It is believed that JFK wanted to share the alien presence in the US with the Russians; aliens that actually were humans from the future (a human species that evolved faster than humans on earth did on a far more advanced time line), which would reveal sharing the infinite potential of the human mind, that the aliens captured in the Roswell UFO crash showed. The real story of the crash was also kept secret for the same purpose. JFK I suspect to be in possession of mental scope to see humankind of this planet as a whole, beyond artificially induced animosity between Americans and Russians. In spite of these dangers, there are some that left us clues to what that secret may be. These hints contain enough information to at least get an idea what it is. If what I assume  is correct, then it must be concluded that mankind’s mental / spiritual faculty is far more powerful than we are always made to believe. A hint to humans' true spiritual propensity is shown in the movie 'Lucy', in which in an episode is admitted that science is unable to perceive what humans can do when they make use of more than 40% of their brain power, bearing in mind that at such a level of development spiritual powers are included in the human experience, like curing all diseases without help of medication or medical therapy, looking into the past and future and having great kinetic power among a few other things that are way beyond current imagination.

Scarlett Johansson as Lucy

A circumstantial type of evidence is that spirituality is always ridiculed by mainstream sources on order of earth's hidden powers, which is a tell tale sign that the attention of the uninformed and misinformed is distracted away from things that those that impose the distraction, find useful themselves. In order for this trap to work, the distracted audience must be dumbed down, which includes those that have had higher forms of formal education, that are more or less forced to comply with 'official' academic peer review or find themselves cast out of science' circles. In addition, the powers that be, add all sorts of harmful substances (poisons) to food and water, to degenerate the human biology, thereby ruining the seat (calcifying) of the human spirit, most notably the pineal gland, that is the gateway to universal information and consciousness fields. The label of intelligence earned in the official educational system leads to receiving accreditation, i.e. proof of being compliant, but by no means results in the ability to think critically and independently outside of the limits set. Compliance to standard hallucinated, hypotheses based theories and consensus is rewarded, while independent, deviating, out-of-the-box thought leads to being discredited, scorned, forbidden or even being killed. What spiritual powers that the aliens captured in The Roswell UFO accident were really cable if, is summarized here:
    • UFOs are not the 'biggest secret' – it is the entities behind them that was of most concern, that lead earthly powers that be to keep their capabilities a secret
    • Roswell was in fact a crash event of 'visitors from somewhere else'
    • The entities were 'not so much interplanetary as much as they were literally also time travelers.' They are extra-temporal - not bound to linear cyclical time as we experience it
    • The visitors are 'human beings from the future.' There is reason to believe that they may even be 'us' from a future Earth that evolved on a different timeline
    • These 'future humans' have the ability to 'manipulate reality around them using the power of their consciousness'
    • The government feared the intentions and abilities of the 'visitors'
    • These visitors are able to use the power of consciousness in extraordinary ways to morph reality at will. The crashed visitors were injured by the crash, so they could not use their power to full extent, but they communicated about it under pressure of the military
    • We human beings are far more powerful in conscious potential than we ever dreamed that we are. But we don't yet comprehend our extraordinary future capabilities
    • The visitors remain in essence 'corporeal' and 'physical' – and secret attempts at reverse-engineering the visitor's crash material were made by the military
    • Admiral Hoover who shared this incredible information mentioned above with UFO investigator Bill Birnes, admitted that he himself was involved in the handling of the Roswell crash and afterwards was engaged in back engineering attempts of the visitors' technology transfer as a Naval Intelligence Officer with Top Secret clearances

A very smart person (whose name I shall not disclose), whose findings went against the induced perception of 'officially self approved' general academic research, once said: ‘I don’t have to defend a PhD, but that does not stop me from doing thorough and verifiable research of my own.’ But enough about allegedly elevated perception; those who have decided to follow the carefully supervised, approved path to increased knowledge, will find out that it often leads into dead end streets, and should  therefore perhaps consider what comes after this paragraph, ignoring whether it is sanctioned by mainstream factions, just to consider if there are different ways that are less explored, that need less or no invented hypotheses to keep the standard model alive and possibly leads to more satisfying outcomes.

