Saturday, December 22, 2012

Love versus space time

Time. The most illusive phenomenon on earth as perceived by humankind. No one understands it thoroughly, most have no clue of what it is whatsoever and few have an faint estimation of what it might be. Every form of life and every object on the planet however, obeys time. The cycles of seasons and the rhythm of day and night nothing escapes the rule of time. Linear, sequential time.

The synonym for time comes from the Greek word Chronos, the personification of time. Chronos was a serpentine three headed god in Pre-Socratic perception. The heads were that of a man, a bull and a lion. Chronos' consort was the serpentine Ananke (necessity), the personification of destiny, necessity and fate. Together they are Time and Fate who ruled the material universe from the beginning of time and who are beyond the reach of all younger gods. It means those gods were unable to change anything determined by Chronos and Ananke.

Chronos, the not so benevolent Father Time

Many things are hidden in deeper meanings, which is often (partially) revealed by etymology – the origin of words. It is believed that Ananke is related to Tekmor (godess of ordinance or authoritive rule) and the Moirae (Clotho - the spinner, Lachesis - the alloter and Atropos - the inevitable / unturnable). The meaning of the word Tekmor, a primordial goddess in Greek mythology, is boundary, goal or purpose – the properties of fractals that repeat patterns in every scale of structure. Moira means part, lot and fate, perceptions related to that of Tekmor.

Ananke - necessity / fate

What we see occurring after the Big Bang – the state of the universe after the primal situation, the Orphic Egg, is that matter is fragmented and flooded by time. The original oneness of the whole (singularity) ceased to exist. Chronos and Ananke no longer constricted everything contained within the Orphic Egg and earth, heaven and sea came to be. Separation or fragmentation and the rule of linear, sequential time began at the same instant that both enabled and maintained the event.

The Orphic Egg, symbolizing the singularity before space time

Billions of years later Cronus or Kronos (also known as Saturn) appeared in space time as is described in Greek mythology. Cronus was the son of Uranus (symbol of heaven) and Gaia (symbol of earth). He became the king of his siblings, the Titans who were huge, immortal beings of enormous strength that were the first gods in the Greek / Roman pantheon of deities after killing his father on order of his mother. While dying Uranus predicted that Cronus would die by the hand of his son, like he died by being castrated by Cronus' scythe.

Saturn / Cronus castrating his dad Uranus per request of his mom Gaia

In an attempt to prevent his father's prediction from becoming true, Cronus ate all his children immediately after they were born... His wife and sister Rhea wrapped a stone in cloth after the birth of his son Zeus and presented it to Cronus who swallowed the stone thinking it was Zeus. Zeus later killed his father like he killed his thereby fulfilling Uranus' prediction.

Rhea offers Cronus a stone wrapped in cloth
that is devoured by Cronus who thinks it is
his new born son Zeus who will later kill him

Strangely Cronus was said to have ruled the Golden Age. It is difficult to imagine how an incestuous being (he married his sister Rhea) who murdered and ate his own children could have ruled a period that would be referred to as the Golden Age... Just as it is equally difficult to envisage that the three headed serpent Chronos who lived with Ananke who as Tekmor and / or the Moirae were personifications of separation and fate, would have contributed in a positive way to this universe. The abhorring conduct of the ancient 'gods' is continued in every detail by present-day royalty and appointed rulers, by the way.

The primordial Orphic Egg symbolized everything inside nothing, the absence of space and time. Chronos and Ananke caused that situation to end and Cronus and Rhea, like their parents Uranus and Gaia, created the foundation for the miserable state of today's earth by creating time and space. Tekmor's and Moira's boundary, part, lot, goal and fate are opposite to the situation in the Orphic Egg in which everything simply exists, not submitted to the dimensions of space and time.

Time and space enable violence, fear, hate, perversity etc. to come to be. It also allows Love to be. The feeling more powerful than mortals, immortals and gods. It will conquer all power by renouncing power that feeds hierarchy, which maintains the fragmentation that can exist only in space time. Love is universal, omnipresent and unifying, but it requires great effort to feel. It is not infatuation, crush or lust, but a feeling that has the power and potential to penetrate and vanquish every particle, wave and instant of awareness.

Love requires effort, study, being sincere and perseverance and the undying help of Love itself to make space and time cease to exist. It is a universal law beyond the reach of incestuous, murderous, deceiving and cannibalistic would be gods that have started a war they can never win. The reason of this is that every force has a counter force. Any force that causes a transient unbalance also deforms the space in which the counter force manifests, thereby adding more energy to it than it originally possessed. It is a principle described by Alan Guth in a book he wrote called the 'Inflationary Universe'.

This universal principle comes down to this: Deforming space is causing tension, which is energy, which is therefore added to the suppressed force it contains. So which ever force tries to take the upper hand will be antagonized with even greater counter forces. Within the realms of aware and sincere forces this principle is understood; they will always look for harmony and sustainability. It is also understood that they will bounce back even if it appears they have been squashed almost out of existence. It is what is taking place now in many places in this world: The cost of oppression is getting out of hand, the resistance to it is amassing and the determination among the oppressed to fight their unjust rulers is getting stronger with each instant while it is becoming increasingly clear that the days of the oppressive forces are numbered.

As your awareness expands by learning more as a result of gaining information and processing it using your own mind, you may notice your perceptions change and reality as perceived before no longer exists. The development of this process may eventually lead you to other worlds, to different dimensions and in some cases perhaps make you completely disappear from the dimension you were previously in. You entering the new dimension does not mean the old one has ceased to exist.

