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Love versus space time

Time. The most illusive phenomenon on earth as perceived by humankind. No one understands it thoroughly, most have no clue of what it is whatsoever and few have an faint estimation of what it might be. Every form of life and every object on the planet however, obeys time. The cycles of seasons and the rhythm of day and night nothing escapes the rule of time. Linear, sequential time.

The synonym for time comes from the Greek word Chronos, the personification of time. Chronos was a serpentine three headed god in Pre-Socratic perception. The heads were that of a man, a bull and a lion. Chronos' consort was the serpentine Ananke (necessity), the personification of destiny, necessity and fate. Together they are Time and Fate who ruled the material universe from the beginning of time and who are beyond the reach of all younger gods. It means those gods were unable to change anything determined by Chronos and Ananke.

Chronos, the not so benevolent Father Time

Many things are hidden in deeper meanings, which is often (partially) revealed by etymology – the origin of words. It is believed that Ananke is related to Tekmor (godess of ordinance or authoritive rule) and the Moirae (Clotho - the spinner, Lachesis - the alloter and Atropos - the inevitable / unturnable). The meaning of the word Tekmor, a primordial goddess in Greek mythology, is boundary, goal or purpose – the properties of fractals that repeat patterns in every scale of structure. Moira means part, lot and fate, perceptions related to that of Tekmor.

Ananke - necessity / fate

What we see occurring after the Big Bang – the state of the universe after the primal situation, the Orphic Egg, is that matter is fragmented and flooded by time. The original oneness of the whole (singularity) ceased to exist. Chronos and Ananke no longer constricted everything contained within the Orphic Egg and earth, heaven and sea came to be. Separation or fragmentation and the rule of linear, sequential time began at the same instant that both enabled and maintained the event.

The Orphic Egg, symbolizing the singularity before space time

Billions of years later Cronus or Kronos (also known as Saturn) appeared in space time as is described in Greek mythology. Cronus was the son of Uranus (symbol of heaven) and Gaia (symbol of earth). He became the king of his siblings, the Titans who were huge, immortal beings of enormous strength that were the first gods in the Greek / Roman pantheon of deities after killing his father on order of his mother. While dying Uranus predicted that Cronus would die by the hand of his son, like he died by being castrated by Cronus' scythe.

Saturn / Cronus castrating his dad Uranus per request of his mom Gaia

In an attempt to prevent his father's prediction from becoming true, Cronus ate all his children immediately after they were born... His wife and sister Rhea wrapped a stone in cloth after the birth of his son Zeus and presented it to Cronus who swallowed the stone thinking it was Zeus. Zeus later killed his father like he killed his thereby fulfilling Uranus' prediction.

Rhea offers Cronus a stone wrapped in cloth
that is devoured by Cronus who thinks it is
his new born son Zeus who will later kill him

Strangely Cronus was said to have ruled the Golden Age. It is difficult to imagine how an incestuous being (he married his sister Rhea) who murdered and ate his own children could have ruled a period that would be referred to as the Golden Age... Just as it is equally difficult to envisage that the three headed serpent Chronos who lived with Ananke who as Tekmor and / or the Moirae were personifications of separation and fate, would have contributed in a positive way to this universe. The abhorring conduct of the ancient 'gods' is continued in every detail by present-day royalty and appointed rulers, by the way.

The primordial Orphic Egg symbolized everything inside nothing, the absence of space and time. Chronos and Ananke caused that situation to end and Cronus and Rhea, like their parents Uranus and Gaia, created the foundation for the miserable state of today's earth by creating time and space. Tekmor's and Moira's boundary, part, lot, goal and fate are opposite to the situation in the Orphic Egg in which everything simply exists, not submitted to the dimensions of space and time.

Time and space enable violence, fear, hate, perversity etc. to come to be. It also allows Love to be. The feeling more powerful than mortals, immortals and gods. It will conquer all power by renouncing power that feeds hierarchy, which maintains the fragmentation that can exist only in space time. Love is universal, omnipresent and unifying, but it requires great effort to feel. It is not infatuation, crush or lust, but a feeling that has the power and potential to penetrate and vanquish every particle, wave and instant of awareness.

Love requires effort, study, being sincere and perseverance and the undying help of Love itself to make space and time cease to exist. It is a universal law beyond the reach of incestuous, murderous, deceiving and cannibalistic would be gods that have started a war they can never win. The reason of this is that every force has a counter force. Any force that causes a transient unbalance also deforms the space in which the counter force manifests, thereby adding more energy to it than it originally possessed. It is a principle described by Alan Guth in a book he wrote called the 'Inflationary Universe'.

This universal principle comes down to this: Deforming space is causing tension, which is energy, which is therefore added to the suppressed force it contains. So which ever force tries to take the upper hand will be antagonized with even greater counter forces. Within the realms of aware and sincere forces this principle is understood; they will always look for harmony and sustainability. It is also understood that they will bounce back even if it appears they have been squashed almost out of existence. It is what is taking place now in many places in this world: The cost of oppression is getting out of hand, the resistance to it is amassing and the determination among the oppressed to fight their unjust rulers is getting stronger with each instant while it is becoming increasingly clear that the days of the oppressive forces are numbered.

As your awareness expands by learning more as a result of gaining information and processing it using your own mind, you may notice your perceptions change and reality as perceived before no longer exists. The development of this process may eventually lead you to other worlds, to different dimensions and in some cases perhaps make you completely disappear from the dimension you were previously in. You entering the new dimension does not mean the old one has ceased to exist.

The ones with whom you once shared similar perceptions remained in the realm that you left behind, still perceiving matters as you used to do. Dimensions are worlds in which perceptions are shared, not necessarily compliant ones, but they share a foundation in essence even if views seem to be opposed. Consequently there is probably an area of overlapping awareness, assuming that any type of borders exist at all. It may just be the extent of perception that determines in which dimension you observe and communicate that is not marked by birth or death.

Entering higher realms inevitably bestows more powers to entities that have made that transition. Direct interference in lower realms is often impossible or not allowed because the bigger process of gaining momentum is part of universal law and strategy to retaliate the inharmonious and unsustainable forces. The gods of old and their present-day heirs (spawn) have started to dug their own grave from the instant the began to strive for power. One from which they will never rise again.

Have a nice day.

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