Saturday, December 1, 2012

The space matters, not the matter

Is as clearly explained by Nassim Haramein that in what humans perceive to be matter there actually is only 0.0001 percent matter and 99.9999% space then what is perceived to be density is relative to the power of the force field inside that space. Molecules are like the universe; huge amounts of space separating tiny clusters of matter – stars, planets, asteroids etc. It is a fractal like pattern that never ends. Atoms consist of protons, neutrons and electrons that consist of hadrons that consists of quarks. Beyond that are probably particles that are even smaller consisting mostly of space like the universe and molecules.

What happens if we run into a wall is a collision of forces inside the space between actual matter that consists mostly of matter. If what is actually considered to be matter, is mostly space then when this is repeated infinitely there is only a force field that determines our perception. Apart from the fractal property Haramein also showed in his “Schwartzschild Proton”-paper that if the space of a proton is filled with Planck's length and this is related to mass then each proton contains a mass similar to that of the entire universe.

The multiverse is a fractal hologram with no beginning or end in all directions. What all this means in a practical sense is that humankind that has always been made to believe that (s)he should focus on the matter to re-arrange things, to build, to connect and move, has to reconsider its perspective on matter and space. Like the old alchemical masters who were unjustly ridiculed by science that has based its entire paradigm on false assumptions. The energy – all energy – is not contained in matter, but in the space surrounding it. The old ether as the alchemists called it.

Traverse waves as Tom Bearden calls it, morphogenetic fields as Rupert Sheldrake calls it. We have been sent in the wrong direction purposefully to allow a power structure to be built by those who do in fact have the correct knowledge. I you send everyone in the wrong direction they will never find what they should be looking for. They don't even have a shred of a clue what they should be looking for. Some do however. Like the aforementioned alchemists, Bearden and Sheldrake. Many others are beginning to understand that mankind has to look in other directions to survive. David Anderson began using time as distance (a spatial dimension) in his calculations and constructed time engineering devices that are capable of manipulating time that have a by-product of overunity (free energy).

Energy is the key. It not only allows to survive, but also contains information, like information is contained in radio waves and light. This planet is a type zero civilization as categorized by Kardashev. A Type 0 civilization extracts its energy, information, raw-materials from crude organic-based sources (i.e. Food  / Wood / Fossil Fuel). It is typified by subversion, violence and war and risks to self-destruct. If man does not succeed in trapping different kinds of energy he is most likely to self-destruct. It is therefore high time he started looking in other directions.

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