The ones with whom you once shared similar perceptions remained in the realm that you left behind, still perceiving matters as you used to do. Dimensions are worlds in which perceptions are shared, not necessarily compliant ones, but they share a foundation in essence even if views seem to be opposed. Consequently there is probably an area of overlapping awareness, assuming that any type of borders exist at all. It may just be the extent of perception that determines in which dimension you observe and communicate that is not marked by birth or death.

Entering higher realms inevitably bestows more powers to entities that have made that transition. Direct interference in lower realms is often impossible or not allowed because the bigger process of gaining momentum is part of universal law and strategy to retaliate the inharmonious and unsustainable forces. The gods of old and their present-day heirs (spawn) have started to dug their own grave from the instant the began to strive for power. One from which they will never rise again.

Have a nice day.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

The space matters, not the matter

Is as clearly explained by Nassim Haramein that in what humans perceive to be matter there actually is only 0.0001 percent matter and 99.9999% space then what is perceived to be density is relative to the power of the force field inside that space. Molecules are like the universe; huge amounts of space separating tiny clusters of matter – stars, planets, asteroids etc. It is a fractal like pattern that never ends. Atoms consist of protons, neutrons and electrons that consist of hadrons that consists of quarks. Beyond that are probably particles that are even smaller consisting mostly of space like the universe and molecules.

What happens if we run into a wall is a collision of forces inside the space between actual matter that consists mostly of matter. If what is actually considered to be matter, is mostly space then when this is repeated infinitely there is only a force field that determines our perception. Apart from the fractal property Haramein also showed in his “Schwartzschild Proton”-paper that if the space of a proton is filled with Planck's length and this is related to mass then each proton contains a mass similar to that of the entire universe.

The multiverse is a fractal hologram with no beginning or end in all directions. What all this means in a practical sense is that humankind that has always been made to believe that (s)he should focus on the matter to re-arrange things, to build, to connect and move, has to reconsider its perspective on matter and space. Like the old alchemical masters who were unjustly ridiculed by science that has based its entire paradigm on false assumptions. The energy – all energy – is not contained in matter, but in the space surrounding it. The old ether as the alchemists called it.

Traverse waves as Tom Bearden calls it, morphogenetic fields as Rupert Sheldrake calls it. We have been sent in the wrong direction purposefully to allow a power structure to be built by those who do in fact have the correct knowledge. I you send everyone in the wrong direction they will never find what they should be looking for. They don't even have a shred of a clue what they should be looking for. Some do however. Like the aforementioned alchemists, Bearden and Sheldrake. Many others are beginning to understand that mankind has to look in other directions to survive. David Anderson began using time as distance (a spatial dimension) in his calculations and constructed time engineering devices that are capable of manipulating time that have a by-product of overunity (free energy).

Energy is the key. It not only allows to survive, but also contains information, like information is contained in radio waves and light. This planet is a type zero civilization as categorized by Kardashev. A Type 0 civilization extracts its energy, information, raw-materials from crude organic-based sources (i.e. Food  / Wood / Fossil Fuel). It is typified by subversion, violence and war and risks to self-destruct. If man does not succeed in trapping different kinds of energy he is most likely to self-destruct. It is therefore high time he started looking in other directions.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Pisces - Age of Ignorance

If minds are carefully, perpetually and systematically made susceptible to the forged existence and inevitability of paradox, they will accept the notion that there are things that can not be solved, because the intentionally induced and flawed perception of universal law will not permit them to see and apply what is really possible. Such rigorous implementation of delusions will establish frames of reference that will cause disagreement, conflict and war, which is what has occurred in the past two centuries and in the times preceding that period.

Astrology exposes 9/11 lies

In astronomical circles it is well known that the current Age of Pisces is the era of ignorance, that is the result of the alignment of cosmic (celestial) objects relative to each other. Many are capable of understanding events on a smaller scale, like in our solar system; if the sun did not exist, life on earth would not be possible, because there would be no option for DNA structures to be formed and photosynthesis would not be possible (to name just two aspects). But as soon as the cosmic situation is observed from a larger perspective, only very few remain open to what occurs within the space and time in which celestial objects affect each other and the life they harbor.

Worship of the Fish God Dagon (Poseidon) is symbolized by the miters priests wear

Science has imposed a finite perception in the patterns of thought of human life, as did religion, by fragmenting processes and objects into discrete entities. And wherever and whenever reality mocks their assumption based theories, they invent silly dogmas that are meant to perpetuate their flawed theories and misguiding beliefs. In science an example of this hallucinated method of deceit that is named 'renormalization', religion makes itself suspect by keeping secret libraries like that of the Vatican and other religious sects that deliberately withhold information from the general public in order to maintain its conjured dogmas on which the entire power structure of those sects are based. Why else would the books in those libraries be kept secret at all cost?

Save our theory impulse instant...

But careful and relentless molding of human perception by science and religion, structured poisoning of the human race by the food and water supply of the people that is given to corporations that have exclusive control over them, the elite's ownership of the mainstream media, musical- and movie-industry, the profound corruption of the legal and medical trades and the invention of the political circus that protects and executes global control systems were put in place to ensure that the human race would not question the conduct of the powers that be and that they would continue to fight among each other to prevent them from investigating this world's disgusting principles that affect every aspect of every form of life on this planet.