David Radius Hudson †

In 1975 a very smart farmer from Phoenix Arizona, named David Radius Hudson, found on his property something that would not just change the way we relate to gold, but how we relate to all metallic elements. The soil of his property was riddled with black alkali, which made plant growth close to impossible. There were also many metals in the ground, which persuaded him to mine gold as a kind of hobby, being aware of the fact that the yield would be quite low. But when he melted the gold, the heat created a compound that he had never seen before. After years of research conducted in the US, the UK, Germany and in Russia, he realized he had found a substance that was not mentioned in western textbooks, that he named ORME - Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Element, that has spectacular characteristics, like weighing less (in the closed experimental set up) than gold is supposed to weigh - i.e. levitation - while other metals that appeared during the processing, differed from what western academic experiments found, according to the research by the Russian Academy of Sciences, that he had involved in his quest. The Russians ignored the western text book methods of heating to certain temperatures and for a certain period of time of the metals and followed clues found written in ancient Vedic and Tibetan documents, that lead to very different results, which explained the new matter that Hudson encountered. These ways of treating the gold resembled ancient alchemical prescriptions that had not been practiced for centuries and are, of course, ridiculed by 'officially self approved' mainstream science.

On June the 14th in 2014 David Hudson passed away in a car accident after which the U.S. Government confiscated all his research of the white powder of gold / ormus and platinum field for national security reasons and all his patents were confiscated for the same dubious reason and removed from the patent register, just like when the FBI grabbed Nikola Tesla’s papers and patents immediately after his suspicious death. This is remarkably strange government / intelligence community conduct and it probably relates to the biggest secret, because ORME clearly has the potential to enhance the mind to an extent at which man would become capable of affecting reality…. Sad as David Hudson’s passing may be, the government’s response to it shows that ORME really does have properties that are assigned to it. Given the government’s dismal reputation of stopping at nothing to get things its way, the supposed ‘accident’ that killed David Hudson may well have been pre-arranged. This can of course not be proven (which is the purpose of keeping secrets), but the government has always followed the orders of the keepers of the biggest secret, secrets being information that is hidden by the informed and kept away from the masses, many of whom have the potential to outperform any artificial device, machine and system with just their mind.

Laurence Gardner †

Long story short, years after, the great late great Laurence Gardner, discovered that ORME probably was what the Egyptians called Muscut or Muskut, the Sumerians called Shamana and Israelite tribes called Manna, during their long journey through the desert. Curiously, it states in the bible that Moses became angry with the Israelites for making the golden calf and melted the icon, which should have resulted in molten gold. But strangely enough he produced a white powder in stead, that they called manna. When heating gold at a higher temperature for a longer period of time than described in western scholarly literature, you indeed end up with a white powder, that is the same stuff as the ORME that Hudson rediscovered, as was proven by the Russian academics. Was Moses a chemist? No, he was not, but he was in a high ranking position in the Egyptian royal court, probably because the daughter of the pharaoh found him floating about in a basket in the Nile and took care of him, making him part of the royal entourage, where there was knowledge of ORME-like substances among the elite priesthood. So he likely had been close (or perhaps even involved in) the ritual in which the daily dose of Muscut was fed to the Pharaohs, that is believed to significantly enhance the level of intelligence by balancing  and syncing the brain hemispheres’ and raising the brain frequency to the alpha level of 7 to 12 Hz, which is considered to be the ‘holy grail’ by neural researchers, because it instantly improves intelligence, creativity, reading speed, memory enhancement and learning ability. That frequency range is similar to the frequency range of the earth, by the way. The research of ORME was in modern days conducted by the Swiss based AlphaLearning Institute in Switzerland.

The monatomic elements found in Etherium Gold (that the institute tested) include gold, silver, iridium, rhodium, chromium, and platinum. When these elements are in their monatomic form they are in a high-spin state and thereby act as superconductors. A superconductor is a substance that allows energy to flow through them without resistance even, in the absence of a continually applied potential. Since the human brain is a bio-electric organ, superconductivity greatly enhances the pace and scope at which the neural network operates and can therefore lead to development of biological, physiological, and psychological faculties such as telepathy, precognition, translocation, bi-location and kinetic powers etc. The effect of consuming monatomic elements is cumulative and will increase when taken over a longer period of time. In addition, while disciplined meditative practice would take months or years to reach a high level of enhanced brain functionality, monatomic elements can achieve the same in seconds or minutes. What ORME shows, is that it is possible to quickly raise the potential of the human mind and consciousness tremendously, because a truly intelligent person will at some point encounter the cross roads of intelligence and spiritual faculty, after which (s)he takes into account the merits of both phenomena to advance even further.