Legal INjustice bought by corporations

Fortunately the end of the Age of Ignorance is impending. It is as inevitable as the end of the life-cycle of the finite label that the misguided masters of this era screwed onto anything they could get their bloody hands on. Just be or become aware of the fact that the better you are prepared for the coming of the spiritually inclined Age of Aquarius, the less rude your awakening to it will be. Ignorance is dying, whether you or your unseen masters prefer to cling to it or not.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Matters of the Mind V

The property of proof is overrated. The only department to which the human race has ascribed the capacity to prove things is science. If it is not proved by science, it is commonly considered to be untrue of disputable at best. Science due to humankind's limited abilities to perceive and interpret is based on assumptions (hypotheses) that no one in the world can prove is true. Secondly, when scientists run into areas that screw up their theories, they simply add more assumptions to make theories hold up, after they have stopped panicking. The disturbing discoveries are swept under the rug and they all agree never to mention the unsettling finds again, so that their self-proclaimed position of authority in the realm of the general public, their funders and associated misinformed entities remains unaffected.

The (in)famous human conjuring of Renormalization, Dark Matter and Einstein's Field Theories that can not deal with quantum gravity are just a few of the hallucinations that should make every being with more than two properly functioning braincells suspicious towards the class of mainstream science. Those cluttering up this planet who actually have more than two adequately serving braincells who dare questioning established theories are banned from the scientific plane, cut off from funds and sometimes even shot through the head to make sure they do not confute mirages that are wrapped in complex calculation and inexplicable jargon of which even smart people not belonging to the scholar world understand nothing whatsoever.

If there is no prefix to your name that indicates you have spent years to comply seamlessly with the inventions of the top guns of the official intellectual circles (circus), then whatever you say that is related to the scientific delusions, is discarded off hand. You are not one of them, you are not smart enough buy whatever crap they are selling.

Personally, the conduct of mainstream science weakens my sphincters, to express myself in correct terms.

Proof has never proven to be proving anything at all. It is the proverbial wheel within a wheel that was spawned by factions that created hierarchical structures in order to allow themselves to have privileges thereby depriving everyone else from whatever is considered to be of value. Cliches like 'everyone is equal' and 'everyone has the same rights' are continuously proving themselves to be disturbingly hilarious and untrue. I for one am pleased to feel that I am unique, not like or equal to anyone else in this dimension. Therefore it also pleases me that I have an opinion that does not quite comply with (induced) general consensus.

If you think science is not exactly interested in pursuing the truth, then don't even consider exploring the workings of official, organized religion...Religion by nature never provides proof; it simply demands you to believe what it claims to represent and stand for. It is extremely difficult to find any construction worse than that, even on this abomination ridden planet. If anything, religions have proven to cause disagreement, violence, corruption, decadence, perversity and profound deceit.

All I want to do in this blog entry is to prove that proof means nothing.

I don't feel the urge to prove that; proof itself proves time and again that it proves nothing. It only allows me to feel free to think anything I like at any time in any place. I would like people to share this freedom that is a birthright, inherent to your being. A universal prerogative extended to you long before you came into this realm and intended to be yours long after you leave this physical plane.

Anything a sincere compassionate being feels or anything a ruthless criminal feels, is equally necessary in this space and time, just because it is possible. Human civil law only serves to maintain the corrupt hierarchical structure to which all humans are submitted (forced to submit). The underlying Maritime Law that the powers that be prefer to hide from the general public, is one step closer to the universal truth, but also not proven in any instant and place. Yet it is the implicit legal structure on which the human sense of what is right and what is wrong is based. It is explained in meticulous detail in Manly P. Hall's magnificent work that is called 'The Secret Teachings of All Ages' that you can download and study by clicking this link.

By the way, the copyright of Hall's document was not extended, so downloading and having the document in your possession and studying is not illegal. Not even in the frame of corrupted civil law. The purpose of me mentioning Maritime Law it is the business of the legal trade - lawyers, judges and courts - to prove a person, company or organization of any kind guilty or not guilty of a legal charge submitted by the plaintiff. If you study the above document and watch the video clips on Admiralty Law, then ask yourself: What is it exactly that they prove? Are the various courts entitled to judge based on civil law? And what are the roles of those gathered in court for a particular case?

Whatever you may think the LAW incorporates, UCC is ruling you. It is directly based on Vatican Canon Law. Whether you agree or not, it applies to you in this world. You can not prove that this is not the case, not in or outside of court. So it does not matter if the keepers of the law can not prove that it legally applies to you...

Now prove to me that proof has any value. Whatsoever. Have a nice day!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Matters of the Mind IV

The mind in current human perception is described as follows: 'That which is responsible for one's thoughts and feelings; the seat of the faculty of reason.' Other qualities assumed to be properties of the mind are 'Recall or remembrance', 'An opinion formed by judging something' and 'Knowledge and intellectual ability' That is basically what the human mind is capable of expressing concerning the human mind. It is in no way mind blowing although most of us has had instances in his or her life in which their mind was boggled to a level beyond the power of words to express.

Cultures are as advanced as their language is. Anything we experience we attempt to put to words, try to describe. Even if things are not written down or otherwise recorded, our language determines the accuracy of the account that we record. At least that is the theory. It becomes more difficult to describe an event, though or feeling when words fail to describe the experience in a way that does justice to whatever we experienced. The possibility to express ourselves in language, images, sounds or shapes etc. has its limitations.

Or has it?

Consider this. The frames of reference that we were given, is given to us by religion, education, science etc. The food we eat, water (or other beverages) we drink, are also grown, purified or produced by others. Even the air we breathe, has been affected by so many affecting substances, entities or objects that we can never know what is in it. What is in the things we were taught, our nourishment and medication? Basically everyone is clueless about these matters. In addition, certain substances are declared illegal and / or hazardous, which resulted in most law abiding people being uninformed about the effect they have on our body and mind.

Most of the time authorities determine what is good for us, what is necessary and what is forbidden. There is very little room for any of us to make our own choices, do our own experiments and find out own way through space and time. But one only has to look at the current state of this planet and all life on it to be able to say that there is something very wrong with that way authorities are going about their responsibilities. If this does not ring a bell in your head, stop reading here and go do something else. If it does, continue to read.

Extended or unconditioned vision

There is a book titled "The Cosmic Serpent", subtitled 'DNA and the origins of knowledge' written by Jeremy Narby and there is a video presentation held by Terence McKenna called 'Evolving Times' That elaborate from distinguished points of view on the matters that I would like to elaborate on in this blog entry. That matter is removing the boundaries that limit your mind. To people conditioned by common western perception the contents of both the book and the video may seem radical, but you might ask yourself why you consider it to be so. Is it because you have come to that conclusion by your personal thinking process or is it radical because general opinion (fully controlled by mainstream media) has told you it is radical?

If you think the latter is the case and you agree with it, stop reading here and go do something else. If not, you may want to click the link that will lead you to the McKenna video clip and if what he says makes sense to you, you may consider to buy the book mentioned above this paragraph. One thing about the book that struck me was the fact that the writer of this book was struck by the way dwellers of the Peruvian Amazon area conducted agriculture. From a western (scientific) view their gardens were totally chaotic, but provided all the indigenous people needed, food, medication and resources to make tools. When the author asked where they learned how to maintain them, the answer sounded like this:

"You know, brother Jeremy, to understand what interests you, you must drink ayahuasca."

That was not the answer that fitted snugly in the frame of reference of a western mind, to which the indigenous person added after noticing his amazement:

"Some say it is occult, which is true, but it is not evil. In truth, ayahuasca is the television of the forest. You can see images and learn things."

In his video presentation McKenna says something similar when asked if AI (artificial intelligence) has a future, whereby the person who asked the question probably meant to say that it might become a threat to humans if computers became too smart (for us). McKenna answered that the mushroom told him that computers are computers and that they would develop their own type of intelligence and that humans would evolve into their specific kind of intelligence.

The common denominator in these two events is the psychedelic substance (psilocybin) that has the tendency to remove limitations from our perception and what is more it is able to provide concrete information that is not bound to one particular space and time. It was able to show the Peruvians how to establish and work their gardens and explained to McKenna what would take place in the future concerning the development of AI in relation to humankind.

In other words: the blurring of boundaries of perception, allowing the mind to go beyond the limits induced by all (allowed, legal) sources of knowledge of society, gave information that was inaccessible without the use of the psychedelic chemicals and it gave visions of the future. Now imagine that each human being would have these capacities all the time and everywhere. Would you think the current hierarchy of this world and its power structures could be maintained? If you would conclude that this would not be the case, could it perhaps be the reason why certain plants and substances are intentionally declared illegal?

In other words: If you were in a position of power in this world and able to control such matters, enjoying all privileges you can imagine and never having to worry about anything but to stay in power so you can continue to enjoy your privileges, would you not forbid the use of these substances to remain in power?

Have a nice day thinking for yourself about these matters.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Matters of the Mind III

Conditioning minds is the system's major application in human life. But man has been conditioned into believing this can never be the case. However examples that conditioning thoughts or objects are systematically induced, are abundant. Possibly the best known of these are the (double-blind) placebo tests often conducted in medial / pharmaceutical experiments. They show that drugs are rarely found to be significantly more effective than placebos. The fact that most people are intentionally kept unaware of the fact that their mind does the curing has a commercial reason; awareness that most medications are ineffective would most likely destroy the profit potential of corporations that produce medications...

Well known failures of attempts to condition people are the accusations of the US government that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction (the infamous PowerPoint presentation of Colin Powell in the UN). None were found. On a more personal level are the plethora of applications, devices and systems that the media and advertisement business have managed to sell to you that would make life easier, do things faster and as a result give you more time to enjoy things you like to do. None of this has come true; life only got busier, more stressful and complicated. But still this type of useless and expensive inventions continue to have high selling rates while in other parts of town people are jobless, homeless and money-less, which to the mindless horde of gadget buyers does not seem to be something to worry about. Talk about conditioning...

The London Olympics cost at least 16 billion Euro, but the city does not have funds to take care of its poor, sick or otherwise disadvantaged dwellers. Not one war ever waged benefited common people anywhere, but still there has not been a time when governments did not fight one or more wars. Corporations make trillions from wars, but mainstream media never reports on that. Instead it airs government propaganda to silence the opposition of sane people who do not want war and urges those who are unable to see through the schemes to support the wars.

These are just a few random examples from an endless list of systematic and structural conditioning that anyone with an open mind can see being unleashed on society everywhere. If you still think it is not occurring on a large scale, you may want to apply for professional help.

Click for more information on electro magnetic mind control

To some the tendency of this blog entry may start to reek of conspiracy theory, which of course like other methods of libel, is merely an other way of conditioning minds. Mainstream media, the educational system, religion and science etc. have set the standards and all deviating from the norm risk being accused of a frame of mind that few have verified, preferring to echo the commonly induced, pre-fabricated opinions that dismiss them from having to think for themselves.