The problem is that monatomic elements are expensive, because they are difficult to make and that there are numerous collusive sellers all over the Internet that offer fake substances that do not work. It very likely has something to do with the government’s conduct after David Hudson’s demise and encouraging frauds to make non-effective fake junk abundantly available, in order to dupe people into a buying crap that does not work. But there is the universal law of Karma and those that willingly engaging in doing evil will one time be severely punished. It too is how the victims of evil powers will be penalized by the universe.

Jewish Bolsheviks, after being ousted from Russia, fled to the US

Russian science (because of the one party state system) is not controlled by rigid western working methods, congress and senate members that worry more about their re-election than about truly important matters, as a result of which Russian research and quite likely the production of ORME in their country was probably never stopped. The question of course is: What are the Russians going to do with it? Although perhaps far fetched, the sleeping prophet Edgar Cayce once said: ‘Out of Russia will come hope.’, which Cayce claimed has to do with the religious development in Russia. Putin is a successor to a long line of leaders belonging to the Orthodox Russian Church, that drove out the (Jewish) Bolsheviks, that caused the genocide of 64 million Russian citizens (some sources hint at 24 million casualties, but that probably is untrue). The Bolsheviks fled to the US, by the way, where they infiltrated Congress, the Senate and House of representatives, financial institutions and corporations. Over half of US politicians have both the American and Israeli nationality. They are currently beating the war drums, attempting to start a war with Russia, while imposing a harsh dystopian rule on the American people, That exactly resembles what the Bolsheviks did to the Russian people during the USSR Communist regime that they used to control. Now that they have been ousted from Russia, they seek revenge on the Russians that made the plan they had impossible to carry out in Russia.

It is unlikely that average individuals would be able to be able to produce ORME, because it requires a large and complex 3.5 meter tall instrument, as Hudson described it, that can only be built by those who have profound knowledge of spectroscopy and heaps of money. The scientific system that creates ORME, also produces relatively large amounts of ruthenium, rhodium and palladium (which are light platinums) and osmium, iridium and platinum (that are the heavy platinums), all of which are more expensive than gold. So, if someone would be prepared and capable of building such a system, the return of investment would be short. David Hudson left the world with elaborate general descriptions of the process to create ORME (available on the Internet), which might encourage wealthy factions to produce it, in spite of the government’s inhibition. Those with a degree in chemistry and an ultra high IQ should be able to understand how Hudson created the miracle powder. The access to ORME may be cut off for commoners, but the knowledge of making ORME is already known in some Russian academic circles that their government is all too happy to fund.

Every Pharaoh was daily offered a cone
shaped bread containing Muscut / ORME

Apart from using ORME to enhance the mind to mind blowing levels, there are other means capable of doing the same, apart from painstaking meditation. One of those is that if earth would pass through an electromagnetic field of the proper frequency, that would cause all life on the planet to instantly have a superconducting brain. No government or agency would be able to prevent this from happening. The solar system leaving the age of Pisces and entering the age of Aquarius, could spur such an event. Mind elevating events result in heart rate variability, due to cosmic resonances as represented by Schumann Resonances, Solar Wind Indices and Galactic Cosmic Rays, in other words: Cosmic field variations directly affect the human biology and brain frequency. It perhaps is the reason that the powers that be seem to be in such a big hurry to depopulate earth and speed up the advancement of AI, because the few dumbed down humans that are allowed to live in the dreams of the New World Order are much easier to deceive / manage / oppress / exploit than many smart humans. This nefarious plan has been outlined in the mysterious Georgia Guidestones, that - Update - were blown up - recently by a party that so far remains unknown. This may very well be the biggest secret - that humans must never discover the infinite potential of their spiritual power - that the powers that be may be protecting, because limitless spiritual conscious power for every human being would not work so well for their plan to enforce a ruthless slave abusing, dystopian tyrannical New World Order. For this reason they assassinated JFK and killed David Hudson, Nikola Tesla and many more, who do not mindlessly believe all the deceiving crap that they let mainstream media and conditioned science spread all the time.

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