This is actually the crux of the matter – doing ones own thinking. It often leads to views that do not snugly comply with general standards, which is considered to be a potential threat to the system. Such instances are relentlessly and vehemently suppressed, even if at first glance they seem harmless. In this link a clip can be watched in which it is seen that a man was arrested and sentenced to thirty days imprisonment for collecting rainwater... Unbelievable as it may seem to many, it is a true, verifiable fact nevertheless.

The system knows no end to creating and maintaining the conditioning it inflicts on society. It does so because it risks to lose control if it ceases to continue this type of rule. If one does some research of oneself with little effort almost instantly information pops up that does not quite comply with official statements. When one is new to doing this all kinds of disinformation clutters the search results, but soon after one is capable to shift matters and gain an insight that is closer to the truth than what officially approved channels send out.

And then there is the DNA related matter of susceptibility; 15 % of the world population is difficult to influence by feeding them information, because the coding of their DNA urges them to do research of their own. Some of that group of 15 % actually display such conduct. Many of them don't. It leaves a small group of people who structurally try to think for themselves. Through substances in food, drinking water, medication, atmospheric pollution etc. the system attempts to alter the people's DNA code to prevent them from genuine thinking. In view of this a university degree does not inherently make a person capable of critical thinking; scholars with a high level of education can be severely conditioned. While one with less education can have an open mind.

Some people whose professional record suggests they are very capable of sound thought are quoted on this site to give you something to think about. Please DO take time to listen to John F. Kennedy's speech and numerous quotes listed on the above mentioned site.

There is no question that mankind is intentionally being conditioned, structurally poisoned by contaminating food, drinking water, beverages, medications, the atmosphere and agricultural soil. But it requires an open mind to see it. Mainstream media – that is owned by big corporations – misinforms the public and by design omits information on order of the unseen elite to mold the minds of the people. The latest concealed yet devastating toys of the cabal are electro magnetic interference systems that are capable of many disrupting actions that are difficult to prove and interpret by those who have no means of measuring such invisible occurrences.

In case none of the system's conditioning efforts work president Obama has issued an executive order that allows him to arrest any person on suspicion (not prove!) and lock that person away without trial for an indefinite period of time...

But of course, anyone remains free to believe that there is no such thing as a conspiracy going on. The comfort zone is a nice place to dwell. It is a pity however, that the images of the comfort zone are those of a non-existing illusion.

Have a most wonderful day with an open mind!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Matters of the Mind II

Numerous sites on the Internet and other types of publications offer information about dimensions that are not the one from which they were described. Related topics are the Akashic Records, angels / extra terrestrials / extra dimensionals etc. One can not help but wonder how information regarding these matters can be known in this dimension.

Astronomy professor at Cornell University in Ithica, New York, Carl Sagan once said: 'If you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe.' His television series Cosmos: a personal voyage in 1980 was watched by over 500 million people. Kenneth Clark's Civilisation, Jacob Bronowski's The Ascent of Man and David Attenborough's Life on Earth. The fact that so many were drawn to these series is no scientific proof that other dimensions than the one containing human life actually exist. But the magnitude of people's curiosity is not something to be casually ignored either. Whatever the reason for it, there is one, even if it can not accurately be defined.

Science is inherently involved in a continuous process of re-inventing itself. It inevitably corrects it views, amends or discards theories that were considered to be true at some point in time and embraces finds that are entirely new. But even outside the world of science there are forms of knowledge that are suspected or considered to be true. The ability of science to prove matters relies on the level of perception of its scholars, the quality of their measuring tools and an intangible factor that has often shown to be the engine of advancement: coincidence.

As quantum physics professor David Bohm expressed: Human knowledge is a perceptual enterprise. Perception is a process of acquiring knowledge that is driven by intuition. The latter is often described as instinctive knowing without the use of rational processes. A clear example of such a process was recorded by one of the greatest scientists of all time, Nikola Tesla, in his autobiography. Tesla tells in detail how he sees in great detail what he is about to invent before going into his laboratory. It allowed him to omit a lot of trial and error experimenting – he knew where to go and what to do before he started to build his inventions.

A similar process was described by professor Charles Dennett who observed that when one wants to make a cup of coffee, the body is prepared to make it, even before one becomes aware of the fact that one wants to make a cup of coffee. Also the article in The Lancet by Dr. Pim van Lommel in which he shares his discoveries of some type of external consciousness underwent by people who had gone through Near Death Experiences, hint at sources of information that are received by human beings that are not of this dimension.

Apart from personal experience the above mentioned non-conclusive (from a scientific point of view) instances of research by renown scientists may indicate that external dimensions may not be as external as mankind has been made to believe or has chosen to believe. Belief systems that attempt to strictly set borders and limitations to what is allowed or considered to be correct have rarely led to discoveries that contributed to the advancement of mankind in the field of knowledge. This applies to both systems of a temporal and celestial nature. It has forced mankind to run in circles and bump into unsolvable paradox for centuries.

From such a conditioned mindset an abundance of non-sense has flooded the perception of countless people. Considering the expressions of Bohm, Van Lommel, Dennett and Tesla, may lead to a different frame of mind that may help to break loose from the limiting conditioning that has prevented man from finding the truth. The truth of human origin, the talents bestowed on on our species and the pathway to our destination. Although such matters are not included in 'officially approved' areas of reasoning or induced comfort zones, it may be very worthwhile to go there anyway. I will try to elaborate on these things in following blog entries.

Have a most wonderful day with an open mind.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Matters of the mind I

The image above is one example that shows that the human mind doesn't quite work as the human mind thinks it does (because it was told it does so by people who are as clueless as those they consider to be less educated than they think they are...). What is actually explained here is that it looks for patterns that it matches with reference stored in the subconscious. It is an intuitive process that has little to do with reason or the widely treasured illusion of human knowledge.

Every day events could show the open minded that we do respond to impulses that have no rational foundation. When a man encounters a woman he matches her image with patterns stored in his subconscious database. Women do exactly the same when they meet men. The observer finds the other attractive or sexy or unattractive or ugly or any qualification in between those extremes. What they actually think is that the other would be a nice person to reproduce with or not. Of course many metaphors have been hallucinated over time to prevent us from behaving like Bonobo monkeys (you may want to Google that), but the thin veil of civilization's general standard of decent and correct conduct is merely a condition to help make the legal system work that was invented to control society.

You think this is far fetched? Consider this: Suppose there was no law that would send people to prison for having unsolicited sex with others. Would this planet's population record still be 7 billion? I don't think that it requires a brilliant imagination to answer this question. It is the broad spectrum of legislation, rules, standards, morals and repressive structures that condition us to think along lines determined by powers that be who have an interest in controlling society in the way they see fit.

They didn't leave it at that though. The chemicals that are intentionally hidden in our food, medication, drinking water and atmosphere also contribute to facilitate the methods of conditioning of the human mind. The virtually inescapable dependency on centralized energy supply and the monetary system are also part of the system to control the human society. As is the utter disfigurement of history and other sciences and the implementation of organized religion.

In order to get away with such a harsh system of control that currently is evidently moving towards global tyranny at a disturbing pace, the human mind has to be misguided perpetually and without mercy. If people would understand how their minds work this control system could never work. People would vehemently and unremittingly revolt against centralized power and fight for independence even if it meant that they would die for doing that. Total autonomy is the only foundation that the mind agrees with in order to evolve - gaining unconditioned knowledge and wisdom - to unity out of aware and free choice.

So if you can read what is contained in the image at the top of this blog entry, there still is a chance that your mind is capable of understanding what is written here and not mindlessly accept without questioning whatever crap the control system is continuously trying to pound into it. It means the intentional conditioning- and poisoning program has not yet achieved the level of manipulation inflicted by powers that be. It means you still have a chance of freeing yourself from the tyrannical dictatorship they intend to impose on all life on this beautiful planet.

Have a wonderful day!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

A word on economics and future

Information that I consider to be important for entrepreneurs in western countries I feel I must share, especially since mainstream media seems to be operating from a perspective that allows little room for journalists that sincerely attempt to inform the public in an adequate way that reflects events as they occurred in reality.

The crisis has not taken place unnoticed. Companies and private individuals are experiencing an increasing measure of problems that seem to intensify at an alarming pace. Although the human mind is designed to cling to hope even if odds are not favorable at all, the often heard assumption that the crisis will pass is not quite founded on reliable information.

Just the fact alone that governments and organizations of the monetary system always seem to rush to assist banks that are in trouble while doing little or nothing to help the common citizen, should incite many who have command of their senses to question such conduct. Banks produce nothing and in that sense do not contribute to a healthy economy. Citizens and companies do that. And while conditions to qualify for a loan lately have become restricted severely, the level of actual contribution to a sound economy of banks drops far below where it was before the crisis broke out.

But while western economies are in rough weather, countries belonging to the BRICS alliance are doing a lot better. BRICS members are: Brazil, Russia, India, China and South-Africa. Western mainstream media's reporting on BRICS is unrelated to the significance of the alliance on the world stage and rather biased in favor of current monetary strategies. The BRICS combined GDP is however larger than that of the EU and will surpass that of the US in one or two years from now. But there is of course a reason why media seem reluctant to inform the public of developments concerning the BRICS alliance.

In March of 2012 the alliance agreed to look into the possibilities to develop a currency of their own. This means that the influence of the World Bank and the BIS (Bank for International Settlements - the central bank of central banks) will be reduced to virtually none within the operating area of the alliance. The growing economies of the countries of the alliance will be hindered by the current policies of the powers that be.

All nations that are controlled by the World Bank have economies that are dwindling. In particular the nations that collaborate in the NATO. All these 'old world' economies are bound to the policies of the World Bank that is founded on fiat currency. The BRICS nations are aware of the fact that this type of compliance will harm economies that are expanding.

BRICS possesses enough collateral in the form of gold and silver to build a sound monetary system (which is probably why South-Africa was embraced by the alliance, since it has abundant gold resources). By the way: China has not put a focus on establishing relations with oil rich countries to the extent that western economies did, but rather put a focus on becoming friendly with countries that have gold resources... In addition the BRICS production facilities, resource availability and market diversity and purchase power makes the alliance self supporting and independent of others.

The abandoning of the gold standard as formerly regulated by the Bretton Woods monetary management system by western countries, was the starting signal of unbounded production of fiat currency. A dollar since that time was basically worth what any fool was prepared to pay for it... A sound monetary system has to be founded on valuable assets in order to be sustainable. Fiat money is nothing but paper and having millions or billions in the bank makes account holders owners of large stacks of worthless paper. The current economic disasters are undeniable proof that fiat currency is a very unreliable foundation for sustainability.

The collapsing of economies that rely on fiat money has of course not escaped the leaders of the BRICS nations. It is the reason why they have agreed to revise their monetary strategy. But any strategy of a basic nature can never stand on its own; many if not all systems are related to it. In this respect it is interesting to observe what Vladimir Putin's statements concerning these matters are.

During a press conference in Munich in 2007 he spoke his mind freely while facing an audience of politicians and corporate leaders that can be watched in the following Youtube video clips:

He not only referred to corporate business, but also remarked that resolving the world's poverty problem (First BRICS Summit Joint Statement, point 6) and improving security are imperative to keep economies healthy. His words conflict with the policies of western nations that direct their help to banks exclusively while demanding their citizens to pay more taxes to finance their rescue operations of monetary institutions.

It apparently has dawned on some leaders in the political arena that society does not only needs to bid fare well to the focus on the monetary system, while too little none at all is directed to other segments of society. People that lack all kinds of basic needs will not be able to be productive. The impending clash between the old world economies and the BRICS alliance is therefore basically a conflict of leadership vision.

Why have I written this article? Business owners and entrepreneurs should probably keep these matters that are deliberately omitted by mainstream western media in the back of their minds while they design strategies, consider obtaining loans (especially where to get them) or aim to gain insight to determine their operation. And, by the way, so perhaps should those in power, that are smart enough to decipher the tokens on the wall.

Have a most wonderful day!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Food for thought IV

Continuing where I left off in the previous blog entry of the series Food for thought, the accuracy of supplying water, nutrients, negative ions and oxygen is possible when a closed system contains the plants' roots. It is similar to the closed environment in soil, which is also separated from the above ground part of the plant. The big advantage of aeroponics is that the closed system can be conditioned not to contain pathogenic bacteri or fungi. This is a huge advantage, because it allows plants to dedicate all their energy to growing, which results in faster growth and higher yields.

Indoor growing makes aeroponics independent from seasons, rough weather and daylight sequence. Thus optimal conditions can be maintained perpetually, which also contributes to faster growth and higher yields than is possible with outdoor soil based growing. Supplying the exact correct amount of all substances and light of the correct frequency, relieves the plants from working hard to find food or absorb light, while unwanted substances, parasites or damaging wind, excessive quantities of (contaminated) rain can be prevented.

Of course there is a price for regulating all those things – the rent or lease cost of the facility and the powering of the supply systems – but the benefits of indoor aeroponic growing far outweigh the disadvantages, especially if the largest part of the power requirements of these systems can run on 12 volts. This means the power can be supplied from batteries which makes aeroponic systems excellently suited to survive power outages or fit to be run in places where there is no power distribution grid present.

Indoor growing also allows to stack various layers of growing surface on top of each other, which is another feature that makes aeroponics more efficient than traditional outdoor soil based growing. Logistic costs could therefore also be reduced significantly, because indoor facilities can be located closer to or inside consumer residential areas. It also cuts on worker's commuter costs.

Not using soil as a medium also does away with the problems caused by monoculture agriculture. Apart from shielding harvests against rough weather, radioactive fallout (like caused by Chernobyl and Fukushima) has no effect on aeroponic growing facilities. The controllable environment also greatly reduces the risk of hazardous outbreaks like the EHEC bacterie or similar diseases and contaminations. Theft obviously is also less likely to harm indoor growing set ups.

The absence of the (artificially created) necessity of supplying pesticides results in healthier produce that has a far better taste. Since plants have the capacity to learn, consequent generations will have an increasingly strong immune syste, that is a free bonus from aeroponic growing. Aeroponically grown produce has no soil clumps around the roots, which means it can be used straight away in kitchens without cleaning.

There are further developments that are still in the research phase at isocult that are related to automating and enhancing the growing system with advanced technologies that are rarely or not at all used in set ups that we know of. These will allow to even increase the growing pace, size of the yields and level of health of the plants. The isocult system is built in modules that can be combined, which allows farmers to gradually 'upgrade' their aeroponic systems, allowing them to maintain a profit margin that allows them to remain in business.

Contact us by clicking here or through our website that you will find at: for further information. We are looking for investors that want to become part of the next phase in the agricultural revolution. We intend to create a system that allows those who put in the effort to benefit from their labor and provide consumers healthy and tasty food.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Food for thought III

In Food for thought II reasons and conditions for change in the technical division of agriculture have been listed. For those who have done research at independent (i.e. non-corporate) sources concerning efficient out-of-the-box agriculture methods, it will not come as a surprise that aeroponic growing renders the highest yields of healthy crop. This method has been selected by NASA to feed astronauts that spend longer periods of time in space.

Failure is not an option in space, because besides nutrition pills there is no alternative means of supply of food. The type of aeroponics used by NASA however has one disadvantage – there is no gravity to make constructions functional. It means that ultrasonic transducers can not be used to produce a fog that is needed to transport nutrients to the plant root system. Instead the NASA system uses a pump and nozzles to produce a spray.

The disadvantage of nozzles is that they tend to clog and produce a spray that consists of droplets that are too coarse to qualify for true aeroponic standards. True aeroponics uses droplets smaller than 10 micron. Droplets larger than 10 micron will not bounce off the roots at which the nozzle jets its spray and will form a film of water around the roots, thereby blocking access to the roots for oxygen.

Oxygen is important for the metabolism of crops. In view of this it is necessary to know that before the industrial revolution (in the 1800's) the earth atmosphere contained 30% of oxygen. Due to pollution that level today has dropped to between 17 and 20%. When it drops below 10% humans will suffocate. The same goes for plants. The lack of oxygen makes them grow slower and weakens their immune system. Of course this is never mentioned in treacherous mainstream media, because the pharmaceutical industry thrives on sick people (because it is run by mentally sick people).

Oxygen must be transported in the phloem inside the stem of plants. Energy is required for that and this energy must be transported. To make this possible negative ions are also required. ATP(adenosine triphosphate) is the cell fuel molecule that makes cells work. So supplying oxygen alone is not enough, negative ions also have to be supplied.

Contrary to popular belief aeroponics is not unnatural as mainstream media would have you believe. Today orchids and mangrove trees still grow according to the aeroponic principle. Most plants can be grown very efficiently in a similar way. Efficiency does not stop here in aeroponic growing. All benefits will be listed below and explained in detail where necessary in the next 'Food for thought' blog entry.

Aeroponics makes the following possible that are not or to lesser degree present in soil based growing methods:
  1. Accurate control of supply of water, nutrients, ions and oxygen
  2. Independence of seasonal influences and daylight sequence
  3. Significant reduction of energy and water consumption
  4. Reduction of waste products
  5. No need to supply pesticides, bactericides, fungicides and fertilizers
  6. Stacked growing arrangements in multiple stories
  7. Indoor growing inside or close to urban areas
  8. Improved protection against pollution, disease, fallout and theft
  9. Improved protection against geophysical disaster
  10. Improved protection against climatic disaster

The above mentioned leads to the following advantages:
  1. Higher yield
  2. Healthier produce
  3. Tastier produce
  4. Clean roots
  5. Lower logistic cost
  6. Lower commuter expense of workers
  7. No soil degradation due to monoculture
  8. Can largely be run on 12 Volt

Farmers and investors are encouraged to study these matters intesively and seriously consider how to transit from soil based growing to aeroponic growing. We do not just bear responsibility for the current situation, but also for the generations that will come after us. More detailed information in the next 'Food for thought' blog entry that will be posted soon.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Food for thought II

The consequence of consuming food, water and drinks as described in the previous blog entry is one end of the global market. The position of farmers is not a pleasant one. They are in a situation in the food chain where a horde of predators look to compensate their loss and obtain their profit, while farmers are robbed of almost all rights.

In addition pollution, slave contract obligations, tax duties, branch rules and harsh corporate dictatorship make running a healthy business virtually impossible. Between 2002 and 2006 in India 17,500 farmers committed suicide every year according to official government statistics... Other sources claim that the suicide wave has begun in the 1990's of the previous century, which brings the total of suicides to approximately a quarter of a million! These are the horrific figures of only one country.

Then there is the problem of ecocide that is increasing at a disturbing pace. Ecocide is a term to indicate land that has become wasteland, totally unfit to grow any type of crop. In Russia an area as large as Texas has become uninhabitable. Elsewhere, an increasing number of large areas can no longer be used for agriculture, while urban areas continue to expand, leaving less land for agricultural purpose. Independent lawyers are now looking into the possibility to sue perpetrators of ecocide that indeed goes beyond being a crime against humanity because it wrecks the planet that allows us to live.

Soi farmers in Argentina have left their land and moved to the cities because the spraying of pesticides has caused a plethora of diseases and a considerable amount of fatal casualties. These types of migrations are not unique accidents; similar situations exist all over the globe. It leaves consumers with less food because farmers abandon their land or with poisoned food because farmers are forced to use pesticides.

Environmental disasters like the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and the meltdown of the nuclear facility in Fukushima following the tsunami have also caused tremendous damage to agriculture that will not be repaired for decennia. The radioactive fallout caused by the destruction of the nuclear plant has reached the US and Canada and even parts of Europe where it is contaminating crops on farming land that is nonetheless sold because administrations do nothing to prevent it and the media do not report on the health risk involved.

Wall Street continues to raise food prices to the benefit of every company and organization involved in the food business with the exception of farmers. Consumers living on the edge of their spending capacity simply die because of these inhumane policies. The 2008 food crisis plunged an additional 130,000,000 people into famine on top of the 'traditional' amount of victims. This is structured mass murder by white collar criminals who are continuously portrayed by the traitors of mainstream media as pillars of society, who are protected by illegal and unconstitutional law, while being left unopposed by the misinformed and ignorant masses.

All these events most of which have disgraceful causes, call for different ways to conduct agriculture, apart from reorganizing administrations, organizations and corporations involved in maintaining the food chain. It probably means that the entire structure of non-functional society will have to be changed drastically and that corporate owned mainstream media's misinformation has to be ignored, in order to begin solving these problems.

It makes sense to start change where the problems are worst in food production. Change must involve the following categories related to growing:
  1. Yield must be increased
  2. Production cost must be reduced

Ad. A Increasing yields can be accomplished by:
  1. Applying efficient growing methods
  2. Using less chemical additives
  3. Lowering energy consumption
  4. Reducing labor / automating growing systems
  5. Grow independent from seasonal influence
  6. Grow independent from daylight sequence

Ad. B Cost reduction / efficiency elevating measures are:
  1. Agriculture close to or inside urban areas
  2. Making better use of surface / volume for cultivation – stacked growing
  3. Protect harvest against geophysical and climatic disaster and theft

All aims mentioned in the issues above can be reached while NOT harming the interest of farmers and consumers. But it means that traditional - soil based - agriculture has to be abandoned in order to feed the entire population of this planet. In the next blog entry these necessary changes will be detailed. Stay tuned.